Sunday, April 27, 2008

With Hammond a criminal, Boris has no reason to become our Mayor, or does he?

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You don’t come across one of these even once in a life time. So it makes sense if it doesn’t make sense:

A Mayoral leaflet to Londoners: Make and distribute but after you read blog Read it back to front to catch up the latest first. You might want to advertise on the site. In under a month it’s a hot global blog with Google advertising, Flag wholesalers and retailers among them. Among other things, an Asian has taken on Nick Griffin and BNP and demanded they hand over the Union Jack to Gordon Browne to fly it along
The Cross of St George he bravely hoisted above number 10.

Mohammad claims Gordon’s patriotism pissed off American Slaves the printed press and a chief salve and a double Jew (no disrespect) to pull out cheap stunts of stupid Sunday headlines and Lord Levy serialised book in the Fail On Sunday, according to Mohammad.

Blogger hhtp:// tells this story:

1) He made major discoveries in dry cleaning worth millions. He marketed it, sold it in high street shops for 20,000. Exported dry cleaning to customers in Europe& America. He has paper proof, the full shebang.
2) When tried to globalise it so he doesn’t have to sell it post, he went through a living nightmare. Put in HM prisons, sectioned in psychiatric units and forced injected, he suspected “Americanism” behind his problems.
3) British expertise, were terrified of him, instead of excited to help him or even have the damn thing free for themselves.
4) A clever (well ish) intellectual (Imperial College) that Mohammad is, he tried something outrageous: What he couldn’t understand was the reaction from the Brits were none of the stereotypical traits of Muslim, Asian, or any thing else. Why feel terrorised as if a Sparrow Hawk zooming in on the poor little things.
5) The outrageous thing was that he got an American Stars & Stripes large head square (scarf) and wore it as a Bandana. He wore it in London pubs and in tubes.
6) He describes people in pubs and tubes changing facial expressions to those of the 1940s Jews in occupied Europe, when being stared at by the Gestapo, the SS, or the Concentration camp commandants. Mohammad deliberately tried it on to affirm his hypothesis.
7) On days he took the same routes and visited same pubs, he found the usual crowd you normally meet, extroverts, being themselves, relaxed, and telling him to fuck off when he extended his eye to eye contacts.
8) He tried the government, and the main second opposition. They were equally terrified of Mohammad. With the Jewish analogy, he called Stars & Stripes as a weapon of terror (it still. You try it). Mohammad now calls George W Bush and Neo Cons as Neo Nazis and Briton as occupied colony served by a Henry Ford Democracy (call it HFD) “… any colour you like as long as its black”
9) 10 Years later, he now accuses Phillip Hammond, his MP a criminal. Hammond, Shadow Treasury Secretary and number 2 to Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.
10) With Hammond, a criminal, Boris Johnson has no leg to stand on as a candidate. He doesn’t the facts (they are) in the blog. Some one should tell him to read the blog.
11) Gordon Browne’s hoisting the Cross of St George, stunned Mohammad. No British PM has done that at least going back to about 1929 (he stands corrected).
12) Mohammad is not only after restoring dignity to all UK national flags and the Union Jack, but has gone for the Jugular of America in the blog.
13) The blog gives a good account of his go getter Evil Kenivel dare devilry.

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