Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Borris Against Family

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1 hour to go for coca cola et al.

1) UK radios radios. support family show and broadcast Mandellas announcments take turns. If you dont we will know you don't like families.
2) Steven Spielberg doesn't (Bear Borris in mind and him doing Have I git news for and shiver with terror of Borris the anti famaly man). Spielberg made ET int 80s. Begun destruction of fmily unit. Dad somwhere else. ET drinks bear bear! Et fucking burps. Elliot thinks ET so cool (POISON VENUM!!!) ET burps in class. Dsiciplined orgainsed class shocked. Polite teache in control of class nicely dressed (no crap of toda). The start of the destruction of dry cleaning because America Failed (Remeber the damn spot

The 3 candidates base campaigns on American values. Lets see how good they are so that the 800 delgates could chose the rgiht one

Radios play AMANTA man's message


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