Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 Mile Long n4 Traffic Jam

Post number 74.
1) We have cut diamnd gms the size of wallnet to give to world's governments.

2) Here is some thing for the UK film industry the Hollywood is terrified about because of n4's devastating knowledge to blow Holywood away. Spielberg the rest was just a taster. Spielberg was targeted to publicise n4 to beijing - UK athletes - crap London Mayor. Job done and much more. Bush has done enough to us. And we'd hate to be involved, becasue I'd hate to hurt as would the other 3. yake it ot leave it. We do not impressany one. We have the knowledge.

3) There may be a man in Ealing Studios, may be but can't be sure. If correct, than if Hollywood hadn't strngled him already, save him with round the clock protection. We need his to reinforce n4. Together him and with UK pop and folk will walk in to US, instead of desparately shape our selves to be like them. Of course, always a fae copy we've been teated like shit. We won't even need a passport the way n4 does.

4) A strong word of advice to disappointed aspirees of days gone by and those trying today. Please don't embarrass yourselves. Get to know who we are. Our name is very misleading. To give you an idea, yesterday's Partial flume squeeze must have made you feel like a sausage sucked in through a straw. Put in another way, some giants drew a comment "Why dosesn't some one shoot him. Comment applies to Americans trying to get in the act.

5) Mandel'a being here is not an act. Only your attempts are and seen from miles away. We also some Monkeys, it must be said, from here. What do you take us for. We are like one of these road sweepers with our post. If you are on our path and shouldn't be, you will be brushed away without us feeling a thing, and while our job. No one will blame us, you will destroy what you've built. e just provided the pistol to shoot yourself in the, well sort of. You will be laughed at when you are gone.

6) The real issue is buiding a Britain of some kind that some would hate to see come about. Boy are we good at spotting them or what? You fuck with us, and you will hit with words before you know what happened.

7) We were on films and TV for that matter, where words are equally important. We really are grate ful to the Bishop in Australia to make an example of Gordon Ramsey to hint at our foul mouth. Personally, we'd hate it as much as you do sir, and we will stop it as soon as the world is safe from GW.

8) We had social obstacle to overcome where our son was used as a weapon to stop n4 dead in its track. We suspected our son was hypnotenised (better word escapes us). Similar to Stockolm syndrome. A sufferer is known to us (BBC specific) who is not backto his full potential after 20 years! We did a desk study od sorts and felt if we could destroy the myth of the perpetraitor being an almost god in the eye of the victim. Attmepts by the loved ones to help worsnes the situation ultimately making loving blood realtions as hated enemies. This was happening to us as father as any father would know.

9) We had no access to the man, all doors were closed. As readers might gather. So we started a barrage of WMD loaded e-mails that took the grounds from under the man's feet. No where, on earth has any one come across Mohammads who can no one else can. Would you believe it our role model has been GW. He really does know how to shut people up. Who esle will bomb a city 40 days and the same number of nights.

10) We have no idea how god like the man is now, but our son knows now what holiday are now (as opposed to working in sweat shop in London not Bangladesh),takes thm. he even has a girl friend because he is no longer humilated in front of the colleagues. A remarkable achievements. GW is such a ruthless psychopath that he hit people, make them to mince meat, and then goes and bombs them again to make sure there is come back. He never asks an question.

11) Our WMD was found highly effective against him. We have banned him form world TV and Radio for a few days, as Laura Bush's announcement proved, to us any. We will stop using WMD when ahve totally disamred him so that we could start dry cleaning. Thsi blog wars have been o pure accident, and quite an unexpected spin off our core business CCCC.


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