Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Senator, Michelle, we are humbled and you should know immediately

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Senator Obama, Michelle (ad on blog), and dear America

1) This is going to be hard considering the cicumstances, so may let us get away with the usual errors. On the ohter hand, to us its another day. Its just game playing finished. We are lost for a bit but have a bench we can rely on to lead the way: The Union Jack in the, The Stars & Stripes in America, but only if America will just hear our experiences we encountered in Runneymede Tea Rooms on the day of Saturday 24 May 2003, when Egham girls exhibited discomfort and as if coming out WW2 motion pictures under the stare of Nazis! That was...

2) We emphathise will the world (assuming world has read blog to explain non intention of grand designs. We only want a shop to dry clean in. We've got standards to intruduce and to sell. With no one else to do it, we will busy, possibly running too shift. We will sleep the rest) for replying late by our Standards and speed of intelligence. Practising silly walks brought calm of removed Sooby Doo Rechtor 8 Tremer when we saw Michelle Campaign add (New Yrk times!!! Really? We may like your answer the puzle of making sense out of dates measured in 10 gallons, and micro nights. Our copy is bit rough & ready as sent you in haste)

3) Senator Obama. We asked for a week, you came back in a few hours (we learnt at around 03:? :? hours. Previous DC Aministrations had not responded since 1994 when we reported our MRSA experience. We haven't done the differential equation and Fourier series for GW and the entire cabinet, Senator Hillary Clinton ( 2+2 = 4 really, but they "plus Bill G." still insist on 16 = -1. We havent got the time to backtrack to Bill's 8 years to prove time and again that in each case was indeed 2+2 =4

4) We can extrapolate our curve to be certian enough that there may be a generation gap of a sort between us at 64 and him a just a little older. We do not have the resources to convince him we may be a teenager at times others don't expect us to be. He would probaly call the psychiatrists on us. That will be fun another 14 years just to have fun. We have work to do.

5) Priorities right now: US and UK. We have loads of time to make suggestions in the blog on the Mayoral and local elections tomorrow and later. Gordon Browne and Ken Livingstone know already: The whole UK is forced to practice 16 = - from post Victorian days. Disrespect for bench marks of national colours is considered as a text book example of 16 = -1. For the Mayoral farse of tomorrow, the press have not done Boris Johnson a favour. He could have a chat with phillip Hammond on Baffoon issues possibly the aspiring Mayor getting his Morris Dancing, and say Gum Boot Dancing mixed up and would appear more of Bafoon than the Mayor and loosing credidiblity when Nelson Mandella visits.

6) Can carried away with nearest home. Sorry US. Won't be long. It is hard to trust any one who genyuinely believes in national colours. So we will take a calculated guess. Using self as a firm believer, we have derived long, long time time ago that if the likes Neo Nazi Emperors from post WW2 who were all 16 = -1ers, then diametrically opposing others may be 2+2= 4 ers, to the shock of many.

7) Reactionaries such as Libya, Iran, North Korea, Syria and similar stand a good chance of not being as delusionary. Leaders may the exact opposite opposite of what they were paninted. With shutting the non Western press completley from the West, we fabricated shear lies to make our people hat their people.... Extraoplate.

8) Laughing at Tony Bin and reducling Ken Livingstone has never made sense. We have been laughing at comon sense. Common sense has not existed for decades at least. Above all, if without humour we would enraged with emotions pent up and unable to do any thing about. Students can't debate. Get this: Oxford Union who makes world leaders have been hiding drom this dry cleaner and even to acknowledge receipt of mail.

9) US, this is taking long, but what can we do? We wnat to get out there, go and apolgolise to 1,500 Runnymede businesses who behaved as victims of bandana wearing loud mouth turning up to their meetings and expecting them to welcome him aboard. No, people. They may well remember bandana = weapon of terror and shear dread.
Expanded, you get state adminstered terrorism. Add Neo Nazi imperailsm on top, you get a ruthless mercilless dictatorship masked by HFD Limited Edition democracy!

10) The Limited Edition includes "Oh, but thats differnet". This is fantastic, because you could and they certainly did fit in water boaridng Abu Gharib, Guantanamo, Extraordinary Rendition, Oh yeh, no all right, well all right well Fucking NATO! What the fuck for? Soviet is dead, and NATO is getting stronger.And those numb scull poles, cecz, slovaks and all, w mean all others, piling over each other, with big grins on their faces. Aha! We are Nato members now! What for? damn right . Get the Americans out.

11) You are going to love this one: We are looking for Al Qaeda. They are smart, and we can't find them. Too damn right we can't Cliton and McCaine (would love to hear you on TV now. The other way, Senator. Thats a big pciture. Its got no handle, so it can't be door. You could fix, a hanlde to it, could you? But we don't want that shit any more). Alqueda, if it exists, are running away from the state administered with "Oh,thats different and armed so heavily that Rambo will get a double Hernia. May be AlQueda does have Hernia, and they can't even visit hospitals.

12) The world quite calmly, passionately and justly would love to know this, really. How much money have you spent on Al Queda? This includes NATO, and me be in exvess of 1,000,000 armed forces, Djibuti (you just took and forgot to tell the wolrd about it), Mombassa, Okinawa (if no Alqueda, who is the enemy? Is Australia giong to turn communists?). So, after covering the world with all this stuff to catch 12 people, how many of them have you caught? We have been getting impatient in Egham so that you colud catch one, just one. because you know by now how good I am by now: I ahve been waiting with syrgical gloves and that (No Sharon, badages. Wah
Whats my name John Cleese, whats my fucking name? Myaki. OK, hasso, ha ha ha. lead god damn book. Mr Keith Thompson (phyiscs) and others have been doing their work. All Monkey education. We don't every body jumping on the band wagon and all of sudden tell us how things should be done and changed. We know the game. Put the knives out. Stop playing with our future. Conducting ver strict regimes, fucking face painting and all to keep the little ones like sheep and plan where, when and how they should go. With teacgers playing Camp commandants, with broken hearts and having to do it. Just like we were force injected and called mad.

9) And we are just a foreigner, who came here in 1985 and learnt so much and suffered so much? How much have you suffered, mums and dads, and mums and dads before them? We were born free and found how different from you, due to the way we thought.

10) Senator Obama, and America: The people will be in shock.There was no way of avoiding this post. The incumabnt administration should have realised that the blog is gaining momentum, and getting big enough for ggoogle who approached us to advertise, It was not a joke. It snow balled. Did GW and colleagues know that blog power and the stuff we put could even get out of hands and we will chaos all over the place, given our frustrations with GW?

11) What they didn't know and we didn't tell ALOUD unitl now that for over a month, there was not a single commnent on the blog with goodness knows how many readers? Your government has silenced the whole world and petrified to comment for the fear of getting caught and silenced. That sent shiver s down our spine many a night not knowing what will happen. How do you rate so much responsibility and world politics to divert attacks on the business, respond to them, and feel as though running the world, we really saw that we indeed were.

12) And you get this! Off the cuff, Even the entire UN and America together couldnt produce this. Get shocked by hte Senator. Only hours later produce this. Look at what happened:

13) Prince William in Afghanistan after the joking Brigton post. We started laying foundations in ways no one wants to aee. So wars can go on. Great stuff Your Highness. Where did you get badges from?...

14) Something for his father: Do they know Laurent Van Der Post was a super 2 = 2 4. Some how, we can feel you'd approve off. We had CCCC that is 2+2=4, and couldn't speek for a couple of decades. Because of the common denominator, we could draw parallels. We read a book of 2 of his. Slept in the Klahari too and saw those night skies with the Bush men a few hundred miles South (Mongu, Senanga, Seheke, Limulunga, the Lozi Royal capital in summer). A week of field work every month for 7 years. How fortnate we were. Then things will change.

15) We are aware of the Affghan scene of a few days ago, and today, and are fully aware. Our views have changed in the hour we've been writing this. We realise we will hav to remain in charge of events owing to the speed of our intellignece as this post proves.

16) we seriously advise (not recommend) that the current state of affairs in force. The Afhhan thing is very volatile. I knew the poeple and culture. Let us be blunt. The Afhans, the frustrated world are stunned at what happened. Imagine,the Afghans (those who are fightig us, and reading blog(!), going around, feeling absolutely intoxicated with the philosophical and relgious aspects of man who did not give up. And we speaking about only from the last week of March to today. They have been reading blog and proud of how one of their man from out of all the places (not Bora Bora) has outsmarted the world's only super prower, and the number one economy

17) There are 7 billion of us with quite a few computer. We have had lap tops on wheels in India for the last 2 or 3 years. This unbelievale and ine off in human history can cause not ripples and wave but can cause Sounamis.

18) Afghans: Please stop fighting the Karzai Government, really. We mean it, beacuse I would like to assure you all that I have kept my cultural values to make me follow the straight and Narrow. Every one knows I have not been back. We don't drink, we dress Western, and pray when we can. We have large photo of Mecca above my computer. Apart from that, I do not discuss Islam with any one. No one in public knows I am a Muslim. No one needs to either. We do not belong to any Muslim organistion, In fact we cannot. Our work includes public Health and Hygiene for 1 billion humans who wear formal and office clothes that must be dry cleaned.

19) we are a shop keeper and we will have dry cleaning shops all over the world. You sell things to Muslims and non Muslims. Money is the same no metter who buys from you. Our policies are exactly the same.

20) We do not talk about this work and the fact that on our way to esyablishing a new world order. Everything will change for the better. We may have upset America, but it was a case of being cruel to be kind not becuse of exciitng your desires of havings things your way at last.

21) What we suggest and the world is welcome and in fact must express your feelings through this blog, until the government of Gordon Browne who will be more successful now owing to our efforts of getting Bush's supporters off his back. We are very stable here with the best of infrastucture, communication and arguably with our London as the financial capital of the world.

22) You may not kow this, but we may have overtaken New Yourk to the first place 6 months ago or so.

23) It seems that a pttern is emerging as we write, becuae it makes sense and conforms with how the world is seen through our eyes. It may not be the best, bu that is why you are there. Afhans and others. Send in your comments. We will consult the government to give us what we need while we remian a dry cleaner, and will not have graneur ideas (not grnadiose some one). We will not be able to dry clean for a while, but we can promise you some thing. A picture of a dry cleaning amchine will be in my work place so that I ever foret who I am and do thing I know nothing

24) having said that, I also know that the world will be extremely dangerous and unsatble the minute I say thats it. throw in the towell and tell Browne to take over. Oh no no no no! We said we have world beating intellignece, an dporved it last and this morning. By the time people went to bed, or got out of bed, we caused panick in America. Thanks to Senator Obama's equa intellignece to ours, he saw the danger and responded in hours. Imagine if he hadn't. We will have to tell you.

25) Some may think, we will be different and will make mistakes and chaos Will ensue, But first. We send you this to assure you and continue in blog 32. Give us an hour to have breakfast, OK. Be as you are. If you decide to comment and can do now, we will not be able to comment, because, there may be too many.

26) Oh, and GW, as measure of our being in charge even if a day, do remember, that the "publish button" is well within reach every minute of every day. Mustafa will do the shopping. We tell you, he love shoping. DEOSN'T! They spent two hours in TESCO last night. Think who he blames. There are two of them in the family. Give you a big clue. They have a mixed marriage. You've got up there in Kandahar. A man and women!
That was easy, wasn,t it? Give you a harder one, we mean a joke (being Kandahar, you know, you've got to watch your double menaings): I am carrying 15 apricots in my bag. I will give 10 of them to the first one who tells me what am I carrying! No clues there, then.


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