Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alaister Darling Open Accont for US Government

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1) If we say Britain will be the centre od every thing and will export what the world needs. We mean what we way say. We do what we mean. We leave no room for any one to challengge us to tell the world thats how good we are. We need a start to impress. We are doing tht here. This is for a country who is pleasnatly arrogand that says we know everything YOU NEED TO KNOW. THat will piss you off. Reach for the blog comment. We will reply queries with the world watching.

2) We expect the world is reading blog. IF not, Bush has shut every body up. We will charge the US gvoernment. We will back date every thing to day one of blog

3) Our police force of 48, the BBC, and n4 = Mohammad = Alsaiter's account holder
Alsiter is n4 accountant. With the Tory Party illegal, if George Osborne atters a sible word even to his gardener and we hear, that would mean he and party do not W ish The united Kingom to show the way toer countries in the most cost effective way and fit for purpose idealogy, until we build other countries to compete with us us. Those already capable the new BRIC countries and South Africa can submit tenders. Any part of the world practing or impressed by Monkeyism are not qualified to enter business. N4 beat their masters. Then EU, Karimoff Coutry and simialr needn't bother to ask "What is happening". They will be told the business equivalent of FUCK OFF, as practised on the all right now.

4) Our Police did wonderful work of reading out sufficient details of the two shootings, which Radio 4 recorded. Police and vistims and offenders know BBC is the home base to ensure cases are executed deligently. The BBC will compile a UK resume to offer client countries for selections amomg the fest suited.

5) We sould have relayed this message 4 hours earlier but potential volcano nearly errupted within the board of CCCC, the parent company trying to dig in to the validity of Mustafa's parents being kidnapped. In the event of our fears having a probability of one in a million, we have taken steps to nip potentail in the bud. There will be no business communiation between Helen and father, David on the one hand, Mohammad, Barnaby and Bernard and technology partner (not named), whatsoever. Bhone calls relating to business will not be answered. They will receive feed back on need to basis.

6) Charge the American government 1£ million for item 5) above. Unreasonable> Know. Prove Aldaeda exists with recent video of Bin Laden. Alternatively, Bin Laden can send videos to the BBC, the same way Aljezzra receives it. Also let us run through inch by inch of 911. We accused you of making up the whole thing up. Why else is Murdoch trying to buy New York Times, with GW holding Murdoch's ball for support!

7) We are in Force Majeur, and we make things up as we go along. Harvard University are our legal advisers for making up in such just ways to keep the their conventional enviable (justifyably, oh yes, according to others. We ar not to rate!). Harvard University are requested to make up Force Majeur Law document and pass on to us to us in Egham

8) Charge The American Government for waisting 2 UK governments for spending time on the Scottish Devolution. If George Bush's master plan hadn't been devised to belittle Mohammad, we would have it to the governments that we are in Force Majeur, and Mohammad had only been able to execute government in its entirety doing the job of the cabinet, tow main oppostions, all back bencgers (some with valid points but alughed at by Monkey slaves in all parties. How are we doing the ROMANIAN? We drew all power presumably from HM The Queen but intelligence recived from HRH William, HRH Princes ROYAL, and Prince Harry.

7) This is incredible, because they proved not to afraid of Monkeys and communicaed, bearing in mind Mohammad partial demolition fo the JFK wall. It must be said that HM The Queen may ahve even had a change of heart about Britain's relation with America, but has not had executine powers. The gvoerment Whit Paper joke was addressed to HM the Queen. No one has the right, especially in Aamerica notably GW Senior who has plyed the role of the Senior Emperor. FUCK OFF until HM overrules us. We have the 2 Princes and the Princes for intelligence. THe 70s model Schmitar car was was a mirror signal from the conquered JFK (with temporary repairs to hide Mohammad's tastefull reshaping).

8) Surrey Police has kindly provided us with official ploice photos and that of the fake ABA Magna Carta for just a day like this, subsequent to Camberley Police arresting us for the damage. Make some thing of this Harvard. Why not another not Egham, Staines or Addlestone. We tend to believe that they didn't wasnt to arrest their owm man when I had reprted a bunch of thieves posing as the English upper class (you know, those guys with Harris Tweeds, cords, and reddish shoes pretending to be crazy. They ensure you understand that thoughts are elsewhere and they tolerate you because THEY are nice and you are scum. Because we are born free and they are slaves the lot of them, we justifiably told them to fuck off. They didn't like that and stole from us to have the last word).

9) The Poice broke our rib and oepened our scull to make sure the theives that it wasn't a put up jobs. Or Proctor & Gamble the recipints for the IP. You went a bit overboard guts. It hurt for weeks. We love what the thieves wear and are campaigning for Harris Tweed that Monkeys got rid off to keep Amrica's jeans machines, Nike, Gap, you name it. Ref Hollywood/Spielberg of last night to reinforce this post. We also hae data base of the last 20 years on some 120 brands and labels that can back us up. As things are, none is needed. We defeated the Amercan Empire and are now exacting damage.

10) Charge the Daily Mail £1 million for tooday's headline "WE'VE GOT LESS THAN WE HAD 17 YEARS AGO". Really Daily Mail? We wonder if this document has had anything to do with it. You must publish this post on Firday's Daily Mail or you will be shut for eternity. Alaister, summon the Editor to collect personally. Photgraph him, and get The Independent to print the stroy and Daily Mail's Editor's photo with him wearing a Snoopy smile (with dog bowl stretched you Chuck).

11) You want papers, Britain. We will get the dead press to the donkey work for us for free.

13) How is this the world? If you don't like the style, we've just started for goodness sake. Besides you've got the blog comment. (PSST, BBC, I've got a clue what to do with the blog thing. You will help, won't you? Don't tell the world)

14) BBC, Need your help to save America from making themselves the laughing stock if the world. They have been to us since we defeated the Pope, who in effect half killed the Empire without either the Pope or The Comander in Chief (remember the ship when landed from USAF fighter. We had flown in Micra 1 and watching wondering if the day would come. Well, it did.)

15) USA has always governed with religion firmly in the holster. The Bush Administration ignored our e - mails of 2001 and 2003 when we objected to Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Bush, Powell holding hands in prayers early morning before starting work. That religious symolism plus(Harvard?) plus currency bearing "In God We Trust" would make it closer to Vatican whci recnetly joined Bush to flex muscles to defeat CCCC International at the time and its one man founder. Well, we got rid of the Pope. Him thinking that was the last, and he drew a line under it before aothe rone consdier apolgising. Well, what he think now?

16) He equipped GWs crusading that he ahd carefully painted over and justified not meaning it by hte precrion HFD Limited Edition offered him. With this revelation, GW had been crusaing all over the place, with the dumb Pope giving him a hand. But aha, was the Pope dumb? Or did he wealened George for long enough to him to record this enormous charge on his lapel(Take off that Stars & Stripes some one).

17) With this development, the 3 candidates' campaigns become a joke if the above is Valid. Hillary and McCane will be crusading as per the latest report today! So, both are in crusading over dirve without knowing it. Should America trust or vate either. Obama wants changin games in DC. You can tell who is tune with the truth = n4 = Mohammad a US voter. The 800 delegates may wsih to say this. Their time may be neede d to work on Firce Majeur along with the Embro of Jimmy Carter et al (that is if we had not asked Jimmy to be in London and tell the truth about Kuwait, and Saddam which infromation Mr Mandella is privey to.

18) We received a phone call from the Halifax offerin gus creidt card things. It could have multi puprose. They asked our health and were assured it was just fine. She asked for 3 minutes. We gave her 5, because she was nice with a Romanian accent. We parted company with us sounding very jolly, hearful, a through heart throb, to indicate we are not affected by the fate of the hostages. We are, as any would be, but because Karizi and Bush are behind it, we are always ready and watchful. Other contacts are asked to be vigilland. Th at is why we brought in changes to CCCC business. Friendships remain as firm as ever.

19) We are cheered by Clive James with whom we've had heart to heart for years, without him knowing. We were another audience. Clive will understand our writings better than some, may be because we are relations. We had adopted parents in law from Austrialia with IATA Kubul 1970/70. Brother in Law Murray Sayle of the Sunday Times was more than an acquintence. May be Clive can research Bari's case anf find out some people who knew him. We make one amendment: We said some one stole Bari's invitaion papers. Austrlians may keep an open mind on this. We hope Bari will be able to answer for himself. We urge British soldiers.

20) Our reaserch revealed an issue for debate in due course between Shias and Sunnies of the world. If not handled delicatley, The US forces could still hit out without any justification in the Middle East, for an excuse to do things here to arest us. With us arrested and put away, Bush will laugh and he will be in saddle again. He will be disarmed by America. Removing us Stars & Stripes stips him from being a US citizen and qualified for detention in Quantamo using his own "Oh, but is different. Harvard, please see to it. If worried about money, first you are doing it for America, second, well we'll talk to geoffrey about it. He is a born free now, so we should think alike.


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