Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank you Liverpool

Post numbber 35:
Dear Michelle and barrack,

Ordoer of names will be cahnged after November, Barrack. Meanwhlie, enjoy our demoting him to First Gentleman. hy not, and do call us Mohammad, please.

We are delighted for Liverpool University's contribution thru their ad just now. We thank them very much. Our friends were immensely delighted with Liverpool. World, please meet Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and team. Oh, Liverpool, a fine University too.

Next, you may even see Royall Holloway adveritse too, now that our Egham rules the world. The price we have to pay for being famous. Dear

Oops, a bit of fluff on the bloody key board just as we were trying to locate the letter F to launch the first barrage of Egham WMDs. Would you believe how something soft like fluff can affect WMD's? You know that GW? Oh, shame. You are BFZed. Stay that we. No Bush for a week, now. Oh, joy.


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