Friday, May 2, 2008

Fuck United Nations Fuck Germany

Post number 51Remember evey one!

1) We are the authority. Read the issue to the House of Lords sent early this morning. United NAtions and Germany seem to ignore that we hav ereceived no comments from the two professors on MPR. Note laso other related comments.

2) The post aimed at conclusions that if our condtions were not met with,then America will be proven to have invented the entire Somali scene.

3) Hence AAmerica Invnted the groug of Islamists. They dont exist. The leader killed does not exist. the avenge on whoever doea not exist, because the group does not exist.

4) Ti keep things clear, the Germans and the UN are presurised by the struggling and dying Sphere of the Evil Neo Nazi Blood thirsty (Indonesia this morning) etc Empire to make this shameful to the novel German people as novel as any other nation to make the offer to Iran

5) Did the German people elect Angela Merkil to sacrifce her own human dignity to do the job of the mudering Empire for her? Well the power of We ang Egham have won announces this declaration that she can make that offer to Iran on her own behalf, not on behalf of the German people.

6) Alternatively, we are democratic and will leave it to the German people to decide. they can post comments to the blog. Representtives from each federal German Republic can send in comments in the next few hours. If by 09:00 GMT (The the time the London Mayoral reults are announced) we will announce the results of the German nations vote.

7) Ay which time, we will also report the criminaltiy of Phillip Hammond MP in relation to whether Borris Johnson should even be allowed to loose, never mind win. He is not, we REPEAT, NOT qualified to be a candidate. As to what that will do to the Tories 300 new councillors, we say clever David Milliband! We knew your clever, but bloody hill.

8) We hope the world is given extra assurance that we have come prepared this time around and will not be beaten. There has been just weakness that we will divulge to you now, whic has made us become irrational at times. And well, we've got to tell you now. Its being a fucking heart throb! When the times and we should be at TESCO but we do this, it pisses us off. Thats when the few issues today shot out the way they did. Mind you, all very valid.

9) Ban Ke Moon, FUCK OFF! (Lucky its non WMD). You are de legalised. we told you Gordon Browe. We do know our law. You've got to give it to us. You are just a fucking glove puppet with GW's hand up your ass, while he homself in the BFZ, surfacing now and then. UN is invalid for other reasons too. Chiefly, why has it been that whenever, something happens around the world America is the first to do your job and tell people what should be done.

10) WHat the fuck do you think the UN should be? The way you run if? FUCK OFF!

11) Now president Ahmadi Nejaad, would you like a joke first Sir (Aakh Joon Bacha ha, al aan ye choobi too e koon (na aasteen. Man khaily bee adab hustum) ash be kunam ke deega be kaar hai hai buzurgaan dust na zana. bera baa bacha haa baazi kunne. Muga na?)

12) President Ahmadi Nejaad will copy that to Syria and Noth Korea too. So that they could tell you it in their own language. Are all deaf? How many times do you want us to repeat what about Israel's nuclear capability and leakages the has poisoned areas may be beyond Israeli borders. Instead of making an offer to Iran, make one to Israel. NO, don't we will. Olenka, be ready if you are still working, because:

13 What we are experiencing now is our Sunami appoaching the coast. It will be a while before the blog can be published n any shape form or size in 7,000,000,000 copies so that even babies can read it when they grow up.

14) What the dying Sphere of Evil NeoNazi's are negotiating is to trick the world and deceive us using the likes of Merkil and Man Ke Moon to sell the rest of us out.

15) hav ethey both forgotten so soon that our teachers are TERRORISED and are forced to teach us Monkey Education. DO YOU honestly expect us here in the most powerful plae on this planet to even reason with you on the issue of Iranian Nuclear issue or any thing else. The blog established the US gorenment is bankrupt of truth justice, morality, ethics and all other decent human values. They will never ever have any mandate on any thing whatsoever.

16) Iran is advised by our power to reject the demeaning and degrading offer at least and by giving a thought to our TERRORISED teachers and our children whose minds are being poisoned. Our EU partner Merkil wishes ill to the British people and teachers. What does the world think, and what will the German people think. Should Merkil speak for you on any thing in future? Should she hold any public office in Germany at all? TERRORISED British teachers awaite your just and compassionate reply.

17) Israel, It si amazing that toexperience how dumb you are. You FUCKING SON S OFWHRING PROSTITUTES! WHY SHOUL DWE SPARE YOU OF OUR MOST DEVSTATING EGHAM WMD? Answer you bastrads!


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