Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aha! MI6 Intelligence, At Last.

Post number 61

Note to ????? Avert efforts by god makers. This contians Sudi matters from a human, not god, or spirits. Its some lowly bastard of a an old man. OK

1) So, there you are, MI6. Delighted to see you adverise on our site that were stunned to see your name. We are disarming America, Israel, even of her nuclear weapons. They will have to get Daley Thompson to hurl it at the Iranians. Daley has too much humour and burst with laughter telling the Israelis, this is not going to work man. Get some petrol! Intelligence, yes? Read on:

1a) Breaking news: America just mentioned Alqeda's presence in Iraq. Amrica's attentions is drawn to her lack of comments on Bashir Bakr. We have zeo comments. Therefore, it is official bye 4n that Alqaeda does not exist. The mention by America or any one esle will put complicit them implicitly and explicitly with America and Israel in the murder of i billion innocent Mulims and other collateral damage. ALL ARE WARNED AND WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE TO OUR STEEING COMMITTEE's METEING OUT JUDGEMENT! Recorded at 17:05 hours GMT Sunday, 4 May 2008.

2) We dropped our delightful memories of Zomba Platesu (pashion fruit and straw berries) Carlsberg brewed in Malawi, Kamuzu Hastings Banda, his dictatorship on the one hand, and spening £500 in foreign exchange on each student of The famous Institute, complete with top White British teachers, Lake Malawi and the unbelievably tasty Chamba fish, hair cuts at the boarder, women - no trousers, man - no bell bottom, step out of the car or go to jail! We dropped all that because we can secure home base.

3) Without you, pro or against, we make the following declarations, and test you while not even leaving Egham in the next 2 to 3 days. Thats all 4n intelligence needs to Assure, playing card makers, ring makers, and the Saudis and others. Here we go, shall we:

4)OK, David Milliband, stick with it, and we invite the man, woman, GW who still obeys our BFZ except twice. Once, when he gained the title of mass murderer, and handed over Israel on the plate to the world. We didn't do it. He did it. Israel, blame a dumb, sub intelligent Bush. The second, when he polluted our broadcasting waves in Britain, and paid the prices in "authorising" us to make Hyper Nazi playing cards!

5) You are with us so far. Well, we demonkeyfied you, to begin with. Flush out the bithes and bastards.

6) Now, we have a show.

7) Why David Milliband? Well, he was the one who announced the conclusions of the days business on the middle East confernece with Blair chairing it. The intent to continue the war on terror and a warning to Iran on the nucleur issue was announced with Angela Merkil (soon to fitted with Madagaskar in her, metaphorically) and the glove puppet Moon to do Bush's dirty job for her.

8) CIA and all other Think Tanks (you taking this in The suppressed Middle East and the rest of the world? Enjoy the demlolition of America's intelligence that has frightened theday light out of the world. They are zero rated!!!) did well to choose the 2 topics.

9) The two, had we not been alert, would have been the death of this blog and the yyper world power it has established to govern the globe as you have experienced. We have 100% zero comment for 6 weeks on every front we have defended 4n. Thye know that.

10) No need to impress the world that 4n and us brought about the confernece, and expected mistakes to be made, because 4n has turned tables round where we nonger have to be prepared for unexpected by the sub intellignet Pope and ultimately by the amazing non appearance of dry cleaning replies in Which? in May. The lat one was excellent, but perhaps the best attack on us off all of them.

11) We are where we are. We were so incensed at the stupdity of Bush, Think Tanks, Blair, Grmany, and the UN that we issued the "NO, NO, No post" after disqualifying Blair from the conference and ordering him out. He did't and couldn't leave (impractical, and even we know that. The conference had to go on, and would have been unthinkable for the world to acknowledge our power over the most powerful.

12) Blair knew he couldn't make the announcement that he was entitled to. He was the chair for gooness sake. We scored a point when he saved his money making future by getting David Milliband to make the accouncement. He was humiliated by handing over his authority to the British Foreign Secretary. So, in effect, in the eyes of Israel and the Palestinians, Blair's reputation is in tatters. That is why Elephant Doctor Condie Rice went over yesterday. More on her below.

13) As a result of turning tables round, we did not only detected cracks and were presented with falls the way GW did with his Shock & Awe in Baghdad. He shook the tree of knowledge of Iraq and shippe them to the West.

14) David Milliband was either a sacrificial goat (we made him!), in which case we cannot hold him responsible. However, if Gordon Browne and him have been following the blog and hints in it the day of his raising the Cross of St George above Number 10, then were David Milliband and his boss master minded the whole thing? Why London as a venue? Out of fear and respect for 4n and Egham? May be but not overtly, or the game would been over. Whatever.

15) Germany turned out to be not giving a damn about the STATE AMINISTERED TERRORISM of Bush, Banky Moon, a glove puppet with GW's hands up his ass, Tony Balir as the enmy of the British people, not to mention of reinforing Germany's efforts of practically kicking our British Jew (Remember the derivation?). Britain will rememeber Blair and his days of "It Will Only GEt BEtter" and beyond shocking and beyond belief. What will he and the family thing when they read this. If he is good, then he will defend himself by posting a comment.

16) We are now positive that the Browne government will not only survive but will play a huge role in provinding all vehicles for 4n to change the world. It must be stressed that our "impressing" MI6 in this post is designed to remove the overall decesion making from the Browne government and firmly place them at the hands of the undersigned who is merely following 4n's derivations. If ha claimed personal glory and the "washing machine£ appedages, then he will have no credibilty, arrested and detained. For he would have been as stupid as GW on that war ship of his claiming victroy. Oh, no!

17) We declare the press coverage of the UK press = The American press from Grodon Browne's Golf Buggy humilation to this minute and for all future times as deemed neessary as destrying the fabric Britishness and keeping Britain as America's slave. Havind said the entire contents of each and every British daily is scrapped as utter rubbish and declared nul and void and sheer fabrication to keep Britain as Americ's colony.

18) So, in the famous way, we challenge criminals like our press, we shove things up people's bottoms. We hearby philosophically and metaphorically shove the whole of India up the press's ass and tell them that we have been knid to them. Brtian is forgiving. It could have Africa with the thinner end a lot thicker. No lubricant has been used, Murdoch, Desmaond Morris, Liz Hunt, Claire Browne (Editor, EH, believe it or not. Public Health traitor), Morris Chitendon (2001 for crying out loud!). Two names will shock the British public for how long we had been ignored, and humiliated by the American. We believe a lot of people have said in the past that one cannot mess with the press. We say that must have a joke.

19) If it wasn't, then the press will and should massacre us, much worse than they did Grodon Browne. Send comments, press, one and all. If not, then Gordon will have Africa ready for you and free to shove in the rectum of any of you who even said, "Hum, are you sure you right about that Gordon?" Your problm will be that we will hear you first, hit you with you WMD and then tell Gordon to do the shoving, the way he knows best. He might start with the Hymalia's first. At least you won't scream either way, bcause WMD will have sedated you all. You fucking cunts! Comment within the hour, or say even tomorrow, and then you will see the "publish button" depressed! ha ha! Gocha.

20) We will convert America's tanks Depleted Uranium that contaminated the Afghan soil so that people will have to be re located, children are born with birth defects, malshaped bones in arms and legs, according to an Afhghan doctor (you touch, you will know, any one!!!). Also a different grade of DU is used than Iraq (hehicles vs soils for deep penetration in Bora Bora and else where), concrete busting DU to kill Taliban under bridge.

21) Afghan Deputy Helath Minister Kaakar unsure whether babies defective births could be attributed to DU (An Afghan, twin citienzip?!). It could be due to malnuitrition, and wait for it, birth defects don't exist in Afghanistan! WHO woman when asked when asked, claims WHO has not received a request fro mAfghan Health Authorities, whithout which no enquiries can be launched.

21) Canadian experts are convinced no further tests are needed and Afghans (poor & illitetate, hence voiceless) must be helped. Around Bora Bora, goats and chicken die. Trees shrivel up and die. There are sacks of bombs that explode naw and then when peole work in their contaminated fields and die.

22) Whats this we hear people taking pot shots ar karzai? Ah, but wait a fuckning minute. Its the taalibaan, isn't it? Evading the security of Ameicans to enter Kabul unobstructed and shoot at Karzai. How gullable can one get? All one needs to do is to listen to the American verssion and Afghan government version of the news, when you wiil know that there is no one else but Taliban to blame. Silly us indeed, hey readers.

23) The bad news is actually good news. The Aghans have taken the blog and its global power over Bush as supreme, and have come out to speak. They will speak more. So perhaps the afghans and the Afghan/British/Zambian/American will kick America's ass this time round. Last time the Afghans and one of theirs way down in Zambia joined forces to kick the Soviets ass. Kenneth Kaunda was mused and swapped him with Nelson Mandell's 44 boys. America impresed with this lone Afghan gave him citizenship after Kenneth Kauda's David Phiri (Home Affairs) agreed with the swap.

24) The same swap is doing all this stuff now for his first country Britain. In 1980, he was fighting for Zambai first, Afghanistan second, it must be said. He didn't want his Zambian atheletes to go to Moscow Olympics, the same as he doesn't want his British Ahteletes go to Bejing, although for different reasons. How consistant Mohammad is, or what a lying bastard he is. The blog will develop.

25) before the real prize MI6 to you, let us acknowledge our winnings. With the Bush Administration under the attack and making mistakes, we pick each one and deliver commentaries to assert our suprior intelligence over their outdated ones.

26) Condie's trip to Isreal was not planned. After the disaster in London wher the UN was illegal as a result (enemy of British techers and education too), Elephant Doctor Rice was dispatchd to Israel. To begin with, this is a kick in the teeth of Blair (No No No) post. That job is his, and he should have gone to trouble shoot. But after demolishing him in Lodnon, Bush had to send the Elephant doctor. Not prepared she fucked things up:

27) Israelis to do somthing about the qualititative aspects of the road blocks. Don't our fellow Americans love phrases they invent? Extra Ordinary Rendition whic is basically kidnapping, beating the crap out of people, take them places they don't exist in couties that don't exist, in the planes that don't exist, etc. Only these countries to amazing 3 dimensional existance when their NATO membership is flashed in the air that does exist or the flasher will die. Then the polish Prime Minsiter gives salutations and is odered to send his troops to Kandahar, or Helmand.

28) The prime minister promised Bush that he will deport even more Polish plumbers to the UK and even tell Gordon Browne to appoint Polish speaking bank managers for them. Bush tells the British press to see to it and while at it topple Browne nad install Cameron instead. The press succeeded in others, but enforcing the last order back fired and they get some large enforced in themselves.

29) The Polish Prime minister maintains maintains pride by boating theat he is given Ghazni and leads 23 other normally invisible Nato countries. He is disgraced in Poland because the poles wanted him to send the troops to Mazar.

30) How did we end up with plumbers, and Polish speaking Englsih bank managers? Don't ask us. Bush fucked the world up. We are just telling the story.

31) Disarming America as we speak, along with Israel: With the Afghans showing us they are not afraid to send us their news, the rest of us will undoubted get propelled to start making Ace of Spades playing cards, but rings first, we would have have thought. No body objects to wearing rings. When a great number in each country, wearing 4n rings which is maths - truth -power, the police, the public and card makers dressed up as psychiatrists (no logic, just came ) will be rearing to go make and sell cards. Wearing of the rings will weed the American agents out (those who gave Cameron his 200 new councillors). They will vanish to thin air for their own safety...

32) Then, make cards, and more rings at well and taste freedom.

33) Repeat stages for national flags for when we call you to use them. For now, we announce that American law giving American soldeirs and citizens freedom to escape non USA law and subject ot US law only is scrappped forthwith as of now 19:53 hours GMT today Sunday 4 May 2008. If found guilty of offences military or civilains, they will be detained by national security forces and dealt with the same laws.

34) It must be said that all laws and articles isued in the blog to clear grounds for 4n projects to do business without future fears of Americans impeding progress will be vigorously but peacefully persued to disarm America of its conventional and nuclear capabilties out US soil. Only a comprehensive diarming can ensure CCCC and other4n projects to commence and do the good it ahs promised 20 years ago.

35) Successive errosion of the US powers will give the Saudis an others to chase Americans out of their soil. A yard stick for periodic checking of the American military morale would be to summon US Generals, Air Force chiefs, Admirals and other fuckers hiding inplace we can't tell yet and give them written notices to read the complete blog.

30) Then, at random freuencies, call them to Saudi Offices and make them coffee. Before they enjoy the first sip ask if they've Mohammad's blog. Whether the answer is yes or no tell them politely to get the fuck out of your country when they've the read the blog.

31) Educate Saudi Women and children to carry Saudi flags by the 1000s and tell Americans to fuck off each time they see them on streets. If not on streets, then oil installations and their well gaurded residnces will do. For these well gaurded places, tradesmen and suppliers can smuggle fuck of cards in boxes.

32) Then, one day, hey will leave, when they've seen enough of the disapproving faces, rings, playing cards, antional flags,ec. It may be said that rude words mentioned are free WMD given to you by Egham's 4n. Use local equivalents until the job is done. Then stop use.

33) Other Middle East states can do the same. So can the world, with cultural and other modifications ensuring smooth application without the need for Road Maps and Glove Puppet Resolutions.

34) Back to Elephant Doctor Rice's trip: The Israelis to enure qualitative aspects of the road blocks, removing Anthrax Spores from barb wire(why not? Israeli could have wiped out at least 200 million of them only night ago), so that ripped trousers don't bear palestinians assesss subjecting them to more humilaition before Anthrax killing them. Sounds good Bush rivalling your Alqaeda stories. Trouble is Alqaeda doiesn't exist, but boy these cunts, the police men of 200 million sure do exist.

35) Dr Elephant Rice advised Palestinians to rebuild/reinforce their infrastructure. Presumably, making a phone call from the plane on her way back to Washington telling the Israeli slodier in the watch tower to get the tanks and knock the newly restructured thing down. Now, whats the bloody point in that? They do that kind of thing every day any way. Why the trip? Answer, she is dumb enough to think its the old days when no one could utter a word. Neither can they now, but this one in Egham. That is enough.

36) Dr Elephant Rice's other tip to the Israeli's is gem,and it explains the EU with holding money to Hammas (elected mind you unlike Abbas's traitor gang), the whole world condemning PM Hammyyah and colleagues as terrorists. Get this, because its a good one: You see, The Elephant Doctor told the Israelis not to interfer with Abu Mazn/Mazen's security forces by sending Isaerl's own. It sounds like Abu Mazn and Israelis have been Aministering The West Bank together. It woild seem that troule will have been quashed by the Israeli's. Otherwise, why would they be there? To have a chat with Palestinians? Unlikely.

37) Abu Mazn has tolerated this, but hasn't spoken a word to EU,or the world. Hence a traitor, because had he spaoken, the world and EU (as if she didn't know!) to strengthen Hammass' case of attracting justice from some quarters. May be EU justice is there one?) would have gone easy on Hammass. Or even, they couldn't have deprived Hammass' stating that one of their objecions to not doing it the Abu Mazn way was that that is no way of being in charge of Palestenian's destiny or even conducting their day to day affairs. Shockingly Isreali's interference must have been acceptable to Abu Mazn.

38) It may be assumed that Abu Mazn has been so used to Israeli's taking part in co running the West Bank that may have shocked the Elephant Doctor, while quite acceptable and normal both to the Israelis and bu Mazn. Now, here comes the Elephant bit. She has no idea of the local culture, body langauge and the rest. A perfectly workable arrangement appeared to her possibly as cruel and unkind compared to standards she is accustomed to, or qualified to be an expert at. The American one as the obvious natural ground for comparison. The other one is her specialsm in the Soveit Union which of course doesn't exist.

39) Readers may deduct that Dr Rice is analogus to the Elephant doctor in another old story (yes. All right, you've got it. What do you expect? We were born there and spent the first 26 years of our fantastic life where we learnt lots ods stories) of a clever man went to the King's court and introduced himself as the elephant doctor, knowing well the Afghan King didn't have elephants. He convinced the King to employ him in case he had elephants one day, when he could give them a thorough check up on arrival.

40) One day, the King eceived 2 elephants from India. The King summoned his doctor to examine hisn ew exotic animals. On seening thbeast the docot got the shock of hid life becuse hae hadn't seen an elephant before. He saw that they were far bigger than the sheep he'd imagined to be like, and the size frightened him He saw a tial at either end and confidently asked if some one coud tell him which end is the located an which houses the head so that he could get started. THe king realised, and asked the soldiers to give chase. But the doctor having seen what awaites him, had fled half way to the gates. he vanished to the provinces and never een again.

41) There has never been a cabinet post of an elephant doctor again before the current innogurated administration. Now that the afghans started reporting Public Health matters, they may tell us. Readers may detect a different Afghan here than cabinet ministers seen TV rarely. If readers put our speaking our mind and Western influences, then they may wish to know cabinet ministers are entirley made up of selfless Afghans holding non Afghan citizenships.

42) They surrendered these recnetly on orders from the president himself having pent time and reportedly a colleague of Vice President Dick Cheny whom we quite deservedly call as cock, a Cock Sucker. Nothing new to preident Karzai, whom we know reads the blog. It would be highly hypodritical of us to pretend that our Egham WMD didn't exist. This embarrassing coincidence is acknowledged but not apologised for. The Bush Administration nearly wiped out the entire followers of Islam with Israel complicit in it.

43) We stick by it or Public Health interests we will serve, will be dead and burried. Ours incldue president Karzai's personal cleanliness that the cock suckers and even the pea brain Pope tried to stop. There is a business with a turnover of £50,000,000,000. Sphere of Evil Neo Nazi's want it. It would seem they cant have it. Embarrassments caused could not have not been avoide. Our defence id feared. We have not spared the Pope, and we cannot make exceptions to rules.

44) Now, MI6, sorting out affairs here at home is easy as speak of cake. Look: The moron Bush, spent money, loistics, huan resources to do a revrerse of 2001. In our estimation Hague would have won had it not been for Bush's interference to re instate Blair. This was by hitting us with Foot & Mouth with involvement from CNN, e can confirm confidently now. Mr Tom Mintier of the CNN was referred to an earlier blog. Neither he nor CNN sent in comments (zero Comments). To us and readers zero comments means our allegations are true. We test this claim by inviting fresh comments from either Mr Mintier and/or CNN. Blos changed ractices of giving 30 days notice and such. confirmations or negations must be established between minutes to perhaps a day.

45) We have allowed Coca Cola the nicety of giving them till Tuesday 23:00 GMT to deny our allegation of tryning to make us to god like figure and cause catastrophies world among the Muslims in Britain and the world, similar to Bush's expolits of late recorded in this blog.

46) Before we were detained (Why were we retained? We just had valuable IP and Public Health?!), but after we voteed Hague, we had started looking in to ways America in this colony of theirs. Lessons learnt offers you the following free advice to "Disinfect" home and to show his His Magisty the King that Brtian will offer the best in MI6 and us here in Egham, to help you after we,ve together chased out the Amreicans out of Arab soil.

47) They relied on putting masking tapes across the adult part of 7 billion humans and played he two part act of speakig for themselves and for the other side, making friend or foe to fit their imperial expansionism. They simply forgot the gold old fashioned intelligence. We've used that and have thrown in new bits that neither MI5,6, CIA or any one else on the planet has. Here is the last bit to impress you all how good we are and how good MI6 is. Further up in thsi post we cleaned up MI6 offices and resources from American agents. They are on their way home. How much this knid of service cost? You will be able to compare because the best of America have kept you under the thumb for a good part of a century.

48) That would be a comparable duration they've had us under their role. It took us minutes to disinfect that would take America or even Mossat years to do, if roles were reversed. Would you all not agree. Comments are invited as usual.

49) Now, if MI6 passed on our proposals to their intrnal counter part MI5, they could expose 1000s of American agents at grass root level where they administer poison in us on hourly, daily, mothly and yearly doses. Follow each newly elected Tory councillor whom number around 200 or so. Investigate their campaign trails, researches, leafletters, the lot. We don't have to tell MI5 wat to do from now on. They would have rounded up themselves a British that shouldn't be here any more than the 7/7 bombers. We can't send them to the moon with the Ace of Spade and gang. But Egham and steering committee can. Existing laws may not be able to touch them.

50) That part of the govenment is illegal, and duties taken by default by 4n. We will knoow what to them. We will educate them them for example to stop TERRORISING our teachers and Monkeyfying our future genaration. The world is told that we are the flag ship of the American Empire. A show room, if you like. What America has given us and Saudi Arabia is bound to give Iraq, and Afghanistan today, will give Syria nad Iran tomorrow. We do not need to convince the occupied world especially the dumb and idiotic Eatern European countries who jumped from fire in to the frying pan.

51) To give you an idea of our jolly mood of hours od typing and drinking endless cups of tea, utter isolation and social exclusion, we are having such a side achning laughter at the East European government that our sides ache. We will have to stop, take a break and will be back shortly.

52) We are back. With that laughter, we lost the plot completely. So before we ruin this joint MI5/n4 CV, we will tell you about absolute freedom. We didn't fight for 26 years in Afghanistan before here was no need to fight. Zahir Shah's Afghanistan was one the only true free countries because of the rivalries between East and West, each side played cautiosly and did't upset the King. The minute either misbehaved to a bit of what they might do later, he warned them. The opposing rival offered back up. With hind sight, true svereignty was maintained. Thing smade sense.

53) In the US, we thought it was grossly unfair that thsoe Vietnamese frighten the hell out of Amrerca all that distance away. Thats how the picture was pinted to us. So, we said right girls. We will go and sort out those Vietnamese. They protested that it was not our war and we were a foreign student. We would have none of it until winging and Whining started. Straight hetrosexual men will know that in moods like that, you can't reason, they won't answer questions, they won't even ask quetions, and you feel like strangling them. And thank goodness for those body curves and stuff (it might have been the stuff. Can't remember. We'd bet you'd want to know, wouldn't you?) and we gave up the idea. Oops no more body curves today. We must finish this.

54) Fight for Britain continues,but almost finished. You'd better believe it Bush. What the world knows, that we are the epicentre of a sounami that America created by making a geologiacl fault seperate along the interface or whatever happen that cause thsoe unexplainable (to us) shock waves to develop and travel towards caost. The Sounami has a loud hailer and broadcsting what will bring with it to the shivering Bush ang gang frozen to move. The pay load is the blog posts. All the panic, the London cosk up, The Elephant doctors trip (No more high profile trips to Israel, we can assure you that. Not after this!). Israel's anouncement that building ettlements were nver meant to be permanent (Really? News to us. When did srael say that sort of thing last?!)

55) Similarly, similarly, confirming assurances that 4n has got it right by those we had made Sounami resistant and have deocded blog messages (Browne himself: Head lines just headlines or some such. We reiforced him using geography on hte press, Milliband, Hillar Benn, like the father, like son "WOW!!!"). These are the solid foundations n4 needs for surging ahead. Nothing can stop us now. Shame for those who voiced strongly that Browne is weak, he should go before he is pushed (nobody said. We know what they said).

56) We suggest they go now, before they become the next clay pigeon whom we will hit so hard that the rest will HAVE TO GO!. They disrespected the flag. We've won flags in Homes Zambia, and in the US with the good old Stars & Stripes (Oh, yes!). We won't fail here. Not now, and go to America. If unfit there too, then we will advise jimmy, Bill and co to guide them out! Do you know that we can Address Presidents Carter and Clinton as if subordinates. To us they really are. That shocks the world because the world is not free, the way we are. They cannot possibly know what we mean. They have not been free for nearly a century. The only exception we can allow for are the past and incumbant White House occupiers, their immedaite families and perhaps Zalmai Khaleelzad. We seem to be of the same generation of Afghans.

57) This extra ordinry research findings has already made constricted our future life where our born free teasures will impose conditions on us to loose some of the values we fight for others to have and enjoy. We will have to sacrifice some of our own to maitain a normal balanced life. When we are victorious (have no doubt!), there is no way on this planet we will be seen in public, and acknowledge who we are. The social interaction is humanly unmanageable. What are we going to say when some one asks: "So, can you tell us about it, then, matey?!". What are we going to or can say that wouldn't sound ridiculous after palying the ruler of the setting behind the computer and eating rubbish for food, because we did't have any money.

58) We don't mind any crediblity being destroyed, because we haven't been after glory to be come a celebrity. We would be a celebrity no no one has been. Shall we launch a perfume! What shall we call it. Have some of this and you can change the world!

59) We thoght you show, specially if there are god makers among you.

60) Oh, just in time, your Magisty, the King and other Oil states: it is easily conveivable for a critic, specially a tabloid reporter to write, that this man used an ingenious way to suck up to the richest on earth and do well. May be they are right, because we are human and have needs like others. However, we do have powerful reasons of shall we light say light house flashes that came from Audi Arabia, Qatar and Syria that strengthened our resolve to go ahead and change the oil politis of the globe from the way it has been to firmly place it in the hands of their peoples. Reasons are these:

61) You outlayed 10$ billion to educate your people like Saddam did, but paid a heavy price for it. THat was a double whammy for the Arabs and a delight for the police man grinning from ear to ear (we will wipe it from their faces). Bush told you all in no uncertain term you educate your people to the extent Saddam did, then we just showed you what can happen to you too. THey thought this was so intellignet that we saw Rumsfeld so cock sure of himself, that setting next to GW, he tapped GW on the knee (get the clip out BBC). The body language of the two (we are very good at detecting those because of isolation from people for the last nearly 8 years when we have been learning from TV screens) said it all.

62) The body language said thet and oil for life, having taught those dumb Arabs (forgot to look up and look at the sky!) a lesson so that they will be the servants of Rumsfeld's grand children. We watched and wondered what if... Any way your idea of getting Nobel Lauriets to teach, made us wonder whather we were on the same wave length of using knowledge to beat all. We may have coined the phrase and used in this blog "if a oroduct of thought, then it can be beaten by thought". Alternatively, some one else may have said it recently and it gelled our scattered mind, zooming in on Maichael Ignatief's "Tomorrow's Wars", when overnight America's arsenal of weapons became worthless with the fall of the Soviet block.

63) To maintain asset value, all these other fictitous groups were conveniently created, named, and mysteriously pop up every where, historie given to them by fictitous professors one can't trace. Comprehensively, a Soviet substitute with America kicking ass... We thoguht that Nobel Lauriets of that high calibre are always people of high morals and ethics. You can trust at least some of them not to have sold their soles to America. Various devices and psychologiacl means can and has been emplyed by America to make witnesses testify in courts or at least publicisie their repute to silence those who have been done wrong, unjustly.

64) Hollywood has been used. Cassablanca on how a womwne can be made to go with the wrong man (some one can do a better job without our searching data base. At the moment every minute of our time probably is woth millions of £ not to us but towards the betterment of humankind, all of them).

65) We have used intellignece to assess that you do not have privacy. If our personality was painted as a psychotic amd man sufferinf from Grandiose delusions and medicated wrongly to have delusions justified, what could the same forces do to you,what they did to us. So if we were high value target, then you certainly would be far more than us. You may gambled or had Lauriettes who are high profile assessed to be clean and uncorruptable by America, assuming most of the other 6.99999 billions are acountable for and mouths sealed.

66) You may have found few (one!) who may have provided a small window to the outside world, where he could rally support, assuming his other ontemporaries were not 100% reliable from your point of view. We believe, you know where this is lading to. We had used knowledge to down America's might when Coaca Cola's might nealry made a god of us. We escaped death but were locked away. We gave up in the 2,000.

67) In mid 2006 with fesh qualifications we failed to find employment. A friend nearly forced us to look in to dry cleaning. We looked up the latest GreenEarth,and were shocked that technology had gone back wards. In fact way back to the 19th centruy. The rest i s history, a part of it in this blog.

68) The blog iteslf may have one a few millions storkes of luck that comes one way. We were given a window you might have been looking for. Our near ultimate prot of call was the oil. We had a one may be.

69) When Qatar announced that they too will spend big time in education, we just took it blindly because tired of analysing at the time.

70) The third, nothing to do oil came from Syria.

71) This has to go out now, toavoid god makers.... Safe now, but will finish later

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