Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Borris Against family values

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ET continued

1) Silence in class. Mr Spielberg made the calss laugh. Instead of maintaining teacher control and dicipline, the class went ruley.
2) Etrapolate in gredations and you will end up nothing that needs dry cleaning. Fashion Forecaster (they decide how you like may 5 10 years before the BRANDS hit you). Spin offs of jeans, tea shirts bling for lack of individuality etc
3) THe fashion part of Aamerica hit back and got the kids to take out Grand pas nice drt cleanable jacket and the Trilby hat and that will really look cool.
4) They were weak and were smashe with a million ton sledge hammer of Hollywood, the cotton indusrty, and jean machines.
5) Borris must be for family detruction. We wnt to know his educational back ground, form the nusresury to prmiray school right up to Universtiy.

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