Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boris Against family values

Post number 73

1) n4 really cleans and it is stop from opening its first test centre to show dry clening has been sorted out.
2) Play Mandella's Concert thingy ow your radio will be reprote to us. You may be against the concert, for reasons we would like to know. You will be objecting to see us promote a family. It is good if you do not destroy our concert.
3) You would love this. Our 20 year rich research, revealed that in the early 90s we looked in to Hermes customer relations. They said ties go to one dry cleaners. suits etc to other items.

4) We said we have problems finding dry cleaners in Lodon who could clean ties properly. Hermes said they have no problems. They have one dry celaners who can produce perfect ties.

5) Can we have the address? "Try the other one". They are ex directory.

6) We checked America by phone. Same problem for really good tie cleaners.
7) Trace back newspapers repots TV, all the rest. Blair seen relaxing with no ties, looking really good.
8) America failed to clean ties. UK the same.
9) Mohammad invented good tie cleaning 20 years ago. Tug of war began
10) Mohammad had to destroy the vacuum cleaner of ideas, incomplete theft of n4 for America.

11)A lot at stake. Coca cola and others role in making god is all for money. n4 will revert a whole life style traffic ....

12) Those asked to post comments failed.

13) Was Johnson so determined to become the mayor, because Mayor Livingstone office financed CCCC envroinment section with £750 on 2/4/5 at Imperial College London

14) n4 had masterminded the concert years ago but Mohammad was drugged and detained.
15) This blog was the only hope on earth. A miracle happened and we won big time.
16) When calculating damages we will not short sighted. You readres may help us do that. Practically your lives depended on this blog and it saved it. You may just help a blog that will make your children born free for the first time in a century.
17) There is not a super power power left to enslve you again. We will all be our own super powers.
18) Pro and against Borris radios will just pop out as though announcing themselves. Some by silence, some by sound. We just set back, pounce and kick ass.
19) Sir Ian Blair, and the other 47 forces plus that of Nothern Ireland. This has been a contribution fro Surrey Police with contribution from officers Michelle, colleagues on the one hand, and Mohammad doin a little bit here, a little bit where you are.
20) You have radio stations. They have ranges. People live in ranges. raise thumb to Mandella announcing ones. Be watchful of those who don't tango with Mandells. Their commercials may provide interesting. You will not exactly hear God making Coke.
21) It may say other things which you are drilled with by now. Did you just realise that we deMonkeyfied the entire UP police forces. Look in eyes of each other when you hear coke, film by Spielberg any thing. Some will be without jobs soon, an so forth...
22) Spielberg didn't want to go China. Or was it that China hated Spielberg's guts because of the family destroying cunt he is.
23) Blame coke, Mr Spielberg. Heart to heart man in Ealing Studios, you had stmbling blocks in your way. Where are they? We don't see any, or do we now. HUMMM
24) The 3 candidates. Campiagn now that we have shuffled cards a bit. Our 9my) country should never insult human intelligince. It is humanising you so that canditates campaign on humanising issues. God dammned one is probably still campaigning with war in Iraq in mind. Your Petrious is alredy strippe of his Uniform. Hasn't he heard?

26) If not, should America vote for him? Whta is team doing?


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