Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bush as Our Ace of Spades in The Deck

Post Number 55
1) We know some one. You all must think we are knackered. We are, but still OK, and perfectly in -charge of A1 mental fitness, and good physical health. Thanks for being concerrned. We rather remain vageue so that we are not picked up. Bugs and things, you know...

2) We would have taken a rest, but the work is like a chain and simultaenous equations. We throw universally know fact a bir more often fron noe, to keep god makers at bay. We not the one who is supposed to come down and be Christ, Mehdi Akhar Zaman, or whatever, thje Bahaii may believe what will happen. We go to TESCO.

3) To encourgae you start making Hyper Blood Thirst cards, lets sort out the Alqaeda thing. It does not exist. Its existence does not make sense. Bush's claim insults human intellignece. That is why you must find him so that he could be subjected to Egham justice. Bush, this is no joke. If you think it is, sent in a post.

4) Let us tell the world why brought forward, the issue of the whole world making our playing cards: You again polluted our air ways to broadcast last night. You used a sentence that conveyed your blood thirst meassage that you have dealth with terrorism and Terrorists to justify the reason for the state the US economy is.

5) You nearly killed 1 billion humans with Israel a couple of nights ago. Our intellignece is sharp to the minute. We caught you and assured Inonesia with perhaps a minute. Half an hour would have been too late. You would have massared at one end. The ever justified by the UN Israel will have finished the Arabs, Iran, and others scattered in Tanzania, Kenia, Zambia, South Afirca, Zimbabwe (Israel has Amiran Irrigation Company in most of them. Say Aaaaaa, world. Kind merciful Israel, my ass)

6) If Aldaeda exists, we demand a video tape immediately to explain yourself to the world. What is your game in snding audio and video recordings only to Algezeera? Why are they so vague as to when they were made, and the rest? We need from verificatin from America to keep justifying the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. America lacks crediblity now. So much so that we will start making the playing cards soon.

7) We are qualifed already to make our cards and we don't need to prove you exist to do it. If you exist, then you will approve of catching your enemy number one whom you have miserably failed to impress. The best you did, if you did (WE in Egham no longer believe the 2001 evidence. We have beaten America's intellignce and saved 1 billion lives to prove it), The Madrid, the 7/7 in London. All these are connected to you so that Bush and hell of a lot other poeple keep on looking for you.

8) We cannot see a single reason for you being unable to post a video to the same New York, the same Madrid, and the same London, and of late the same Somalia where Bush cooked up a fantistic stroy (The radio thing). Either you are you are extremely stupid and can't post a video, in which case why should we be afraid of you?

9) What makes sense is that an amazing control on our all forms of press including the blood thirsty Murdoch Empire (Ske is poison, mustasd gas and more. Get rid of it from British soil. Its the same as hearing Bush on our TV and Radio. Fuck both). If you have been sending videos, then they havent reached the BBC. That would make sense, because we have been under house arrest for years.

10) So, you either don't exist, in which case, we will have no comments from you posted to this blog. Now this is your cahnce to post a comment. No need for audio/video tapes. Use the same people to go to an Internet Cafe wherever you are, and the blog will catch it in seconds.

11) We believe, we will have sorted out Alqaeda, within minutes. Oh just thought os some one who definitely can. Mr Bashir Bakr of the vey Indonesia that Bush wnted to start the massacre from. Silly us. Why did we not think of that first. Now, Indonesia, if the gvoernment of President Bang Bang and agents stops Mr Bakr Bashir from posting a comment, then you will know whose side is he on. If even Mr Bashir right now cannot post ac omment, then imagine what a firm grip Bush has on Indonesia.

12) That firm grip will be the same as our olympic UK atheltes cannot send posts to reflect a clown for a Mayor of their London,and the damage and humiliation our nation suffer in Bejing when rivals pull out newspapers drom months before 1 May 2008 (the day Borris Johnson was elected Mayor), how the newspapers called him a Baffoon. Our atheltes will be shown pre Myoral newspapers teasing our atheletes thus:

13) If you have a Baffoon as your Mayor, then the IOC should give you Baffon medals. Since they don't those knid of medals, then why don't you go home? No place here for you. Perhaps, the new Mayor can send in a post. Phillip Hammond MP, may have things to tell Borris. Hammond hasnt told us a thing for 7 years. Despite his not seeing us, we still voted Hague, because we believed in his firm knoledge of British history. We still do?

14) Oh, the power of 4 nano metres, cutting through useless and outdated fundamental we could away with. Now, you see what we meant when we said we will give everybody clean clothes no matter who, including politicians of all divides.


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