Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Almost There. Mandella did it

post number 70,
Dear all,

1) Apologies to all for unfinished business. The search for our family is in the hands of the BBC as the sperad for the knowledge they have (on site, eg. John Simpson, and perhaps the richest data base in the world in Britain) The British Millitary including the RAF, and Royal Navy (America's are meant to be grounded and criminally illegal). and all Afghans who aer willing to Join the Brirish to find our family.

2) We had to free London and the world first, due to straties and intelligences deployed to have a secure power base before deploying the military force in Afghanistan. It has not been out of amazing sacrifce to say say we put the world febore the family. We might have got away with that for a while, but not forever. We would lost big time had we saved family first.

3) Getting it right is pleaning in another sense. To give the Man Mandella the credit fro inclculable he has rendered humanity, and pleasure of thanking him giving us the power of his truth to add on to our own n4, proved insurmountable to the forces of n4 Evil.

4) We dedicate this paragraph to the distinguihed Harvard Professor Geoffrey Sachs and feel hunoured to be worthy of dedicating any thing to him at all. The prize we won by his direct brave and gerenrous sacrifice to humainty will make up for the presenters defficiencies the presentre inhernetly has and shown in blog. We hope to have established a wide enough differntial the underscore the value we give him merely by listening to him on odd occasions. Normally a naive and unreasinable yard stick, but aiaded by years of socail exclusions and detebtions. Deprevation of one sense sharpens detection by others (Phaoahs Arab locked uo non the banks of the Nile, and his invention of the pin hole camera 3,500 years ago).

5) Professor Sachs gave us the BBC!!! He was the essetial ingredient for us to be able to win as war booty from the government of Gordon Browne, and firmly placed it in our hands to use at free will any where on the globe, not dictated by any one on the entire planet with the exception of one. That is us. The signifinificance of this powerful instument of truth and justice will instill the fear in any one when they see the BBC coming. Because n4 will be charging their way, powered by n4, and boy that is some power.

6) The BBC will never have to advertise now and for ever more. That os What Professor Sachs has done. He will be in the Hyde Park Corner. Please pay respect when you are there.

8) N4 exposed America to have been resposnsible for and the maker of any skirmish large or samll any where on the palnet, inclding Balli to grab Indoenisia by the scruff of the necks. SHe has had strong agents among us. We caught a big one today and will ensure to exact such justice so as to reduce our expenditure in exposing equally Depleated Uraniam quality with long lasting cancers in humanity. We will know exactly what to recommend to the steering committee to apply to Johnson.

8a) trouble makers in the concert have no idea what charges they will face. THEY SHOULD IMBOSS IT IN THEIR BRINS NOW THAT LAWS OF THE LAND DO NOT APPLY FOR A WHILE. WE ARE IN FORCE MAJOR AND EXPOSED TO LOOSE ALL.

8b) We said Britain will be the flagship of the world. Lets give Brtain security security that doesn't need policing: We have said in the blog do what we say. So imagine if some one or a party made a slight distrubance in the Hyde park Concert. We will ask them very nicely where is there parmanent residence address. This will be where being nice stops and their nightmares and 1000s of others will start!

8d) We will ask EU countries to contribute free planes and ship whether 100,000 or 1,000,000,000 to Dusht e Bakwa with pets fucking terrapines and those other lovable pets en mass and leave them there to scratch a living. Thats it. We will disptach BBC to shwo the world how they are getting on. If the unfortunate winner of the scholrship to Dusht e Bakwa doesn't have an address or have a dogy address, we will make one up form him, and throw that lot out.

8e) Forget the Law Cititen Advice bureaus. The only place you can go to is Vatican. Either the Pope is as good as he is in which case he will and should explain the lives of his own cathloics in danger. We do not awaite an apology. None has been received. None needed now. They can relax and take 700 years. Only after that either of us need worry. If non apology suited them, then us dumping this little problem shouldn't bother them. History will guide them

8f) So, instead of discouraging you, with 48 ploice forces ellowing ellowing every where, and looking very supicous indeed, community relations, and oh, dear all the resr of it, fuck it all. So just go ahead and see what happens. This LAW (its a big one) comes to force on the day od the concert at whatever hour we like.

8g) Join the dots, psycholgy, Hollywood, MTV, X factor Black mail (highest profile pillar of society) photo praghs videos, X Factor, Osy Osborne fucking show, compelling some one to cause riots even plot to kill Mandela. Mandella doesn't matter, but the pains and cost ot the last nearly 100 years will go on.

8j) The only person immune to all these is the Pope. I want some of what he is having. Why is he never alone, not even when alone... Doyou know? Ha ha. Imagine if you will never have to lock your car or front door again. Have a thing and then go ahead and do something. Oh, the blog. Silly us. Shall we ask a yes or a no. Send a comment and say will do just hit some body but once. See what happens. Go on

9) Phillip Hammond, Hoh!

10) We hope to have adequatley been courteous to Iran, except to conclude and ask Hamid Afshar to finish off and tell Mr Ahmadi Nejaad. Hamid will tell the pseident that we were the Dustin Hoffman figure in The Midnight Cowboy and a little worse...

11) Our Family member: Heart to heart Australia: Mr Mohammad Bari Mohmand is the one who studied in University of New South Wales. Mr Mommand worked at senior levels, Ministry of planning, medium to small industries & FOOD, and pivate sector invertment. He knows of 450 Afghan mines, some of which not known to outside world, but very known to Americans, Krzai.

12) And uis American superior Cock sucking Cheney (Didn't the world love him play the president on the fucking podium psoing so different than the mother fucker really is. Mr Bari and wife Nafisa (our sister) have photo graphs of the Famous Chapan that some may deem Karzai playing us, drawing on the good well we established between the two nations. When Americans see him on TV, they will go: Nice man, we know the type.

12a) Mr Mohmand has always lived in he refugee camps. His attempt to immigate to australia was subotaged by another desperate Afghan who stole his Austalian invitation paers and entered his name on them. The man was caught, and Mr Bari is painted a diahonest man in Australia. We owe no one explanation and remain of proud of him as a borhter in law. He has been a delightful and diginfied addition to the Ahmadzai family. They were some where in Afghanistan. We have had no time to invesitage. Other details today if tried ? have produced no news of their whereabouts.

12b) Did we say that an honest qualified (Studied in India, too with first degree in economics, Kabul University). His calibre of people have taken top jobs and have not spent a day in refugee camps. They are all Americans and British, handing over their non Afghan passport, only to be given them back when the go their other homes.

12c) At least Mr Nasseer Sbaberi (theft from Wndsworth Borough Council or rent money) is a deputy Minsiter of what, theft, Karzai, you identity thief?! Readers, again the world has shrunk to give us an uncredible text book excepstion: The poor youn refugee was the little Zia who was John Simpson's iterprettor whom John helped come here and qualified as a brilliant doctor (straight A student. Smashed South Thames College Putneys long standing record), and deptuy Minister of theft is known to BBC Pushto department's Mr Hashemzai (Reading 1986).

13) Your help would be apprecaited, Australia.

14) We've achieved a lot. Lets smash another American Evil that has ripped us apart. Political corrected. We hereby say fuck PC. Speak your minds because we can. We didn't accept it: A black man came to our dry cleaning cleaning shop. An argument started and he threatened "I will rip your heart out, you fucking Paki". "No you can't,you fucking Nigerian Babboon!" He was so shocked and found our reply so funny
, he calmed down and said "I'm not Nigerian" to wich we hit back and asked "how doyou know we are a Paki?" He shook his head and walked out, laughing.

15) You can only pay back in kind and even harder if you really deep down believe that all people are equal.

12) Now, what is the nightmare of Karzai and Bush is that families in Australia invited him to learn about the Afghan culture. They were impressed then. There was an interrim period when John Howard terrorised Australians

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