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A Sea Change In Dry Cleaning

New blog but under to assure continuity. From here onwards, there will be no reference to Geo and Corporate political issues. Subject matter will be strictly business and relevant to our business plan which is long overdue.

A Sea Change In Dry Cleaning

The following is CCCC International’s answers in Italics and bold to Which? Investigations of April, 2008:

1) A dirty business

Indeed. Almost the entire clarification that Which is seeking for is in the three word sentence in 1) above. Dry cleaning is not clean. It has never cleaned anything, and it never will unless one a fresh look is taken from outside the box.

Ideally, a book needs be written on the subject based on CCCC’s 14 years hands on experiences at commercial level using 6 high street prototypes in London and Surrey. Until then, these investigations will have to suffice to explain to Which? readers how CCCC predecessors will have coped with their assigned skirt, had our test bed been ready to receive the test piece.

CCCC predecessors cleaned dry cleaning – literally. The industry has a standard (though don’t recognise it as a vital standard and quality parameter)) for the degree of cleaning: The retention of 20 microns (20,000 nano metres) soiling left in textiles. No matter what solvent and technology is used, the soil removal efficiency remains the same. 20 microns soil retention is dirty – in fact very dirty.

We reduced this soil retention to a mere 4 nano metres and the results were so incredible that it turned dry cleaning philosophies, and practises on their head. What you read below is our experiences after successful commercial operations of more than 20,000 hours using 6 different Perc machines with innovative operational modifications (IP).

4 nano metres efficiency meant that we maintained a solvent clarity comparable to tap water to see if we could emulate laundry results or standards close to them. To do this, we ‘segregated’ dry cleaning (IP)into garment and non garment sectors and selected to concentrate on the former group, leaving the rest for others to deal with as they have done since commercial dry cleaning began.

One shocking revelation was that in the industry-led dry cleaning, the whole garment is covered in one huge stain! Every square mm of it! All of what the best qualified professional dry cleaner does is to uniformly distribute the 20 microns soiling so that no marks appear in the post treatment of the stained area.

In reality, the post treated area becomes the only cleaner patch on the garment, while the rest of it is covered in a huge stain north to south and east to west, if you will.

Try this test whether you are a customer conducting the test at home or a professional dry cleaner in the back of your shop: Take the best cleaned skirt (a Which? test peace), chose a small patch of 25-50 mm and imagine there is a stain there. Lay it flat on a table (or a spotting table) and place a few drops of water on the patch. Let it dry and you will end up with a water mark or a stain. Water, probably through the action of surface tension transports the already loosened soiling (suspended in the 20 microns rinse solvent) as far as it could, depending on the quantity of water you used. You just created a cleaner patch (ironically called the stain) on a dirty skirt - covered in a huge stain. Try the same test on a laundered piece, and you won’t get a water mark, because the skirt is CLEAN. We tried the test on our 4 nano metre sample, and we didn’t get a stain (according to the customer) or a drink mark (according to the dry cleaner) on our work.

In the above analysis, we may have just proven Which?’s statement that dry cleaning is indeed ‘A dirty business’ as they so rightly, but coincidentally claim. Can one imagine how dry cleaning expertise, industry guidelines, standards and everything else fall down like a house of cards, and become irrelevant? This example will drive the point home: Why should you clean matching outfits together? Our 4 nano efficient dry cleaning cleaned a Jaeger silk dress, not knowing the customer had retained the shortened piece of the hem for making a belt to go with the dress. We cleaned the loose piece weeks later and the straw colours matched!

Which experts, the industry, the chains, and the independents may bear in mind that at any given hour of any day there are some 5,000 differing varieties of solvents in as many machine tanks in the UK, producing 5,000 varieties of cleaning on 5,000 skirts identical to Which?’s test pieces.

We at CCCC International are in the process of writing our business for our investor to invest seed capital for a test bed or a production unit where we can again practice what we preached for in excess of 20,000 man hours and over a 14 year period.

We see Which?’s investigations as a godsend to make a point or two, and append this Q & A as a vital appendix to our business plan. Analysis here will also begin our new blog ‘ A Sea Change in Dry Cleaning’ shortly for all to contribute for offering consumers a service fit for purpose, and for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

2) You might think a professional dry cleaner would be able to get simple every day stains off your clothes and return them to you in good condition. Well, think again. We stained 48 identical skirts with red wine, double cream and vinaigrette and took them to chain and independent dry cleaners across the UK to be cleaned. These stains come from the three main groups (vegetable, protein and fatty) and are the most common marks found on clothes. Treating them is part of the exam syllabus for dry cleaners and our experts said they were ‘easily removable’. The results were unbelievably poor.

We cleared our shelves of all the industry’s approved stains removal kit and developed 3 of our own that removed most stains except those that cannot be removed such as ink, paint etc. The most invaluable commercial asset of our innovations was that we removed the need for stains identification, it’s history and origins.

This facet of our innovations renders customer participation in the shop totally unnecessary. During our 3 years association with Jaeger (93-95), we served their customers through some of their 100 plus free standing shops, concessions at Harrods, Fenwicks, Selfridges, Army & Navy, Peter Jones, Europe (Germany and Belgium), and a customer in San Francisco.
We offered the service through shop serve, home serve (collection and delivery van), and postal service. Jaeger shops at Regent Street, Sloane Square, Brompton Road, Kings Road Chelsea, Kensington High Street, and Wimbledon were our receiving units and dozens of staff worked for us free after being trained by us.
Our business plan for our test bed will outline the mechanics of service using our Jaeger association as a model. Our services will be offered to over 100 fashion designers, garment manufacturers and Saville Row.
Our marketing and publicity partners will approach the customers relations departments of these establishments and invite them to recommend our services to their customers wherever they are.
A list of our approved designers and manufacturers whose designs we cleaned successfully in the past can be noted below:

CCCC friendly care labels, updated 29/3/8
Revised Sunday 27/3/8

Agnes B
Alexander McQueen
Amanda Wakeley
Ann Demeulemeester
Alberta Ferretti
Anne Klein
Austin Reed
Banana Republic (GAP)
Betsey Johnson
Betty Jackson
Bruce Oldfield
Calvin Klein
Caroline Charles
Child & Sons Wandsworth High Street, London
Christian Dior
Christian Lacroix
Coco Chanel
Concessions at Harrods
" " Harvey Nichols
" " Peter Jones
" " Selfridges
" " House of Fraser
" " Army & Navy
" " Debenhams
“ “ Fenwicks
DAKS Simpson of Piccadilly
Dior Homme
Dolce & Gabana
Donna Karan
Donatella Versace
Dorothy Perkins
Edina Ronay (if any has survived)
Emporio Armani
Ermenegildo Zegna
Emanuel Ungaro
Gharani & Strok
Gianfranco Ferré
Gianni Versace
Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani Priv
Givenchy Homme
Hardy Aimes
Harris Tweed by others
Harrod's own label
Helmut Lang
Hugo Boss
Hunter (of the sixties?) even F clean labels, if any
Hussein Chalayan
Jeff Banks
Issey Miyake
Jasper Conran
Jean Muir
Jean-Paul Gaultiere
Joe Blog Jeans
John Galliano
John Richmond
John Smedley
Julien Macdonald
Katherine Hamnett
Karl Lagerfeld
Lacost dry cleanables
Lee Cooper Jeans
Levi Strauss
Louis Feraud
Lucy Barnes
Manolo Blahnik
Marc Jacobs
Marks and Spencer
Mary Quant
Matches of Wimbledon (brands sold)
Matthew Williamson
Max Mara
Moschino Cheap & Chic
Nicole Farhi
Oscar Jacobson
Oswald Boateng
Paul Costelloe
Paul Smith, Sir
Patricia Lester, OBE By arrangements with the designer
Pier Cardin
Pringle of Scotland
Ralph Lauren
Richard Shops
Rifaat Ozbek
River Island
Saville Row (all of them)
Stella McCartney
State of Montana (By Claude Montana)
Ted Baker
Top Man
Tom Ford
Tommy Nutter and other Saville no longer there
Top Shop
Valentino Uomo
Yves St Laurent
Vivienne Westwood
Warehouse by Jeff Banks
Wayne Hemmingway (discontinued and moved on to other entrepreneurial fields and social responsibility projects)
Wrangler Jeans

Kaz 29/3/8 139 labels plus Saville Row

With this approach of having full agreement with the above approved list – by us, we introduce another major Sea Change in dry cleaning. While the industry, the chains, and independents bicker with fashion designers and garment manufacturers on the care label issues, on occasions, CCCC International Limited will have no problems in servicing products by our own approved list.

3) Which?'s findings:

• Just four out of 48 dry cleaners returned the skirts in an acceptable condition.
The four dry cleaners results may have appeared acceptable until and if the customer spills just plain water on the skirts. The skirts will become stained in the affected area. Our results didn’t in the past nor will they in future once we start production in our test bed and offer the service to a wide catchment area.
• Thirty one failed to clean off all the stains
It is difficult to remove stains by post spotting in the 20 microns conventional practice whether offered through using Perc, Hydrocarbon, GreenEarth or liquid CO2. One needs 4 nano efficiency for effective and acceptable post spotting.
• Nine shrank or stretched the skirts (known as distortion) by an unacceptable amount, but removed the stains
It is difficult to comment on the shrinkage because of lack of information on fabric composition of the skirts. Generally, shrinkage is caused by the unacceptable amount of water in the cleaning solvent – specifically Perc.

Taken to the Cleaners
Which?'s investigation uncovers alarmingly poor standards at dry cleaners across the UK
CCCC found through extensive empirical trials that traditionally, the top to bottom design philosophies and service practices have never meant to clean anything. Hence, poor standards will continue to be the norm, no matter what the long awaited response, if any, from the industry, the chains and the independents is in reply to Which’s investigations of April. Practises and the existence of an adequate number of professional dry cleaners possibly up to early 80s produced acceptable results when the Consumer Association files were not jam packed with customers’ dry cleaning complaints. There onwards, standards continually went on a downhill slide with today’s investigations placing dry cleaning at its worst since records began.

Long before Which?’s investigation, we have posed some of the following curiosities to the industry captains and the press, when we had a look at dry cleaning from outside the box – in a bottom to top approach. We took the consumer side after a 2 year ‘over the counter’ survey, wondered about and questioned:
• Why do shop publicity campaigns, whether in leaflets, Yellow Pages and elsewhere avoid the term ‘cleaning’? How clean is their cleaning? Shop names are superlatives of exotic experiences, and although eye catching, but have nothing to do with cleaning. Consider these fictitious ones: ‘Cloud Nine Dry Cleaners’, ‘Gently, Gently Dry Cleaners’, ‘absolutely pressed in time Dry Cleaning’, etc. That is why we call ourselves CleanestClean Clothes Care (CCCC) International Limited to emphasise that, that is exactly what we do – Clean clothes really well. We registered the name with Companies House on 4/7/7 to protect it
• Why lure the customers with cheap shirt service, other laundry offers, and wedding dresses to give shops some day to day cleaning work (bread and butter) such as suits, skirts, ties, jumpers, coats and jackets? Why do they down rate their core work by offering to clean 5 items for £10? Could this approach tell customers that the cleaning standards on the bread and butter items are not up to scratch? We at CCCC will be far too busy dry cleaning for over 100 fashion designers and tailors to be able to cope with shirt service and laundry. Our business plan will target these 100 plus care label friendly establishments (customer relations) and give them a service they and their customers have wanted for over half a century but have not received
• Why does a chain offering the latest technology (GreenEarth) dedicate 75% of their sales area to the sale of home cleaning, duvets, batteries, umbrellas, curtains, carpets/rugs, films, cameras, luggage, locks, picture frames, photo albums, tumble drier sheets, anti bacterial wipes, flight socks, folding money belts, passport holders, etc. Tastefully decorated shop front with displays and posters for cheap shirt services give an indication that dry cleaning is a side line business only. What confidences will the customers gain from a dry cleaner so desperately short of core work that has turned his shop to a tourist accessory shop? Why should the independent dry cleaner buy the technology, if it needs propping up with sale of unrelated goods?

16 April 2008,

4) One shop gave Which? a skirt back with more stains on then we’d put on it.

Perhaps an accident with wet side post cleaning when more cleaner patches (known as stains) were exposed by accidental spillages of water?

• Four failed to press the skirt properly, though they did meet the acceptable standard on stain removal and distortion
Experienced and professional dry cleaners will know that to press means the exact opposite, at times – do not press. Avoid excess press buck pressure in order not to flatten the double seam lines (the handkerchief test to adjust buck pressure). A garment is a structure. Forces applied to it must respect the static equilibrium. Place on a skirt hanger and visually test results. Correct to equilibrium, if needed.
• One shop gave Which? back the skirt with more stains on than we’d put in it to be cleaned
Explained above
• A second shrank the waist band by almost 3.5 cm
Excess water in Perc solvent? Care labels do not apply to GreenEarth and Liquid CO2. Hence we cannot comment
• Which?'s experts said: ‘Its’ a serious concern that consumers are effectively being defrauded by cleaners that don’t deliver the service for which they are charging
We wouldn’t have thought the consumers are effectively defrauded. Dry cleaners have been given the wrong tools to do their job. Contaminated solvent (20 microns), lack of ‘segregation’ (clean industrial, domestic and Sunday bests in the same machine), and the absence of basic hygiene and public health practises. The latter if applied will result in better cleaning results and reduce the risk of cross infection at the spotting table

5) The Chains

The three main chains are
• Johnson Cleaners
• Morrison
• and Persil Service
Two branches of Persil produced acceptable results – the only branches of any on the three chains to pass the test.

However, other branches of Persil failed to impress. Eight failed to get rid of the stains; three also badly pressed the skirt.

Five branches of Johnson were good at getting the stains out (one was excellent). However, all five let themselves down by shrinking or stretching the skirt out of shape, or because of the poor quality of pressing. The six other branches of Johnson we visited failed to remove the stains, and half of these also distorted it.

All nine Morrison branches we visited were abysmal at tackling stains, although they were better at preventing the skirts from distortion.

If the industry continues not to consider a bottom to top approach such as we have, then there is no hope for the chains or indeed the independents to produce acceptable results. Perhaps proceedings here when published in a new blog and Wikipedia may draw a response from those concerned if Which?’s investigations continue to draw silences from all. We will have taken the debate to the wider world, when the industry will be compelled to enlighten us with their views.

6) Which? recommends: Time to take action

Which? told the dry-cleaning chains and Textile Services Association (which represents chains and independent cleaners) about our findings. The Association said they will carry out spot checks anonymously to tackle problems Which? have highlighted. Its’ also writing to members to stress the need to train staff who inspect the clean clothes.

We at CCCC agree that training needs to updated, but with the inclusion of the basics hygiene and public health principles to introduce the dry cleaner to real cleaning standards. New customer driven quality parameters need to augment the industry drawn ones to arrive at producing a service fit for purpose by the consumer, and approved by the fashion and garment industries. We see the roles of the latter as vital for the birth of a new dry cleaning industry that will work along side each other on grounds of agreeing on existing care labelling practises. CCCC will have in excess of 10 quality assurance guidelines that are customer driven. These will be spelled out in our business plan and widely publicised to attract additional investment, and development partners.

It’s Chief Executive, Murray Simpson, said it was difficult to talk in detail before seeing the report. But he said it did seem to show that the ‘usual high standard of customer care and stain removing skill’ of professional dry cleaners wasn’t achieved in all cases.

There are no standards fit for purpose that member dry cleaning should adhere to. CCCC will demonstrate this point when we publish our quality parameters in the business plan. It is high time the industry pondered about the possibility of existing dry cleaning as being unfit for purpose, and accepted alternative proposals from others outside the industry. It is hoped that efforts here will open up positive and constructive debate. CCCC will go ahead with encouraging our investor to put up the seed capital (about £200,000 for the purchase of the shop, marketing and publicity)towards opening up of our test bed in the not so distant future.

Johnson Cleaners, Morrison, and Persil Service said they were disappointed with the results and asked for further details.

Results from CCCC test bed will be put to the test by customers through the involvement of over a 100 designers and manufacturers through their customer relations departments. IP will then be patented and otherwise protected for selling the technology to the market, including the chains. One of the many Super markets may also be interested in buying the technology and offer it as a home shopping item, giving them an edge over their rivals for attracting more customers.

Each said they successfully clean millions of clothes a year. Johnson promised immediate and corrective action once it had more details, while Morrison and Persil said they would investigate further once they had more details.

The chains and others have had more than 3 months to reply to Which?. During recent telephone conversations, it came to light that Which? is not expecting any replies from anyone in the industry, the chains and independents. Instead, they will have a call in session on 11 September when some feedbacks may be received and views exchanged at Which? offices.

Which? says the dry-cleaning industry has vowed to clean up its act as a result of this report

Anyone can open dry cleaners. There is no law requiring staff to be trained or for service to be regularly inspected. We believe that this report has revealed the vital need for such training. The three chains and many independents are members of Textile Services Association (TSA), which may be best placed to see this happen.

The industry and the chains have a great opportunity in our view to unite and staff their shops with fully qualified industry trained staff to produce a service fit for purpose. May be then a repeat survey by Which? can produce better results, depending on the existance of suitably industry-drawn set of quality assurance specifications.

7) Which? says

• They bought 50 identical dry clean only skirts with labels that showed what they were made of and how to clean them. WHich? applied three small (25-50mm across) stains to each, and measured the skirt. We took 48 to dry cleaners, sent one to an independent cleaner the magazine experts knew followed the correct procedure, and kept one as a comparison.

• They had six tests of how well a skirt was cleaned: stain removal, distortion (how much the skirt shrank or stretched), pressing(whether it had bubbles, creases or wrinkles), drape (how clothes ‘hang’), odour, and matting and felting ( a hairy look from poor cleaning).

• Each test had a five-point scale from useless to excellent. A dry cleaner should achieve at least a three (acceptable). For stains removal, this meant stains were largely removed, and only a shadow left. Completely removing stains would score a five (excellent).

• The most common faults we found in our investigation were stain removal, distortion, pressing and drape.

CCCC International will encounter no problems with the removal of treatable stains short of blood on some cottons, ink, paint and similar that no known treatment can remove.

Odours were absent in our 20,000 hour trial period. We can attribute this only to the 4 nano metres solvent clarity affect and the absence of trade chemicals for removing stains. Our range of 3 (new IP) are odourless

8) Getting clothes cleaned properly

Which says: When a stain happens
Dab the garment with a clean, damp, white cloth. Never rub it or use a coloured cloth (the dyes can be more difficult to remove than a stain). Wetting the stain causes a water mark that can be difficult to remove.

Under the CCCC regime of public health orientated, segregated dry cleaning, we suggest nothing be done to the stained area. Our 3 new chemicals (new IP) and methodology (new instruction manuals for usage will be new IP)do not demand any pre dry cleaning processes by customers. Its best to let CCCC staff handle stains on receipt from garment retailers and fashion designers. Direct contact with consumers will be avoided as far as possible during the test period of 6 months to a year, for reasons beyond the scope of this study. .

Act as soon as possible
Old stains are harder to tackle. Make sure the cleaner knows where the stains are, what caused them and whether you have tried to remove them.

No action by the customer will be needed. Also, there will be no need for CCCC staff to know anything about stains and when and how they happened to land on clothes. This ability enables CCCC to launch its home shopping and do away with shop serve altogether in the testing and proof of concept stage. This is the toughest test that the new re engineered Perc technology can be put through, leaving all competing technologies behind.

CCCC will have no competition. Its market can be as wide as the UK or indeed the world (postal service success with Jaeger). With such a wide market place, the service will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Matching parts together
Clean both parts of a matching outfit together – changes in colour and texture occur during dry cleaning.

For the first time in dry cleaning history, customers can have their matching parts cleaned separately if the need arises.

Pockets and linings
Check these before you hand an item for cleaning.

Inspecting garment
Give the cleaner the chance to look for existing damage and issue any disclaimers in writing. If this isn’t done, a cleaner could claim damage caused by the cleaning was there when you brought it in.

CCCC test bed will receive the incoming work from customer relations departments of the 100 plus care label friendly designers and manufacturers listed above, and return the finished service to them for a prior inspection before passing the clothes on to their customers who had purchased the outfits from them. That way, we will have sought and obtained the approval (proof of concept for patents, and trade marks) of both the designers and their customers with no contact between CCCC and the dry cleaning customers.

Customer relations teams will be trained based on the service model with Jaeger between 1993 and 1995. Training procedure will be detailed in the business plan. With passing of the rigorous tests such as the one we have designed, the protected technology can then be sold to others to apply to existing Perc shops. New training manuals (IP) for operators will be issued then for shop owners/managers to resume servicing customers through newly revised shop serve practises as designed by CCCC in phase 2 (IP).

Give them enough time
A one-hour express service may not be enough to remove stains properly.

CCCC will require a few days to receive and return the cleaned items to customers through the designer/retailer outlet to dry customers. Normal quick service will be possible once shop serve is offered by the new CCCC licensed but already practising dry cleaners. Only some habits need to change, and training manual (new IP) followed.

If there is a problem

Complain as soon as possible. Send written complaints by recorded delivery. Keep copies. The Textiles Services Association offers an informal dispute resolution service if you can’t agree what caused the problem. If this fails, or the cleaner isn’t a TSA member, you may have to pay about £120 for an independent report. If the complaint remains unresolved, write to the cleaner repeating the issue and the steps you have taken. Say you are giving it 14 days to resolve the issue before considering legal action.

The new customer – designers’ customer relations – CCCC route of communication (and back) will obviate the need for all of the above. The service will be offered after strictly adhering to the customer driven quality criteria leaving no grounds for complains. Quality manuals (IP) will be issued to fashion designers and manufacturers/retailers for passing on to their customers when making their purchases.

When you get it back
Check the garment carefully. Take off the polythene cover and examine them in a good light, looking at the pressing, seams and any areas of double thickness.

Any hitches will have been ironed out between CCCC and fashion designers/retailers without the customers being made aware of anything unsavoury. Our model with Jaeger worked perfectly with only one complaint over the 3 year period and after processing 1000s of items.

Which?'s tips for making sure you get the service you want

9) The independents
Independent shops make up the bulk of the market. We visited 18 and found that 14 failed to get rid of stains or distorted the skirts shape. Another two did these well, but pressed the garment poorly. Two independents passed our test.

As Which? pointed out, and the industry suffers because any one can open up dry cleaning shops and follow their own standards. Therefore, it is not possible to know what the independents did to the skirts, in the absense of any training. At the same time, the chains who are reportedly members of the TSA and possibly the Guild did not exactly outshine the independents in the test Which? sat out for representative samples of both groups. So, the question is: Why should the independents become members of bodies who have not offered any benefit to their membership?

10) Problems – what problems?
Which? found that customer service was sometimes poor as well. The dry cleaner should examine the garment when you are in the shop and ask how the stain got there. This is best practice, according to the industry’s professional body, the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers, and will help choose the best way to treat it. Three quarters of the shops did examine the skirt, but this appeared to have little impact on how well they cleaned it.

As mentioned above, we will not use trade chemicals and methodology to remove stains. Hence, the Sea Changes we will introduce upon the opening our test bed.

When giving back the garment, the shop should explain any problems that there were in cleaning it. Of the 31 that failed to remove the stains, just 10 told us about it. None of the shops mentioned the other problems that occurred during cleaning.

During our test period of 6 months to a year, customers will have their clothes serviced through the designers, manufacturers, and retailers where they did their purchases. Any hitches will have been smoothened between the establishement named and CCCC.

11) What they should have done
Which?'s experts said the results showed the poor standards of the industry in the UK. They said: ‘This shouldn’t have been a challenge for a competent dry cleaner.’ All the stains were easily removable when pre-treated with an off the shelf dry cleaning stain removal kit. Most cleaners didn’t do this or didn’t do it properly. Distortion was probably caused by the cleaner not using the right level of chemicals or trying to press the skirt using steam, despite its care label specifically advising against this. Which? gave an identical skirt with the same stains to a dry cleaner that was known to have followed the correct procedure. It cleaned the stains with no problem.

The successful cleaner probably removed the stains in the pre spotting stages prior to dry cleaning. However, the skirt remains unclean because the rinse solvent (and hence particulate matter left uniformly distributed throughout the skirt) will contain 20 microns soiling right across the board no matter where you get the skirt cleaned. Most machine manufacturers technical specification will confirm this claim.
4 nano metre cleaning does not exist commercially. Its use may be limited to test centres.

Note: This blog is now discontinued. The Sea Change above starts the new blog Please send in your comments to the new blog and follow the corresponding replies and dialogues there.

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Expansions and answers to Which? Magazine's 3 page investigation.

Perchloroethelene not doom and gloom as falsely painted to divide and to rule

Post number 4: Its time to turn round corner and assure investors that Perc may have a longer life to save a chain of businesses.

1) Environmentalists have done a demolition job on Perc to scare monger and to raise more money for good cuases using Perc as the sacrificaial goat. The following letter to Greenpeace restores the balance.

2) Which? Magazine investigation showed us all that there is no UK or world dry cleaning body and organisation to take up the cause of dry cleaning. Hence, CCCC Internnational Limited can set new goal posts for others to follow as proceedings will explain from now on.


"""" Linguistic, cultural and religious barriers must not be allowed to cloud judgements.
Caroline Clinton
PA to Expertise in Toxic Division
Greenpeace International

Dear Ms Clinton,

Perchlororethelene, dry cleaning, toxicity and health issues seen from "outside the box"

Repeat mailing is due to a sorry omission of a key CCCC International partner whose inclusion in the list is important for others to note. Forwarding him a copy as an after thought would not have done him justice. I regret incontinences repeat mailing may have caused others. Crossing Ts, dotting Is, and including fresh notes will give the article more meaning. It may also qualify these proceedings worthy of passing on to Professor Bjorn Lomborg as field data for use on his work on sceptic environmentalism. CCCC International will need heavy weights in environment to take over from me because I will be engaged on the technology side. Any suggestions Bcc recipients?

A cost benefit study of environmental and health gains made by not using Perc versus financial losses suffered by a chain of businesses suffering from lack of reliable dry cleaning after care can be seen worthy of research, in my view. The chain of businesses affected are, farmers and producers of wool (all types), natural fibers such as silk, and linen, viscose, textiles, dyers, tailors and mass producers of garments, fashion, and retail.

Further to my phone calls of earlier today with a colleague of yours, Greenpeace UK, Washington DC, and San Francisco (message on 001 800 326 0959 when staff in meeting), I now confirm that the subject matter from a new perspective was touched upon. The DC office suggested I write to you owing to the gravity of the matter at hand and our imminent and global marketing campaigns to promote Perc afresh!

A website and years of getting our fact right compelled us to write this in order to avoid future harsher confrontations with Greenpeace in the interest of their very existence as campaigners. We have the know how in our field and some in theirs. Others may have it in theirs, but not in ours. Odds may be in our favour when the last 2 sentences are weighed up on a simple scale. Environmental exchanges will heavily cost the ill informed.

News we have for you will equally shock Greenpeace everywhere, and it may be no small wonder if you are in Shock & Awe when you've read this. But first, I was pleasantly in Shock & Awe myself to know that Greenpeace UK and The US no longer carry out proactive campaigns against Perc, Siloxane, and Hydrocarbon that have been found controversial subjects on ground of toxicity and other public health hazards. Other recipients whose businesses have suffered considerable setbacks and even losses will be relieved to witness constructive measures we at CCCC International Limited are taking for enhancing their business growth.

It is patently obvious that over zealous campaigns by environmentalists condemning Perc ever more and encouraging the spread of the latest replacements contributed to heavy financial losses to a chain of businesses. Latest replacement technologies especially in the UK since July 2004 failed to impress dry cleaners, fashion, tailoring and textiles. Consumers were made more aware of the questionable ill health aspects of Perc who responded by almost not using Perc dry cleaning shops. Dry cleaning after care suffered, and nearly 100,000 shop owners are up against the wall worldwide. They have very little business, cannot employ staff, and cannot sell their businesses to any one. The fashion industry is nervous. The British Fashion Council has appointed experts to advise consumers on the merits of Home Laundry and Ironing. It’s not working judging by how appalling people look out there!

It is a real business nightmare out there, and Greenpeace aught to know! CCCC International is the only option left on the table to come to rescue. A godsend to the chain of businesses, a huge business for us, and unexpectedly with huge benefits to the environment. You may bear in mind that we are talking Perc here! The following will tell you what we are on about, and may convince you never to enter environmental issues unless fully armed with all aspects of it. Obviously Greenpeace has not been. Greenpeace's decision to discontinue campaigns may have been intelligent designs (Even Intelligent Design as taught in schools? Perhaps not!). We warned them from 1997 to 2000 when a member but our prophecies fell on deaf ears:

Our research of nearly 20 years with a heavy slant on public heath and hygiene issues proved that environmental campaigns of the past have been nothing but as mere jokes! Here is how:

1) Environmental campaigns have concentrated on making dry cleaning environmentally friendly. The first joke is that dry cleaning itself is a huge and polluted environment! Dry cleaning has never cleaned anything (whether clothes, household or industrial work wear), and items have remained dirty for nearly 50 years. The suit or tie you are wearing now carries an excess amount of soiling to the tune of 20,000 nano metres! This is dirty. In fact very dirty when you will know that CCCC international will bring down this composite waste down to a mere 4 nano metres. This result is virtually as clean as laundered clothes.

2) Therefore, the conventionally “freshly” cleaned clothes carry with them the unwanted pollutants (may be more!) and travel not only locally, but regionally, and globally. Hence, like the water, waste water, and household waste environments you have a vast environment on the move. Like its’ 3 counter parts, it is polluted, gather more pollutants (may be more), is highly mobile and fulfils all requirements to make it another man made environment, desperately in need of cleaning. CCCC’s innovative technologies do just that, offer the world people clean clothes to wear for the first time in their lives, and offer much more including preventative measures for curbing the spread of pollutants and possibly (in fact highly likely) infections of the hospital type!

3) This analogy confirms the joke adequately: Imagine a bunch of environmentalists with Greenpeace deservedly winning the leader’s torch and at the very forefront, having a picnic atop a new compost heap rich with pig manure! The stench is suffocating every one, and researchers have come up with a solution: To use air fresheners! Now, as to why have a picnic atop a heap of animal waste is another joke. I best not go there or I will be all here all night providing laughter for us all including the world of fashion, Saville Row and Katie’s 12,000 business members. If the distinguished panel had to go there at all, then perhaps a delay of a few months would have solved the problem when all the anaerobic digestion would have rendered the offending waste to inert and even pleasant smelling compost to the delight of organic vegetable grower among them. Such anaerobic digestions requiring time are needed before dry cleaning and even Perc is condemned in future. Who knows, Perc may even be more an evil than painted, but we are stuck with it. Let us use it responsibly until alternatives are found.

4) Many other compelling scenarios can be cited but felt unnecessary except for one, perhaps: An example from the history of public health, namely the mini typhoid outbreak in Croydon England in 1937 proved beyond doubt that parts of the dry cleaning industry has been stuck in the 19th century on grounds of lack of hygienic practises employed day in and day out irrespective of solvents used. Readers can easily look up the case of Addington Well or contact The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine for verification. We have related the story widely to the world and a repeat would be wasting your valuable time.

5) Item 4 above produces a joke of its’ own: It can be stated logically that you as consumers leave the 21st century on entering dry cleaning shops where 19th century practices are carried out as a matter of course. Could this explain your utter confused state of mind upon leaving the shop?! You have just travelled nearly 400 years in a time of few minutes. You could very well be a philosopher as well as an environmental campaigner but would lean against the wall and question your very own sanity! This after the poor dry cleaner, who is given the wrong tools to do his job, has given you a dose of his mind boggling stains removal skills. Sounds familiar?

We hope to have given you our version of viewing dry cleaning from “outside the box” and provided reasons to accept that solvent related campaigns have missed the point altogether. A new outlook is needed to highlight dry cleaning health risks in a more encompassing manner. At the same time, the irony of the whole issue is that world governments have accepted Perc, the black sheep of the family to remain on the scene for too many obvious reasons. CCCC International’s logic is to use Perc in such responsible ways never experienced before. We dislike Perc for reasons different than yours based on our knowledge of public health and pollution issues learnt in cleaning the water, soil, and air environments.

In fact, we would go further and state that reasons which have condemned Perc as the nasty one may be ill based. Environmentalists have never understood Perc and their findings are disjointed efforts erroneously called research! Consider this in Europe of the late eighties and early 90s: We all remember the phasing out of the Fluorocarbon solvent 113 for its damage to the Ozone Layer. Dry cleaners with F machines were getting supplies smuggled form Europe to clean F labels. What the captains of the industry (recipients here) and solvent manufacturers knew too well was that F cleaning can be done with Perc, save a few buttons and trims that could have been replaced! Pressure from dedicated but ill informed lobbyists with political muscle was so over bearing that no one could inform practising dry cleaners of this vital fact.

My solo efforts to get the major solvent manufacturer involved proved futile. I drew attention to a solvent chart issued to dry cleaners of which I may have had one of the few surviving copies. Repeated insistence resulted in the solvent manufacturer issuing a fresh chart, deleting phrases and symbols that the superseded chart contained on the suitability of Perc for F cleaning. DL, the solvent man told us in no uncertain terms that Perc made only 3% of their sales and hence they couldn't give a toss. This time around, I even convinced environmentalists that Perc dry cleaning offers benefits to the environment, and apart from cleaning it, offers benefits to recycling and the reduction of liquid wastes. The certificate of attendance attached is no way proof of our amazing environmental achievements, but it gives the uninformed reader an idea the depths to which CCCC International has delved in. When CCCC marketing attempts come your way, please bear in mind that the latest knowledge and research have been employed to use Perc while we actively seek alternative replacements. Most Greenpeace’s published health scares are based on data from the 70s and 80s when machines leaked and Perc was discharged down drains. Have you made any efforts to approach machine designers, governments, and local authorities to get the latest measures in place for the responsible use of Perc mandatory for next decade, possibly 2? We doubt it.

By the way, how much concern should such low volumes raise on the scale of the pollutants? How do solid waste volumes from machines compare with other comparable qualitative waste volumes? Figures for Perc measured in millions of pound weight used annually may raise a few dry cleaning eye brows: Perc is 1.6 times heavier than water. Weights reported represent 60% lower volumes when reckonings are made volumetrically. Figures not double checked perhaps? What else is not double checked, Greenpeace? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Not known to you, this is the kind of devastating effects that shallow research coupled with stunts made our industry a nervous wreck not knowing which way to turn! Perhaps there weren’t any public health and environmental practitioners among us to tilt the balance. CCCC International can assure the industry, the world of fashion, Saville Row, retailers, and indeed consumers that gone are the days that any one can take a swipe at dry cleaning for scaring the public to donate more generously than ever before. They can find another escape goat. A recipient here may have kindly passed on relevant issues of these proceedings to Professor Bjorn Lomborg for contributing material to his theories on Sceptic Environmentalism. This issue is seen as most relevant from my view point.

First, some need to find a better suited picnic site where the stench doesn’t cloud their judgement on dry cleaning issues. Environmentalists do a wonderful job of serving other public interests. I should know. I was a paid up and active member of Greenpeace for 2 years. Peter Melchet and Steven Tyndale know me very well through my barrage of e-mails from the late 90s to 2,000. None of which you read now is new! They chose not to work together despite my condition at the time of being accepted as a member that we must work together on dry cleaning. Philosophies were the same as are now.

Embarrassments surfaced above could have been saved if one was not forced to wash our environmental laundry in public. Melchet may have lost his job as a result of my protests for being thrown out of Greenpeace and my membership money refunded. He was chased out of Iceland stores for selling his organic produce after my supporters (both of them) allegedly told Iceland that the only reason he won attention for destroying the GM crop was to publicise and market his organic stuff cheaply than otherwise possible. He used war as a business tool. So do I, you might have noticed. Thanks Peter! I have tons of incriminating and unanswered e-mails if any one is thinking libels! Even police reports with names on them!

We mentioned war once or twice. A reader of the first issue yesterday has responded already and objected that war must not used in conjunction with business. While agreeing in principle with the reader, may I suggest that I used the analogy after a Mr Leggett and Oxford University’s encouraging entrepreneurs to treat their projects as if nations going to war in the last century. 21st century… is a recipient above. (Their competition offering a cash prize may now be closed). We will be marketing CCCC International in The US, and would cite phrases from US presidents that endeared one to the world positively, and the other (incumbent) questionably, perhaps. Regan to an aide while viewing the Great Wall of China: “This is one of those walls!” on which I will take a piggy back ride and add: “Dry cleaning has been one of those things”. “We are where we are” is aptly put by GW and I can’t add to it, suffice to say that we can and we should work together for the benefit of public health, big business, and helping other voiceless ones.

The latter group brings to mind the British sheep farmers some of whom live on income support (state benefit) and find it hard to make ends meet. Think of their children who wish to have goodies others have, but can’t. Think of parents who can’t provide! Do you have children, or I am I sinking low too to add value to my business? Perhaps I am but I will buy kick starting their businesses (dry cleaning after care) and buying some toys! Currently, their wool is used as insulation and some exports to China, while Harris Tweed and Scottish Tartan have become rare commodities.

Fashion has resorted to organic wool
and recycled fabrics in efforts to keep consumers unaware of the sever bottlenecks dry cleaning has placed in terms of it’s failing to provide reliable and consistent after care. Denim and T shirt culture prevails with the world becoming moronophiles (new word but equivalent to Anglophiles and Francophiles) to wear them. Individualism and making marks through expressing selves with variant structured attires, colours and styles are sorely missed by millions. It’s high time some one did something before our university professors exposed mid rifts, sported heavy bling on belly buttons. And that’s only the men folks!

Women dons can flash huge tattoos of DNA helixes and E = MC2 on thighs and bare backs where fantastic pleated or sunray skirts drove men or women crazy not long ago. Because Thomas Pink shirts and ties were worn with suits with double cuffs with tasteful cuff links to reflect personalities, tattoos have come again on bare arms to make up for lack of intelligence. Bluntly put, man’s inability to clean and the environmentalists not letting him to, has created this moronic culture with reality and celebrity TV so that life makes some kind of sense. Roll models look like thugs and hooligans of yester years only because there is nothing suitable to wear! Will you join CCCC International change the way we think, walk and talk? Or am I getting too old? Some one will tell me, I am sure of it.

Have you wondered I meandered all over the place with my conspiracy theory just now? Well, why not? If people are allowed to publish stuff you read on the website attached, then my taking liberties to take swipes too will be justified. While remaining aware of the ladies genuine hardships, I can justify my taking swipes at others (not them) by calling my measures a mix of social engineering and “communication investment”. The latter, another brand new business tool (similar to going to war) and not widely used yet.

This has taken long. I thank you for reading it. There is a bit more to go, I am afraid. I am also delighted to note that Greenpeace’s last proactive campaign in print was that of Greenpeace US in July 2001 when Perc related cancer cases were reported in 4 US cities. It must be said that covert and highly intelligent damaging subjects float around on the web. CCCC International will keep vigil to have such articles removed as soon as possible, unless they can back their claims. One such heart rendering piece by some disabled women of New York who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Industrial injuries is particularly noteworthy. A copy is attached for ease of reference. While I deeply empathise with their plight of disability and resulting handicaps and shortcomings, I cannot agree with the sheer volume of terror the article must have caused New Yorkers. Greenpeace is cited as a reference, and the public has deep respect for what Greenpeace says.

We may not get involved in protracted correspondence with site owners and administrators. We will simply report damaging articles and scare mongering stories who cite Greenpeace as their reference to the county’s Greenpeace who will take corrective measures to dissociate themselves from others taking advantage of their repute.

The ladies blissfully receive ample support in terms of keeping the website professionally updated. It has been revised for the second time in 6 months and intelligently written. As readers will note, it mentions all manners of disasters such as Bhopal, and reports that sufferers give up the will to live, become homeless, live in their cars, and even become spiritually bankrupt or some such. The article starts by warning people that the pain would be as though their brains were put through a meat grinder. Perc gets an “innocuous” mention half way down, after New Yorkers were asked how close they live to dry cleaners that use Perc!!! We stress that we do not denigrate or take any import away from the article highlighting the plight of MCS EI sufferers, but would certainly feel that Perc does not qualify for the mentions it receives, and the resulting scare mongering unfairly attached to it.

These and other countless assaults on Perc, mostly unsubstantiated are ways of people having been “at it” for decades collecting millions more at the expense of frightening the daylight out of consumers, dry cleaners, the likes of Katie and her 12,000 business members who would love to wear Jaeger and Saville Row but they can’t! Two thousand pounds please Jaeger & Saville Row fro advertising you! Just joking, but it comes so easy when you know how to do things properly. I have learnt a little.

Now, after reading the attachment and if I didn’t know better I would jump under a lorry with 24 wheels and its’ trailer with even more wheels! What campaigners have endemically failed to bring to attention is the state of health of the practising dry cleaners. Take me, for example. I worked in 25 to 30 Perc shops for at least 12 years on 6 daysX8 hour shifts, and am as healthy as anyone who has not been exposed to Perc for a minute in their lives. I did receive regular check ups. I am a health man of a sort, and am aware what Perc can do if you sniff it as glue or petrol (gas).

I sincerely hope Greenpeace is not associated with the website, and you will investigate to dissociate yourselves with its’ polluting New York’s minds unless you can substantiate contents. It’s a small world and we know the likes of some who live there. Has Anna Wintour of New York’s Vogue visited the website? We will make sure she does, along with a copy of this letter if the website is not removed. Let’s watch this space, shall we? If scared witless, Anna could write effectively in Vogue advising fashion forecasters and designers to keep away from designing things that need dry cleaning. She will phone her equally influential counter part Hillary Alexander in London to follow suit. More denims, more T shirts and rubbish will be made treating intelligent consumers deprived of choice as sheer idiots. CCCC International has arrived on the scene and will not tolerate lax and irresponsible antics in future.

In case if you’ve wondered whether we have seen the potential of this letter increasing the stock market value of future CCCC International global business and brand, we can assure you that we have. Profits thus made will generously contribute to genuine environmental projects, Perc related or not. Search of better suited solvents and technologies will be addressed too.

On a more serious note, CCCC International will be pleased to work with Greenpeace and collaborate on dry cleaning related issues if Greenpeace has credible research material to exchange with the socially responsible branch of CCCC International. We will soon have a steering committee who will work with others to formulate strategies ahead. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, one and all.

Yours faithfully,

Mohammad Ahmadzai,
Founder of CleanestClean Clothes Care (CCCC) International Limited""""


Friday, June 20, 2008

Cabbie told he was giving me ride for Histroy

Post number 2: This is the new numbering system as of this June targeted for building CCCC International Limited as a truly global business. The old posts were results of my being attacked from all sides as a result of innocent publication by Which? Magazine. I was forced to enter e defensive war culminating in the exposure of Bush and family as murderers, and more besides.

Stake holders, partners and investors are not responsible for views expressed and defences offered or attacks made.

This is written in a precious time span of a few hours British psychiatry has accorded me today now that I have come out in the open and admit that SABP and predecessor North West Surrey Mental Health NHS Trust have been working together all along. Whether under treatment by Consultants Deepa Deo, John Ging, or now Daryoosh Malikniazi, we have had agendas not known to a sole to protect this brain of mine in the national interest. I am the most sought after human on earth by Bush at this moment, and I best return to my safe haven, the hospital; the government has provided me with. Even Bush will not hit a mental hospital from Grovesnor Square (US Embassy) or Proctor & Gamble for that matter.
2) Even Bush’s own White House has known since 2001 that the only medication I have ever taken has been Respiridone Consta that has not affected my cerebral powers at all. What I am seductively and helplessly annoyed about is the fact that why does Deepa has be so beautiful and I so old. She is probably married to another bastard Hindu Indian as ugly as they come. I was too terrified of the beauty to have a look at the marriage finger for a ring. Just as well, hey readers?
3) I have got to be brief. This is written in Microsoft Words and pasted to blog. So, please make allowances for changes in presentation as a result of cut and paste.
4) Business: Partner Barnaby with a potential staff of 40 in London EC1, investor Bernard in Australia only need contact BBC home Radio 4 on The English Marconi (with American sister company) having been awarded lucrative contracts for installing Radio equipment in the British Empire early last century. An Italian entrepreneur then. An Afghan one now with CCCC International Limited signing lucrative contracts with world governments for giving away public health principles and selling its business elements.
5) All obstacles are now removed for us to enact Acts of parliament to validate contracts and business deals in ways we couldn’t do before with American Empire breathing down our necks and throwing spanners in the works every step of the way.
6) Of course, I need to play ping pong with psychiatry to achieve my goals. Daryoosh kindly arranged for me to meet Lesley, a postgraduate psychiatry student from a London College, part of the huge University of London to interview me on Monday. I gave her a full history of my bogus American dictated psychiatric diagnosis of all sorts including Bipolar Disorder (if I am Bipolar, then Bush is also an innocent and clean man).
7) Lesley and classmate who was ill on Monday, in return will study the case of Dr Raj Prasaud, the consultant psychiatrist and Channel 4’s internationally famed “Countdown” programme’s dictionary corner. The BBC Radio 4, and Channel 4 have been grooming (in my view) Dr Prasaud to be a world authority for his ‘as clear as a bell’ voice on psychiatry. A clear voice that all the 3 of Deepa, John, and now Daryoosh would readily concur with me.
8) The BMC itself is American controlled and is undoubtedly used to discredit PROFESSOR (has been addressed to as one) Prasaud to coincide with Bush’s London visit. It must be born in mind that White House itself was asked in 2001 and 2003 that I needed Dr Prasaud’s views as my second opinion to my bogus charges of mental illness.
9) I squarely accuse the BMC of buckling under American pressure and unfairly denouncing Dr Prasaud as weak, irresponsible and plageriasing the works of others. What about the case of the sub editor making simple editorial errors of cut ant paste and forgetting to use quotation mark? These and other issues are things that Lesley, her tutor, department, student union president, and the entire UK academic institutions will address. Their findings will challenge the BMC who are made up of the same noted academics who teach Lesley and the like.
10) The BMC will find itself facing discrediting themselves by discrediting Raj, wouldn’t we all agree? All you need to do is a bit of thinking, BMC, and realise that efforts in this very blog will set you (BMC) free from American influences in future. Your freedom and that of Raj will mean the declaration of my brain as a sane one and fit for the purposes of business by Raj’s second opinion over those of Deepa, John Ging, and Daryoosh Malikniazi. Surely, you must feel humiliated by my treating the BMC in such school boyish basic logical argument as the one at hand.
11) Effect of blog on world politics: Within hours of Tuesday’s post, Abu Qittada, Ben Laden’s right hand man in Europe was released from jail by judges ignoring The Home Secretary’s ruling to the contrary. Ironically, the Sheikh does not come under my public health jurisdiction, for his clothes are washable. He should watch out if he ever dons a suit and a tie. Then, he would be grouped together with The Home Secretary for speaking official words or even working in dirty clothes that could very well be covered in human faeces through the “spotting table” practices that Proctor & Gamble (GreenEarth) and other 100,000 dry cleaning shops in the world practice in, as we speak.
12) Irish voice stronger than ever on EU (Lisbon accord), with David Milliband playing the difficult job of middle of the road kind of thing?!... By October, the Lisbon Accord will be dead and buried. A High Court judge just announced (13:00 GMT today, Friday, 20/6/8) that he cannot complete EU ratification because of some technicality.
13) The Czechs are more vocal than before and have ‘parked Lisbon’ in a Prague car park. Even the recovering president on crutches has assumed more power than he ought to and spoke against Lisbon. The Czechs don’t want to be pushed on the EU thing. They want an independent voice in it.
14) EU’s unilateral lifting of sanctions against Cuba!
15) Obama refuses public donation to fight McKane in November. First candidate of either party to do this since the practice was established in the 70’s. Do not under estimate the power of this blog. Bush may be impeached and charged with crimes against humanity, along with cabinet, Neo Cons and associates.
16) A note to my solicitors, Messrs Guile Nicolas: I do know that we have applied for a mental health tribunal. That takes weeks from now. I do not have weeks to play with. Besides, I have relied heavily on Direct Action to floor the likes of Greenpeace and other giants even before I have had this blog. As discussed with Nafissa this morning, neither she, nor Laura should ignore my call. Call me on the patients’ ward line to discuss new deal with the psychiatrists. Although for now, I find the hospital’s environment the safest place to be to avoid a bullet from Bush’s agents, and my time limit away from my business may be unlimited; I do want to come out soon and spearhead the business.
17) If you wish to know what I can do to a solicitor, then watch this space and see what I will do to Messrs Taylor and Emmet of Sheffield Green (www.taylor, to see what can happen to solicitors who cheat and scare off a client. The firm mistreated a Darren Pilley, an MRSA victim, who lost a leg. Messrs Taylor and Emmit utilised the Legal Aid money. When I caught their miss appointed Professor off Orthopaedics red handed in incriminating himself in his report, Paul used scare tactics to frighten Darren a poor unemployed us driver friend of mine to sign some paper away and drop off the case against the NHS.
18) Now, if the BMC wants to strike off a noted academic and professor, then why don’t they open up the files of Darren Pilley from the records of Professor Willett of Orthopaedic Trauma surgery through the files of Mr Paul Fouad.
19) This action is taken without Darren’s knowledge and permission. Paul Fouad is reminded not to contact Darren under any circumstances whatsoever, especially, using more scare tactics for Darren to make me drop the charges. This is a tit for tat to BMC’s dealing with Raj Prasuad, while allowing the likes of Willetts to use word play and satire to humiliate a deserved victim of MRSA, a subject I have been campaigning for nearly 20 years now.
20) I expect Paul to find me through either Laura or Nafissa of above in London. He should call me on the patient line and explore whether he wishes me to publish my records of Darren’s case on this blog. Lesley, and other academia are urged to trace Paul’s firm, and Professor Willett in our campaign to save Raj, and to see the BMC do justice where it is precisely needed.
21) Mandela concert: Thanks to Heart FM advertising the concert a whole week ahead of time in Hyde Park. Did I really hear a duo being sung by George Michael and Sir Elton John? Tell you what? We need clear varnish (bands taking part) to reveal Mandela’s veneer right through the varnish. No gloss, high gloss, or mat is needed to conceal the veneer. How’s that without upsetting either of the major super stars? If I know philosophies of sorts, then I don’t need to know music, do I?
22) What I do know is Sophie Ellis Bextor Doing some conquering by doing a dance or two! Oh, al right then, just a couple of songs will do. Go get them girl. Or shall I let my judges decide? Why not?
23) Will some one e-mail Pual Fouad and let him know what’s coming his way? I am on my way back to hospital to hide in my bunker, safe and sound.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush's visit end to Europe restored some freedom of expression.

Post number

1) Have you wondered that there has not been a single comment to any of the posts in this blog from the start? Answers to the question may vary from I have been speaking utter rubbish, blog posts with some facts in them, posts are all facts, plus omse others you can think off. The frightening possibility is that any one commenting can and will be traced and dealt with so harshly, and torturous that you will rightly assume Bush's torture machine as no different than that off Saddam he accused of doing things to people; to his people.

2) He has serwn up America's mouth, never mind the rest of you. Only 2 Americans have spoken on the phone to the outside world and I am worried fro them both: A Father whose son is fighting in Afghanistan, and the man with fancy submarines equipped with weapons reaching far and wide, probably capable of hitting the White House, Crawford Farm where Saleh Ben Laden. GW's friend and first million dollar maker was killed in 1978.

3) Oh yes, Bush! You were warned and BFZeded from UK Air Ways. You didn't heed the advice. You should have. Saleh, your friend also donated $100,000 to Harvard's School of Public Health that Geoffrey Sachs may tell us about in the Mandel la concert.

4) Saleh, and Usama's father as killed in his private plane 'accident' in Saudi Arabia in his privite plane in 1974 when even the king himself did not have one of his own. I believe, at the time, your father may have had something to do with the CIA. Was he the chief?

5) How dare you take the podium at number 10 and exact promises from Gordon Brown to up our troops to 8,000 to support your family feud with Usama who may just be pissed off with the Bushes fro killing his father and brother? Get some mercenaries to do your private fighting.

6) Now, some other pressing matter at home, including some at my temporary home, Blake Ward, ACU, that your American run psychiatry has provided me with. I shall return there after finishing this piece with a hard cop for all to read:

7) I want the restoration of PROFESSOR Raj Prasaud, the psychiatrist who was found guilty of plagiarising. He is the best we have. The PROFESSOR may come forth with his case to this blog for justice. I demand full details from the Kangaroo court who found him guilty. I was found guilty, but the culprits were Greenpeace, Proctor & Gamble Egham, US EPA (US Government), DOW Chemicals USA (Dry Cleaning) in 2003 when I damaged the fake American monuments to be heard. I didn't have a blog then. Now I do.

8) The cleverly timed conviction was masterminded as an intelligent hint to me by the American Intelligence duinrg the moron's visit here to add a bit of salt and pepper to the Bushman's Hunter Gatherer, and his Bush woman's visit. Where is the Elephant Doctor these days? In a tit for tat, our Milliband was in Europe backing the Irish in their democratric say on Europe. There is your answer!

9) Government documents missing and left on trains are no more crimes you've hit us with in the past, such as the Foot and Mouth in Blair's days to drag us to war. Your poles stole my mobile phone and reading glasses in Blake Ward and my diary while I've been there.

10) Will the likes of Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry, Ronnie Sullivan, Robbie Williams, and similar start getting hopeful with the popularity of this blog? It will become The World's court for all ails America may have inflicted on Britain. Did you guys try to conquer America, and psychiatry got you?

11) My stay in the ward proved beyond doubt that our psychiatry is run by America. My 14 years experience has seen 3 young British math geniuses locked in withe me (John Meyer Ward, Springfield, 2001) and destroyed. Doctors, consultants, and ward staff have done exemplay jobs of dealing with a hot potato like me over the years. I acn't thank them enough, Specially Dr Daryush Mlikniazi nad staff on this occasion.

12) English example: Captain Alan Shearer, keep up the image. So naturally confident, self esteemed, and pride of England.

13) Google China faultless in enter ring deal with Drug Dealing Chinese Leadership. They are being replaced in a bloodless coupe, and will run a clean show.

14) I welocme Google/Yahoo deal on sharing some profits.

15) Euro 2008 and the ab sense of hooliganism puts gread in America's heart. How about reforming Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia? Get rid of divide and rule. THINK, EUROPE!

16) America hates old. Buddha Statues, Kabul and Baghdad museume the. Rome, London and the rest later folks. Why the ever increasing defence budget against enemies that don't exist?... America wants an Empire with a history of no more than 300 years old. Call me Xenophobic on this.

17) World! Do no underestimate this migration of an African or 2, an American or 5 (Peanuts), Oxfam for the concert pof 26/6/8. You will not get another for 1,000 years. Broadcast the concert globally. Those asked should keep undesirable megastars away.

18) Neither will you get another me in a 1,000 who has thown everything to the wind to save the world from the most vicious evil empire in the making, if General John Mcknane gets in. Does McKane know that Iran does ration electricity to its' cities as we speak? Bush does. McKane wnats to do more of what Bush did. No noe wishes Iran to have atomic bombs, but what about power the way India will with the US's help? Mr Mohan Singh's Government seems not to have problems dealings with Drug Dealing America. May be President Ahmadi Nijaad does.

19) Lots more, but sadly got to go and get some ink. That god damned super duper Nissan Micra better start after two weeks of neglect or I will beat the hell out of it with my garedn rake. We will see.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nice to be back after a long lapse

Post number 1

1) To be read in cojunction with nearly 90 other posts and the subeseqquelnt "Wool Debate" e - mails

2) Interruptions to flood of posts in the wiating was Google's refusal to let us gain access to our site. This was due not to recognising our password which Google has had no trouble of identifing for nearly a month (from late March, to late April).

3) The ill repute to our blog freshly coming to blossom and expploring new avenues in globilsation, small farming, sustainable developmnets, microfinancing, sceptic envionmentalism, the demolishng of organic food as no more as a divisive issue than the breakdown of the nucleus family of two parents, and many more.

3) All of the above worked through the development of 4 nano dry cleaning technologies of the old and the new and interweaving results to conglomerate isuses that have been muddying waters for a few to fish in and the great many to awaite to be given fish and in a few cases to be taught how to fish.

4) To sum thus far, just imagine thus far the correlation between between sheep farming -> wool productuion -> loomong -> yarn making -> dying -> textiles -> tailoring -> Fashion -> consumerism -> Retail.

5) Have you heard the link between the link between peanuts and Nelson Mandella, and both to his birth day concert on 27 June? Are you thinking what I am thinking?

6) Should some one tell Dame Vivienne Westwood, this time round, there are rebels with causes, and big ones one too who've been there, done it, and worn the T Srirtst too...

7) My blog earlier scared a lot of people, in terms of directions it took. Not my fault. Giants who has 11,000 shops around the world and have invested masses to take over dry cleaning by the scruff of the neck, should either do so or allow others to tidy up the mess they created. We just stirred some of the stink the Giants created by going back 200 years instead of surging ahead to clean up endemic mess left by others before them.

8) We will stay clear of local, corporate and geopolitics of it all if others keep at bay. We suggest they should, for there will be only one looser adn tht will nnot be CCCC International.


New post after a long lapse of nearly 2 months.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Witcheta Lineman Here!

Post number whatever

1) How dee Nick,

2) Have you told them my answer when you told me I will go straight to hell because I didn't belong to your denomination. I don't know what you told them about me but if they think I am bad, then you must be taking more drugs than Walter Mathau did to withstand the pain of watching terrestrial TV.

3) Look Nick, this heart to heart of mine realy works. It still does with you. If it does, this post will make more sense because I am fluent with you now as I was hen. Look, the whole thing is so crazy I find it hard to believe. Although, I have trak record. I have been over the same raod beofre with the same bunch, except the Pope.

4) The only difference is that in 2001 and 2003 is that they didn't ahve blog then. It happened that I thought if I told the whole world about my dry cleaning that will literally chnge the world, even the way you walk, and even talk. Don't believe me, until I get it out there. I thougth thay wouldn't make a fool of themselves again but now in the presence of the whole world. They did!!!

5) So, the game was on. To me it is a game as GW's boys is. I just work and when a pop up ad (say) pops up I hit it so hard it doesn't come back. Normally they do. It doesn't matter how horrible they are in Baghdad or Kabul, they are pop up ads. So when the Pope Popped up, I said "I shouldn't have done". Any way, here we are. There are some brilliant ones to come when I can fit them in that delight the ones on the right side (we both agree, you and they the same), a terible news to those who had been at fault.

6) I've got to do it and I feel America doesn't mind. I appreciate a lot are don't get out very far. That in itself gives you an answer. Take this country, if GW is so loved by our past leader Blair, then why goesn't he come here just to feel good among a nation that would love him to bits?

7) They are terrified of Stars & Stripes here. The two nations are supposed to be cousins (WASPS and stuff). So if GW is holding a firm foot on our throat and expect us tp pretend it isn't there, is what amazed me. Born free, I couldn't stand it any more when I mentioned to ANY one English "You know, my dry cleaning is the best in the....", the man or woman completely flipped and stopped making sense. Crazy, disjointed conversation. Those were the so called middle calss stiff upper lipped ones, never mind the working class.

8) Life didn't make sense. These manner, the posture, the way the middle classes carry themselves is different at times when Americans and specifically my project. I soon realised that he has shut the air waves and printed media on us, and we had become a joke country. The thing is that he had got away with it. He didn't, beacuse after the gulf war, when Blair and Bush did the Shoulder to shoulder thing, Britain wasn't on the list. We were just on the outside looking oh, we could have that contract. We not only didn't, but he humiliated us on world TV for the Empire to see Britain.

9) To add insult to injury, he gave France, more than us. The double whammy for us Brits (I US too, Lusaka 1980) was that France oppsed the war. Americans rubbished French wines in the US, sales went down and the rest. With all that aimosity and historiacl rivalry, GW gave the french more contracts than us. And so on. What I don't understand that no matter how long in salvery (we are slaves Nick, and America sould be ashamed of itself), you shoul dhave some remnants of dignity and self worth to live with yourself. I caanot possibly justify Blair being imporatnt at all. Why does he carry himself in that specail walk of his, head held high.

10) The audience silent, waiting to hear Blair's wisdom. But they do. They pay him a lot for his lecture? He is nothing. I hate (Iam cool, smiling) nothing who pretends to be a person. His wife should Afghan should wear an Afghan Chadury so that she doesn't have to face the public. Ah, what public? The British public, whose nerves have been removed and feel no pain. That public.

11) That us the biggest crime against a cousin. How ruthless and EVIL can he be against enemies? Don't balme any one else, Nick, if it existed. It doesn't. Bush just plays the ventiliquist and has treated the entire world as idiots. Well, I am actually I don't treat him as an idiot. He is anidiot.

12) Well, it was a heart to heart nick as we were together. If you are getting this, you should know that you are the same nick, but perhaps a shade more because I do miss you, your beatiful wife and daughters. You must be a grandfather now.

13) England will be different in a few years when the ladys will come here when they will not say this is ours, hinting at the acre of land HM had givenyou guys. That was symbolism, they meant England, and Britain. Well, you see, this is my town is like Wlden was when the boys (not) and I used to go to town eat as much as you could, and went to the flicks for 25c! I felt good then. I could only feel goos after I smashed my own (US) country's symolism and I felt good doing. What changed from my volunteering to go to Nam and later. I thin you know now. If yu never see this, then I've made a prat of myself, but I've been genuine.

14) Talking of genuine, why don't you take this letter to Jim, Hillary and Barrack. Let them each read it, then you stare them straight in the face, and lat me see them here in Egham. Now, their looking at you in the eye and looking at me in the eye will give you your president. Meanwhile, when you'd better up with me. It is true, and ha still remain BZed. He is one tough son of the bitch. There is always a tougher. You would remember Clive who came down to three Way cafe on the junction to Yellow Stone (Walden 300 people i n70)

15) Sorry I've got to go. Its been nice, and DON'T Worry.

Mohammad (Karim in those days. Can you believe Bush/Blair made me use my firs name so thatthey could stereotype me. Big lesson there for you...)

9) The cle

Alaister Darling Open Accont for US Government

Post number 80

1) If we say Britain will be the centre od every thing and will export what the world needs. We mean what we way say. We do what we mean. We leave no room for any one to challengge us to tell the world thats how good we are. We need a start to impress. We are doing tht here. This is for a country who is pleasnatly arrogand that says we know everything YOU NEED TO KNOW. THat will piss you off. Reach for the blog comment. We will reply queries with the world watching.

2) We expect the world is reading blog. IF not, Bush has shut every body up. We will charge the US gvoernment. We will back date every thing to day one of blog

3) Our police force of 48, the BBC, and n4 = Mohammad = Alsaiter's account holder
Alsiter is n4 accountant. With the Tory Party illegal, if George Osborne atters a sible word even to his gardener and we hear, that would mean he and party do not W ish The united Kingom to show the way toer countries in the most cost effective way and fit for purpose idealogy, until we build other countries to compete with us us. Those already capable the new BRIC countries and South Africa can submit tenders. Any part of the world practing or impressed by Monkeyism are not qualified to enter business. N4 beat their masters. Then EU, Karimoff Coutry and simialr needn't bother to ask "What is happening". They will be told the business equivalent of FUCK OFF, as practised on the all right now.

4) Our Police did wonderful work of reading out sufficient details of the two shootings, which Radio 4 recorded. Police and vistims and offenders know BBC is the home base to ensure cases are executed deligently. The BBC will compile a UK resume to offer client countries for selections amomg the fest suited.

5) We sould have relayed this message 4 hours earlier but potential volcano nearly errupted within the board of CCCC, the parent company trying to dig in to the validity of Mustafa's parents being kidnapped. In the event of our fears having a probability of one in a million, we have taken steps to nip potentail in the bud. There will be no business communiation between Helen and father, David on the one hand, Mohammad, Barnaby and Bernard and technology partner (not named), whatsoever. Bhone calls relating to business will not be answered. They will receive feed back on need to basis.

6) Charge the American government 1£ million for item 5) above. Unreasonable> Know. Prove Aldaeda exists with recent video of Bin Laden. Alternatively, Bin Laden can send videos to the BBC, the same way Aljezzra receives it. Also let us run through inch by inch of 911. We accused you of making up the whole thing up. Why else is Murdoch trying to buy New York Times, with GW holding Murdoch's ball for support!

7) We are in Force Majeur, and we make things up as we go along. Harvard University are our legal advisers for making up in such just ways to keep the their conventional enviable (justifyably, oh yes, according to others. We ar not to rate!). Harvard University are requested to make up Force Majeur Law document and pass on to us to us in Egham

8) Charge The American Government for waisting 2 UK governments for spending time on the Scottish Devolution. If George Bush's master plan hadn't been devised to belittle Mohammad, we would have it to the governments that we are in Force Majeur, and Mohammad had only been able to execute government in its entirety doing the job of the cabinet, tow main oppostions, all back bencgers (some with valid points but alughed at by Monkey slaves in all parties. How are we doing the ROMANIAN? We drew all power presumably from HM The Queen but intelligence recived from HRH William, HRH Princes ROYAL, and Prince Harry.

7) This is incredible, because they proved not to afraid of Monkeys and communicaed, bearing in mind Mohammad partial demolition fo the JFK wall. It must be said that HM The Queen may ahve even had a change of heart about Britain's relation with America, but has not had executine powers. The gvoerment Whit Paper joke was addressed to HM the Queen. No one has the right, especially in Aamerica notably GW Senior who has plyed the role of the Senior Emperor. FUCK OFF until HM overrules us. We have the 2 Princes and the Princes for intelligence. THe 70s model Schmitar car was was a mirror signal from the conquered JFK (with temporary repairs to hide Mohammad's tastefull reshaping).

8) Surrey Police has kindly provided us with official ploice photos and that of the fake ABA Magna Carta for just a day like this, subsequent to Camberley Police arresting us for the damage. Make some thing of this Harvard. Why not another not Egham, Staines or Addlestone. We tend to believe that they didn't wasnt to arrest their owm man when I had reprted a bunch of thieves posing as the English upper class (you know, those guys with Harris Tweeds, cords, and reddish shoes pretending to be crazy. They ensure you understand that thoughts are elsewhere and they tolerate you because THEY are nice and you are scum. Because we are born free and they are slaves the lot of them, we justifiably told them to fuck off. They didn't like that and stole from us to have the last word).

9) The Poice broke our rib and oepened our scull to make sure the theives that it wasn't a put up jobs. Or Proctor & Gamble the recipints for the IP. You went a bit overboard guts. It hurt for weeks. We love what the thieves wear and are campaigning for Harris Tweed that Monkeys got rid off to keep Amrica's jeans machines, Nike, Gap, you name it. Ref Hollywood/Spielberg of last night to reinforce this post. We also hae data base of the last 20 years on some 120 brands and labels that can back us up. As things are, none is needed. We defeated the Amercan Empire and are now exacting damage.

10) Charge the Daily Mail £1 million for tooday's headline "WE'VE GOT LESS THAN WE HAD 17 YEARS AGO". Really Daily Mail? We wonder if this document has had anything to do with it. You must publish this post on Firday's Daily Mail or you will be shut for eternity. Alaister, summon the Editor to collect personally. Photgraph him, and get The Independent to print the stroy and Daily Mail's Editor's photo with him wearing a Snoopy smile (with dog bowl stretched you Chuck).

11) You want papers, Britain. We will get the dead press to the donkey work for us for free.

13) How is this the world? If you don't like the style, we've just started for goodness sake. Besides you've got the blog comment. (PSST, BBC, I've got a clue what to do with the blog thing. You will help, won't you? Don't tell the world)

14) BBC, Need your help to save America from making themselves the laughing stock if the world. They have been to us since we defeated the Pope, who in effect half killed the Empire without either the Pope or The Comander in Chief (remember the ship when landed from USAF fighter. We had flown in Micra 1 and watching wondering if the day would come. Well, it did.)

15) USA has always governed with religion firmly in the holster. The Bush Administration ignored our e - mails of 2001 and 2003 when we objected to Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Bush, Powell holding hands in prayers early morning before starting work. That religious symolism plus(Harvard?) plus currency bearing "In God We Trust" would make it closer to Vatican whci recnetly joined Bush to flex muscles to defeat CCCC International at the time and its one man founder. Well, we got rid of the Pope. Him thinking that was the last, and he drew a line under it before aothe rone consdier apolgising. Well, what he think now?

16) He equipped GWs crusading that he ahd carefully painted over and justified not meaning it by hte precrion HFD Limited Edition offered him. With this revelation, GW had been crusaing all over the place, with the dumb Pope giving him a hand. But aha, was the Pope dumb? Or did he wealened George for long enough to him to record this enormous charge on his lapel(Take off that Stars & Stripes some one).

17) With this development, the 3 candidates' campaigns become a joke if the above is Valid. Hillary and McCane will be crusading as per the latest report today! So, both are in crusading over dirve without knowing it. Should America trust or vate either. Obama wants changin games in DC. You can tell who is tune with the truth = n4 = Mohammad a US voter. The 800 delegates may wsih to say this. Their time may be neede d to work on Firce Majeur along with the Embro of Jimmy Carter et al (that is if we had not asked Jimmy to be in London and tell the truth about Kuwait, and Saddam which infromation Mr Mandella is privey to.

18) We received a phone call from the Halifax offerin gus creidt card things. It could have multi puprose. They asked our health and were assured it was just fine. She asked for 3 minutes. We gave her 5, because she was nice with a Romanian accent. We parted company with us sounding very jolly, hearful, a through heart throb, to indicate we are not affected by the fate of the hostages. We are, as any would be, but because Karizi and Bush are behind it, we are always ready and watchful. Other contacts are asked to be vigilland. Th at is why we brought in changes to CCCC business. Friendships remain as firm as ever.

19) We are cheered by Clive James with whom we've had heart to heart for years, without him knowing. We were another audience. Clive will understand our writings better than some, may be because we are relations. We had adopted parents in law from Austrialia with IATA Kubul 1970/70. Brother in Law Murray Sayle of the Sunday Times was more than an acquintence. May be Clive can research Bari's case anf find out some people who knew him. We make one amendment: We said some one stole Bari's invitaion papers. Austrlians may keep an open mind on this. We hope Bari will be able to answer for himself. We urge British soldiers.

20) Our reaserch revealed an issue for debate in due course between Shias and Sunnies of the world. If not handled delicatley, The US forces could still hit out without any justification in the Middle East, for an excuse to do things here to arest us. With us arrested and put away, Bush will laugh and he will be in saddle again. He will be disarmed by America. Removing us Stars & Stripes stips him from being a US citizen and qualified for detention in Quantamo using his own "Oh, but is different. Harvard, please see to it. If worried about money, first you are doing it for America, second, well we'll talk to geoffrey about it. He is a born free now, so we should think alike.


10 Mile Long n4 Traffic Jam

Post number 74.
1) We have cut diamnd gms the size of wallnet to give to world's governments.

2) Here is some thing for the UK film industry the Hollywood is terrified about because of n4's devastating knowledge to blow Holywood away. Spielberg the rest was just a taster. Spielberg was targeted to publicise n4 to beijing - UK athletes - crap London Mayor. Job done and much more. Bush has done enough to us. And we'd hate to be involved, becasue I'd hate to hurt as would the other 3. yake it ot leave it. We do not impressany one. We have the knowledge.

3) There may be a man in Ealing Studios, may be but can't be sure. If correct, than if Hollywood hadn't strngled him already, save him with round the clock protection. We need his to reinforce n4. Together him and with UK pop and folk will walk in to US, instead of desparately shape our selves to be like them. Of course, always a fae copy we've been teated like shit. We won't even need a passport the way n4 does.

4) A strong word of advice to disappointed aspirees of days gone by and those trying today. Please don't embarrass yourselves. Get to know who we are. Our name is very misleading. To give you an idea, yesterday's Partial flume squeeze must have made you feel like a sausage sucked in through a straw. Put in another way, some giants drew a comment "Why dosesn't some one shoot him. Comment applies to Americans trying to get in the act.

5) Mandel'a being here is not an act. Only your attempts are and seen from miles away. We also some Monkeys, it must be said, from here. What do you take us for. We are like one of these road sweepers with our post. If you are on our path and shouldn't be, you will be brushed away without us feeling a thing, and while our job. No one will blame us, you will destroy what you've built. e just provided the pistol to shoot yourself in the, well sort of. You will be laughed at when you are gone.

6) The real issue is buiding a Britain of some kind that some would hate to see come about. Boy are we good at spotting them or what? You fuck with us, and you will hit with words before you know what happened.

7) We were on films and TV for that matter, where words are equally important. We really are grate ful to the Bishop in Australia to make an example of Gordon Ramsey to hint at our foul mouth. Personally, we'd hate it as much as you do sir, and we will stop it as soon as the world is safe from GW.

8) We had social obstacle to overcome where our son was used as a weapon to stop n4 dead in its track. We suspected our son was hypnotenised (better word escapes us). Similar to Stockolm syndrome. A sufferer is known to us (BBC specific) who is not backto his full potential after 20 years! We did a desk study od sorts and felt if we could destroy the myth of the perpetraitor being an almost god in the eye of the victim. Attmepts by the loved ones to help worsnes the situation ultimately making loving blood realtions as hated enemies. This was happening to us as father as any father would know.

9) We had no access to the man, all doors were closed. As readers might gather. So we started a barrage of WMD loaded e-mails that took the grounds from under the man's feet. No where, on earth has any one come across Mohammads who can no one else can. Would you believe it our role model has been GW. He really does know how to shut people up. Who esle will bomb a city 40 days and the same number of nights.

10) We have no idea how god like the man is now, but our son knows now what holiday are now (as opposed to working in sweat shop in London not Bangladesh),takes thm. he even has a girl friend because he is no longer humilated in front of the colleagues. A remarkable achievements. GW is such a ruthless psychopath that he hit people, make them to mince meat, and then goes and bombs them again to make sure there is come back. He never asks an question.

11) Our WMD was found highly effective against him. We have banned him form world TV and Radio for a few days, as Laura Bush's announcement proved, to us any. We will stop using WMD when ahve totally disamred him so that we could start dry cleaning. Thsi blog wars have been o pure accident, and quite an unexpected spin off our core business CCCC.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Urgent! Mandella foudation

post number 73:


1) As one beacon of truth to you and Prfessor Sach of Harvard, and Harvard itself (What a fortunte coincidence. We know what this means. YOU ARE FREEDAS FROM NOW. JOY. THE FIRST FREE VOICEIN THE WORLD)

2) As it is to you, it is urgently obvious to us here in Egham, that we alone will be inundated within hours and over loaded with work. We may hold port for 6 hours, and say no more. We remain unpredictable to remain hyper ove the pea barin super.

3) We needed human resources and others, and authority must come from us. Authority undisputed is given to provide all that is needed including space in Egham so that freedom we have gained will be protected.

4) We remain in good phycical and mental health, with intact sense of humour.


Use my UK Telephone number 44 01784 464 088. Time wasters will be traced and shot on the spot with n4 hyper power. MI5 and 6 and police in the UK with British Teklelcom

In the US the FBI, CIA Home land security by default. Harvard, you do law so that Egham can incrimte US arms of Govt mentioned and send to moos with Bush. This is no joke.

An unbelievable new something (god makers!) is emerging and is looking fantastic. Lap up the resaerch work pouring your way and thank Geoffrey here for making it happen.

You are alos authorised in fact we delegate limited power to you to show us a sample of your work so that we trust you. Unlimited power will then be delegated. If we don ot here from you, then we wil have a little hitch. Dont worry.

In fact , now that we have given the world our phone number, that may entitle the blog easier recocognition make futre law. We are aware we spoke crap in the last sentnce to pasychanalye ues that we are all together.

We've got it. Since all legal frames are nul and void, The Blog is legal vehiccel
Thank you police and BBC and all others behing the scenes. You are aboluely brilliant. This is a histircail monument neve before in the history of humankind. We just got a nod that we are on the right track.

Bloody hell, this is crazy. We can't take notes fast enough. inundated with itellignecne. Need help noe IDEALLY. We are calm. We catch all nuggets we can can. The rest fload round our head like sdoves of peace. WOW. AL RIGHT! GET IN HERE

You bset get this and act. We keep vigil and hold port the entire might of the defunct USA cant.

CIA and FBI. Dont let your pride get heard. We are colleugues ad coutry men. If your is hurt, then so is ours. Don't be brow beaten. Don't let the old farts give you crap. It is your duty to kick the old to long grass and get to know the new.

If you would like to get over here. We will welcome you in the fashion you believe. But then again may be you do if Jimmy carter has, Michelle and Barrack have. We are afraid we can't see the samr for Bill nad Hillary. Sadly we did not get a hersrt to heart. So, we suppose if you can have a heart to heart with the other 3 + the big time Steve Martin (with some doubts, but not enough to oharm. We are talikng USA nad world here.So, Steve shouldn't feel hurt i pride. We can make up and apolgise if wrong.

Play music if you like.

Mohammad as stable and watchful as a cat watching a mouse. How id that.

Now you work, Manuel says. Get ass in gear. The the rest of you will too. Because attached to the body. Evenwe know that.

Our company is playing "Together We Cry" We are not bloody crying. Big bous don't cry, cry,cry, . But there are other messges. Figure out... We love the music and what it does. It makes feel clean and achieved in a pecular way.

News break: All is well. I acn't believe I can retire. Was I that good? Actucally, I knew. Just teting you girs an boys. Now work you lot while we chrge batteries to kick ass later today. If unable to get ass on radar then there are getting clever. The you send ass. Now you work!