Monday, April 28, 2008

Ken Livingstone informed of Hammond being a criminal

Post number 30

1) Dear Golden, solly, we mean sorry, but we know Ken and you hate each othel (there goes my fluent Japanese again. Bloody hell, its hard to be fluently multi lingual. Our German follows next in this post).
I) Roman numerals are comments a couple of hours after initial posting. Note absence of Monkeys from British terestrial TV and Radio for the paset 3 to 4 days. This means blog is read globally. White House & top American brass obeyed instructions we issued with the power of Public Health, the Cross of St George and Indeed The Union Jack. BULL'S EYE!!! If any one we dsiapprove of (they know) appears on United Kindom air waves, we will hit the publish button (Ref 12 notice given to White House re oil strikes,but not executed). Then 7 billion flag waving humans will be looking for you...

2) Any way, we've got to get this language thing under control, or we won't get any where. For now, allow us to say in the most fluent Japanese of them all: HERRO JAPAN... We ROVE YOU! Ah, that's better.

3) Now then, despite your mutual hatred of each other, we wrote to Ken Livingstone through his web site and informed him that as a matter of fact Boris Johnson is a criminal by association (The Hammond Connection). Ken, as will be mentioned later too (advertising), was given address. We are positive that capable satff will give him a disgest of the 150 pages.

3a) Saly, we couldn't do the same for both Boris Johnson and Brian Paddock. The latter does not a wb site, but he should be pleased to learn of the TWO man race, and not THREE. A favour to the Lib Dem omplimnets of the CCCC health division.

3b) Boris' Web site cannot accept comments. Perhaps he could see to this bottle neck as late as it is in the day to do whatever he can, givne the grave reveltaions we made. Meanwhile, we've asked Ken to do CCCC Health and the Tories a favour by giving Boris the Blog address. Phillip Hammond will have a hard job of explaining to his bosses and indeed Boris, why did he not take our health policies we gave him on a platinum platter in 5 kilo grams of e-mails. was the address used. Now, cannot possibly exonerate himself from accusing him of being a criminal. (Remember Det Minto of Egham Police, e-mail 2003, copied to Hammond?)

3c) These others if addresses still valid also received same 2003 e-mails and will now witnesses confriming our claim. This blog has amazing reaches if needed to encourage the like of Nelson Mandella, Khatamie of Iran, and others Washington DM can nonminate themselves:(Co recipients of Hammond, of e-mail 15:58:23 hours GMT, Wed 26/2/2003):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3d) More addresses below, Hammond, Boris, Cameron & Co. Hammond, 7 years, remember? How can we be balmed, mate? You Stars & Stripes worshippers, you treasonous national whole salers of all national flags including the Union Jack. Tories, Labour, Lib Dems: You are all Nazi, Gestapo, SS officers gassing and mass murdering millions of Britons for decades. Cracking jokes at PMQTs and extremely proud of yourselves. Ref: Mohammad's Stars & Stripes bandana = gas and equipment Hitler used = GW as hitler = UK establishments as Neo Nazi staff in - charge of gassing Britons.

II) Now, the Neo Nazi agents will have Mayoral Elections on Thursay. What a joke. What a mathematical outrage!. The only saviour on Thursady is for all to wear proudly the ever powerful Union Jack badges on their lapels, and carry over sized flags. Those on the 4 national variety too. Mayoral candidates should sport badges just the same as GW does, always on lapels when on TV. That is eqaulity. That is shoulder. That would 2 + 2 = 4. 16 = -1 will been scrapped as rubbish forever. We could then think, decide and do clearly and flsush anti depressants down loos! Show your true colours, Ken, Boris and Brian (comes across as good as gold, the genuine article)

3e) It is only Golden, solly, Gordon who raised a flag on a day. That is the thread CCCC International and Health Division will hang on to with dear life and rebuild this nation. DO YOU UNDERSTAND! YOU BASTARDS, TRAITERS INCLUDING STIFF UPPER FUCKING LIP NICOLAS SOAM AND ALL HIS RANKS< OLD BOYS AND GIRLS NET WORKS.

III) We said earlier that it is easy when one knows how. We also said we do. We were not lying. We do not liars serioussly: When candidates sport flags and badges, when conutless public cover london in national colours, then it would like odd if No 10 did not conform. If Gordon Brown has been forced by the press to take falg down after St George's Day, the crowd will raise hell. (Murdoch! we will get your fucking ass, you son of a protituting whore with a cunt as large as the opening arch in the soon to be decorated Marble Arch. Fellow Britons, we believe Shock & Awe using Egham WMD started just the same as it satrted for 40 days & nights a few years earlier. We have a lot to catch up on you cunt Bush, not you, you dumb fucking moron. You cunt of a father Herbert whom I will not allow my Amreicans to honour him with naming things after him. He is just one who has defied our own Stars & Stripes, and had raped it. Look how it is used as a living British ass kicking Neo Nazi Weapon.

IV) With the WMD loaded Shock & Awe above, you hoist up all 5 flags up there before Thursday. The nation may not care for HFD ( long as its black) laws iposed on them by the American Empire. FUCK THEM. That is the dumbest Empire one man beat while under prologed house arrest. Why should UK, or the raped and persecuted people of the world take them seriously? The empire is a big joke. People will chase them out of their land with their national flags only. And well say (while trembling like Scoobi Doo at the thought of what we've done; deeply hidden in house in Pooley envying Miyki and how he kicked 6 asses 40 years younger than himself. Thats WOW factor, Bernard, and we've not got it. Don't give up yet. Bernard is our investor smoking through a 4 inch Didgeree Do, wondering what the hell happened, all the other Bruces running around waving flags,and looking for American soldiers. Carry on mate Bernard thinks blog is a made up word to make old people feel more inferior than they are).

3f) Addresses continued:,,,,,,,,,,,,, richardand,,,,

3g) You can deduct that sub paragraphs 3a) to 3g) are added after blog legality to remain on-line was given intelligent thought. WE KNOW NOW that responsible world people and governments have trusted us to throw this the Monkey's way and let them handle it. The world had handled enough of what you threw at us for long enough. We now go to the end of this text, conclude and recommend universally peaceful solutions that do not need language but do flags. The kind Gordon raised BUT Levi serialised book to topple Browne and ensure Stars & Stripes continue to gas the rest of us. Consdider this: A Jew, UK's once envoy to mideast peace has always been a Neo Nazi Gestapo, SS, concentration camp Commandant, while a real true Jew. Philosophically, a double Jew, Your most honoured Dr Jonathan Sachs. Sir, you are the leader of UK's Orthodox Jews who love it here and may or may not in Israel, too. We can assure you, sir, that because we are a Muslim, watch us not allow any one to divide you raising one Jew against the next and against the next. Sir.

4) Without beating about the Bush (we know, cheap pun. what do you expect from accountants!) and lets see... (damn you, John Cleese! Do you know how hard it is to do one of your advanced silly walks and touch type at the age of nearly 65, at the same time? And we know how Gerald Ford felt... You try it, maestro!)

5) Seriously, Gordon, we address to Ken, and that the Mayoral race is virtually a TWO man race AND NOT THREE between Brian Paddock and Ken Livingstone. Ken's website is clever, you see. It will not accept comments unless you provide the e-mail address of at least one friend. Since we have no friends, we put The good old BBC in trouble, as if Roger Bolton and team didn't have enough to cope with.

6) To impress Ken and other candidates that like Lord Levi, we are too in accounts (first class passes in book keeping, Queen Elizabeth Foundation, 2005/6. One year course was free to remove surplus sense of humour. We went for it like an arrow from a bow - Nissan Micra super duper), boring and have no friends, we used Steve Hawkins the editor of our local rag (The informer) to trick Ken's stupid computer that we have two friends! The stupid machine like Monkey GW's global intelligence can't tell its ass from its head (Afghan elephant doctor joke, but can wait), and we got away with it. Job done. Ken knows. We asked him to give Boris blog address too. We did not forget Brian Paddock. Note above. We look forward to Thursday.

7) You should take note too Gordon that it doesn't matter if Ken is as awful as he is (some think different. What if he and others wore badges and carried flags, and you didn't. Are you going to risk all, and we do mean all, because of deep dislike of Ken? He is your saviour and key to labour's toppling the criminally Tories' lead and give labour a massive win in the national local elections. So, what are you to do? While saying this to you, we are making eye contacts with the chief of them all GW Bush, who stares down absorbing the full power of the Union Jack we are waiving. He stares down to the floor. We knows we've blow them away. We turn to stare the same way at Levi, UK press, Murdoch, Mug, and all others. We spot them struggling to open a manhole cover to climb down a sewer where they should stay until reformed.

7a) We had sent Hammond and the world e-mails in 2003 how Romanian puppies lived in Bucharist sewers then, well after the fall of Ceucesceau, mind you (no political under tone). Copies should be availabe from our archive man (we will pay him the minimum wage if he wants to work for us) Phillip Hammond. He can shove copies down the sewer to Mug (why didn't some body give him the fucknin blog to read. We feel bad. He is a BBC man, but Public Health has no mercy on prtotectors of C.Diff) and others down there.

8) Voters are confused and they are flogging to the Tory camp to take the easy root. Ken's victory will explode spores (from the devastating field of killer C.Difficille CCCC is trying to stop dead) in to germination. Voters will then vote labour because Ken's win will make labour a safer bid that the Tories. Simple when you know how to. We do.

v) Let us tell you why voters are confused and may vote Tory or other. Lets do it in maths so that CCCC is not accused of hammering down Tories becuase of disqualifing their Boris not to stand in the Mayoral elections. How can he now that he has 'formally' been given the blog address by Ken Livingstone on our request. Cameron's Party Broadcast with Boris Baffooning (others' words, not ours) around was prerecorded. How about Boris campaigning tomorrow? How will look on TV? Will he look at all on TV and will vanish like Monkeys did from our screens? Can't wait.

va) VOters are confused because alghough Tories have no policies, Cameron is good. Mokeys were grooming him and Mug, and other Thugs like Levi and the press wanted to topple Browne because labour has no mechaninsm for dethroning leaders. So, voters may vote Cameron really on Thursday. We know they shouldn't. You see, voters assume Tory policies will follow later. No they won't. They've never had any, never drafted any, because there is nothing to draft. Here is primary shchool maths (blush light, blush reft) :

vb) You agree Tory and Labour policies are similar. Go back a bit. Balir wore Tory Gown and made New Labour, complete with Thatcher bit and bobs and stuff. the latter is what New labour made up when Mandlesson & co were punch drunk playing joke politics. Any way, there you have labour policies. Now, the amazing tricks of hands and sheer magic Cameron uses to threaten Paul Danile's job, he is after the same policies Blair stole from Major a while back plus stuff which is rubbish. Rubbish = zero = Big Brother (oops, sorry) = zilch = Nul point = fuck all (non WMD).

vc) You know where this is leading, don't you, remembering its primary school maths: therefore, the difference between labour policies and Tory ploicies woul the new Tory policies = tbe gold nuggets Cameron will anounce later, but wants voters to vote Tory now. But as you've figured it out: Labour policies minus Tory policies = fuck all to save repeating other numerical values. Therefore, Tories will never have new policies even if you give them 10 years to make them. You can't make some thing out of nothing. So, Cameron's dispensiblity is very easy. Get another magician!

vd) Now, voters. You all look silly, nearly stupid (Scoopy Doo shake for nearly calling voters stupid. THey are your bosses, will buy CCCC segregated dry cleaning, you idiot Mohammad).

ve) Damage reparation exercise: What we meant was that you looked like Woody Allen in the sketch where he setting up front alone on the stage doing his act. He introduces himself as 'Chim' for Chaim (Kha eem, we think). But its the looks he gives. If you can find the clip, thats the look we meant you have now when you saw us do maths on Tories. Look, look, no really look, here: With no diffent menues to choose from, vote across party lines. This is easy. Vote for Union Jack on Thursday.

vf) You see, if unlike BNP you really genuinely believe you are Birish, then the only way you can show it across all divides of race, religion and ohter, you will really, really love your flag. So, if you all carrried Union Jacks and even wore the badges (never available. Monkeys, Churchill, right up to Browne ensured you can't buy any. WE KNOW. WE SEARCHED MOST OF THE STIFFER UPPER LIPS NORTGH WEST SURREY. NOT HERE!!!). So we've advised falg advveriters to make them like crazy for the 60 million of to have one each!

vg) With us so far? good, oh good, oh goody goody bloody good-good (major adaptation from John Cleese). Think of the jobs we've created to boost up the economy. 60 million flags, the same in different shpes, sizes of badges (!), other spin offs products of coofee mugs, you name it. Is our economy in trouble? We think not.

vh) We looked world wide (Herro there Okinawa girls. No fucking GI will ever rape you and get away with it by the application of HFS, Limited Edition. Note below.). We see 7 billion of every thing produced all over the place. China, be fair. We know you are hoovering $s to keep export prices down so that the US wouldn't even dream of manufacturing any thing again. May be they deserve it. But let go a bot & stop a Dyeson Cleaner (sheer British genious) nad use one of your own lesser efficicient sucker. That way, you will make new friends in Central and Latin America to make afew things and export it to th US.

vi) You were a recipient in 2003 (note list above) and knew what trump card we've had against America. Two ways to see that. One, like the countries on the list, you too were an American colony or you will have come to our rescue to save us from our Hammond. Did you not care/ (No threat, we must say immediatley). Logically, you did play the colony and pretended you suffered like the Swedes and the Norwegians (both Royal Families on the list above with Hammond).

vj) Small world, isn't it China? a village, really; a global village (!). With our applied unconventional intelligence where one man humiliated Histories most powerful Empire in a mtter of 3 weeks with a blog! What knid of intelligence Runnymede puppies and others are being groomed by us to beat Empires of tomorrow? Some thing to think about.

vk) The seond reason is that you may have assumed we (I) are dead. The probabilty of 1 in a few millions did not occur to you. Yet, you deal with statiscs (ours 601F, U of Wyo, Laramie. We flunked it!) and probabilities all day to pide growth of 10% give or take every year. Perhaps, you will consdier low probabiites of the kind in debate in future (Don't count on every nook and cranny to be safe. THere may be a tiger there. Said in ancient time, the addage hasn't died...
9) With your victory in the local elections, we (I) can turn guns on to Lord Reece Mug (deliberately misspelled), and women philosophers like Melanie Phillips, Janet Daley, Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas, my ass. Would know Idea if they bit her on her ass!!!), and few others, women and men. we have so much data you wouldn't believe it. Blog has no idea how it will climb in the world ranking.

10)Hi, Googre, and advtisels (got to remind them of our multi lingual thing. We've got it, and by god we are flaunting it. Ndebele later. Bull eye, some one?... Oh, good and EE WAY in Zambian for now. Remember, Miekel Hotel, October 1980, when Per Barth and I...)

11) Public Health and CCCC have no vote in Mayoral and local elections, and hence cannot exercise favouritism despite our gigantic power to sway things one way or the other. If we support you Gorden, Ken, Boris, Brian Paddock and others, its just who ever supports Public Health and all of national flags we support them with all our might.

12) We full well know now HOW MUCH we have and to employ it responsibly. You see, the spirit of fathers Chadwick, Sir Joseph Bazalgette (respect for using Big Brother, but will do gain if that makes sense...), John Snow, Edward Jenner, and others (may be at Imperial and LSTHM) are watching us as ever. We have our censors. You all be assured when uncertain of our unconventional intelligences.

13) As far as calling Roger Bolton and Steve Hawkins (never seen, or spoken to either in life, Puppies, Blush light, blush reft, and lead a god damn book when painting fence. You can't have cal(r). Myake take your mothel out in car, ha ha hoo hoo ,hummm and stuff ) Rubbish! Karate Kid didn't have that last dialogue in it. Heart throb thing practised in TESCO creeps in now and then.

14) Did you rike that Japan? We thought so. You cutie pie and those eyes only Prince Phirrip could describe thinking he was in China. So, we won't let him.

15) We've no idea where we are. This is getting a bit like Paul Merton's Dolphin getting out of the water, walking all over the house or some where before slipping back in. Did he? Ask Paul. Any way Roger Bolton and Steve can think what they like. We don't care. Look at what the Monkeys, Council of Cabinet and the Neo Cons, and the US Army are getting away with. The latter with a Monkey as Commander (just about suited to dress up for Tetley Tea adverts if you ask us) in Chief, destroyed + or minus 140 years of the impeccable record of being just and fair, and did not torture people in manners reported just today.

16) A bit on our fluency in German. No messing around. So, we tell you the word way back in 1970 when scanning Frankfurt and looking for a hotel room during the internation book fair in September (didn't know to change plans. Der!), we learnt our first word:

17) Ausfahrt! German in origin, the word has remarkable literal translation when you break it down to its constituents: Ass and Fart. The German synonym is written on Motor way exits. It means exit, dummies. Just as fart exits ass. That would make a car... Never mind. And you are voting on Thursday? Holly goodness, save Britain. And Give us strength. At times, we wonder if you,ve the blog's real messages.

18) Any way, and Ve are saying ziss only Vunce: You see, the Germans bought Alo Alo, Gordon. We don't understand the way they think: They have no sense of humour. To dub the thing in German, we can't wait, now that we are fluent. Oh, dear.

19) They may have a "Cunning Plot", one of Baldrick's (Tony Robinson, the archaeologist. Nice one, Tony): They bought Alo Alo because they've decoded our unconventional intelligence using our Enigma decoder 'a' must have sold them to get food money. The German know we've used Rene's Gheristawn (resistance) under ground plots to get to where we are now. Clever, but if they think we are Rene, they must be fucking (Non WMD) joking. We like Vomen, especailly theirs.

20) When in Frankfurt, immigration officers saw our Afghan passport and just waived us on to proceed and blend in to the crowd. We said "no visa, no stamp?" Man said, "Nine". We said oh no its 10 O'clock and went on. And boy, how lovely Frankfurt was. We went to vineyards and fooled around and that (empty tool box).

21) we'd love to stay and tell you its all Stephen Fry's fault for our excessive use of the word "ass", but can't. Got to go. Got loads to do. Meanwhile, just think back to Black Adder sketch in which Stephen was an American General after every body's ass, including Hugh Laurie's who asked for an explanation and Stephen gave him one. No, not like that, for goodness sake. It was BBC TV after all.

Your own Mohammad, and every body Else's
22) Post world address conclusions and universally peaceful sloutions using national flags, including the Proud & Dignified Stars & Stripes (mine too, remember?) but only in the USA:

23)GW, and cabinet. No effective Egham WMD will be used, but consider it used. You have no credit left with us or addresses above. We will keep this short and sweet.

24) Study the list, very carefully. You will note that you, Luara, Dick, wife and some others are absent. The reason was that after proving you as Monkeys (not monkeys but worse then), we only left Colin Powell who is a recipient in the list in 3) above.

25) CCCC International came from the dead as another freak accident recorded elsewhwere. Noteworthy to mention here is the fact that we were shocked about GreenEarth dry cleaning technolgy when we spoke to Mr Timothty Maxwell, President of GreenEarth (Proctoa & Gamble) in Kansas city. We have redorded time, date, and phone number. To save us time, you can obtain these from our contacts who are known to others in their sole as capacities as business people. They have no role in other things we have done, whatsoever.

26) CCCC embryo was gauranteed life and growth in March of last year. Since then, our unconventional intellignece of fooling around (wool debate, through world children of 3 Egham and Cobham schools) tipped addresses above that we are back in business, and that we (I) will get you this time round.

27) Michael Ignatiefs BBC piece "Tomorrows Wars" was used as model to convert your war machine including the $19 billion(?) $ invisible plain (with mass centre of gravity matching geometric centre, but only in full flight or some such. It was a long time ago when we learnt of that kind of thing), to pile od useless junk.

28) The fall of Soviets and iron curtain zero " rated your incalculable wealth of materiale, jobs and others through the collapse of the second global power.

29) As reported earlier, you had 2 choices. To accpect the over night devalued trillions to zero or to continue using them. Your brilliant creation of Alqaeda, Taliban, the Afghan war, the two Gulf wars, and the rest are mere repalcements for the lost Soveit might. The creation of War on Terror (my ass. Thank you Stephen Fry. What did really happen after the show, Hugh?) is a fantasitc way to justify the existance of mysterious terrorists so that the old stauts quo of 2 super power economies are maintained. If civilains get killed, so what? You thought of that, too: Collateral damage. You guys are good, we will have to give it to you.

30) We said to self, and self said to us (virtual house arrest for a good part of a decade including right now!): We won't have none of that shit. We will outsmart the bastards and some bithes (Albright, Rice, Hilary Rodham among them). Thats exactly what we did. We used knowledge to beat your knowlwdge technology and gadgetry.

31) Gadgetary includes those missiles that went to Baghdad, turned 90 degree corners and said to self "I didn't drive my tip up some bosses bottom before coming to hit the bunker and kill 200 Collateral creatures. So, it doubles back, all the way to Capital Hill District of Monkeys. Low and behold, the boss had lubricated ass (go away Fry and take Laurie with you. None of our business what went on. Any way Hugh, haven't you got 'House' to do on that channel people take drugs to watch to freget pain? Go away. Dear, oh dear). Any way, enough about smart gadgets, intelligence, Star Wars cockpet technologies and the rest.

31) We beat the lot. Just one right here man, under virtual house arrest imposed by Henry Ford Democracy (call it HFD)you gifted us with. After this Historic post hits the world and practiaccly free them to speak only what you did, you and Cabinet Council will have to go to the moon for 7 billion people not to rip apart your forces of 1,000,000(2001 or 2003 figures) raping and pillaging from Okinawa (Herro cutie pie girls. no more codes, and no more raping by those those naughty American boys)

32) You cannot shoot 7 billion people. You would have if you thought one man could come and beat the crap out of you. As things are, you can't.

33) So gone are NATO, Huge base in Mommabasa, and the one in Djibuti no one knows about. You just went and took a country 'just like that' and forgot to tell the world about it.

34) We know why that is. You kept the special edition Jeremy Clarkson approved (Sorry Jeremy. Its only a commercial, really) HFD for yourself. And that is the non Magna Carta (Egham gave it to you. Now the same Egham twinned with goog Old Tucson and new 'CCCC' is giving you this. How philosophically apt. Beat that, you lot!)

35) With that sweet taste in mouth (still insists Mayaki, after takning mother out, get an education, puppies!): The killer punch is that not only Britian but the world has started making national flags, badges and paraphernalia like hell for each head of the popualtion to come out in unison and chase out your 1,000,000 doing things they shouldn't do outside US soil.

36) The list in 3) above have been ready to get own SAS, Army, Bnanana boats and navies alike, and Armies not to fight your soldiers, but to put riots down by our people of the likes of Lord Levi, Melanie Phillips, and BNP, Mr Nick Griffin personally, and all other clever and dumbs ones. Its the dumb ones we are terrified of. Not many of these and hance they could be shot and sacrificed for the good of the rest.

37) We leave that to capable freed governments of Browne and world equivalnts to execute deligently, justly, kindly and with compassion. What do we know? we are only dry cleaning aand have been forced to run the world for a bit from Pooley Green. goodness Graciouss (not you Sanjay. Loved English Restaurant, tasteless food and Jaa Miz (James) the waiter. Can't remember name of girl who pinched his bottom. Was it the genious Swalha? You bastard.)

38) Michelle Carney and fellow colleagues serving in HM Police: Gaurd us as best you can. We shall move around within our limited few miles of virtual house arrest. Still, if shot by any one, w've thought of that:

39) Spike Milligan's headstone reads "We told you we were ill". Ours will say "We told you, we will be shot!" Eat heats out, says Miagi to: Martin Luther King Junior, JFK, Robert Kennedy, Marvin Gay, Che Guavara (did he?) and others among whom is our fellow American Ambrose Bierce who wrote a dictionary. "Once" is dei=fifined as "enough" nearly 200 years ago. Things haven't changed much.

40) Elections on Thursday?


Editing will resume item 10 downwards later. Said in case grave contradictory statemants are noted. Genrally, this should help: Reliogious, Cultural, Linguistic, Imperail Supperiority and similar inhibitions must not be allowed to cloud readers' judgment of core issues.
Adapted from University of Gottenburg Sweden in 2001 when the did have an Environmental Philosphy Department with Professor Christain Munthi & Colleagues. We wish them well.

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