Friday, May 2, 2008

4 nano metres is true and exercises political powers

Post number 53
A draft subject to change at any time given availabilty of human and other resources.
CCCC Research and discoveries of IP proves relatioship between sciences the envionment and politics.

1) Deriations derivations by Uinited Kingdom Human Resources as soon as humanly possible, with due considerations and respect to Newtonian Euilibria national security, economy, ehtical/moral values, prestige and others.

2) These governments are declared illegal, and are banned to govern with immediate effect. This is to stop any damage they may have caused to national interests: The US government, HM government of the united Kingdom with special provision and exceptions to rules as dicatited BY us (4 nano matres) from Egham, The government of Iraq, the government of Israel. The government of Afghanistan is ommitted, and is allowed to continue to govern although it is as illegal as all others.
3) These international organisations: UN with much reduced powers to be specified in due course, The World Bank, IMF

4)derivations above were onlt made possible when we studied the role of our Olympians in thsi year's Bejing Olympics, and the affect the election of Boris Johnson May have psitive and otherwise to the morales of our atheletes. In the light of the announcements made in previous posts, Mr Johnson's elections is nul and void with immediate.

5) It would be unwise, damaging to the efficiecy and moral of our athleetes, and indeed to our national cahracter if the Mr Johnson is a member of a major political party of this country with a semi proud reputation in the history of the United Kingdom. Full pride is not bestowed for their subserviant Criminal ties and obedience ofthe HFD.

6) Then by deduction, The conservative Party is declared illegal anf unfit for purpose for the very nominating any one to become the mayor of London. The conservative Paty are declared nul and void and has no longer a role to play in the affairs of this owing to their protecting Phillip Hammond to work in responsible shadow posts. Mr Hammonds criminal activity of the undersigned, founder of CCCC and the the efective governing authority of the United Kingdom.

7) Mr Livingstone is reinstated to take up his Mayoral duties with immediate effect, now that Mr Johnson is disqualified.

8) We would also ask Mr Lvinstone to meet us in Egham where are in virtual house arrest to discuss the possiblities of helping us with essential help we need to diachrge our national and global responsiblities.

9) We will cotact Mr Livingstone once his he has resettled in his immediate previous post.

10) Mr Nick's Lib Dems will make up the main parliamentary opposition.

11) No commuincation can be held whatsoever with the Tory Party. Mr Cameron may best fnd out the reason for this from his number 2 Shadow Finance whm we found impenetrable not only to approach, but Mr Hammond threatened us with deportation. Had he succeded, he would have deprived the United Kingdom Who wanted to contribute...We would rather hand over to Mr Hammond expalain to Mr Campnell what exactly did happen from 2001 election days to the present day. Mohammad was andmirer of William Hague but Mr Hammond would not even meet him. Although our MP Mr Hammond has turned down all of our approahes. We never knew why, readers.

11) Thank you so much to the UK Olympian Beijing bound who expressed views in a national radio.


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