Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gordon, Lets Govern With Blog

Post number 68:

2+2=4 is the reality version of 16=-1, n4,

Our police colleague Michelle just past. If you ask her if she knows us don't be

Things may go crazily out of hand because of humour. Hence we make this "legal" provsion of allowing ourselves 3 amnendment to ensure line 1 above stays in force. The said line is is the truth as described in the blog


1) Just heard Mandella will be in some one's concert. We can't do any work. We give tou the bare basics to maintain BFZ over Bush. Laura only remains the spekes person of the now defeated Empire. American Necleus with Steve Martin to take chahrge of national security, strip Condie of her executive powers.

2) Melanie Phillips. We saw the beaty the last minute. We combined what we've seen on TV for years, then added phrases, "I am a British Jew, aand a journalist. We added ingradients, re engineered (adjustments for unable to speak mind dus to freedoms removed. We visualised the result and said. WOW. That girl, after reading this, look in the mirror and she will see the most beautiful girl in the world.

3) We then wonder if she will feel the same heart to heart with us. Then she might even propsed to marry her, and why. In the real life, that would be ridiculous for reasons she knows best, not to mention we are too old for her. If she doesn't have a heart to heart, then she must see Dr Jonathan Sachs. Between them, they will figure out what to do. N4 will give them the BBC (Its ours. Terry's choculates), and while the next few sentences brings emotions down as they are doing our, we will have resotred ignity we just caused by the Milanie factor so that we can all function again.

4) Israel will avail all types of Israelis, not excluding the majority Arab looking ones, and n4 orders the Israeli government to allow the BBC have unresisted accecc to whatever Peter White, Terry Waite, Liz Barclay, Roger Bolton na dwait for it Michael Rosen will tell them to do.

5) The environment has been used (CCCC International is itself an ENVIRONMENT!!! QED) as model to widen horizons of human intellect for solving the East difficulties. We throw in extra finger food, bomby mix (at least) to keep debate progress tastefully civil and calm.

6) Protect Geoff Kahn with your life. Apart from any thing else, U2,Bono included (as Bono and fellow musician we tell me to put it. Newtonian Equilibrium

7) Paul Gambocini is the aboslute authority on Radio 2 to tell Russell Brand (Jo Bran in Egham Comedy section - in a three sided competition.

8) Gordon Brown: We from Egham get rid of Des Browne. your Defence Secretary with immediate effect, right now 10:56 GMT on Tuesday 6 May 2008. Get us a general with fealthiest language unimagineable. We will give him power go to the BBC and give a bollocking of their lives to NATO, Amecain top brass in Iraq, especially David Petraious (a civilain now), those in Afghanistan, and else where.

9) The said general will then address Angela Merkil, Silvino Berlisconi, the Poles, the Lituanians and all others to give our (Terry's Choculate), one even half decnt reason why they joined the FUCKING NATO.

10) The NATO top man, American, of course to take serious note that he should be prepared for a 5 minute bollocking on BBC World TV, by Mohammad's said General. If the latter needs fresh supplies of Egham WMD, he will be given stock quikcer than he thinks. If in doubt, Laura Bush will be summoned to confirm speed after GW has nodded and affirms adherence with BFZ for as LONG AS IT TAKES.

11) Meanwhile, we will take the loose change and fuel up Micra 1 (!) for immediately (read the fuel gage Coca Cola, Murdoch et el...) to see His Magisty the King of Saudi Arabia to tell you where all of Idi Amin's wives are. A concetric circle society (as a fortress), the wives may be nearish the centre, with the Kings abode as the centre point of the circle.

12) Get all of Idi Amin's madals, wear them immediatley on the flight home but ensuring you fitted Micra 1 with new shock absorbers to avoid vibrations so that you don't have "Ooooh, I haven't come this way before" wetting the trousers zip areas (Oh, buttons, hey! The ROMANIAN hasn't seen labour wear those until recntly, 1997 when things startd to get fucking worse. Ouch!!!)

13) Nearly forgot the environmental example for the British Jews: Imagine a field of sugar cane where let us the majority concensus or even not has dicted that you must spare a piece to grow Orchids in that do need milder clime, different soil, aceidc, alkali, or neutral, warrying degrees of irrigating water that might flood Orchid root and deprvied Orchid roots from Oxygen and cause death (Environmental conundrum posed to make aware of "wiping off the face of the earth!!!". Analogy is natural. Specifically, environmental.

14) Some of you may defend Orchid, and propse, Safron, mustard,.... Yes, sweat heart, Melanie? Now feel as good as you felt last night letting it all out that made you near perfect. Far nearer than we are. Go get them, the Michelle Obama will (Hillary, your answer, perhaps? you and Bill are still in the Embyo, nucleaus.

15) The British Military forces, we are more conerned about the mostlikely hostages family. We've had to do this, instead of looking for them. So will go now, and do that. When no alternative left, then we will publish name for Australia to help. Militarily, you are in full charge of Afghanistan, with whichever group of afghans, preferably all of them and fight for n4. If unable to understand what n4 and the whole blog is, ask Mullah Zaif, whom we believe Taliban's Ambassador to Pakistan. The BBC has recordings of his doing his job and answering the Wests questions on TV.

16) Edited and American censored versions of the BBC arichives against unaltrated recordings will be educational. do those VIRGIN (!!!?????????????????+ don't answer. "Oh, thats difference is in full force to maintain Newtonian Equilibria)". British forces proudly flying the Union Jack over of our dearest homes who gave us life, to mothers, loads of other Afghan women, but just one father, a philopser uncle/Mullah (he taght us the 3,5,8 gallon riddle Bruce willis used in a Die rard hit, making Hollywood look smart. Our British born and Zambian born sons had heard and solved it long before Hollywood og hold of it. We learnt in in the 1950s)

17) Very important! We will not meet any one,even Neason Mandells so that we can function. We wouldn't do what to do and how to it in his presnece, Professor Sachs.We will communcate in writing until we learn how to talk again. Talking with Helen and very few other have been misleading and probably doing some damage (not intentional)as we write this. We would be paying Helen the highest respect as a friend and a vital co founder of CCCC International (not the blog. It is entirely ours, the full 100 % of it) and a share holder.

18) If last night's converstaion which felt very genuine, extra caring and very special as a very dear friend, then logic progresses to estimate that 10 years later Helen may ask us "What is a blog"!

19) That will you an indciation of how cool (-5 now, vacuuming the Melanie beautty, would you believe!) and in control we are to do this after lasts night's session, family as a hostages, doing what you think (how does he do it?), and producing this post! Helen has never read the blog but insists on wanting to know. We made the carinal rash and stupid telling the truth to some one who phoned another saying we do need help of the enormous kind. We said the world has changed and bush is going to be arrested. How true, but how stupidly timed considering. If Helen ever reads the blog (Oh, she will understand it all right.

19a) Her computer skills are better than ours, although she won't admitted even to her god said it (we dont do god. He doesn' make sense. We do. OK? Coca Cola. Its simple maths, thanks to GW who didn't allow any one else to use it. We are the only born free, live free who didn't submit slavery. Hence, we have liberated humans using simple maths, we feel at the time. Imagine when we all debate, with us still at a distnace doing web camming only. It is impossible for us to have a public image.

19b) If uncool and blown top, then Laura might have had two GWs to handle. A new one in Egham, judging by how angry the first one may very well be right now.

20) We have freed the world to breath, to be happy, healthy, and all things nice. Achieving it all we became as slave and did it step by step, in your presnece. Was it worth it. Yes! Because to see more and more of you, then we will blend with the crowd. So us ordering you Browne and the world, really, is the being selfish, and arogant to the highest degree. Yet the kind that wiil make you get up and do it. While things getting weirder and weirder, we dump it all on Neslson for we know still at the age of 90 plus he has the shoulder to carry it.

21) We ask Lord Attenborough and founders of the Neslson Mandella foundation to do things they have planning, not dreaming to do for a long time when London had a naked light (stand corrected) for the years when he was detained.

22) One day, we will tell Nelson we did our bit and sought refuge in his care. America stopped us in 2003. "Pbulish button" material that the BBC, Ahmadi Nejaad, Geof Sahcs (British armed forces, including Th Raf) protect Geof, Nelson, and the concert so that they will have no exciuse to witness what good looser Egham is. They need their full faculties to appreciate seeing us loose! Something the Union Jack wving Man U supprters are sure to enjoy too, gooness forbig if the game doesn't go their way. Where is the fucking window glazer and the other cunt?

23) Sir Alec, The ultimate resposibilty lies wit the scum cock sucking Americans. Lets put it this way Alec (we prefer Sir!), if we came back via another blog, at 17:00 GMT, then you, the American owners and the hard core "supporters" would wish you'd never been born. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD? No? Well, you morons, then this will penetrate even your fucking thick skulls.

24) You pretend not to know that we have not realised that you have insulted the proud nation of 200 million Russians (The president elect and very hopefully future prime minister n4 salutes you on behalf of our brick brain, Not BRIC Morons and the fucking American cunts) that they have raised two fingers at a nation who intelligently extended two rounds of Russian hospitality (We lived with you lot for 3 months, oil and gas fields, we said oil too Karzai, you son of an Ahmadzai pretending bitch, Sheberghan when well number 53? was buring for a months with the artesian flow of black gold.

25) Tell you what? We know why Russians dn't take tea spoons out of their tea cups. Find those in Shberghans who we worked with. Our report on the viscoity of cement won the first prize. We srill have the prize. Its a Ricoh Japanese bamboo slide rule and will show it to some soon. It is in our hand now. You see, we are setting up London as the firm financial capital of the world, and you AGREE. That is why the double invitation. Neither is Manchster thick, nor certainly us.

26) Lets go the top. GW, this typical, absloutely typical (silly walk getting extremely authentic), absolutely cock suckingly typical (eat your heart clease. This the Limited Edition, just fucking GW who is fucking thick he still trying while dying. Have a drink or some thing, you cunt) where were we? We don't care. Just to pfove we just say plain old fucking typical. That's what we say (give us strength! Some people are so dumb. Oh, Gordon, you leanign quite forward with you r Idi Amin Medals. Bllody hell, you have gone to town.

26)did the golf buggy thing on you. We do this but with a twist. He doesn't know what a fucking twist means. Typical. Enough of that) Any way, you'd better make dure we get confirmation from Manchester by 16:00 hours (deadline shortened because you are a cunt) to tell us in plain enGlish (Sir trevor, you are the integral part of n4 but then you knew that, silly us) that if one Man U fan looked with crossed eyes at a Rssian fan, then we will shove Faulty Towers Japanese speaking moose somewhere els, because we need our spokes person.

27) Now, we family to free. Meanhwile British armed forces Just shoot sny body who is uniform apart from yourselves! and the BBC. We want no fucking embeded journalism and shit like that. The BBC knows where to go notyou lot. The BBC knows where to go,not you lot. You just shhot,the afghans next to you do. I say to Afghans you let the British be in charge flying their union jacks, you fly your Afghan ones a metre higher because it your country, an the shoot like crazy.

28) By tomorrow,you will have captured Karzai and Egham will take over. While shooting, Egham WMD DU type will be shoowering on those American Officers make a fool of themselves their Commander in chief's ass is speaking in Japanese now, and they will not understand his broadcast if he wa man enough t break BFZ rules.

29) And our Genaral with a filthy laguage setting next to Gordon woul dlove to join in live WMD launches via BBC World, girls, or actually BBC 1. Hey?


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