Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank you Liverpool

Post numbber 35:
Dear Michelle and barrack,

Ordoer of names will be cahnged after November, Barrack. Meanwhlie, enjoy our demoting him to First Gentleman. hy not, and do call us Mohammad, please.

We are delighted for Liverpool University's contribution thru their ad just now. We thank them very much. Our friends were immensely delighted with Liverpool. World, please meet Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and team. Oh, Liverpool, a fine University too.

Next, you may even see Royall Holloway adveritse too, now that our Egham rules the world. The price we have to pay for being famous. Dear

Oops, a bit of fluff on the bloody key board just as we were trying to locate the letter F to launch the first barrage of Egham WMDs. Would you believe how something soft like fluff can affect WMD's? You know that GW? Oh, shame. You are BFZed. Stay that we. No Bush for a week, now. Oh, joy.


Any Objection if we voted Obama now?

Post number 34:

Senator Obama,

1) The Tornado of words could not make sense because we typed fast. However, the googly gook can be decoded if you are elected in November.

3) Here is a brief condense that gives you reasons for voting Obama now, becuse we can. We can do so by the power of moral, ethical, intellectual has won emphatically. No one has objected to what we exoressed over the month or so. No comments posted on the blog, negating our views. The blog has become a message board fow the entire world to post comments any time in future. The blog will be reverted to business issues now that Which Magazine's May issue is out in the shops, hopefully with replies from the dry cleaning industry.

4) Which? Magazine's April issue started the blog that became more than a reply to dry cleaning investigations. Which? introduced us, if you will. You witnessed our defeat of the Blood Thirsty State Administered Neo Nazi Empire determined to subdue and conquer the world even if it means the smashing of Countries. Iraq is a prime example where it is still being pillaged and raped. So is Afghanistan.

5) Senator, if we claim that we have won and the author and this blog is the only message board of the world for morality, ethitcal values, champions of IP, Entrepreneurs, and all things good, then we best capitalise and amass our winnings. If we didn't then we'd become the laughing stock of the world. Our efforts and winnings will have slipped out of hands if we did record a ummary here in your presnece and Michelle's posting her campaign for you on this very blog. That alone gives us ample power record the jewels of our winnings.

6) Boris Johnson's Mayoral campaign, never mind winning is a farse. He represents the Tory Party who has a criminal, second in - charge of Treasury in Cameron's Shadow Cabinet. Phillip Hammond the criminal. There is an abundance of written evidence in this blog and else where. Johnson will be disqualified, even during his terms if he wins.

7) NATO is illegal in the eyes of this blog, and is an instrument of the Ruthless American Empire. All member states sre agents of the Neo Nazis, and their nations have been forced to submission by their illegal governments.

8) It goes without saying that our own government in the UK and political parties are illegal. They are responsible for the death of hospital infections from 1994 to date when the author approached the establishment and the printed press. We wrote to them. We've had preventative measures in place that could have reduced the number of deaths. Documants will be published i nthe blog.

9) The blog exercises power by the fundamnetal demands of public health. If no current national and indeed international laws exist, then blog readers can join us to develop them.

10) The American governments have been the chief blockers of CCCC business and public health contributions by using the illegal UK governments to spare no expense in stopping us.

11) We vote Obama. We seek Micchlle's contribution to our efforts to win for Public Health, not only in the UK, but th e US and the whole world. We will publish our records to sppliment the blog, when she can draw on them, for contribution Public Health in America.

12) BFZ is extended to broadcasting waves of the entire world where CCCC will have Public Health projects. Public Health serioussly clash with Neo Nazisim. We will defend defend public Health as we have shown in this blog. BFZ will be defined by the world's legal expertise. They in turn will draw from powers of the author, now that he has dereated the Evil (it is, and answerable for MRSA, an C.Diffe Iraqi deaths where CCCC health projects could have well on their way, had it not been for the empire's current illegal war there.

13) Because we now exercise supreme legal power as a result of our public defence of the last month in this blog, we include all health issue related matters around the globe and outline headings of any and conceivable subjects/topics and cuases that are relevant. Our gains in the glare of the public through this blog, include unexpected issues that will shock some but will delight others to promote health.

14) Our domain of activity and areas of operation covers nay where that humans have travelled weraing dry cleanedclothes. This means, the entire water and land areas of the globe in order to curb the spread of the main killer bugs around the world.

15) In order to stamp our authority to exerice public health power around the globe. We will begin with the destruction and removal of the American Bar Association's Magna Carta Memorial in Runnymede that the author took a sldge hammer to and was illegally imprisoned, detained and drugged to brain wash him.

16) Similarly, we will destroy and remove the JFK wall, on top of which, the author climbed, and made a damn good job of it on Monday 26 May 2003. He then went to Magna Carta Tea Rooms to delight his beautiful English roses That they need not worry any more about those immoral signs of the NeoNazi symbols. He'd gone there being completely totally devastatingly hearh throb still covered in the Memorial looking like a builder and sexy (no wolf whistle. The job at hand was too serious) and he said: Listen up girls, and people: "I have smashed...". The girls started trembling (we felt terrific and decided to cover self with dust when next a heart throb in TESCO, even for a deadlier impact) and were looking at our head, having gone as pale as Albinos.

17) We then realised it was the fucking bandana that terrifed the girls. So we removed the thing, comforted the girls, and told them that OK, we were American, but we are British first. They recovered to even a better shape than they were before, thoroughly basking themselves in the heart throb thing. They did a Frankie Howard thing and said "Ooh, gave us a bit of a fright there, but we are OK now".

18) The author's heart melt, got on his bike (no Nissan super duper those days), and went home after telling the owner of Egham post office and showing him a piece of the famous JFK wall. He nearly fainted when we told him to inform the police, the press core, the world's TV. We told him they will find us at home where we had exhibibed 15 pieces of stones for the world's TV. We had also ready 100s of pages relating to the "Publsih Button" that enforces the BFZ, now around the world. BFZ means no more announcements on thsi Alqa eda thing who may be 12 people, terrified of the blood thirsty empire then vice versa.

19) We do appreciate that old orders will have to be procesed by the Evil Empire while the effect of our historic defeat of the Empire takes effect. Generally, we may suggest, Senator, that constitutionaly, GW should have no power if Americans object to a Neo Nazi ruling over them. We have stripped him of his power by unwritten laws of global public health yet. Perhaps, Micchelle and us could put these to hand. We suppose, even you, Hillary and John McCane come under power because we defeated the empire.

20) Whether that is so or not, we currently hold enormous power to look in to that came to light, when Hillary couldobliterate Iran, if Iran did some thing, presumed nuclear. First, she must bear in mind that America is illegal now, The President is a Neo Nazi and under asimilar house arrest that we are. Our house arrest is illegal for an additinal reason: The police who arrested us, when the worlds TV didn't come becuase of puppe Blair's government's hiding the "Publsih Button" paper, so that we could have blown Bush away legally. If we had succeeded to process "publish button" papers legally, we neen'd have had or threaten to use it now.

21) The issue we have an opportunity now, while holding power by defeating the Empire, is Hillary's oblitertirating Iran. She is absolutely right, she can, especially if we ask blog readers to consider a legal case.

22) The case is that ot the Israeli Nuclear power capability scenario. We understand that there is an illegal "on any ground" arrangement whereby only the Israeli Prime Minister and the American President can carry out realted work discussions and other decision makings. The merits of such outrageous special arrangements are for Nancy P and The Congress to look into and for he Israeli counter part. We issue an order for this to both parties by the power this blog has placed here, whereby we exercise supreme worlp power benignly after imposing BFZ on GW.

23) We ask oth Parliaments to do this. If they disagree, then they submit comments on the blog for readers to note and comment in return. We wish the world to note the message board has already become a democratic UN equivalent to resolve differences between nations. If either power are supremely confident that they can ignore the blog because of their milititary might, Henry Ford Democracy Limited Edition HFD complete with "Oh, but that is different" and is Israel is gifted with too, by the deposed Neo Nazi's, should bear in mind:

24) Our newly won power through defeating the blood thirsty empire declares Irael as part of the deposed blood Thirsty neo Nazi agent the same s Browne goverment or for that matter the Polish government whose housinf of NATO is illegal, the polish people are reminded. We issue warning that Egham also WMD of her own that Socked & Awed Bush and mother. We will use these without notice if Israeli, Iran or any other ignores our demands.

We sign off now, and hope Michelle and team has sight of this for an early atart while we nip out and buy a Which? magazine. We will do the heart throb thing if we feel like it.


Senator, we had music

Post number 33:

Excuse not editing, we hope no meaning is lost. Inconveniences are regretted.

Senator Obama, and America

1) We felt huamn again as we always have done, this morning, when we read the dispatched version of post number 31. So we employed music for this, hoping it will help. it is "Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, Eddie Vedder, Gale Lemanski, and Amina Annabi". Although emphacised for its vocale excellence, we underscore that we listened the the work for its instrumental effects and different people getting together for making good things. If Eddie Vedder or Gale lemanski Jews, then our fantanssies would have been better. Why not assume at least one is.

2) We also dedicate our choice to you for late reply and for the intelligent words you chose early this morning when you announced your dissocitaion from The Reverand Right. But then the world had always epected such cerebral logistics from America and received other alterntives Instead, not as fit for purpose.

3) We noted your keeping religion and State away from each other, as we would expect from the next pesident. We also detecrted a bi party temporary unison for the preparation of the highly sensitive and unexpected reply, which must have been difficult. You may all have felt how we might have felt for a long time at the receiving end, alone, and for years, defending IP only at first, and a lot more, later. blog contents of 32 issues give detailed accounts for history to record, the world. We seem to have changed the world, and got a parking ticket fot it today. Inexperienced in such things, one would imagine. Doesn't look good on CV either. One world change in 65 years.

4) a note for lawyers and investors: We have meandered wildly over a may seem to have have gone over board. But since defences offered were all cerebral intellectual and other knowledge based however fundamental (as opposed to Advanced) had to match the opposition in classification. We included our Egham variety of WMD and used it as liberally as you did your's by classifying it as another. We diasgreed by looking for discrepancies in your application of laws. A great number of usage of what were WMD in effect as felt by people who were smashed to impressive eeffects and admired by friends of America with our Britain as number one (always beating others to it and looking as utter prats in the eyes of the world) without knowing why when asked.

5) Realities on the ground a lot of ground all over the world showed differentials between applied democracy and the theory as recorded on paper and equivalent material. We re engineered a whole host of complexes contradiction illogicallities and countless others 16 = -1s as exact equal to 4 invented but justified.

6) We arrived at HFD Basic and on square wheels for Britain (hence debates and PMQTS as meaningful as conversations between spotty teenage boys driven insane by harmones with mumbling sounds for speech utterly incomprehensible by single parents except when asking for money).

Note: Paragraphs above may came accross as loopy and nonsensical to some but perfectly normal others. To the former we have excellent news: Congratulations. you are cured from nearly a centruy of 16 = -1 and entering the new era of true Sovereignty, freedom of all forms. you have entered threalm of 2+2 = 4 when pychiatrists cured themselves will readily confirm as normal. A further sign of getting cured to come in phase 2 is when you see Stars & Stripes on clothes you will not feel like a Jew again, but miraculousy go: Ooh, Whats that, Kevin. The latter still half paralised by the effects of Neo Nazi Imperiast, the idold of the British establishmnents inclduing one Nicholas Saomes who inheited 16 = -1 ill effects from no so far gone ancestors.

7) Other issues such as the near death of Intellectual Property, knowledge Economy, devaluation of British Univesities as second and similar can be explained by the newly redeemed 2 + 2s to their unfortunate others. A Marty Feldman (recipient) could prevent effect to intermittent realities until they see andother Star & Stripe. Americans are kindly asked not to wear the perfectly fantastic article in Britain. They are referred to follow observation by genius American Ambrose Bierce who said a Kelt is a clothing worn Scotsman in America and Americans in Scotland.

8) Other business: Art & Culture. Hollywood films with main character role for Pearly Kig of The cockneys and Robin will look ridulous in the new realty of 2 + 2. Mr Nick Griffin of BNP and the entire cast of BNP may express anxieites as to whether or there are any side effects to 2 + 2. We can assure them, those fears have been injected by MTV Popcorn Idols and loads of other crap more then totaly devoid of human intellect as the ensuing fall of the Empire illustrated before the readers of this blog.

Note: It was true that Rome was not built in one. History records that this Rome was destroyed ine one.Up and coming Imperial aspirants using vacuum cleaners to count collars may wish to note that "If it is a product of thought, than it can be defeated by thought".
Senator Obama

10) Some nuts and bolts had to be loosened for instant re engineering creating some needed employment using our own expertise and without having ever be tricked in to being shoulder to shoulder of the past. Both nations would be unwise not to try bcause we have so many good bits we re engineer quickly, but on equal terms without the appliction of the old gigantism. the Reality of 2 + 2 has given a real new meaning to the phrase, size isn't every thing.

11) we cannot visualise the American government to have experience in the interim priod of now and whenever. Our intelligence may have detected an unbelievable occurance of late when the Reverand Right was answering a question or 2 from a young girl. To mind like ours, it reminded one of of the Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter who was the world convincing witness. The staged managed show played a role in the thorough destruction of a relatively spuerior society enriched with every thing you have been trying to give them again for 5 years and not succeeding.

12) we believe that The US administration would even wish to require further choce examples to drive this point home: There is no doubt in the author's mind whatseoever about people calaiming America is a Neo Nazi Impire with the Chief as Hitler. In fact we provide a new coeffient to prove that like Hitler's regime which was a State Admininstered Nazi Machine, so is America's: The bandana test in Magna Carta Tea Rooms on May 2003, else where in Egham, in the wider London worn by the author proved beyond doubt that the said bandana is a weapon of terror because we saw those faces, we saw the sweat, we also saw the escaping eyes from our bandan wearing eyes in jam packed tubes. We felt ourselves terrorised of our own terrorism because it was temporarily staged. It was social researh.

13) Senator Obama, we feel good. We feel like we wrote the first third to half of " Heart To Heart". We want more sesposes like yours of last night. The good news is we don't want to recieve it here. We don't need, because we have 20 decades of hands on living research material from head that we have been afrraid to write. You use what these mere threads leads you on to. Re engineer it and localise it to suit your needs.

14) And all of a sudden, we are not scared of Michelle any morem either. We kept bumping grape vine patches that she is clever. We do not know what in, but there are likelihoods that she probablt sports more knowledge in her subject, in which we may be semi literate at best. To encourage the world, we would say that we have not been working in an office atmosphere since 1985. Surprised? Don't be. We have been unempled and on income support to live on and win the if you like. We have not been allowed to have friends for the State's fear of indoctrintaing them with our poison. The only two friends are mentlly ill, and an MRSA amputee who picked the bug. We found the defending report so elemntary that we beat it hand down, but we won't go there. in the flow, you see.

15) Let us concntrate on the boiling issue of The Reverend Right and what could be on local and regional menues where his congregations an dno dobt fierce opponents are. Its a chaos that th Crusading Neo Cons (Any doubts? Comments on the blog, please, please. No one will fish out records and do to you what they did to. Let us give you an example. States in various steps of what hit them over night, may catch poor blog readers who are well informed and unable to become good.

16) As we speak, there may be people who are introuble and going through the country's reforming processes, whether psychiatry, torture, shooting and dumpng bodies. Governments and states are warned (nad we do mean it), don't do any thing stupid. How are we capable of doing this only after 2 sincere mails Senator & us exchanged less than 24 hours ago. We suggest you wait and see the result of this very letter on the American people. Ia it magic, sorcery, is it god, are we god? NO. N O T AT ALL! (underscored each word aloud. It is only knowledge you could and will gain because we will make it availbe to you. Sell it to you if business. Give it you, if part of social responsiblities. We have so much you wouldn't believe it the Anerican government, and Procor & Gamble did.

17) Lets finish this. Not only is it good, but will be "information" to ill based sick states and equally self interested individuals and groups. Now matter how big you are, we will find you and fix you the we did the Pope, America, now, and we suppose you want to be next.

18) Consider this: America and us locked horns on predecessors of CCCC since the 1990s, say. Why are we not dead, 10 times over? Was Amercia merciful to us? Has she ever been to any one? thats your answer answer. Better still, you will tell us the wonderful way, America has treated you in the past decade. You know you will have no fear, beacuse this letter will see to that. We are not bombing any body. We will not kill you if you admired America,. Do it through the blog...

18) Battle's continued and we said the only way to put an end to this non sense, lets raise the stake and make a challenge: Our CCCC agianst your Britain (it was theirs till today). We were not joking. Here we are. We kept CCCC and won Britain as a spin off!

19) Back to the Reverend. He is a 2+2 = 4. Now, let people, those present with Senator Obama, working on his radio braodcast, both parties, all of the Reverends supportes and opponnets. Look what this letter has done already. Noe of you should have any worries about me. goodness, did not ever have to? I would have. Afhan, Muslim, Muslin, Mauzlim, we do not mind. had you known us differently? who by? trace the source with heart and mind if you wnat to build America. You will have the ride of your lives. You will expose trouble makers and een become freinds.

20) American governments have not been responsible for sledge hammering the world. Why was the Balkans divded? to make small, to put NATO, then pillage and rape. What have you been told? Yes. We know what you know. the way to go about it is to dialogue. Network to this blog.

20) With The Rev as a 2+2, Mr Obama a 2+2, but made to lean towrds 16= -1, you have the play makes. We know that 16= -1 are in the majority. So Mr Obama was and still going a hard patch. We apprcaite that. Now, how much does letter, diffuse the time sensative time bomb, ad we speak. You are all groups in our minds with every word written. Feel the approach of this letter. Are we mischievous to outsmart you? What do you have if you have been stealing from us (me)?

20) proceedings thus far is news to you. We claim we know it s new to you. Your government, universities, no body will give you any thing they risk as riskee subject to make you smarter. The smarter, the easier for you to identify your Neo Nazi Government that has shamed us an American as well as you all. If we are wrong, then why Harvard, Minessota, North Carolina State, Arizona (Any comments, Senator McCanie?blog please?). The comment about a door and the picture frame was about you MrMcCain. We were agest? Any libels coming our way? we will deal with it. If not, why not? Have you got something to hide? IF so, as a liar, why are you campagning. Is it because GW got away with it. So you want to have a shot at it?

21) he blog opens up new debates. Can any one raise these points with you or of the other 2. The answer is no. Because you all decide what you want to talk about?why not ask the grass root to select topics, then each of you can answer. The naswer is you really don't to answer issues that voters want. Its governing top to bottm. What is not inclduded is covered in controlled press, poiticains talking craps, elections, campaigns offices and goverments are not fit for purpose.

22) What taught us all this? Truth, measurable quantifiable truth. May be busines modelling. We are dry cleaners. We realised it does not clean, and has never ceaned.The truth was 4 naon metres particle size. This size has brought the downfll of an empire. Because with that minute amount of truth, we worked upwards, found new matreials, discovered business rivalries, you name it.

23) We also found health hazards. We invented prevntative measures. This gave us power but no money, in our contry. Its in the hands of the state. May be on principle, you shouldn't make money out of people's health. we too this root. Health aspects of CCCC became our socail responsiblity. To serve publc health has no income. Its a form of charity. here is the power. As a charity, you ca ask for help. If you can get government involved. Than power meets power. There could be friction.

24) In our case, our health meaures will save a part of 50,000 lives a year.

25) Our government refised to help. So did Universities, banks, investors, not forgetting the press. We were puzzled as to why no one wanted some thing so good that you will have 1 billion customers,. If these spent £50 a year £100 or so), the annual turnover would be £100,000,000,000 a year, every year. Or you will share it with the comptetion when they develop alternatives. Ours is new innovtions and high value to will develop to a Brand as rupted as Nike.

25) Our probing exposed the US Empire singling the IP for development in america. Our power base was the moral power of not allowing all or none or some of the 5,000 people to die. We knew we had immense power in terms of Human lives.

30) So, The Empire did not care for the life of 13X5,000 = 65,000 British lives over 13 years! The reality: Over the same period we,ve had Major, and Blair, now Brown,Clinton, G, GW, ruled and Obeyed (Britan). 1,000 of our folks died, they had had meetings, they did "My fellow Americans" Justice prevsiled. We said in our lonely room, said really? So that's what justuice is.

26) We had truth that lead us to the top. we would not have succeeded. We will not have had a cause for either.

27) Truth taughts us law too. e became the best lawyer on the planet without attendind a day in alaw scool. Here we are, writing non stop for hours without legal suits being levelled against us. We just addressed innsensative agest remarks about possibly the next president in the world. Every word we write we think of those people dyin gin our hospitals as we speak. We make sure we do not write damaging statements about them.

28) People are dying in world hospitals, too. Working ever so hard to save their live too, agve us global power. We have global legal power with no lawyer in sight or in our pay. Laws are made to protect people. We are doing that. Therefore, in this cae we are lawyers, because goveernments have been made to lie. The final port of call was Capital Hill. We knocke duntil we won.

29) blogs. Watch out for blos. They have power once read by a laarge enough, governments caanot control.

30) We left this one to last, deliberately correct negative perceptions of a major sort if Senators Cinton, Obamaand, McCane had opposing vies about us. We encourage both Senators McCane, and Clinton, to feel free to speak on TV, or contibute through the blog. We ourselves have no role to take part in oral deabte TV shows or press interviews. e only communicte in writing. Can any one think of a reason why we should go to public places. It would be intersting to know.

31) We remain vigil as far as need be, paricularly on the Afghan scene. With health or reason and logic behind, we will be guided by the needs health dictates. We have no poitical agenda or interest any where. We feel we have done, and justify the absence of punctually for prriotising health to offer help to Amercans you can think of.

Yours sincerely,


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Senator, Michelle, we are humbled and you should know immediately

Post number 32

Senator Obama, Michelle (ad on blog), and dear America

1) This is going to be hard considering the cicumstances, so may let us get away with the usual errors. On the ohter hand, to us its another day. Its just game playing finished. We are lost for a bit but have a bench we can rely on to lead the way: The Union Jack in the, The Stars & Stripes in America, but only if America will just hear our experiences we encountered in Runneymede Tea Rooms on the day of Saturday 24 May 2003, when Egham girls exhibited discomfort and as if coming out WW2 motion pictures under the stare of Nazis! That was...

2) We emphathise will the world (assuming world has read blog to explain non intention of grand designs. We only want a shop to dry clean in. We've got standards to intruduce and to sell. With no one else to do it, we will busy, possibly running too shift. We will sleep the rest) for replying late by our Standards and speed of intelligence. Practising silly walks brought calm of removed Sooby Doo Rechtor 8 Tremer when we saw Michelle Campaign add (New Yrk times!!! Really? We may like your answer the puzle of making sense out of dates measured in 10 gallons, and micro nights. Our copy is bit rough & ready as sent you in haste)

3) Senator Obama. We asked for a week, you came back in a few hours (we learnt at around 03:? :? hours. Previous DC Aministrations had not responded since 1994 when we reported our MRSA experience. We haven't done the differential equation and Fourier series for GW and the entire cabinet, Senator Hillary Clinton ( 2+2 = 4 really, but they "plus Bill G." still insist on 16 = -1. We havent got the time to backtrack to Bill's 8 years to prove time and again that in each case was indeed 2+2 =4

4) We can extrapolate our curve to be certian enough that there may be a generation gap of a sort between us at 64 and him a just a little older. We do not have the resources to convince him we may be a teenager at times others don't expect us to be. He would probaly call the psychiatrists on us. That will be fun another 14 years just to have fun. We have work to do.

5) Priorities right now: US and UK. We have loads of time to make suggestions in the blog on the Mayoral and local elections tomorrow and later. Gordon Browne and Ken Livingstone know already: The whole UK is forced to practice 16 = - from post Victorian days. Disrespect for bench marks of national colours is considered as a text book example of 16 = -1. For the Mayoral farse of tomorrow, the press have not done Boris Johnson a favour. He could have a chat with phillip Hammond on Baffoon issues possibly the aspiring Mayor getting his Morris Dancing, and say Gum Boot Dancing mixed up and would appear more of Bafoon than the Mayor and loosing credidiblity when Nelson Mandella visits.

6) Can carried away with nearest home. Sorry US. Won't be long. It is hard to trust any one who genyuinely believes in national colours. So we will take a calculated guess. Using self as a firm believer, we have derived long, long time time ago that if the likes Neo Nazi Emperors from post WW2 who were all 16 = -1ers, then diametrically opposing others may be 2+2= 4 ers, to the shock of many.

7) Reactionaries such as Libya, Iran, North Korea, Syria and similar stand a good chance of not being as delusionary. Leaders may the exact opposite opposite of what they were paninted. With shutting the non Western press completley from the West, we fabricated shear lies to make our people hat their people.... Extraoplate.

8) Laughing at Tony Bin and reducling Ken Livingstone has never made sense. We have been laughing at comon sense. Common sense has not existed for decades at least. Above all, if without humour we would enraged with emotions pent up and unable to do any thing about. Students can't debate. Get this: Oxford Union who makes world leaders have been hiding drom this dry cleaner and even to acknowledge receipt of mail.

9) US, this is taking long, but what can we do? We wnat to get out there, go and apolgolise to 1,500 Runnymede businesses who behaved as victims of bandana wearing loud mouth turning up to their meetings and expecting them to welcome him aboard. No, people. They may well remember bandana = weapon of terror and shear dread.
Expanded, you get state adminstered terrorism. Add Neo Nazi imperailsm on top, you get a ruthless mercilless dictatorship masked by HFD Limited Edition democracy!

10) The Limited Edition includes "Oh, but thats differnet". This is fantastic, because you could and they certainly did fit in water boaridng Abu Gharib, Guantanamo, Extraordinary Rendition, Oh yeh, no all right, well all right well Fucking NATO! What the fuck for? Soviet is dead, and NATO is getting stronger.And those numb scull poles, cecz, slovaks and all, w mean all others, piling over each other, with big grins on their faces. Aha! We are Nato members now! What for? damn right . Get the Americans out.

11) You are going to love this one: We are looking for Al Qaeda. They are smart, and we can't find them. Too damn right we can't Cliton and McCaine (would love to hear you on TV now. The other way, Senator. Thats a big pciture. Its got no handle, so it can't be door. You could fix, a hanlde to it, could you? But we don't want that shit any more). Alqueda, if it exists, are running away from the state administered with "Oh,thats different and armed so heavily that Rambo will get a double Hernia. May be AlQueda does have Hernia, and they can't even visit hospitals.

12) The world quite calmly, passionately and justly would love to know this, really. How much money have you spent on Al Queda? This includes NATO, and me be in exvess of 1,000,000 armed forces, Djibuti (you just took and forgot to tell the wolrd about it), Mombassa, Okinawa (if no Alqueda, who is the enemy? Is Australia giong to turn communists?). So, after covering the world with all this stuff to catch 12 people, how many of them have you caught? We have been getting impatient in Egham so that you colud catch one, just one. because you know by now how good I am by now: I ahve been waiting with syrgical gloves and that (No Sharon, badages. Wah
Whats my name John Cleese, whats my fucking name? Myaki. OK, hasso, ha ha ha. lead god damn book. Mr Keith Thompson (phyiscs) and others have been doing their work. All Monkey education. We don't every body jumping on the band wagon and all of sudden tell us how things should be done and changed. We know the game. Put the knives out. Stop playing with our future. Conducting ver strict regimes, fucking face painting and all to keep the little ones like sheep and plan where, when and how they should go. With teacgers playing Camp commandants, with broken hearts and having to do it. Just like we were force injected and called mad.

9) And we are just a foreigner, who came here in 1985 and learnt so much and suffered so much? How much have you suffered, mums and dads, and mums and dads before them? We were born free and found how different from you, due to the way we thought.

10) Senator Obama, and America: The people will be in shock.There was no way of avoiding this post. The incumabnt administration should have realised that the blog is gaining momentum, and getting big enough for ggoogle who approached us to advertise, It was not a joke. It snow balled. Did GW and colleagues know that blog power and the stuff we put could even get out of hands and we will chaos all over the place, given our frustrations with GW?

11) What they didn't know and we didn't tell ALOUD unitl now that for over a month, there was not a single commnent on the blog with goodness knows how many readers? Your government has silenced the whole world and petrified to comment for the fear of getting caught and silenced. That sent shiver s down our spine many a night not knowing what will happen. How do you rate so much responsibility and world politics to divert attacks on the business, respond to them, and feel as though running the world, we really saw that we indeed were.

12) And you get this! Off the cuff, Even the entire UN and America together couldnt produce this. Get shocked by hte Senator. Only hours later produce this. Look at what happened:

13) Prince William in Afghanistan after the joking Brigton post. We started laying foundations in ways no one wants to aee. So wars can go on. Great stuff Your Highness. Where did you get badges from?...

14) Something for his father: Do they know Laurent Van Der Post was a super 2 = 2 4. Some how, we can feel you'd approve off. We had CCCC that is 2+2=4, and couldn't speek for a couple of decades. Because of the common denominator, we could draw parallels. We read a book of 2 of his. Slept in the Klahari too and saw those night skies with the Bush men a few hundred miles South (Mongu, Senanga, Seheke, Limulunga, the Lozi Royal capital in summer). A week of field work every month for 7 years. How fortnate we were. Then things will change.

15) We are aware of the Affghan scene of a few days ago, and today, and are fully aware. Our views have changed in the hour we've been writing this. We realise we will hav to remain in charge of events owing to the speed of our intellignece as this post proves.

16) we seriously advise (not recommend) that the current state of affairs in force. The Afhhan thing is very volatile. I knew the poeple and culture. Let us be blunt. The Afhans, the frustrated world are stunned at what happened. Imagine,the Afghans (those who are fightig us, and reading blog(!), going around, feeling absolutely intoxicated with the philosophical and relgious aspects of man who did not give up. And we speaking about only from the last week of March to today. They have been reading blog and proud of how one of their man from out of all the places (not Bora Bora) has outsmarted the world's only super prower, and the number one economy

17) There are 7 billion of us with quite a few computer. We have had lap tops on wheels in India for the last 2 or 3 years. This unbelievale and ine off in human history can cause not ripples and wave but can cause Sounamis.

18) Afghans: Please stop fighting the Karzai Government, really. We mean it, beacuse I would like to assure you all that I have kept my cultural values to make me follow the straight and Narrow. Every one knows I have not been back. We don't drink, we dress Western, and pray when we can. We have large photo of Mecca above my computer. Apart from that, I do not discuss Islam with any one. No one in public knows I am a Muslim. No one needs to either. We do not belong to any Muslim organistion, In fact we cannot. Our work includes public Health and Hygiene for 1 billion humans who wear formal and office clothes that must be dry cleaned.

19) we are a shop keeper and we will have dry cleaning shops all over the world. You sell things to Muslims and non Muslims. Money is the same no metter who buys from you. Our policies are exactly the same.

20) We do not talk about this work and the fact that on our way to esyablishing a new world order. Everything will change for the better. We may have upset America, but it was a case of being cruel to be kind not becuse of exciitng your desires of havings things your way at last.

21) What we suggest and the world is welcome and in fact must express your feelings through this blog, until the government of Gordon Browne who will be more successful now owing to our efforts of getting Bush's supporters off his back. We are very stable here with the best of infrastucture, communication and arguably with our London as the financial capital of the world.

22) You may not kow this, but we may have overtaken New Yourk to the first place 6 months ago or so.

23) It seems that a pttern is emerging as we write, becuae it makes sense and conforms with how the world is seen through our eyes. It may not be the best, bu that is why you are there. Afhans and others. Send in your comments. We will consult the government to give us what we need while we remian a dry cleaner, and will not have graneur ideas (not grnadiose some one). We will not be able to dry clean for a while, but we can promise you some thing. A picture of a dry cleaning amchine will be in my work place so that I ever foret who I am and do thing I know nothing

24) having said that, I also know that the world will be extremely dangerous and unsatble the minute I say thats it. throw in the towell and tell Browne to take over. Oh no no no no! We said we have world beating intellignece, an dporved it last and this morning. By the time people went to bed, or got out of bed, we caused panick in America. Thanks to Senator Obama's equa intellignece to ours, he saw the danger and responded in hours. Imagine if he hadn't. We will have to tell you.

25) Some may think, we will be different and will make mistakes and chaos Will ensue, But first. We send you this to assure you and continue in blog 32. Give us an hour to have breakfast, OK. Be as you are. If you decide to comment and can do now, we will not be able to comment, because, there may be too many.

26) Oh, and GW, as measure of our being in charge even if a day, do remember, that the "publish button" is well within reach every minute of every day. Mustafa will do the shopping. We tell you, he love shoping. DEOSN'T! They spent two hours in TESCO last night. Think who he blames. There are two of them in the family. Give you a big clue. They have a mixed marriage. You've got up there in Kandahar. A man and women!
That was easy, wasn,t it? Give you a harder one, we mean a joke (being Kandahar, you know, you've got to watch your double menaings): I am carrying 15 apricots in my bag. I will give 10 of them to the first one who tells me what am I carrying! No clues there, then.


A Heart To Heart, Senator Obama,

Post number 31

Senator Obama And America

1) Unless current mood and train of thought is sitracted by other tings one does, we believe you will recieve this post. How do we know that? Good question. We assuume that you are aware who are, and that you have received and read our last post number 30. Also, we assume you know what we do, and why.

2) Obvoiusly a big ask. Posing such pssibilites to you, chances of you knowing is highly unlikey. So we have a tough job to do to reach you. The last sentence is almost a 100 per cent true in mathematical terms and not loosley pulled out of the air, as it is done daily by all, across the world. Also, we asked for a heart to heart. If accepted universally, as if almost in any language, then it sould mean we have been telling you the truth.

3) Hers is an assumption we make: The way you have across to us living alone in Egham and are we say we are, you have come across to us as some one who is telling the truth. We have a made a huge assumption we are here, but we take a gamble, and stick by what we say.

4) Senator, we drew a line under the 3) items thus far, keep ourselves together (code to some), and make other blog readers consider this little test of ours:

a) Ideally, we would really hope that you will get this post. If we were a real optimist, then would be sure to please ourselves that this little blog of ours will do wonders, and this post will reach you. We would be unable to estimate the ETA for it, for there are so many intangibles, and incalculables.

b) We will have to make an assumption. We guess a week ought to do it. By then, however little, you would have known of us would have to suffice for the purposes of this curious exercise.

c) We now ask you to stage a speech somewhere in the US, along the campaign trail, on TV. Understandably, and logically, you would have weighed up options and select the most suited of alternatives, that would cost you least and that choice you made would be convenient to you, and importantly, to you audience.

d) They are very important, it is they whom you've spent resources to reach and address to drive your point home as best as you can. Naturally (not sure if the right word) you would have designed your project to be fit for purpose, FFP.

e) FFP encompasses a whole lot of quantities and qualities made up of measurables and intangibles. Our lonely living for a good part of a decade, has had a lot advantages. Disadvantages are beyond the reach of this test, and hence left out. Bearing in mind all the advantages, has enabled us to be an ideal person of our taste and imagination. On top of the world would be eutopia, and right nowat 19:36 hours GMT we feel we are 75% of the way to reach the top.

f) It is important for you not to believe what we said e) above. We could be any body, totally unknown to you. And that we truely are. If you wanted to have a guess, then do so by drawing what you need from this post only. Earlirer proceedings will jaundice perception of us either. That will infect the test either with harmless or benfecial micro organism or frightneningl by killer bugs. The latter irrelevant here, most certainly. Analogy was most fit FFP at this moment - time did not allow to select better.

g) Back to our test: About 5 minyutes of listening to and viewing of you on TV would suffice.

h) We will publish a post and reflect our views on the subject matter, no matter what it is. Scrutinising of that particular post would be vital to our business which is assessed by experts in all relevant fields, the world over, but we do not want you to believe us.

i) Critical evaluation of that key post (to us for now. For a lot more later?), will serve you as a brand new tool supplied and delivered to you thus most conveniently. We would call this service really, really FFP. This new yard stick is now used to measure the FFP parameters of our allegedly global business. We have rated it as FFP based on 20,000 hours of connercial sales from the UK to the UK, Europe and USA.

j) Our business, we claim is a one off. The blog will deal with this aspect when we are free from meeting exponential global forces in magnitude, but fortunely very weak in quality. The latter defficiency of oppostions has been a blessing to our causes. We feel this aspect has been instrumental in our survival as a near business - up business.

k) We had identified one the global exponential forces trying to stop us and more, to be the mighty US governments from 1986 to now! All of them. We have survived them all, mostly owing to our better intellignences we have had, added to them, have even more now; and the sue the amulgum in the most effective imagineable.

l) This may be a pipe dream of ours, or attributable to us, owing to the high value we place on the logistics, planning, conventionally unrealistic - super - fast, and the execution of our one man intelligneces: We exrcised our power over the very person of GW Bush NOT to infest (stronger word then used. This is to do with use of our brand of intelligence), our U Radio waves, and 5 TV channels.

m) We should have, but do add now that no time limit was specified. It is now. It is indefinite, forever! You will bear with us and witness this hour right now as we write, 21:03 hours GMT. Length of stay is vital to both Mr GW Bush, and us. We both represent a lot in our respective roles. Therefore a lot is at stake, and hence a lot to defend. George W has a lot as the world. Would you believe us Senator, if we said in the presence of this audience right now that we have even more! Our power is proportional to the length of time United Kindom remains a Bush Free Zone, in considerable ways. Use own imaginations and run with it to gauge what Bush has.

n) We draw a line now, under tonight and publish this post number 31 in 2 minutes. We abbreviate our country's freedom of sorts to BFZ. We aim to popularise these 3 letters wildly, and widely. This design is aimed to serve business for their adverising needs in these lean times around the globe. It is also designed to hopefully enable the blog to become a global benevolent and benign force for the benefit of humanity.

o) We do have admirable, according to the an Innovations Department of UK Government (NHS). We have been working with They have known us since the end of 2006. We remain grateful to them for help they have offered wheneve possible. They have been more than generous. This issue may have added more power to our elbow to be so bravely confontational with George W. Its to stop hospital infecyions in the UK, killing 5,000 of us every year. It kills a lot around the world.

p) We identified a confirmed new route of infection since 1994. We were attacked by MRSA in our own dry cleaning shop. We survived, but have permanent scars to show for it. We have evidence, although not lab derived but very convincing without the need for lab test. Lay consumers around the globe will agree with us instantly, once we serialise the story in the blog. We aim that day will come sooner than you think, Senator.

q) As a matter of fact, this draft post came out better than we had sat out to write it. We have other pressing commitments, that we MUST (!) see to at once. We will let you read this as is, and promise make it better on our return asap. Disregard earlier GMT time(s) nad time related refernces. Actual publication time and the start of BFZ will start then. If Bush breaks our rule, then we will push the "button". He will know what that means.

r) We are sufficiently intelligent not to address him even with this new time mandate.The old one as he's got it, however loosely defined. This will get to him, don't you think Senator? Don't answer that...!

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Ahmadzai,
UK Bush Free Zone, BFZ starts now, Senator and my dear America. We will fly our falgs here in the UK, and we know that my American people know and respect. Thank you all and BFZ her we come! Come on Psycho! WE KNOW HOW YOU FELT WE REALLY DO.It is now 21:56 hurs GMT. This post will be published in 30 second and will not self destruct itself. Instesd, it will give more baby posts to boost your businesses and much more besides.

A Heart To Heart, Senator Obama,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Not The Kuwaiti Incubators Again!

Was George Bush a Wana Be Porn Star

Dear Senator Obama,

We get straight to the point:

We currently wield so much power over the most powerful man on the planet that we have made him disappear from our TV screens for nealy a week now. That has never happened before. Telephone your American friends and confirm our positive news. In a desperate effort to loosen our grip on him and remove our undoable Bush censorship, has taken you and the Rev Minister as virtual hostages. Now Bush is stuck. Dish out this blog address. Americans need a look from outside the box at their country and this blog may open there eyes and ears.

This will hurt you and them and it is meant to, to wake you up: If you are really a true lover of Stars and Stripes, and free of all hang ups, you will feel so dirty as if you were raped. Man, Women or child!!! And you know what? Bush will still set back and will not comment on blog to assure you all, that you have not been raped for a long time.

We are cool here in Britain, relaxed and with a fair sense of humour. We have all the time in the world to wait. Do George Bush, and his cabinet? Most important of all, do you? We believe you do. Read the blog, analyse, discuss peaceably, net work, develop new ideas form the blog, have ultimate respect for law and order. If you do all that,and hell still breaks loose, then help the police round up the hall raisers. they would be the trouble makers and may eve be employed by Bush. The more of you stay calm, the easier it be would to hold htem at bay. Makes sense, doesn't it?

1) Not only does American Imperialism exist, but in a far worse way: It is undoubtedly proven by us in this blog that yours and the Rev Minister’s is a ruthless “throw the kitchen sink at Britain” – Neo Nazi Imperialism. We are not joking. Any one pressurising the Minister and/or you are to note: They must compulsorily and out of honour for their own Stars and Stripes, post comments to this blog, instead of you or the Minister.
2) Each and every one of you who appeared on TV any where and every where ought to know this: Failure to send us exactly the same comments to the Minister or you would be taken as serious neglect of getting to know your leaders, humiliating him will mean that not posting comments will be as to defecate on the honoured Stars & Stripes which we also honour and respect.
3) To reinforce the point above, we suggest any one in future, who tries again to hound the Minister or Mr Obama on the imperial issues will treated by us American in Egham, as traitors and enemies of the American people, Stars & Stripes, and the very land of America.
4) Bluntly put, addressing the senator and the Minister will qualify you even with treason and should be if American Law dictates that. We can only trust as true patriots by deep believe in their love all 6 of our flags including Stars & Stripes. For you to find out about whether or not the 2 are genuine and love flag & Country, you must prove your credentials first so that they who are pillars of community/country so that they could trust you.
5) In a stale mate such as the one hand, then, look for a bench mark or reference point. That reference is us, and you do not need to know more (Read 4 above).
6) Now, send comments to the blog, or you would have character assassinated yourself. When commenting provide us with identical details to the TV station so that we could cross reference you
7) Your Current Administration are criminals if GW was a Wana Be Porn Star. If that, then how could you ever trust them. We he was a WBPS or not costs you to know. Not in money term, in terms of truth, justice, integrity, self respect and for others. He has made us British as if we were occupied Europe’s Jews.
8) You do know what happened to them, don’t you? Well, fellow shoulders to shoulders: We are treated exactly the same way as they were but weapons, chemicals (Foot & Mouth! OH YERS!!!), and concentration camp commandants have been changed. They all look different to blend in with today’s surrounds, for wont of better word.
9) We could tell you more but we will loose impact on you. For now, whether you think, what you id rubbish, biased against your Leaders whom we’ve called Monkeys, then you ought to be curios enough. Reading the blog will shed light
10) We ought to have said this first: We have got your leaders by the yu know what, the best they could do is to hold Senator Obama, and the Minister to get to us. Why? The blog will tell that the two and us are working in our respective fields and share a lot of good deed and social responsibilities. Ours is admired around the globe. By deduction, they too shine and look good because we publicise as wide as you do. World people have judged for themselves. They like all three of us. Your GW has opposite values to what we do. That has exposed him with character traits that may be similar to a WBPS. Nothing wrong to be one, but a hell of a lot be one but president, first. Will he reply to this. Watch out if he doesn’t. He has not for 7 during years during which he has been called a real and. You will witness that no matter what we hit him, he doesn’t make sound. We have such hold over him, we have made disappear from our TV Screens.



Ken Livingstone informed of Hammond being a criminal

Post number 30

1) Dear Golden, solly, we mean sorry, but we know Ken and you hate each othel (there goes my fluent Japanese again. Bloody hell, its hard to be fluently multi lingual. Our German follows next in this post).
I) Roman numerals are comments a couple of hours after initial posting. Note absence of Monkeys from British terestrial TV and Radio for the paset 3 to 4 days. This means blog is read globally. White House & top American brass obeyed instructions we issued with the power of Public Health, the Cross of St George and Indeed The Union Jack. BULL'S EYE!!! If any one we dsiapprove of (they know) appears on United Kindom air waves, we will hit the publish button (Ref 12 notice given to White House re oil strikes,but not executed). Then 7 billion flag waving humans will be looking for you...

2) Any way, we've got to get this language thing under control, or we won't get any where. For now, allow us to say in the most fluent Japanese of them all: HERRO JAPAN... We ROVE YOU! Ah, that's better.

3) Now then, despite your mutual hatred of each other, we wrote to Ken Livingstone through his web site and informed him that as a matter of fact Boris Johnson is a criminal by association (The Hammond Connection). Ken, as will be mentioned later too (advertising), was given address. We are positive that capable satff will give him a disgest of the 150 pages.

3a) Saly, we couldn't do the same for both Boris Johnson and Brian Paddock. The latter does not a wb site, but he should be pleased to learn of the TWO man race, and not THREE. A favour to the Lib Dem omplimnets of the CCCC health division.

3b) Boris' Web site cannot accept comments. Perhaps he could see to this bottle neck as late as it is in the day to do whatever he can, givne the grave reveltaions we made. Meanwhile, we've asked Ken to do CCCC Health and the Tories a favour by giving Boris the Blog address. Phillip Hammond will have a hard job of explaining to his bosses and indeed Boris, why did he not take our health policies we gave him on a platinum platter in 5 kilo grams of e-mails. was the address used. Now, cannot possibly exonerate himself from accusing him of being a criminal. (Remember Det Minto of Egham Police, e-mail 2003, copied to Hammond?)

3c) These others if addresses still valid also received same 2003 e-mails and will now witnesses confriming our claim. This blog has amazing reaches if needed to encourage the like of Nelson Mandella, Khatamie of Iran, and others Washington DM can nonminate themselves:(Co recipients of Hammond, of e-mail 15:58:23 hours GMT, Wed 26/2/2003):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3d) More addresses below, Hammond, Boris, Cameron & Co. Hammond, 7 years, remember? How can we be balmed, mate? You Stars & Stripes worshippers, you treasonous national whole salers of all national flags including the Union Jack. Tories, Labour, Lib Dems: You are all Nazi, Gestapo, SS officers gassing and mass murdering millions of Britons for decades. Cracking jokes at PMQTs and extremely proud of yourselves. Ref: Mohammad's Stars & Stripes bandana = gas and equipment Hitler used = GW as hitler = UK establishments as Neo Nazi staff in - charge of gassing Britons.

II) Now, the Neo Nazi agents will have Mayoral Elections on Thursay. What a joke. What a mathematical outrage!. The only saviour on Thursady is for all to wear proudly the ever powerful Union Jack badges on their lapels, and carry over sized flags. Those on the 4 national variety too. Mayoral candidates should sport badges just the same as GW does, always on lapels when on TV. That is eqaulity. That is shoulder. That would 2 + 2 = 4. 16 = -1 will been scrapped as rubbish forever. We could then think, decide and do clearly and flsush anti depressants down loos! Show your true colours, Ken, Boris and Brian (comes across as good as gold, the genuine article)

3e) It is only Golden, solly, Gordon who raised a flag on a day. That is the thread CCCC International and Health Division will hang on to with dear life and rebuild this nation. DO YOU UNDERSTAND! YOU BASTARDS, TRAITERS INCLUDING STIFF UPPER FUCKING LIP NICOLAS SOAM AND ALL HIS RANKS< OLD BOYS AND GIRLS NET WORKS.

III) We said earlier that it is easy when one knows how. We also said we do. We were not lying. We do not liars serioussly: When candidates sport flags and badges, when conutless public cover london in national colours, then it would like odd if No 10 did not conform. If Gordon Brown has been forced by the press to take falg down after St George's Day, the crowd will raise hell. (Murdoch! we will get your fucking ass, you son of a protituting whore with a cunt as large as the opening arch in the soon to be decorated Marble Arch. Fellow Britons, we believe Shock & Awe using Egham WMD started just the same as it satrted for 40 days & nights a few years earlier. We have a lot to catch up on you cunt Bush, not you, you dumb fucking moron. You cunt of a father Herbert whom I will not allow my Amreicans to honour him with naming things after him. He is just one who has defied our own Stars & Stripes, and had raped it. Look how it is used as a living British ass kicking Neo Nazi Weapon.

IV) With the WMD loaded Shock & Awe above, you hoist up all 5 flags up there before Thursday. The nation may not care for HFD ( long as its black) laws iposed on them by the American Empire. FUCK THEM. That is the dumbest Empire one man beat while under prologed house arrest. Why should UK, or the raped and persecuted people of the world take them seriously? The empire is a big joke. People will chase them out of their land with their national flags only. And well say (while trembling like Scoobi Doo at the thought of what we've done; deeply hidden in house in Pooley envying Miyki and how he kicked 6 asses 40 years younger than himself. Thats WOW factor, Bernard, and we've not got it. Don't give up yet. Bernard is our investor smoking through a 4 inch Didgeree Do, wondering what the hell happened, all the other Bruces running around waving flags,and looking for American soldiers. Carry on mate Bernard thinks blog is a made up word to make old people feel more inferior than they are).

3f) Addresses continued:,,,,,,,,,,,,, richardand,,,,

3g) You can deduct that sub paragraphs 3a) to 3g) are added after blog legality to remain on-line was given intelligent thought. WE KNOW NOW that responsible world people and governments have trusted us to throw this the Monkey's way and let them handle it. The world had handled enough of what you threw at us for long enough. We now go to the end of this text, conclude and recommend universally peaceful solutions that do not need language but do flags. The kind Gordon raised BUT Levi serialised book to topple Browne and ensure Stars & Stripes continue to gas the rest of us. Consdider this: A Jew, UK's once envoy to mideast peace has always been a Neo Nazi Gestapo, SS, concentration camp Commandant, while a real true Jew. Philosophically, a double Jew, Your most honoured Dr Jonathan Sachs. Sir, you are the leader of UK's Orthodox Jews who love it here and may or may not in Israel, too. We can assure you, sir, that because we are a Muslim, watch us not allow any one to divide you raising one Jew against the next and against the next. Sir.

4) Without beating about the Bush (we know, cheap pun. what do you expect from accountants!) and lets see... (damn you, John Cleese! Do you know how hard it is to do one of your advanced silly walks and touch type at the age of nearly 65, at the same time? And we know how Gerald Ford felt... You try it, maestro!)

5) Seriously, Gordon, we address to Ken, and that the Mayoral race is virtually a TWO man race AND NOT THREE between Brian Paddock and Ken Livingstone. Ken's website is clever, you see. It will not accept comments unless you provide the e-mail address of at least one friend. Since we have no friends, we put The good old BBC in trouble, as if Roger Bolton and team didn't have enough to cope with.

6) To impress Ken and other candidates that like Lord Levi, we are too in accounts (first class passes in book keeping, Queen Elizabeth Foundation, 2005/6. One year course was free to remove surplus sense of humour. We went for it like an arrow from a bow - Nissan Micra super duper), boring and have no friends, we used Steve Hawkins the editor of our local rag (The informer) to trick Ken's stupid computer that we have two friends! The stupid machine like Monkey GW's global intelligence can't tell its ass from its head (Afghan elephant doctor joke, but can wait), and we got away with it. Job done. Ken knows. We asked him to give Boris blog address too. We did not forget Brian Paddock. Note above. We look forward to Thursday.

7) You should take note too Gordon that it doesn't matter if Ken is as awful as he is (some think different. What if he and others wore badges and carried flags, and you didn't. Are you going to risk all, and we do mean all, because of deep dislike of Ken? He is your saviour and key to labour's toppling the criminally Tories' lead and give labour a massive win in the national local elections. So, what are you to do? While saying this to you, we are making eye contacts with the chief of them all GW Bush, who stares down absorbing the full power of the Union Jack we are waiving. He stares down to the floor. We knows we've blow them away. We turn to stare the same way at Levi, UK press, Murdoch, Mug, and all others. We spot them struggling to open a manhole cover to climb down a sewer where they should stay until reformed.

7a) We had sent Hammond and the world e-mails in 2003 how Romanian puppies lived in Bucharist sewers then, well after the fall of Ceucesceau, mind you (no political under tone). Copies should be availabe from our archive man (we will pay him the minimum wage if he wants to work for us) Phillip Hammond. He can shove copies down the sewer to Mug (why didn't some body give him the fucknin blog to read. We feel bad. He is a BBC man, but Public Health has no mercy on prtotectors of C.Diff) and others down there.

8) Voters are confused and they are flogging to the Tory camp to take the easy root. Ken's victory will explode spores (from the devastating field of killer C.Difficille CCCC is trying to stop dead) in to germination. Voters will then vote labour because Ken's win will make labour a safer bid that the Tories. Simple when you know how to. We do.

v) Let us tell you why voters are confused and may vote Tory or other. Lets do it in maths so that CCCC is not accused of hammering down Tories becuase of disqualifing their Boris not to stand in the Mayoral elections. How can he now that he has 'formally' been given the blog address by Ken Livingstone on our request. Cameron's Party Broadcast with Boris Baffooning (others' words, not ours) around was prerecorded. How about Boris campaigning tomorrow? How will look on TV? Will he look at all on TV and will vanish like Monkeys did from our screens? Can't wait.

va) VOters are confused because alghough Tories have no policies, Cameron is good. Mokeys were grooming him and Mug, and other Thugs like Levi and the press wanted to topple Browne because labour has no mechaninsm for dethroning leaders. So, voters may vote Cameron really on Thursday. We know they shouldn't. You see, voters assume Tory policies will follow later. No they won't. They've never had any, never drafted any, because there is nothing to draft. Here is primary shchool maths (blush light, blush reft) :

vb) You agree Tory and Labour policies are similar. Go back a bit. Balir wore Tory Gown and made New Labour, complete with Thatcher bit and bobs and stuff. the latter is what New labour made up when Mandlesson & co were punch drunk playing joke politics. Any way, there you have labour policies. Now, the amazing tricks of hands and sheer magic Cameron uses to threaten Paul Danile's job, he is after the same policies Blair stole from Major a while back plus stuff which is rubbish. Rubbish = zero = Big Brother (oops, sorry) = zilch = Nul point = fuck all (non WMD).

vc) You know where this is leading, don't you, remembering its primary school maths: therefore, the difference between labour policies and Tory ploicies woul the new Tory policies = tbe gold nuggets Cameron will anounce later, but wants voters to vote Tory now. But as you've figured it out: Labour policies minus Tory policies = fuck all to save repeating other numerical values. Therefore, Tories will never have new policies even if you give them 10 years to make them. You can't make some thing out of nothing. So, Cameron's dispensiblity is very easy. Get another magician!

vd) Now, voters. You all look silly, nearly stupid (Scoopy Doo shake for nearly calling voters stupid. THey are your bosses, will buy CCCC segregated dry cleaning, you idiot Mohammad).

ve) Damage reparation exercise: What we meant was that you looked like Woody Allen in the sketch where he setting up front alone on the stage doing his act. He introduces himself as 'Chim' for Chaim (Kha eem, we think). But its the looks he gives. If you can find the clip, thats the look we meant you have now when you saw us do maths on Tories. Look, look, no really look, here: With no diffent menues to choose from, vote across party lines. This is easy. Vote for Union Jack on Thursday.

vf) You see, if unlike BNP you really genuinely believe you are Birish, then the only way you can show it across all divides of race, religion and ohter, you will really, really love your flag. So, if you all carrried Union Jacks and even wore the badges (never available. Monkeys, Churchill, right up to Browne ensured you can't buy any. WE KNOW. WE SEARCHED MOST OF THE STIFFER UPPER LIPS NORTGH WEST SURREY. NOT HERE!!!). So we've advised falg advveriters to make them like crazy for the 60 million of to have one each!

vg) With us so far? good, oh good, oh goody goody bloody good-good (major adaptation from John Cleese). Think of the jobs we've created to boost up the economy. 60 million flags, the same in different shpes, sizes of badges (!), other spin offs products of coofee mugs, you name it. Is our economy in trouble? We think not.

vh) We looked world wide (Herro there Okinawa girls. No fucking GI will ever rape you and get away with it by the application of HFS, Limited Edition. Note below.). We see 7 billion of every thing produced all over the place. China, be fair. We know you are hoovering $s to keep export prices down so that the US wouldn't even dream of manufacturing any thing again. May be they deserve it. But let go a bot & stop a Dyeson Cleaner (sheer British genious) nad use one of your own lesser efficicient sucker. That way, you will make new friends in Central and Latin America to make afew things and export it to th US.

vi) You were a recipient in 2003 (note list above) and knew what trump card we've had against America. Two ways to see that. One, like the countries on the list, you too were an American colony or you will have come to our rescue to save us from our Hammond. Did you not care/ (No threat, we must say immediatley). Logically, you did play the colony and pretended you suffered like the Swedes and the Norwegians (both Royal Families on the list above with Hammond).

vj) Small world, isn't it China? a village, really; a global village (!). With our applied unconventional intelligence where one man humiliated Histories most powerful Empire in a mtter of 3 weeks with a blog! What knid of intelligence Runnymede puppies and others are being groomed by us to beat Empires of tomorrow? Some thing to think about.

vk) The seond reason is that you may have assumed we (I) are dead. The probabilty of 1 in a few millions did not occur to you. Yet, you deal with statiscs (ours 601F, U of Wyo, Laramie. We flunked it!) and probabilities all day to pide growth of 10% give or take every year. Perhaps, you will consdier low probabiites of the kind in debate in future (Don't count on every nook and cranny to be safe. THere may be a tiger there. Said in ancient time, the addage hasn't died...
9) With your victory in the local elections, we (I) can turn guns on to Lord Reece Mug (deliberately misspelled), and women philosophers like Melanie Phillips, Janet Daley, Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas, my ass. Would know Idea if they bit her on her ass!!!), and few others, women and men. we have so much data you wouldn't believe it. Blog has no idea how it will climb in the world ranking.

10)Hi, Googre, and advtisels (got to remind them of our multi lingual thing. We've got it, and by god we are flaunting it. Ndebele later. Bull eye, some one?... Oh, good and EE WAY in Zambian for now. Remember, Miekel Hotel, October 1980, when Per Barth and I...)

11) Public Health and CCCC have no vote in Mayoral and local elections, and hence cannot exercise favouritism despite our gigantic power to sway things one way or the other. If we support you Gorden, Ken, Boris, Brian Paddock and others, its just who ever supports Public Health and all of national flags we support them with all our might.

12) We full well know now HOW MUCH we have and to employ it responsibly. You see, the spirit of fathers Chadwick, Sir Joseph Bazalgette (respect for using Big Brother, but will do gain if that makes sense...), John Snow, Edward Jenner, and others (may be at Imperial and LSTHM) are watching us as ever. We have our censors. You all be assured when uncertain of our unconventional intelligences.

13) As far as calling Roger Bolton and Steve Hawkins (never seen, or spoken to either in life, Puppies, Blush light, blush reft, and lead a god damn book when painting fence. You can't have cal(r). Myake take your mothel out in car, ha ha hoo hoo ,hummm and stuff ) Rubbish! Karate Kid didn't have that last dialogue in it. Heart throb thing practised in TESCO creeps in now and then.

14) Did you rike that Japan? We thought so. You cutie pie and those eyes only Prince Phirrip could describe thinking he was in China. So, we won't let him.

15) We've no idea where we are. This is getting a bit like Paul Merton's Dolphin getting out of the water, walking all over the house or some where before slipping back in. Did he? Ask Paul. Any way Roger Bolton and Steve can think what they like. We don't care. Look at what the Monkeys, Council of Cabinet and the Neo Cons, and the US Army are getting away with. The latter with a Monkey as Commander (just about suited to dress up for Tetley Tea adverts if you ask us) in Chief, destroyed + or minus 140 years of the impeccable record of being just and fair, and did not torture people in manners reported just today.

16) A bit on our fluency in German. No messing around. So, we tell you the word way back in 1970 when scanning Frankfurt and looking for a hotel room during the internation book fair in September (didn't know to change plans. Der!), we learnt our first word:

17) Ausfahrt! German in origin, the word has remarkable literal translation when you break it down to its constituents: Ass and Fart. The German synonym is written on Motor way exits. It means exit, dummies. Just as fart exits ass. That would make a car... Never mind. And you are voting on Thursday? Holly goodness, save Britain. And Give us strength. At times, we wonder if you,ve the blog's real messages.

18) Any way, and Ve are saying ziss only Vunce: You see, the Germans bought Alo Alo, Gordon. We don't understand the way they think: They have no sense of humour. To dub the thing in German, we can't wait, now that we are fluent. Oh, dear.

19) They may have a "Cunning Plot", one of Baldrick's (Tony Robinson, the archaeologist. Nice one, Tony): They bought Alo Alo because they've decoded our unconventional intelligence using our Enigma decoder 'a' must have sold them to get food money. The German know we've used Rene's Gheristawn (resistance) under ground plots to get to where we are now. Clever, but if they think we are Rene, they must be fucking (Non WMD) joking. We like Vomen, especailly theirs.

20) When in Frankfurt, immigration officers saw our Afghan passport and just waived us on to proceed and blend in to the crowd. We said "no visa, no stamp?" Man said, "Nine". We said oh no its 10 O'clock and went on. And boy, how lovely Frankfurt was. We went to vineyards and fooled around and that (empty tool box).

21) we'd love to stay and tell you its all Stephen Fry's fault for our excessive use of the word "ass", but can't. Got to go. Got loads to do. Meanwhile, just think back to Black Adder sketch in which Stephen was an American General after every body's ass, including Hugh Laurie's who asked for an explanation and Stephen gave him one. No, not like that, for goodness sake. It was BBC TV after all.

Your own Mohammad, and every body Else's
22) Post world address conclusions and universally peaceful sloutions using national flags, including the Proud & Dignified Stars & Stripes (mine too, remember?) but only in the USA:

23)GW, and cabinet. No effective Egham WMD will be used, but consider it used. You have no credit left with us or addresses above. We will keep this short and sweet.

24) Study the list, very carefully. You will note that you, Luara, Dick, wife and some others are absent. The reason was that after proving you as Monkeys (not monkeys but worse then), we only left Colin Powell who is a recipient in the list in 3) above.

25) CCCC International came from the dead as another freak accident recorded elsewhwere. Noteworthy to mention here is the fact that we were shocked about GreenEarth dry cleaning technolgy when we spoke to Mr Timothty Maxwell, President of GreenEarth (Proctoa & Gamble) in Kansas city. We have redorded time, date, and phone number. To save us time, you can obtain these from our contacts who are known to others in their sole as capacities as business people. They have no role in other things we have done, whatsoever.

26) CCCC embryo was gauranteed life and growth in March of last year. Since then, our unconventional intellignece of fooling around (wool debate, through world children of 3 Egham and Cobham schools) tipped addresses above that we are back in business, and that we (I) will get you this time round.

27) Michael Ignatiefs BBC piece "Tomorrows Wars" was used as model to convert your war machine including the $19 billion(?) $ invisible plain (with mass centre of gravity matching geometric centre, but only in full flight or some such. It was a long time ago when we learnt of that kind of thing), to pile od useless junk.

28) The fall of Soviets and iron curtain zero " rated your incalculable wealth of materiale, jobs and others through the collapse of the second global power.

29) As reported earlier, you had 2 choices. To accpect the over night devalued trillions to zero or to continue using them. Your brilliant creation of Alqaeda, Taliban, the Afghan war, the two Gulf wars, and the rest are mere repalcements for the lost Soveit might. The creation of War on Terror (my ass. Thank you Stephen Fry. What did really happen after the show, Hugh?) is a fantasitc way to justify the existance of mysterious terrorists so that the old stauts quo of 2 super power economies are maintained. If civilains get killed, so what? You thought of that, too: Collateral damage. You guys are good, we will have to give it to you.

30) We said to self, and self said to us (virtual house arrest for a good part of a decade including right now!): We won't have none of that shit. We will outsmart the bastards and some bithes (Albright, Rice, Hilary Rodham among them). Thats exactly what we did. We used knowledge to beat your knowlwdge technology and gadgetry.

31) Gadgetary includes those missiles that went to Baghdad, turned 90 degree corners and said to self "I didn't drive my tip up some bosses bottom before coming to hit the bunker and kill 200 Collateral creatures. So, it doubles back, all the way to Capital Hill District of Monkeys. Low and behold, the boss had lubricated ass (go away Fry and take Laurie with you. None of our business what went on. Any way Hugh, haven't you got 'House' to do on that channel people take drugs to watch to freget pain? Go away. Dear, oh dear). Any way, enough about smart gadgets, intelligence, Star Wars cockpet technologies and the rest.

31) We beat the lot. Just one right here man, under virtual house arrest imposed by Henry Ford Democracy (call it HFD)you gifted us with. After this Historic post hits the world and practiaccly free them to speak only what you did, you and Cabinet Council will have to go to the moon for 7 billion people not to rip apart your forces of 1,000,000(2001 or 2003 figures) raping and pillaging from Okinawa (Herro cutie pie girls. no more codes, and no more raping by those those naughty American boys)

32) You cannot shoot 7 billion people. You would have if you thought one man could come and beat the crap out of you. As things are, you can't.

33) So gone are NATO, Huge base in Mommabasa, and the one in Djibuti no one knows about. You just went and took a country 'just like that' and forgot to tell the world about it.

34) We know why that is. You kept the special edition Jeremy Clarkson approved (Sorry Jeremy. Its only a commercial, really) HFD for yourself. And that is the non Magna Carta (Egham gave it to you. Now the same Egham twinned with goog Old Tucson and new 'CCCC' is giving you this. How philosophically apt. Beat that, you lot!)

35) With that sweet taste in mouth (still insists Mayaki, after takning mother out, get an education, puppies!): The killer punch is that not only Britian but the world has started making national flags, badges and paraphernalia like hell for each head of the popualtion to come out in unison and chase out your 1,000,000 doing things they shouldn't do outside US soil.

36) The list in 3) above have been ready to get own SAS, Army, Bnanana boats and navies alike, and Armies not to fight your soldiers, but to put riots down by our people of the likes of Lord Levi, Melanie Phillips, and BNP, Mr Nick Griffin personally, and all other clever and dumbs ones. Its the dumb ones we are terrified of. Not many of these and hance they could be shot and sacrificed for the good of the rest.

37) We leave that to capable freed governments of Browne and world equivalnts to execute deligently, justly, kindly and with compassion. What do we know? we are only dry cleaning aand have been forced to run the world for a bit from Pooley Green. goodness Graciouss (not you Sanjay. Loved English Restaurant, tasteless food and Jaa Miz (James) the waiter. Can't remember name of girl who pinched his bottom. Was it the genious Swalha? You bastard.)

38) Michelle Carney and fellow colleagues serving in HM Police: Gaurd us as best you can. We shall move around within our limited few miles of virtual house arrest. Still, if shot by any one, w've thought of that:

39) Spike Milligan's headstone reads "We told you we were ill". Ours will say "We told you, we will be shot!" Eat heats out, says Miagi to: Martin Luther King Junior, JFK, Robert Kennedy, Marvin Gay, Che Guavara (did he?) and others among whom is our fellow American Ambrose Bierce who wrote a dictionary. "Once" is dei=fifined as "enough" nearly 200 years ago. Things haven't changed much.

40) Elections on Thursday?


Editing will resume item 10 downwards later. Said in case grave contradictory statemants are noted. Genrally, this should help: Reliogious, Cultural, Linguistic, Imperail Supperiority and similar inhibitions must not be allowed to cloud readers' judgment of core issues.
Adapted from University of Gottenburg Sweden in 2001 when the did have an Environmental Philosphy Department with Professor Christain Munthi & Colleagues. We wish them well.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

With Hammond a criminal, Boris has no reason to become our Mayor, or does he?

Post number 29

You don’t come across one of these even once in a life time. So it makes sense if it doesn’t make sense:

A Mayoral leaflet to Londoners: Make and distribute but after you read blog Read it back to front to catch up the latest first. You might want to advertise on the site. In under a month it’s a hot global blog with Google advertising, Flag wholesalers and retailers among them. Among other things, an Asian has taken on Nick Griffin and BNP and demanded they hand over the Union Jack to Gordon Browne to fly it along
The Cross of St George he bravely hoisted above number 10.

Mohammad claims Gordon’s patriotism pissed off American Slaves the printed press and a chief salve and a double Jew (no disrespect) to pull out cheap stunts of stupid Sunday headlines and Lord Levy serialised book in the Fail On Sunday, according to Mohammad.

Blogger hhtp:// tells this story:

1) He made major discoveries in dry cleaning worth millions. He marketed it, sold it in high street shops for 20,000. Exported dry cleaning to customers in Europe& America. He has paper proof, the full shebang.
2) When tried to globalise it so he doesn’t have to sell it post, he went through a living nightmare. Put in HM prisons, sectioned in psychiatric units and forced injected, he suspected “Americanism” behind his problems.
3) British expertise, were terrified of him, instead of excited to help him or even have the damn thing free for themselves.
4) A clever (well ish) intellectual (Imperial College) that Mohammad is, he tried something outrageous: What he couldn’t understand was the reaction from the Brits were none of the stereotypical traits of Muslim, Asian, or any thing else. Why feel terrorised as if a Sparrow Hawk zooming in on the poor little things.
5) The outrageous thing was that he got an American Stars & Stripes large head square (scarf) and wore it as a Bandana. He wore it in London pubs and in tubes.
6) He describes people in pubs and tubes changing facial expressions to those of the 1940s Jews in occupied Europe, when being stared at by the Gestapo, the SS, or the Concentration camp commandants. Mohammad deliberately tried it on to affirm his hypothesis.
7) On days he took the same routes and visited same pubs, he found the usual crowd you normally meet, extroverts, being themselves, relaxed, and telling him to fuck off when he extended his eye to eye contacts.
8) He tried the government, and the main second opposition. They were equally terrified of Mohammad. With the Jewish analogy, he called Stars & Stripes as a weapon of terror (it still. You try it). Mohammad now calls George W Bush and Neo Cons as Neo Nazis and Briton as occupied colony served by a Henry Ford Democracy (call it HFD) “… any colour you like as long as its black”
9) 10 Years later, he now accuses Phillip Hammond, his MP a criminal. Hammond, Shadow Treasury Secretary and number 2 to Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.
10) With Hammond, a criminal, Boris Johnson has no leg to stand on as a candidate. He doesn’t the facts (they are) in the blog. Some one should tell him to read the blog.
11) Gordon Browne’s hoisting the Cross of St George, stunned Mohammad. No British PM has done that at least going back to about 1929 (he stands corrected).
12) Mohammad is not only after restoring dignity to all UK national flags and the Union Jack, but has gone for the Jugular of America in the blog.
13) The blog gives a good account of his go getter Evil Kenivel dare devilry.

Henry Ford Democarcy

Post number 28:

A) More flags adveritsed. We will soon cover this green land including Little Hampton (you are winding us up, right? Little Hampton, indeed. Next, you will Cardigan! Ya right. What do you take us for?) with flags. We will kiss all women in the companies. When men queue to be kissed, we will warn them with deportation to Brighton and say "Oy, whats your game?" Huh!

B) We will say "Oy" to OIL WORKERS too but add: "Is it really, really pensions you are striking about or the fact that you are tongue twisted and can't say get rid of Stars & Stripes?" Well, some one will give you the blog address. Read posts back to front, and then decide for yourselves what to do. YOU ARE NOW FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WISG DO, MATES, BUT NO KISSES. OK?.

C) We think we read you right, because we feel = you feel. Therefore we are = you are. Adaptation from "I think, therefore I am". Makes sense...? Getting goose pimples? The girls ALL over the land, all colours, all religions, all shapes and all sizes have goose pimples. You love our girls, don't you? We know you HAVE GOT GOOSE PIMPLES TOO. GO HOME AND TOUCH GIRLS GOOSE PINPLES BUT PRFERRABLY YOUR OWN GIRL'S! "Oy, Brighton. Just get on with it, you horny/randy bastards, endearingly". Then, read the flipping blog".
D) If you behave yourselves in Brighton, then we can recommend the trip of your life to you, if daring and adventuerous: A holiday to Hemland, and Qandahar. But start in Mazarr e Sharif to get broken in to and learn the ropes to visit the other 2 places. Bring us news. Then write your books, get rich, buy Brighton! You amy visit Qazveen (Ghazveen) in Iran, too... and write more books. Then you can buy little Hampton (Shushh. That will send them up the garden path or whatever, hey Puppies? Read a book! It won't kill you).

E) David Cameron with his Hercules Heel Hammond makes this post.

1) This post will remove your 8 to 10 points lead, mate!

2) Monkeys in DM are on the run and aer grooming you to govern. If you dissociate self and party from the Cross of St George and the Union Jack, both mandatory for commercial rolling out and financing Public Health (I knew we will come round to you, Phillip Hammond, MP, previous number 2 in Hague's shadow Health under Dr Liam Fox). Ask Hammond about CCCC and his ignoring it for nearly a decade.

3) Hammond's conduct is criminal. We can't elect a party with a criminal in it, whom they have protected by the sheer power of Stars & Stripes, and mother fucking cock sucking Monkeys. Sorry monkeys. They are worse than you are. Hence the distinction of using the capital letter M for the other fuckers. You don't fuck your mothers (save a little species who fuck every body. Its funny. Two of them are in deep conversation, discussing human Torries preparing for a party to celebrate Browne's downfall. A third monkey creeps from behind and takes from behind, like it would be the most natural thing to do. the recpient carries on envying Cameron and telling the second, without moving a muscle!)

4) You are given a democracy by the Monkeys from more than half a century ago. Parliament makes laws and conducts business within the frame work of "you can have any colour you like as long as it is black". You get me. Foreign, defence education (YES, YES, YES), Health, national security (stopping CCCC implement infection control measure) and some other vital national issues are not included in the uni tone democracy. What the hell is left to legislate, and debate.

4a) Puppies of Runnymede & Egham. We souted above above about our education as a part of Henri Ford's democarcy not applicable yo us. Next post is dedicated to you and World Concern and will send shiver down your spines. Its about Chobham Common, near Egham. When educated to the hilt, then you can go our there wth World Concern and HM VSO's, do good, and educate children of the world. OK? If you do that then they will grow to buy from us, and to sell to us, without our killing them with guns and forcing them to buy. That is today's globalisation. No wonder it is hated.

4b) Sart following Barney Haywood, team, and crack crew of British go get them Puppies every sunday, on BBC RADIO 4 (92 to 95 FM) Its the best Radio in the and follow leads to Go for it or GFI. PROMISE? You will learn, we tell you. World puppies! you listen in on the web. The secret is you need to listen to Barney and gang for a good 3 months before you decide you don't like it. Go to British Councils and learn about our culture, too. Avoid USA information cnetres. They are full of poison, and got Stars & Stripes in them, and on them. Really scary. It changes people to the Jews of 1940s so that they piss in their pants and has to buy American. Do you have to buy under the force of a barrell of a gun? When they kill you, they call it collateral damgage. Collateral what? Exactly.

5) Besides, idealogical, poicy making, life improving policies are unhealthily similar between parties. Therefore, differences between partiies are near zero, mathematically. Work it out. The time you need Cameron to do this sum, you will no harm to this nation. That will have to do for now. Until we give you bigger sums to do. By then, Browne will have wiped the floor with you and tories because his loyalty to flags, he will be helping CCCC launch commercially. The latter will in turn finance Public Health.

6) This will do you and the Tories for now. You've been easy to do. Thank Hammond, your number 2 in finance, my ass! He dosen't know CCCC finance of £50,000,000,000 if it bit him in the ass. OK? get rid of him for starters!

Michelle Carney (07967988478), arrest the son of a bitch Hammond if he gets a police man from Camberley (last time) to arrest us, or if he instructs again psychaitrists to section us again. Did readers know that Hammond was a regular visitor to Abraham Cowley psychiatric hospital where we were illegally (Kangaroo justice) sectioned and force injected for more than a year?

8) 3 or more nurses sat on us and forced injected us with Respiridone Consta for more than 2 years (continued at home) while Hammond remained aware and saw us suffer. We said nothing or did nothing DIFFERENT THAN what you've known in this blog. All intelligent stuff.

8a) We said 4 nano metres cleaning is clean. 20,000 nano metres practised in 100,000 world shops is NOT clean. This is a 2 sentence answer to Which?'s 3 page investigation. Look how long it is taking to make people understand and why we've been unable to enrcih Britain, Britons and the world with it. Hammond, Greenpeace, Proctor & Gamble and others were and still hell bent to let us do it. We need our flags to show unity and join forces and show with flag that we are but one!

9) Hammond endorced Monkey law so that CCCC innovations and and money was passed on to America. Police report exists as m entione earlier. Hammond is the direct link between Monkeys and CCCC intellectual property thay want. Boy, have we e-mails or have we e-mails?

10) Next move, Monkeys. You Cock Suckers. Your CIA and other intelligence belong to the 20th century. So does your Empire. Finished. Finnito, Khalaas shud, stassay fekr mo kharaab dai. Poyajay = Faamididi = Pohaygay? in no particular order, although the Ahmadzais say Payhaygay.


We have 10 Rechter reading earth quake. Flag Advert came as foating platform

Post number 27, the mother of them all yet.
Gordon, you are better and stronger than the lot who visiously attacked you this morning. We use Egham WMD on the Monkeys in DM and call them cock suckers for now. THe entire press, and Lord Levy are Jews of the 40s and Servants to Cock Suckers. We use no WMD on home soil. Relax Gordon. Enjoy the show. We have taken time off from Afghan gathering. CCCC and us at your service round the clock. The minute you dissociate yourself from national flags, we will leave you.

Some how, the strike will sort itself out now, we feel. Don't you?
Now, the letter

Dearest Gordon, even more dearest English, Romanians (Welsh. We have no idea how this came about. We remember dear Joan, mother of Fiona 'why aren't you Miss Britain with those looks and those curves?' faithful wife of dear ?. We couldn't understand a word of Joan's English. Terry Grifith's of Snooker sounds like Brian Sewell by comparison, you know the guy who taught HM The Queen how to talk. She hasn't quite got it yet!), beloved Scots, and wonderful Irish,

1) We learnt today. Our unconventional intellignece and data analysis really works. Long live those who taught us even if dead. Places never die. Flags remind us of their values and put us on course.

2) We are no longer vague about you authencity as a fucntion of time (mathematical, and hence variable due to Casa Blanca factor...). Amazingly the amulgum of geological forces (mass) offered solutions on a platinum platter.

3) The likes of The Independent, Lord Levy, Tony Blair, The Mail on Sunday, 27 April 2008, and many other newspapers we went through gave us jig saw pieces that it would have taken weeks and months to have unearthed. We can't thank them enough.

4) This post is brief to give news of our wonderful, calm, rational, compassionate, and above all exponetially powerful for the good of the good, and to keep you firmly and Scottishly proudly in 10 Downing Street, while The Cross of St George is magnificiently flying above. It is answering all those who wrote "Clunking Punch", spoke "Weak Leadership" and others.

5) The two we quoted in 4) above should have no fear or nightmares of the power of CCCC, Public Health and this blog. They might fear the wrath we could exercise to change them to beggars and rough sleepers like we were. Don't bet on us being wrong. Odds are not on their favour. We believe they know it, too. Our power are benign, and to pove it, you will not see us in public, alone or in gatherings preaching politics. THAT IS NOT OUR JOB. IT IS GORDON'S, OR THE NEXT FLAG CARRIER.

6) They have collectively, jointly and desperately thrown their lot with the Mother Fucking, Cock Sucking, unwiped American ass hole licking (they don't have to. The lot of the UK press are dying and are soaking in their self caused pourings of their intellectual blood. Neo Cons are sons of Whores, with George Herbert Bush as the cuntest of them all have had applied the slow and haemarage causing injections.They can get shit from their dry cleaned suits by just licking lapels where Union Jacks and the C of St G should be pinned).

7) A conundrum to the entire press of today Sunday, Rupert Murdoch, and Lord Levi and Grodon Browne as the only one holding high up a cross of St George: You all in a pub. We come with Stars & Stripes bandana. We puff out chest, and fix stares at each of you.

8) Who will be the Jew of the 1940s, looking so victim, we will have to play Chloe Hanslip's theme from Schindler's list, Samuel's Barbers Adagio For Strings, Pchobell's Cannon, and similar.

9) Gordon Browne will look like no victimise Jew and will look proud pushing the Cross of St George at our face. We stare down to the ground, take the Jew making bandana off, fold it. Gordon Browne takes it and Posts it Mother Fucking, Cock Sucking Dick of Bin Laden and Mulla Omar whom he destests and abhores most of all on the planet. We may or may not have the same abhorance towards the two. It is no body's business to know. We just used them as one of our choices of WMD's forces 100 times bigger than today's America's.

10) Why our Jew making bandana proved as no more than a piece of clog, represening nothing = zelch = zero = big brother = Pop Idol = MYV = Parts of Hollywood, shall we go on?

11) We and our bandana felt terifified because some one advertises Scottish & National Flags at £5.50 a go, and you see them on this blog. Google jon e gul e Qand, the pass et.., no the last bit is rude. The Afghans can do that to Fucking Bush, showing him Washington from Qandahar, with his eyes on wide open with enjoyment... Naughty us. Sorry Afghans. Any way, the fact of the matter is, you see, ha ha. Ha ha hahahaha ha (Tommy Cooper, fucking up a magic trick and throwing the bits at the audience), can you run that past me (John Cleese in Council meeitng of What Did The Romans Do For Us, while Brian, his wife also Brian were being crucified). We had lost the thread and our full flow with Gordon saying, come Mohammad, get on with it. It all came back and it is this:

12) Google jon (joon, Iranian and sounds beautiful and sexy when those Iranian women say it. Oh, we could die!). Some people are selling national flags. We can't find their web site to thank them. We can't click on our site either. We tell them that we could kiss all the women folks in the company but only if some one could tie up husbands and boy friends. We are a hell of a kisser.

13) P E O P L E !!! (shouting loud from Pooley Green). Buy from these people like crazy. Help Grodon and us make you equal to Americans so that you do what you like, spoke your mind, and as if given you musical instruments back so that you could sing again on village greens. The women can then wear those wonder Laura Ashley floral type half see through fabric. They could then dance to the music, holding national flags, while beautiful thighs seen through the fabric gives men folks heart attacks.

14) and UK press. FUCK OFF (Non WMD)and this variety for very rare use on home soil.

15) Murdoch knows he is worse than the Cock Sucking Mother Fucking Neo Cons to us. He can go to DM and lick GW's ass, with his tongue as reclyceable toilet paper! Got it!

16) We may loose a few jobs in Ske, and other places for a while. No worries, because, we have the most admirable likes of Sir Alan Minton Sugar (YES, and oh joy), Sir Richard Branson, the incredible and the undefinable (what does he do to look so cool? He's not been hanging around us, we can assure you!)

17) Lord Levy, oh, Lord Levy. What can we with you? Nothing for now, because you are an accountant. Like the rest, if you don't have a sense of humour, you must be as lonely as us. We feel for you. Buy a few of his books, folks, about 4 or 5 copies. He really doesn't know how to appreciate money.

18) He called Tony Blair like a brother. Now Blair disowned him in public. Blair's and Levy's houses should be bugged. Brotherly "sortings out" may provide the press aomething to write about. There will be nothing else, zelch, Big Brother, to write about soon.

19) You see, our printed press has been The Neo Nazi Bush's agents sending the rest of us to Stars & Stripes Concentration camps. All newspapers are loaded with revolving pistols fo you to play Russina Roulettes (crap DVDs on Sudays), concentration chamber gas, and polonium 235 or whatever that killed the Russian fellow.

20) Some editors like Morris Chittenden of the Sunday times may look yellow on close inspection by hsi careless hadling of the pollonium supplied by Murdoch.
. Why him? He ignored us when we borrowed change from fellow sleeper rougher and called him from a phone box. We sent him CCCC papers on his request. He then shut doors on us. We never paid the man the change we borrowed. We don't know where he is. Morris is only good enough for a night job. Soon neither the paper nor him will have jobs. We really regret to see this happen, but please save your jobs, and livelihoods, whoever, and however big you big you are.

21) Our unconventional intellignece and its speed really is awe aspiring and unbeatable by today's availble machine or human capabilites. We are equally human as you are. Its just that the intelligence has taken decades to build up and perfect.

22) We digested everything you America and you all threw at Gordon anc CCCC Interantional. We gathered, we collated, analysed, and replied hence. We believe we have maintanied Newtonian Equilibria, throwing ourselves in to laps of science and other tools. How have we come across. Devastating, while maintaing peace? Yes, and that has been the intention, wisdom, intellignece and benign power His Right Gordon Browne, MP can rely on for as long as well sahll but. But, and we stress this we remain loyal and supportive only if Gordon contuinues to assure us with physical signs of dipslaying national flags when appropriate, and judging local, home and Westminster sensitivities and practicalities to maintain balances bewt ween wearing flags and keeping dignified physical posture and body laguage that makes us proud to watch him do and to carry.

23) The reason we folded our Stars & Stripes bandna and gave it to Gordon was our petrified fear of locals 100s of 1000s of them waiving national flags they bought from the angellic (irreligious! OH< YES!) company who adverised on thsi blog. When we swithed the email machine this morning, we couldnt' believe our eyes, and oh could only say Oh joy!

24) Likelty danger 7 Chaos: 100s of 1000s outside the pub could rip u apart for they rememebr us as the bandana wearing son of the bitch. We could explain and tell we are friends. They want that lot inside the pub, who have gassing them and making them play Russian Roulette. Goodness save Lord Levy and the UK press, we would say, hey Gordon. The crowd will hug you to bits, carry you shoulder high. You, Sarh and John Junior will live happlily thereafter.

25) Now, the danger, Grodn. You can bet your life Grodon the fucking Monkeys in Washington DM will not take this lying down. We may "students", "workers", "fire men", "teachers", "the press" "Lord Liv2" ans any one else crawing form their sewers and cause civil riots. Tell you what what, mate. This Force Majeur and no joke. Get SAS, Royla Mrines, and the entire army ready to kick us. This is make or break. We'd say "make" would be sensible. The advantage of this bolg getting popular is that millinos would have read this before Sons Of Whores and Suck Bin Laden's Dick mother fuckers' plat is deflated and nothing will happen now.

26) As you can see, we've thought of every thing. Some people are so clever, they make you sick, don't they Grodon? But this one causes nice sicknesses that are nor not really sicknesses. Monkey has made people believe otherwise.

27) How abut that, Y O U L O V E L Y P E O L E whoever you are to us. You know how selfish we are to do all this for ourselves only. But what a minute. Why do you get goose pimples reading this?!!!

28) Tony Blair. We've spared you. Your dissociating yourself as quickly as you did from Levy was intelligent. Keep you distance, PROFESSIONALLY AND SOCAILLY. FIND ANOTHER TENNIS PARTNER. OK?! If reformed and "corrected" intelligence, then we need you in CCCC camp. Be smart, don't do any thing dumb. We had the WMD you were looking for in Egham. You spend a lot of time outside Union Jack protected United Knigdom and susceptable to WMD attack, mericlessly. You should know what that means!

29)Some one should tell Peter Mandlesson, he is a Dinaseur. He doesn't know it, because he hasn't read the blog. Wake up mate. If you are playing Chinese checkers, we are having a game of chess. Do you play chess?


Shall we psychoanalyse Lord Levy? Oh, all right then, just this once because so much is at stake and you need convincing of our unocnventional intelligence: Lord Levy as good as gold, goes out of his way to help others. Gets shocked when others don't apprecaite how good he is and what good he's done. Blair got close to him against his better judgment. The former of a rational and logical mind with methodic approach to doing things. The latter with amazing perception to spot something good without being able to give reasons for his arriving at decisions.

Powerful personality to make Blair trust him with more than he should have. Levi believes in rule of thumb and could Gamble life on it. Balir not. Hence always a worry as to what Lord Levy might do next. Hows that?