Saturday, May 3, 2008

4 Nano Geo Politics Kicks Ass And Bottom

Post number 57
1) Not known to some middle ranked academics (to bring in Big British Guns because our survival ias at stake.

2) Lets keep it high Octane to cover more ground:

3) Bush failed to redicule Brown on Golf Buggy. Bush shocked. The former no Blair> Guys, what the fuck to do.

4) Brown came home triamphant. Lack of Charisma helped UK Based American press eroneouly known as UK press, sharpened press axes to massacre Browne instead of giving him a Hero's welcome.

5) Bush dumped Browne and loyal Labour, switched camp, and began backing Cameron.

6) Cameron Laped it all up.

7) Browne Raised Cross of St George on Number 10. Press (Star & Stripes worshipping cunts) ignored their own identity, pride, dignity, self respect, by ibnoring national colours. KNOW YOUR PRESS, BRITAIN!!! Boy cott the whole lot!

8) Cameron Campaigned backed by giant USA machinery from home and Abroad. No wonder, Tories got 200 extra councillors. Since Americanism cancer has spread in to tiny microscopic veins, you bet life you've got yourselves American Councillors, with Cameron as the waiting next governer of the 52nd state, licking his lips with delight. You fcuking slave.

9) How else does the nation think the colleague of the criminal Phillip Hammond, got to be the Mayor of London? He may be talking he will do all sort of things. Whats waiting for him is our Guantanamo. Keep a cell for him, corner shop keeprs.

10) These mother fuckers, especailly Bush and Cameron don't know who dealing with?
Nick Cleg will be the main opposition leader and we won't have a Torry Party unless the provisional steering Committee advise others.

11) North of England, and elsewhere, waive Union Jack at your newly American councillors and say to them, Howdee partner. Hows it hanging? They should answer in made up English accents.

12) Hit the nation with letters and exchange snail mail addresses for creating local regional and national associations for 4n. Tis will ensure protecting your home address for misuse by bank fraudsters and dodgy Viagra tablets. The state is not geared up to check snail mail.

13) Unlucky for American Councillors, UK American press, and America's Bush supporters, this is how to do it, there too.

14) Create some employment and use Royal Mail, and US mail to mail hard copies of choice blog posts.

15) They may have control of press and media, but with machine intelligence. We will use human intelligence, use post men, and employ even more. That will cheer up both of our (mine) coutries, while the dumb (CIA, MI5. MI6....) will be FROZEN solid and unable to even move.

16) Huh, Huh. Oh, YES! WE mean HUhuhuhuhuhuhu Bulls eye!


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