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A letter To Runnymede

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Dedicated to GJ on 2/4/08 for 2/4/72

1) We wrote a letter today to Runnymede to inform them that we have a blog. A reader thought it was so good that it should go on the blog. We got philosophical and added bits to the letter. Here it is:


2) This is mainly addressed to Runnymede through the Mayor's office. Reading the blog will suffice in keeping you abreast of developments. Apologies to others for repeat mailing.

3) Which? consumer magazine did the greatest service any one has in the past decade on dry cleaning related issues. It gave us a platform to air our views to the press effectively for the first time in 20 years! This is being done through our blog www.

4) Before Which?'s 3 page article in their April issue, had named wool as the "fibre of the gods" in their International Congress in Edinburgh in May 2007. Then none other than the UN's General Assembly named 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres, with their FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation) further promoting the cause through global NGO outlets such as those in Germany and Vietnam.

5) You know whats' coming, don't you, knowing me the way you do?

6) We can't leave 2008 to break the continuity. So I will turn around and name 2008 as my own and Egham's International Year of Segregated Dry Cleaning!

7) Because, as it happens, in the cash rich world (time poor), both the 'fibre of the gods' and their other 'Natural Fibres' rely on us mortal humans for after care through consistent and reliable dry cleaning. 2008 in the middle will provide that strong co valency in the conjoined chain of 2007, 2008, and 2009. Putting this chemistry in words means that CCCC International is conveniently but dutyfully placed as a bridge between one 'fibre of the gods' and the rest of their creations, for the benefit of humankind through business, public health and social responsibility.

8) Thanks to Which?, IWTO, UN and FAO for making this philosophical observation possible. Our serendipitous placing among such heavy weights is a watch dog that will ensure we carry our responsibilities with the diligence that the rest of you do yours. You can watch us too. Do you know how best you can do that? Here is a tip: Follow the blog. When we are in trouble, you will simply step in and help. Because, by staying together, we might even end up developing a bondage with the strength of Carbon Fibre or Spider Silk.

Our Chain was set a standard to equal or better it:

9) It was our own Runnymede that sat the goal posts: She did an awesome thing of her own: She exported Magna Carta to some of you! In fact to at least 1.5 billion of you out there. Extraordinarily, she is just about to export new unifying businesses and hygiene too, to a billion or so; some new ones included, this time around. It may take Runnymede a long time (793 years to be exact) to do big things, but we do it in the end! Besides, we got other other things to do too. Feed the people, pay taxes, and bitch about each other. We are no different. Still, sorry for being so late to give you more stuff. Some naughty people didn't let us do it a little earlier. Spoil sports, ha?

10) More Social responsibility: In fact CCCC of Runnymede will export hygiene to every square kilometer of earth where the cash rich travel in dry cleaned clothes to offer assistance to their cash poor brothers and sisters. They could easily cross infect both worlds without being aware! From a health view point (cleaning up of a global man made environment), the CCCC part of Runnymede cannot demand pay back for services it will render to humanity. Professor Jeffrey Kahn (Bio ethics) Uiversity of Minnesota aptly drew attention through his "You, Me and Foot & Mouth" of 2001. We joined in and published our own anxieties at that heart rendering time the nation painfully endured and paid a heavy price. We even wrote to Tom Mintier London Chief of CNN at the time who had a 2 hour meeting with the Prime Minister. We asked him in no uncertain terms that he should draw the PMs attention on our behalf. We were ignored, possibly because one independent voice could not carry much gravitas, even the public expert that we were.

11) Now a lot better equipped, we will follow examples sat by the time honoured traditions of our Runnymede's Constitutional and Historical counter parts. We are already pleased to draw attention that our just - here defined co valent chain of (IWTO) - (CCCC International - - (UNGENERAL ASSEMBLY) - (UNFAO) - (UNWHO) will have added social responsibites we should meet jointly and severally. Clearly, we will have a lot to do. CCCC and Off Spring will identify projects in public health (engineering preventative measures for mobile enviornments), vocational training, the chemical environment (Perc versus the environment), and moral support to world's farmers and producers. CCCC will budget for these out of future profits.

12) Our investors Discovery Beach select projects that and we quote: "...leave a significant foot print on society, on industry, and on the enironment". Did somebody tell them to phrase their qualifying criterea this way, so that they could net us before other invsetors did? Bernard must have spies within the high ranking CCCC staff. There is nobody else here, so it must be me! Honestly, one can't trust oneself these days.

13) We said dry cleaning is as vast a field as an ocean, did we not?

14) Back in the business world, there is no room in the cash rich time poor world for natural fibres such as wool, silk and linen to do well as businesses and industries as long as dry cleaning continues to place suffocating bottle necks in their way. We all know that too well by now. CCCC International Limited and offshoots have removed bottle necks, and we are all in for exciting and prosperous times ahead. Please follow the blog.

15) Runnymede and Egham can invest in us too. Bernard would like to hear from you.

16) Entertainment (British TV)?!: Long live Egham, and eat your heart out Ali G (Borat, The Qazak journalist to world cinema goers) and Staines! You are just famous for being next door to Egham. That's all, really. We will show you. People like Omid Djaleeli and the BBC ought to read the blog if in search of new material. People are fed up with celebrity whatever, kitchens and gardens. What better subject than dry cleaning to have the floor for once. Can you see people dry clean on screen? Neither can we, and that's precisely why we should give it the floor."

17) Another reader e-mailed saying we need a better link to the blog. We are working on it.


18) Copyright of CCCC International, Egham, England, March 2008

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