Saturday, May 3, 2008

Alqaeda Bashir Bakr stopped by Bush to send comment

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1) Mr Bashir Bakr, the outspoken and nationally respected Muslim Cleric has not posted comment, as you notice "zero comment" or equivevalent in your blog template. Right? If so, then will not be FROZEN when we declare right now, that he was imprisoned for nearly 2 years by the Indonesian government for belonging to Alqaeda member. He was not heard by the world to agree or disagree in his own words on TV, whether or not he was Alqaeda. You the world has the right to know.

2) Instead, we were tols by others, and confirmed by Bush that he is Alqaeda to this day. Today, he and millions of followers could not and did not send a simple comment to this truth seeking blog to say something for their leader. This means that Indonesia is shut. Now independent news come out. NOTHING! Can you believe that? Of course you can, because the blog comments box shows zero comments for nearly 6 weeks.

3) That means the world is shut and all, we mean all the news reaching us is what we receive censored by Bush. He has been proud of this technological prowess that he has the world sewn in and he can get away with murder. That, he has more than 7 years. A few nights ago when he nearly reached a milestone with Israel (got you now, but will also save you with 4 nano metres, proportionately scaled you down to live with neighbours but in peace, you bastards!)

4) A note about Israel that Monkey controoled media has deeply hidden (Melanie Phillips! Would you like to send a fucking post, and philosphically justify things? This blog has become a good litmus, has it not?). More than 50% of Israel's population look exactly like the neighbouring Arabs. Yet, we are given a pure white European Israel taking part in Eurovision song contest, and Irael is part of the European Radio Broadcast something or other. Are they not Israeli's who are never spoken or written about? Will they be gassed when the white Israel gets round to it?

5) Melanie, on this one, neither is your views, nor of Mr Ned Temko's defence of this argument would be worth a Penny (if Mr Temko's views and that of the Jewish Chroniclesa are indeed opposing) to come up with all sorts of convincing defence of Isarel. And besides, we wrote intensively to Mr Temko years ago and over a period of weeks. But because our material contained the "publish buton" material highly incriminating the mass murderer, Mr Temko and The Jewish Chronical remained silent as Bush has remained silent? Then, would simple logic very quickly equate the two, i.e.

Bush = Temko = Jewish Chronical.

6) World, meet them. We do hope that this derivation helps THe Chief Rabii Dr Jonathan Sach's with whom we have had a few heart to heart. Our purpose is that at times of crisis, wedges are driven among Jews to keep them divided. We wonder if this goes towards unity. Its really depends on how how accurate our heart to heart (one way of course like all others). The 4 nano measureable unit has not let us down. Our intent is to expose some real bastards, dividing people, be it Jews or other.

7) Perhaps, Melanie and/or Ned will speak again, perhaps not. but we do know we have been and were imprisoned for it. We came back to speak again, and again, and again, until some one sends a post. Then that would the quite a first. It will take minutes only.

8) If we had the time, we could probably even link those mentioned suppressing Mr Bashir Bakr's human freedoms. If there was a role for our nano metres, we certainly didn't know it, never mind others. Now we all do.

No conclusions, simply out of respect for Melanie's and Ned's intellect, except this full stop.


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