Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Heart To Heart, Senator Obama,

Post number 31

Senator Obama And America

1) Unless current mood and train of thought is sitracted by other tings one does, we believe you will recieve this post. How do we know that? Good question. We assuume that you are aware who are, and that you have received and read our last post number 30. Also, we assume you know what we do, and why.

2) Obvoiusly a big ask. Posing such pssibilites to you, chances of you knowing is highly unlikey. So we have a tough job to do to reach you. The last sentence is almost a 100 per cent true in mathematical terms and not loosley pulled out of the air, as it is done daily by all, across the world. Also, we asked for a heart to heart. If accepted universally, as if almost in any language, then it sould mean we have been telling you the truth.

3) Hers is an assumption we make: The way you have across to us living alone in Egham and are we say we are, you have come across to us as some one who is telling the truth. We have a made a huge assumption we are here, but we take a gamble, and stick by what we say.

4) Senator, we drew a line under the 3) items thus far, keep ourselves together (code to some), and make other blog readers consider this little test of ours:

a) Ideally, we would really hope that you will get this post. If we were a real optimist, then would be sure to please ourselves that this little blog of ours will do wonders, and this post will reach you. We would be unable to estimate the ETA for it, for there are so many intangibles, and incalculables.

b) We will have to make an assumption. We guess a week ought to do it. By then, however little, you would have known of us would have to suffice for the purposes of this curious exercise.

c) We now ask you to stage a speech somewhere in the US, along the campaign trail, on TV. Understandably, and logically, you would have weighed up options and select the most suited of alternatives, that would cost you least and that choice you made would be convenient to you, and importantly, to you audience.

d) They are very important, it is they whom you've spent resources to reach and address to drive your point home as best as you can. Naturally (not sure if the right word) you would have designed your project to be fit for purpose, FFP.

e) FFP encompasses a whole lot of quantities and qualities made up of measurables and intangibles. Our lonely living for a good part of a decade, has had a lot advantages. Disadvantages are beyond the reach of this test, and hence left out. Bearing in mind all the advantages, has enabled us to be an ideal person of our taste and imagination. On top of the world would be eutopia, and right nowat 19:36 hours GMT we feel we are 75% of the way to reach the top.

f) It is important for you not to believe what we said e) above. We could be any body, totally unknown to you. And that we truely are. If you wanted to have a guess, then do so by drawing what you need from this post only. Earlirer proceedings will jaundice perception of us either. That will infect the test either with harmless or benfecial micro organism or frightneningl by killer bugs. The latter irrelevant here, most certainly. Analogy was most fit FFP at this moment - time did not allow to select better.

g) Back to our test: About 5 minyutes of listening to and viewing of you on TV would suffice.

h) We will publish a post and reflect our views on the subject matter, no matter what it is. Scrutinising of that particular post would be vital to our business which is assessed by experts in all relevant fields, the world over, but we do not want you to believe us.

i) Critical evaluation of that key post (to us for now. For a lot more later?), will serve you as a brand new tool supplied and delivered to you thus most conveniently. We would call this service really, really FFP. This new yard stick is now used to measure the FFP parameters of our allegedly global business. We have rated it as FFP based on 20,000 hours of connercial sales from the UK to the UK, Europe and USA.

j) Our business, we claim is a one off. The blog will deal with this aspect when we are free from meeting exponential global forces in magnitude, but fortunely very weak in quality. The latter defficiency of oppostions has been a blessing to our causes. We feel this aspect has been instrumental in our survival as a near business - up business.

k) We had identified one the global exponential forces trying to stop us and more, to be the mighty US governments from 1986 to now! All of them. We have survived them all, mostly owing to our better intellignences we have had, added to them, have even more now; and the sue the amulgum in the most effective imagineable.

l) This may be a pipe dream of ours, or attributable to us, owing to the high value we place on the logistics, planning, conventionally unrealistic - super - fast, and the execution of our one man intelligneces: We exrcised our power over the very person of GW Bush NOT to infest (stronger word then used. This is to do with use of our brand of intelligence), our U Radio waves, and 5 TV channels.

m) We should have, but do add now that no time limit was specified. It is now. It is indefinite, forever! You will bear with us and witness this hour right now as we write, 21:03 hours GMT. Length of stay is vital to both Mr GW Bush, and us. We both represent a lot in our respective roles. Therefore a lot is at stake, and hence a lot to defend. George W has a lot as the world. Would you believe us Senator, if we said in the presence of this audience right now that we have even more! Our power is proportional to the length of time United Kindom remains a Bush Free Zone, in considerable ways. Use own imaginations and run with it to gauge what Bush has.

n) We draw a line now, under tonight and publish this post number 31 in 2 minutes. We abbreviate our country's freedom of sorts to BFZ. We aim to popularise these 3 letters wildly, and widely. This design is aimed to serve business for their adverising needs in these lean times around the globe. It is also designed to hopefully enable the blog to become a global benevolent and benign force for the benefit of humanity.

o) We do have admirable, according to the an Innovations Department of UK Government (NHS). We have been working with They have known us since the end of 2006. We remain grateful to them for help they have offered wheneve possible. They have been more than generous. This issue may have added more power to our elbow to be so bravely confontational with George W. Its to stop hospital infecyions in the UK, killing 5,000 of us every year. It kills a lot around the world.

p) We identified a confirmed new route of infection since 1994. We were attacked by MRSA in our own dry cleaning shop. We survived, but have permanent scars to show for it. We have evidence, although not lab derived but very convincing without the need for lab test. Lay consumers around the globe will agree with us instantly, once we serialise the story in the blog. We aim that day will come sooner than you think, Senator.

q) As a matter of fact, this draft post came out better than we had sat out to write it. We have other pressing commitments, that we MUST (!) see to at once. We will let you read this as is, and promise make it better on our return asap. Disregard earlier GMT time(s) nad time related refernces. Actual publication time and the start of BFZ will start then. If Bush breaks our rule, then we will push the "button". He will know what that means.

r) We are sufficiently intelligent not to address him even with this new time mandate.The old one as he's got it, however loosely defined. This will get to him, don't you think Senator? Don't answer that...!

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Ahmadzai,
UK Bush Free Zone, BFZ starts now, Senator and my dear America. We will fly our falgs here in the UK, and we know that my American people know and respect. Thank you all and BFZ her we come! Come on Psycho! WE KNOW HOW YOU FELT WE REALLY DO.It is now 21:56 hurs GMT. This post will be published in 30 second and will not self destruct itself. Instesd, it will give more baby posts to boost your businesses and much more besides.

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