Friday, May 2, 2008

And Another Thing

Post number 52

Not you lot in the UK, its our other home.

Hi every one,

1) We told you we will be bcak. Blame your illegal blood thirsty government. But we will come to that a bit later, but deffinately in this post.

2) We appreciate you lost a bit today. It was our pesronal loss too.

3) While we dealt with some crisis but quite capably as might have expected us to, we have this package for you. It will empower you to clean the slate, and start afresh:

4) note that the event of last night caught your president red handed in self declaring the American state as illegal. It happened when GW came on on the air. In fact, it was over the BBC world service. We had tighten the noose around his neck by extending the BFZ to cover the entire globe. Note our post of early this morning to their Lords and Ladyships of the British Upper House of Parlaiment of commonly known as The Lords.

5) We had imposed further restrictions on GW in the presence of their Lord & Ladyships for future reference purposes and strengthening our case against GW and his criminal administration. He saw that and took a risk by broadcasting over the BBC world service. This case was illegal itself because Gw's power pofced its Imperial well on the BBC as per the old status quo, ignoring blatantly that permission should have been obtained for such a broadcast from Egham. our legal advisors when we apoint them will persue this case. We will instruct them to do so.

6) GW broadcast to the world via the wotld service to regain legality during this Force Majeur when he thought no national and international eexisted. This may have changed hands a few times recently, but most of the time in the past week, power firmly remained in our hand in Egham giving us to execute power over both of our countries, o, onviously, a lot was at stake. GW and legal adviros very liekly the ABA acted to broadcast.

7)We were prepared for this and a precalculted supply of Egham WMD were ready for launch. And by god, did we ever discharge them or what? Ask GW, because after his broadcast, we hit and sent to slince the way he did Baghdad over 40 days and nights.

8) then his outdated and boring intellignece (we will update CIA, FBA, and get rid of Home Land Security). tried something Coca Cola had tried in November of 2001, when they broadcast a Coke Ad. THey had changed words to include "Oh Mohammad, save us". This was, when we had reached the current stage of development during wars of 2001 between the Oval ofice and Square Office (True) of Egham. Details of how that ad destroyed our realtionship between us and two sons ae beyond the scope of thi interim Constitution Chapter, but is an Appendix in the now faous and frightennig "Push publish" button referred to widely by now. The latter remains at the ready any minute night or day, should GW and associates by now, a gang of criminals stripped of their posts try to launch another coup de Eta against the benovlent interim rule of Egham ovr both the United Kingdom and the USA.

9) The world will recall and recording exists at the BBC, George'e next childish move that is beynd belief. It was briadcast that Indonesian Muslims had risen up aginast their Ahmadia Sect who wer claimed that their promised one had arrived. We immediately detected this to be GW's work, drawing parallels between the Coca Cola's Evil work of 2001. Coca Cola is strongly advised to send comments to this post, in the hope of revering our dysfuntional family of 4 back to normalcy. It maybe too tonight to send in post. We will file for libel if no reply if received. The deadline for Coca Cola to respond to this blog is 23:00 GMT, Tueday 6 May 208.

10) this document is legal for the purposes of launching libels against Coca Cola wherever Coca Cola and other company brands and products are sold. We are experiencing and are in the period of Force Majeur acoording to all national and international laws, cuurently in force in the respective coutries where Coca Cola in its entirety trades. The said notice of 23:00 hours GMT Tuesday 6 May 2008, aplies to this article number 10, too.

11) We dischrged more Egham WMD through this blog and advised Indonesians and 1 billion World Muslims and the Indonesian civil riots were immediatly stopped. It is highly conceivable that a good prorportion of the Muslims in pockets all the world over will have risen within minutes and the innocent lives of 1 billion Muslims were saved by our vigillant watch. e might have fallen asleep.

12) No doubt some loss of life may have occurred and will be revealed when the Evil Empire's censorship of world communication channels are freed or reports are otherwise received.

13) This is supposed to be about a good promise to my America. Howeve, details emerge and come to mind as we write. We have been under immense work load as you have all witnessed. In short, one man running the world, and easily accepted by the poor and uneducated Mulim world and indeed follower of other faiths and reliogins of the world by GW Bush and the disrobed associated ang gangs of criminals agnaist most of the human race. We cannot believe writing this,and will stop here to provide armies of lawyers the globe to prepare cases against all involved. Neo Nazi takes an entielry new meaning making Hitler as Dove of Peace.

14) Israel is reminded for he assocaition with the exponentailly criminal Bush Administration of the 2 terms and will be made to recompnse for all criminal activites agianst others, particularly among neaghbours, including the Plaestinians, and bombing neighbouring countries.

15) The special President to Prime Minister arrangement on the use and associated issues pertaining to Israels nuclear power supplies and installations will be thoroughly examined and dealt with the power in us here in Egham. We will proceed with this issue when the London Conference of today and proceedings may provide incriminating or helpful evdidence. all records and proceedings will become property of us in Egham for further legal processing.

16) Related international issues are by no means limited adn bound by this legal documents. Blog will invetigate.

Now at last the US

17) It is blatnaly obvious that we are at crisis of magnitdues never recorded or exprienced in the history of human kind. The live of billions of humans could have been obliterated before sunrise UK time. It may have been GW Bush's criminal intent to imptove the ailing HS's econmy and empty the world of its population for US and selected allies. United Kingdom will not have been one of these allies

5) An unrealted matter but of improtance to you and us here in Egham: We heard the stock gained in value a bit. If it was in any way due to what we achived for the world, this piece will be written better because we will even feel more fulfilled because over all achievements. Uowever if it is due to The central Reserve pumping more money, then we hope it works.

6) Jimmy Carter, Bill, Hillary, Michelle, Barrack, and other dignitaries of the calibre and iternalissm of Jimmy Carter would be noly ideal but viatl for the clean slate. No doubt, I may have been the last to see international implications recorded above, and no American with us among you not wish toassume this to be the tip of the ice berg. However, we must all be prepared to bring the situation back to my normalcy

7) While writing the world section, we mused over the domestic scene, the new role of the new the new Us and presenting to the world scene that America enjoyed however sadly as events revealed themselves, will be restored to her with brand new values fit for pupose for todaya world with snap on fittings for launch in to tomorrows world.

8) As it may have have occurred to you, I have seen my own role as an uncommon American who most of the time forgot he was an American, perhaps more often than he ought to have. But living in the real world has its dictates, and mine have been a very different one. Fortunate enough to have been exposed from Afghan, African and European and a short of a resident American one. Future holds a huge number of knowns, and intangibles to del with, and a Steering Committe or Constitutional Equivalents are mandatory to provide the vehiclr for gettign started.

9) We apprecaite that there are gold mines of talent at home who will make an excellent job of re engineering the 3 arms of our government, and every one is wither willing excited, but nevertheless duty bound to contribute. We would need to re engineer existing institutions...

10) In the ensuing quakes and shock waves that this document will cause around the globe, stability is abviously needed to provide a working atmosphere. Would one believe that the duty has fallen to us, because of the bizare circumststances of a near atomic particulate matter changed the world before our very oen eyes. Having been involuntarily involved in it all through the defence of our innovations, we ended up with a hell of a lot, except dry cleaning which was the main object.

11) We believe that because of it all, we as Ameicans can pride ourselves in ending up with what we will have because a measurable linear unit of near atomic size give birth to how we will structure our lives of the immedaite furtue and beynd. So despite the unsavoury history of recent, we can be proud of starting on the footings of science, the environment (when you know that CCCC is a global one itself)

12) Existing arms of the existing state will have to disolved as having been parts of a criminal state we left behind. Those at home my judge our distant labelling of our recent past, perhaps as kind. That mey be but a look from outside the book helps in order that tunnel visioned of the past become so chronic we may nat detect seeing faults in us. We would not like to be walikng on slippery grounds of admiring the world to laugh at us, while they should be cryring and the reverse.

13) with so much to do there, there is painful and humiliating reminder of the past that ought to be addressed in our home base of UK and in fact, in our Egham. The highyl symbolic ABA monuments now remind us something indescribably ill placed and ill reasoned for being here at all. The ABA theselves have been a professional legal instrument of the past should be scrapped and done away with. We here, will only waite until you give us the go ahead that legal hitches there have been removed for us to do away and the JFK wall.

14) The JFK wall is particularly insulting to this nation because its site was deliberately chosen so that the dead wall keeps an eye Windsor Castle, with the symbolism that noy only was intolerable in the past, but more so now. The head of the state will strongly object tp the symbils of the past that like a cancer it spread to all parts of us,with our teachers as an example of such gravitus that their plight was the misnstay of destroying the UN of present.

15) The UN has always been a joke and s rubber stamp for doings thning they did. Member states will be intoxicated with this news herewith and will let us help them (instead of the other way around) form an exciting new UN. If the under signed is qualified in role, then he would be delighted to take parts democratically with parts and authority justly measured and allocated by mutual concesus of us all.

16) We will have America have this for action and the world for information now, before furter action fit for purpose can be planned, designed and executed.

17) Personally in order to thank President Carter for our presumptuous assumption that he will take part, we little good news for a member state (oh, yes indeed) to look at bear in mind for rainy days that we hope will never come heavily on them: We appeal to TESCO that we deliberatley made a point from the onset to make a formal mention of a reported link to u but a known one to most of ties in whatever way and outside the bounds of topics here, exists between TESCO and Israel. Lady Shirley Porter is a frequent visitor if not a citizen for all we know.

18) As far as President Carter's tireless peace making efforts in the area, we thought we will mention why we were a heart throb at TESCO. Ours are direct action, bold and is what one sees. There are no slants, double meanings of any sorts in our mind. On the contrary, if there were business and commercial ties between TESCO and Israel, then we encourage the link and hope it prosper.

Mohammad Ahmadzai

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