Monday, April 28, 2008

Not The Kuwaiti Incubators Again!

Was George Bush a Wana Be Porn Star

Dear Senator Obama,

We get straight to the point:

We currently wield so much power over the most powerful man on the planet that we have made him disappear from our TV screens for nealy a week now. That has never happened before. Telephone your American friends and confirm our positive news. In a desperate effort to loosen our grip on him and remove our undoable Bush censorship, has taken you and the Rev Minister as virtual hostages. Now Bush is stuck. Dish out this blog address. Americans need a look from outside the box at their country and this blog may open there eyes and ears.

This will hurt you and them and it is meant to, to wake you up: If you are really a true lover of Stars and Stripes, and free of all hang ups, you will feel so dirty as if you were raped. Man, Women or child!!! And you know what? Bush will still set back and will not comment on blog to assure you all, that you have not been raped for a long time.

We are cool here in Britain, relaxed and with a fair sense of humour. We have all the time in the world to wait. Do George Bush, and his cabinet? Most important of all, do you? We believe you do. Read the blog, analyse, discuss peaceably, net work, develop new ideas form the blog, have ultimate respect for law and order. If you do all that,and hell still breaks loose, then help the police round up the hall raisers. they would be the trouble makers and may eve be employed by Bush. The more of you stay calm, the easier it be would to hold htem at bay. Makes sense, doesn't it?

1) Not only does American Imperialism exist, but in a far worse way: It is undoubtedly proven by us in this blog that yours and the Rev Minister’s is a ruthless “throw the kitchen sink at Britain” – Neo Nazi Imperialism. We are not joking. Any one pressurising the Minister and/or you are to note: They must compulsorily and out of honour for their own Stars and Stripes, post comments to this blog, instead of you or the Minister.
2) Each and every one of you who appeared on TV any where and every where ought to know this: Failure to send us exactly the same comments to the Minister or you would be taken as serious neglect of getting to know your leaders, humiliating him will mean that not posting comments will be as to defecate on the honoured Stars & Stripes which we also honour and respect.
3) To reinforce the point above, we suggest any one in future, who tries again to hound the Minister or Mr Obama on the imperial issues will treated by us American in Egham, as traitors and enemies of the American people, Stars & Stripes, and the very land of America.
4) Bluntly put, addressing the senator and the Minister will qualify you even with treason and should be if American Law dictates that. We can only trust as true patriots by deep believe in their love all 6 of our flags including Stars & Stripes. For you to find out about whether or not the 2 are genuine and love flag & Country, you must prove your credentials first so that they who are pillars of community/country so that they could trust you.
5) In a stale mate such as the one hand, then, look for a bench mark or reference point. That reference is us, and you do not need to know more (Read 4 above).
6) Now, send comments to the blog, or you would have character assassinated yourself. When commenting provide us with identical details to the TV station so that we could cross reference you
7) Your Current Administration are criminals if GW was a Wana Be Porn Star. If that, then how could you ever trust them. We he was a WBPS or not costs you to know. Not in money term, in terms of truth, justice, integrity, self respect and for others. He has made us British as if we were occupied Europe’s Jews.
8) You do know what happened to them, don’t you? Well, fellow shoulders to shoulders: We are treated exactly the same way as they were but weapons, chemicals (Foot & Mouth! OH YERS!!!), and concentration camp commandants have been changed. They all look different to blend in with today’s surrounds, for wont of better word.
9) We could tell you more but we will loose impact on you. For now, whether you think, what you id rubbish, biased against your Leaders whom we’ve called Monkeys, then you ought to be curios enough. Reading the blog will shed light
10) We ought to have said this first: We have got your leaders by the yu know what, the best they could do is to hold Senator Obama, and the Minister to get to us. Why? The blog will tell that the two and us are working in our respective fields and share a lot of good deed and social responsibilities. Ours is admired around the globe. By deduction, they too shine and look good because we publicise as wide as you do. World people have judged for themselves. They like all three of us. Your GW has opposite values to what we do. That has exposed him with character traits that may be similar to a WBPS. Nothing wrong to be one, but a hell of a lot be one but president, first. Will he reply to this. Watch out if he doesn’t. He has not for 7 during years during which he has been called a real and. You will witness that no matter what we hit him, he doesn’t make sound. We have such hold over him, we have made disappear from our TV Screens.



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