Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Any Objection if we voted Obama now?

Post number 34:

Senator Obama,

1) The Tornado of words could not make sense because we typed fast. However, the googly gook can be decoded if you are elected in November.

3) Here is a brief condense that gives you reasons for voting Obama now, becuse we can. We can do so by the power of moral, ethical, intellectual has won emphatically. No one has objected to what we exoressed over the month or so. No comments posted on the blog, negating our views. The blog has become a message board fow the entire world to post comments any time in future. The blog will be reverted to business issues now that Which Magazine's May issue is out in the shops, hopefully with replies from the dry cleaning industry.

4) Which? Magazine's April issue started the blog that became more than a reply to dry cleaning investigations. Which? introduced us, if you will. You witnessed our defeat of the Blood Thirsty State Administered Neo Nazi Empire determined to subdue and conquer the world even if it means the smashing of Countries. Iraq is a prime example where it is still being pillaged and raped. So is Afghanistan.

5) Senator, if we claim that we have won and the author and this blog is the only message board of the world for morality, ethitcal values, champions of IP, Entrepreneurs, and all things good, then we best capitalise and amass our winnings. If we didn't then we'd become the laughing stock of the world. Our efforts and winnings will have slipped out of hands if we did record a ummary here in your presnece and Michelle's posting her campaign for you on this very blog. That alone gives us ample power record the jewels of our winnings.

6) Boris Johnson's Mayoral campaign, never mind winning is a farse. He represents the Tory Party who has a criminal, second in - charge of Treasury in Cameron's Shadow Cabinet. Phillip Hammond the criminal. There is an abundance of written evidence in this blog and else where. Johnson will be disqualified, even during his terms if he wins.

7) NATO is illegal in the eyes of this blog, and is an instrument of the Ruthless American Empire. All member states sre agents of the Neo Nazis, and their nations have been forced to submission by their illegal governments.

8) It goes without saying that our own government in the UK and political parties are illegal. They are responsible for the death of hospital infections from 1994 to date when the author approached the establishment and the printed press. We wrote to them. We've had preventative measures in place that could have reduced the number of deaths. Documants will be published i nthe blog.

9) The blog exercises power by the fundamnetal demands of public health. If no current national and indeed international laws exist, then blog readers can join us to develop them.

10) The American governments have been the chief blockers of CCCC business and public health contributions by using the illegal UK governments to spare no expense in stopping us.

11) We vote Obama. We seek Micchlle's contribution to our efforts to win for Public Health, not only in the UK, but th e US and the whole world. We will publish our records to sppliment the blog, when she can draw on them, for contribution Public Health in America.

12) BFZ is extended to broadcasting waves of the entire world where CCCC will have Public Health projects. Public Health serioussly clash with Neo Nazisim. We will defend defend public Health as we have shown in this blog. BFZ will be defined by the world's legal expertise. They in turn will draw from powers of the author, now that he has dereated the Evil (it is, and answerable for MRSA, an C.Diffe Iraqi deaths where CCCC health projects could have well on their way, had it not been for the empire's current illegal war there.

13) Because we now exercise supreme legal power as a result of our public defence of the last month in this blog, we include all health issue related matters around the globe and outline headings of any and conceivable subjects/topics and cuases that are relevant. Our gains in the glare of the public through this blog, include unexpected issues that will shock some but will delight others to promote health.

14) Our domain of activity and areas of operation covers nay where that humans have travelled weraing dry cleanedclothes. This means, the entire water and land areas of the globe in order to curb the spread of the main killer bugs around the world.

15) In order to stamp our authority to exerice public health power around the globe. We will begin with the destruction and removal of the American Bar Association's Magna Carta Memorial in Runnymede that the author took a sldge hammer to and was illegally imprisoned, detained and drugged to brain wash him.

16) Similarly, we will destroy and remove the JFK wall, on top of which, the author climbed, and made a damn good job of it on Monday 26 May 2003. He then went to Magna Carta Tea Rooms to delight his beautiful English roses That they need not worry any more about those immoral signs of the NeoNazi symbols. He'd gone there being completely totally devastatingly hearh throb still covered in the Memorial looking like a builder and sexy (no wolf whistle. The job at hand was too serious) and he said: Listen up girls, and people: "I have smashed...". The girls started trembling (we felt terrific and decided to cover self with dust when next a heart throb in TESCO, even for a deadlier impact) and were looking at our head, having gone as pale as Albinos.

17) We then realised it was the fucking bandana that terrifed the girls. So we removed the thing, comforted the girls, and told them that OK, we were American, but we are British first. They recovered to even a better shape than they were before, thoroughly basking themselves in the heart throb thing. They did a Frankie Howard thing and said "Ooh, gave us a bit of a fright there, but we are OK now".

18) The author's heart melt, got on his bike (no Nissan super duper those days), and went home after telling the owner of Egham post office and showing him a piece of the famous JFK wall. He nearly fainted when we told him to inform the police, the press core, the world's TV. We told him they will find us at home where we had exhibibed 15 pieces of stones for the world's TV. We had also ready 100s of pages relating to the "Publsih Button" that enforces the BFZ, now around the world. BFZ means no more announcements on thsi Alqa eda thing who may be 12 people, terrified of the blood thirsty empire then vice versa.

19) We do appreciate that old orders will have to be procesed by the Evil Empire while the effect of our historic defeat of the Empire takes effect. Generally, we may suggest, Senator, that constitutionaly, GW should have no power if Americans object to a Neo Nazi ruling over them. We have stripped him of his power by unwritten laws of global public health yet. Perhaps, Micchelle and us could put these to hand. We suppose, even you, Hillary and John McCane come under power because we defeated the empire.

20) Whether that is so or not, we currently hold enormous power to look in to that came to light, when Hillary couldobliterate Iran, if Iran did some thing, presumed nuclear. First, she must bear in mind that America is illegal now, The President is a Neo Nazi and under asimilar house arrest that we are. Our house arrest is illegal for an additinal reason: The police who arrested us, when the worlds TV didn't come becuase of puppe Blair's government's hiding the "Publsih Button" paper, so that we could have blown Bush away legally. If we had succeeded to process "publish button" papers legally, we neen'd have had or threaten to use it now.

21) The issue we have an opportunity now, while holding power by defeating the Empire, is Hillary's oblitertirating Iran. She is absolutely right, she can, especially if we ask blog readers to consider a legal case.

22) The case is that ot the Israeli Nuclear power capability scenario. We understand that there is an illegal "on any ground" arrangement whereby only the Israeli Prime Minister and the American President can carry out realted work discussions and other decision makings. The merits of such outrageous special arrangements are for Nancy P and The Congress to look into and for he Israeli counter part. We issue an order for this to both parties by the power this blog has placed here, whereby we exercise supreme worlp power benignly after imposing BFZ on GW.

23) We ask oth Parliaments to do this. If they disagree, then they submit comments on the blog for readers to note and comment in return. We wish the world to note the message board has already become a democratic UN equivalent to resolve differences between nations. If either power are supremely confident that they can ignore the blog because of their milititary might, Henry Ford Democracy Limited Edition HFD complete with "Oh, but that is different" and is Israel is gifted with too, by the deposed Neo Nazi's, should bear in mind:

24) Our newly won power through defeating the blood thirsty empire declares Irael as part of the deposed blood Thirsty neo Nazi agent the same s Browne goverment or for that matter the Polish government whose housinf of NATO is illegal, the polish people are reminded. We issue warning that Egham also WMD of her own that Socked & Awed Bush and mother. We will use these without notice if Israeli, Iran or any other ignores our demands.

We sign off now, and hope Michelle and team has sight of this for an early atart while we nip out and buy a Which? magazine. We will do the heart throb thing if we feel like it.


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