Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Senator, we had music

Post number 33:

Excuse not editing, we hope no meaning is lost. Inconveniences are regretted.

Senator Obama, and America

1) We felt huamn again as we always have done, this morning, when we read the dispatched version of post number 31. So we employed music for this, hoping it will help. it is "Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, Eddie Vedder, Gale Lemanski, and Amina Annabi". Although emphacised for its vocale excellence, we underscore that we listened the the work for its instrumental effects and different people getting together for making good things. If Eddie Vedder or Gale lemanski Jews, then our fantanssies would have been better. Why not assume at least one is.

2) We also dedicate our choice to you for late reply and for the intelligent words you chose early this morning when you announced your dissocitaion from The Reverand Right. But then the world had always epected such cerebral logistics from America and received other alterntives Instead, not as fit for purpose.

3) We noted your keeping religion and State away from each other, as we would expect from the next pesident. We also detecrted a bi party temporary unison for the preparation of the highly sensitive and unexpected reply, which must have been difficult. You may all have felt how we might have felt for a long time at the receiving end, alone, and for years, defending IP only at first, and a lot more, later. blog contents of 32 issues give detailed accounts for history to record, the world. We seem to have changed the world, and got a parking ticket fot it today. Inexperienced in such things, one would imagine. Doesn't look good on CV either. One world change in 65 years.

4) a note for lawyers and investors: We have meandered wildly over a may seem to have have gone over board. But since defences offered were all cerebral intellectual and other knowledge based however fundamental (as opposed to Advanced) had to match the opposition in classification. We included our Egham variety of WMD and used it as liberally as you did your's by classifying it as another. We diasgreed by looking for discrepancies in your application of laws. A great number of usage of what were WMD in effect as felt by people who were smashed to impressive eeffects and admired by friends of America with our Britain as number one (always beating others to it and looking as utter prats in the eyes of the world) without knowing why when asked.

5) Realities on the ground a lot of ground all over the world showed differentials between applied democracy and the theory as recorded on paper and equivalent material. We re engineered a whole host of complexes contradiction illogicallities and countless others 16 = -1s as exact equal to 4 invented but justified.

6) We arrived at HFD Basic and on square wheels for Britain (hence debates and PMQTS as meaningful as conversations between spotty teenage boys driven insane by harmones with mumbling sounds for speech utterly incomprehensible by single parents except when asking for money).

Note: Paragraphs above may came accross as loopy and nonsensical to some but perfectly normal others. To the former we have excellent news: Congratulations. you are cured from nearly a centruy of 16 = -1 and entering the new era of true Sovereignty, freedom of all forms. you have entered threalm of 2+2 = 4 when pychiatrists cured themselves will readily confirm as normal. A further sign of getting cured to come in phase 2 is when you see Stars & Stripes on clothes you will not feel like a Jew again, but miraculousy go: Ooh, Whats that, Kevin. The latter still half paralised by the effects of Neo Nazi Imperiast, the idold of the British establishmnents inclduing one Nicholas Saomes who inheited 16 = -1 ill effects from no so far gone ancestors.

7) Other issues such as the near death of Intellectual Property, knowledge Economy, devaluation of British Univesities as second and similar can be explained by the newly redeemed 2 + 2s to their unfortunate others. A Marty Feldman (recipient) could prevent effect to intermittent realities until they see andother Star & Stripe. Americans are kindly asked not to wear the perfectly fantastic article in Britain. They are referred to follow observation by genius American Ambrose Bierce who said a Kelt is a clothing worn Scotsman in America and Americans in Scotland.

8) Other business: Art & Culture. Hollywood films with main character role for Pearly Kig of The cockneys and Robin will look ridulous in the new realty of 2 + 2. Mr Nick Griffin of BNP and the entire cast of BNP may express anxieites as to whether or there are any side effects to 2 + 2. We can assure them, those fears have been injected by MTV Popcorn Idols and loads of other crap more then totaly devoid of human intellect as the ensuing fall of the Empire illustrated before the readers of this blog.

Note: It was true that Rome was not built in one. History records that this Rome was destroyed ine one.Up and coming Imperial aspirants using vacuum cleaners to count collars may wish to note that "If it is a product of thought, than it can be defeated by thought".
Senator Obama

10) Some nuts and bolts had to be loosened for instant re engineering creating some needed employment using our own expertise and without having ever be tricked in to being shoulder to shoulder of the past. Both nations would be unwise not to try bcause we have so many good bits we re engineer quickly, but on equal terms without the appliction of the old gigantism. the Reality of 2 + 2 has given a real new meaning to the phrase, size isn't every thing.

11) we cannot visualise the American government to have experience in the interim priod of now and whenever. Our intelligence may have detected an unbelievable occurance of late when the Reverand Right was answering a question or 2 from a young girl. To mind like ours, it reminded one of of the Kuwaiti Ambassador's daughter who was the world convincing witness. The staged managed show played a role in the thorough destruction of a relatively spuerior society enriched with every thing you have been trying to give them again for 5 years and not succeeding.

12) we believe that The US administration would even wish to require further choce examples to drive this point home: There is no doubt in the author's mind whatseoever about people calaiming America is a Neo Nazi Impire with the Chief as Hitler. In fact we provide a new coeffient to prove that like Hitler's regime which was a State Admininstered Nazi Machine, so is America's: The bandana test in Magna Carta Tea Rooms on May 2003, else where in Egham, in the wider London worn by the author proved beyond doubt that the said bandana is a weapon of terror because we saw those faces, we saw the sweat, we also saw the escaping eyes from our bandan wearing eyes in jam packed tubes. We felt ourselves terrorised of our own terrorism because it was temporarily staged. It was social researh.

13) Senator Obama, we feel good. We feel like we wrote the first third to half of " Heart To Heart". We want more sesposes like yours of last night. The good news is we don't want to recieve it here. We don't need, because we have 20 decades of hands on living research material from head that we have been afrraid to write. You use what these mere threads leads you on to. Re engineer it and localise it to suit your needs.

14) And all of a sudden, we are not scared of Michelle any morem either. We kept bumping grape vine patches that she is clever. We do not know what in, but there are likelihoods that she probablt sports more knowledge in her subject, in which we may be semi literate at best. To encourage the world, we would say that we have not been working in an office atmosphere since 1985. Surprised? Don't be. We have been unempled and on income support to live on and win the if you like. We have not been allowed to have friends for the State's fear of indoctrintaing them with our poison. The only two friends are mentlly ill, and an MRSA amputee who picked the bug. We found the defending report so elemntary that we beat it hand down, but we won't go there. in the flow, you see.

15) Let us concntrate on the boiling issue of The Reverend Right and what could be on local and regional menues where his congregations an dno dobt fierce opponents are. Its a chaos that th Crusading Neo Cons (Any doubts? Comments on the blog, please, please. No one will fish out records and do to you what they did to. Let us give you an example. States in various steps of what hit them over night, may catch poor blog readers who are well informed and unable to become good.

16) As we speak, there may be people who are introuble and going through the country's reforming processes, whether psychiatry, torture, shooting and dumpng bodies. Governments and states are warned (nad we do mean it), don't do any thing stupid. How are we capable of doing this only after 2 sincere mails Senator & us exchanged less than 24 hours ago. We suggest you wait and see the result of this very letter on the American people. Ia it magic, sorcery, is it god, are we god? NO. N O T AT ALL! (underscored each word aloud. It is only knowledge you could and will gain because we will make it availbe to you. Sell it to you if business. Give it you, if part of social responsiblities. We have so much you wouldn't believe it the Anerican government, and Procor & Gamble did.

17) Lets finish this. Not only is it good, but will be "information" to ill based sick states and equally self interested individuals and groups. Now matter how big you are, we will find you and fix you the we did the Pope, America, now, and we suppose you want to be next.

18) Consider this: America and us locked horns on predecessors of CCCC since the 1990s, say. Why are we not dead, 10 times over? Was Amercia merciful to us? Has she ever been to any one? thats your answer answer. Better still, you will tell us the wonderful way, America has treated you in the past decade. You know you will have no fear, beacuse this letter will see to that. We are not bombing any body. We will not kill you if you admired America,. Do it through the blog...

18) Battle's continued and we said the only way to put an end to this non sense, lets raise the stake and make a challenge: Our CCCC agianst your Britain (it was theirs till today). We were not joking. Here we are. We kept CCCC and won Britain as a spin off!

19) Back to the Reverend. He is a 2+2 = 4. Now, let people, those present with Senator Obama, working on his radio braodcast, both parties, all of the Reverends supportes and opponnets. Look what this letter has done already. Noe of you should have any worries about me. goodness, did not ever have to? I would have. Afhan, Muslim, Muslin, Mauzlim, we do not mind. had you known us differently? who by? trace the source with heart and mind if you wnat to build America. You will have the ride of your lives. You will expose trouble makers and een become freinds.

20) American governments have not been responsible for sledge hammering the world. Why was the Balkans divded? to make small, to put NATO, then pillage and rape. What have you been told? Yes. We know what you know. the way to go about it is to dialogue. Network to this blog.

20) With The Rev as a 2+2, Mr Obama a 2+2, but made to lean towrds 16= -1, you have the play makes. We know that 16= -1 are in the majority. So Mr Obama was and still going a hard patch. We apprcaite that. Now, how much does letter, diffuse the time sensative time bomb, ad we speak. You are all groups in our minds with every word written. Feel the approach of this letter. Are we mischievous to outsmart you? What do you have if you have been stealing from us (me)?

20) proceedings thus far is news to you. We claim we know it s new to you. Your government, universities, no body will give you any thing they risk as riskee subject to make you smarter. The smarter, the easier for you to identify your Neo Nazi Government that has shamed us an American as well as you all. If we are wrong, then why Harvard, Minessota, North Carolina State, Arizona (Any comments, Senator McCanie?blog please?). The comment about a door and the picture frame was about you MrMcCain. We were agest? Any libels coming our way? we will deal with it. If not, why not? Have you got something to hide? IF so, as a liar, why are you campagning. Is it because GW got away with it. So you want to have a shot at it?

21) he blog opens up new debates. Can any one raise these points with you or of the other 2. The answer is no. Because you all decide what you want to talk about?why not ask the grass root to select topics, then each of you can answer. The naswer is you really don't to answer issues that voters want. Its governing top to bottm. What is not inclduded is covered in controlled press, poiticains talking craps, elections, campaigns offices and goverments are not fit for purpose.

22) What taught us all this? Truth, measurable quantifiable truth. May be busines modelling. We are dry cleaners. We realised it does not clean, and has never ceaned.The truth was 4 naon metres particle size. This size has brought the downfll of an empire. Because with that minute amount of truth, we worked upwards, found new matreials, discovered business rivalries, you name it.

23) We also found health hazards. We invented prevntative measures. This gave us power but no money, in our contry. Its in the hands of the state. May be on principle, you shouldn't make money out of people's health. we too this root. Health aspects of CCCC became our socail responsiblity. To serve publc health has no income. Its a form of charity. here is the power. As a charity, you ca ask for help. If you can get government involved. Than power meets power. There could be friction.

24) In our case, our health meaures will save a part of 50,000 lives a year.

25) Our government refised to help. So did Universities, banks, investors, not forgetting the press. We were puzzled as to why no one wanted some thing so good that you will have 1 billion customers,. If these spent £50 a year £100 or so), the annual turnover would be £100,000,000,000 a year, every year. Or you will share it with the comptetion when they develop alternatives. Ours is new innovtions and high value to will develop to a Brand as rupted as Nike.

25) Our probing exposed the US Empire singling the IP for development in america. Our power base was the moral power of not allowing all or none or some of the 5,000 people to die. We knew we had immense power in terms of Human lives.

30) So, The Empire did not care for the life of 13X5,000 = 65,000 British lives over 13 years! The reality: Over the same period we,ve had Major, and Blair, now Brown,Clinton, G, GW, ruled and Obeyed (Britan). 1,000 of our folks died, they had had meetings, they did "My fellow Americans" Justice prevsiled. We said in our lonely room, said really? So that's what justuice is.

26) We had truth that lead us to the top. we would not have succeeded. We will not have had a cause for either.

27) Truth taughts us law too. e became the best lawyer on the planet without attendind a day in alaw scool. Here we are, writing non stop for hours without legal suits being levelled against us. We just addressed innsensative agest remarks about possibly the next president in the world. Every word we write we think of those people dyin gin our hospitals as we speak. We make sure we do not write damaging statements about them.

28) People are dying in world hospitals, too. Working ever so hard to save their live too, agve us global power. We have global legal power with no lawyer in sight or in our pay. Laws are made to protect people. We are doing that. Therefore, in this cae we are lawyers, because goveernments have been made to lie. The final port of call was Capital Hill. We knocke duntil we won.

29) blogs. Watch out for blos. They have power once read by a laarge enough, governments caanot control.

30) We left this one to last, deliberately correct negative perceptions of a major sort if Senators Cinton, Obamaand, McCane had opposing vies about us. We encourage both Senators McCane, and Clinton, to feel free to speak on TV, or contibute through the blog. We ourselves have no role to take part in oral deabte TV shows or press interviews. e only communicte in writing. Can any one think of a reason why we should go to public places. It would be intersting to know.

31) We remain vigil as far as need be, paricularly on the Afghan scene. With health or reason and logic behind, we will be guided by the needs health dictates. We have no poitical agenda or interest any where. We feel we have done, and justify the absence of punctually for prriotising health to offer help to Amercans you can think of.

Yours sincerely,


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