Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hanging On Firmly To Our Jack Pots

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Your Magisty The King Of Saudi Arabia, Rulers and Amirs (Emirs) of The Oil Rich States In The Middle East, Iran, and Venezuela, BRIC Countries and South Africa who is blissfyll to join the latter group

1) This is dedicated to the British tax payer and Her Magisty, Her now Illegal government who remains fucntional, but the Tory Party who is banned to function due to protecting a criminal in their cabinet who has been trying for 7 years for this project not to succeed. The British tax payer pays our pension credit of £119.50 as living allowance. We live within our means to do all this value for money work.

2) Please read as Hamourabi Law Codes of some 3,500 years ago that was in Baghdad museum when the Uncivilised dirty filthy shitty (20,000) Empire of The Sphere of Evil and Emperor GW Bush may have stolen when they drove in with their crusading forces with the full might of the Vatican behind them as we exposed the pope so devoid of common sense who went to give GW a hand to defend parts of parts of 1 billion flock that it is OK to wear shitty close, instead of this Mohammad from Egham Succeed.

3) The pope living in the 19th as confirmed by none other than Proctor & Gamble & General Electric. The Catholics of the world and other world religions should in bear mind that they are dealing with an old who doesn't know where he is. Should the Catholics be lead by such a person with his expensive and idiotic entourage who have raised 2 fingers in Europe and one finger in the Americas including his devoted followers in USA, Central and Latin America. The American followers may now revise their voting options.

4) Cathlolics and others may not get upset if they value the works of the Britsih and French Immigrant fathers of Public Health of Whom the author is a dogged follwer and enforcer of their teaching. Their work made not only Britain but the whole world healthier living.

4) The Crusading Pope against his own Cathicism and all other world religions who who wear suits, skirt and tie, is squarely evelled with the moral, ethical and Public Health Moron and and one of the Stupid public figure in the History of humankind.

5) Equal charges are levelles plus much more against the Moronic Monkey (as defined) whose leader a certain GW bush does not even has the intelligence, compassion, moral and ethical values of apes.

6) This post is the strogest defence we shield against Public Health that we have launched in this blog and our earlier defences for nearly 2 decades. The likes of Vatican, USA, Coca Cola - the Prophit Mohammad maker in 2001 of theis Mohammad, Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, International Fabricare Institute GeenEarth Fellow technical Report in 10 pages or more), and others to be named later.

7) With consolidating our deserved jack pots, we will address Google and adveritsers: We are immensely proud of our pure business association for making an unbeatable team. You will be recrded in the history of the world for contributions to change the world in ways so unbelievable that Coca Cola and GW's machine tried to make a god out of a mere morsal, old man, who can't even afford to eat a decent every day.

8) We have terrific news for relevant advisers, whose businesses will shoot up in turnover in these lean times. You will change the world, too, liteally as you sell, sell, sell, like mad. Make and sell Hyper Neo Nazi Cards, make and sell our various rings, as freely as you like. You know why. There is not a force in the world to stop. We are the ultimate force above the most powerful forces them all. We listed a couple above.

9) The pope has insulted The Hindus, The budhists, The Muslims, all other religions, believers and non believers. If we hadn't stopped him in a double crusading drive with GW Bush and allowed to win, then he would have won all right:

10) The two sub intelligent Morons will have convinced the world that to hell with Chadwick and others, to hell with water born sanitation that gave them sewers (Sir Joseph Bazalgette, the French man). If it wasn't for them, they would have thrown then shit out of Vatican Windows on to the worshippers, and on to the White House Lawn wher Gordan Browne will have run to safety, but David Cameron will have been covered in GW fresh and warm shit, because Phillip Hammond didn't tell William Hague and now Cameron for 7 whole years.

11) Hammond told Hague, he would not have lost to Blair, and things may have been different. All this will have revealed in 2001 with Hague supporing it, and won big time. So, by deduction, Hammaond help Blair win. Things are really weird now. Some criminal Hammond must be a Tory, but Labour at heart. Sort that one out, Cameron?

7) America whom we hope to come out of all this and jsutly lead us again in whatever they arebetter than of the rest of us is our heart and mind however cruel way may appear on surface. We have to be just and moral in telling the 4n truth in order to maintain the sheer force of dimensions integral to this blog. Any favourtism to any of our 4 homes, particaulrly USA and Britain will be spotted by critics, used against us and remove ower absolute Public Health Driven Power. The we will loose all and Monkey rule will continue to pervail.

7) Rulers and people of oil rich states: We achieved major winnings for you in an earlier post. All this for your supreme confidences that you will never ever have to worry about America enforcing her Crusading (WE DO MEAN IT! AND CAN PROVE IT) blood thirsty greed for oil to give it to Israel who is declared as criminal state who killed flattened and destroyed with Hyper Neo Nazi Empire along side of them every step of the way, including the 6 day war of 1967. If they don't believe us, then we will start a fresh, and make more Neo Nazi Evil Israel, while taking pride in being the chosen ones, otherwise known as Jews.

8) They so stupid not to know that they were used by Lloyd George and Balfour. They wanted to get rid of The British Jews. The Brits were Crusaders too, for sending some one with a name Allnaby. Britsh intelligence (may be Intelligence) even made Arabs to know his as Al Naby (the Prophit) and named a street after him with the same mocking and humiliating undertone, Britain agreed with America a decade or two later. This time, the Brits who were a colony since 1929, if not earlier, were forced to be humiliated in the eyes of the world, when America demanded ant an acre of land in Runnymede (my Egham!) to do an Al Naby on us i 1957. The JFK Wall overlooks Windsor Castle.

9) We have decalred the ABA who put the monuments. We will return to finish what we didn't in May of 2003, have a concert to celebrate and Bob Geldof can freely use the entire arsenal of Egham WMD, instead of a fraction of his own "Give us the Fucking money". Bono and U2, if impressed with our efforts and the devastating (shut the fuck up) it has had on GWB, may have a natter among themselves and may say what the hell. "Lets go and do some stuff". If Bono leaves his hat some where, we will fly in Mica 1 and fetch it. We will give in to some one to take it Runnymede fields to give it to him. We won't be at the concert, because we might die!

10) A certain woman might like our Malawi stories and wouldn't believe it. So she maight say who the hell is this guy, and the other Guy's ears may twich at the curiosty. Any way to finish this para before We die thinkning about those body curves a lot of people can't make, we will tell the story shortly and stop dying. If we ever met her, we will die right there anf then. Then, guy will have the proof to say "the bastard did fancy. Look he died, you bitch!). We rather not change our grave head stone that is made and reads: "We told you we will be shot!"


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