Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hyper Neo Nazi Blood Bath Cards

Post number 54

1) Well All right, all right, all bloody righ, Lord Kinnock? We don't know you, your policicies or your philosophies of life. But when you those things, we had a heart to heart, just like we did we Senator Obama of late. Thats good enough for the application of powers our 4 nano metres and related innovations and discoveries have given us. There are no comments from any one on earth who holds power to refute our assertions in this blog. Hence we ARE the supreme power. We rule as long as we make sence. If we don't, some one will correct us quick enough. We will make adjustments.

2) If we make sense, then there is a place for you to do tings with us you wanted to do when you said all those "All rughts". Perhaps you will tell us more. If you didn't join us you will have lost none of your heart to heart with us, and we will be fond of we felt at the time. Time may have changed things.

3) Meanwhile, in order to consilidate our supreme global powers wiping every thing that doesn't make sense, off our work top, we keep on being sensible. We will of course maintain and practice our self defined Newtonian Equilibria and world order.

4) United Kindom, London (The Financial Capital of the World), new suggested by us Mayor Ken Livingstone (heart to heart man, too, and that is good enough) is hereby confirmed as the administrative centre, with our own Egham coupled with Tucson, Arizona (both CCCCs) will be the policy making centre with a steering committee to be yet formed. The blog will find them through Heart to heart at first, untill the live embryo we have kept alive progresses further in business life and associated spin offs. Further steering committee members will then be selected using using more rational and MEASURABLE meathods according toe THE 4 nano metre dictates.

5) With above said, we now recommend that sets of playing cards MUST be made in all countries of the world, starting a search for the Neo Nazis described in the blog starting with George Walker Bush, his father, the inbcumbant administration, down to those in your countries (US ambassadors, other embassy staff, Colleen Coffee in the UK (0 comment in blog),... Be cuatious as to whos card you make. We and our steering committee may exhonerate those you may have chose ill advosedly. Such people will not have maintained their own national Newtonian Equilebrium, and will be convinced with a 2 + 2 = 4 logic. Then, we will not a lot of corrective measures cruelly employed today.

6) Hilary, thank you for suggesting we view videos. Whether we have or not, your drawing our attention was almost cause to include you and Bill in the embryo with Jimmy Carter, Michelle and Barrack Obama. If we make sense, then you won'g go wrong. However, if our including you in the embyo clashes with your certain values whcih you you may bring up to say you'd rather not, feel free to do so. No longer, no one will force no one to things that don't make sense.

7) Make playing cards.

8) Meanwhile, Puppet Malaki, you touch Tariq Aziz, and we will get your ass, Green zone or no Green zone. You want force, Iraq will give you force. Our current force is this, as following blog posts will confrim. THERE IS NO ALQAEDA. THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR. IT IS ILLEGAL TO BROADCAST THESE PHRASES EVE AGAIN FROM THIS INSTANT. Analyse implications. We will lear policy chnges while we we spend our time being a heart throb, making tea, eating, oh write anothe blog post, and in spare times do fuck all. How is that for power, against every thing you've got.

9) To give you a taster, here is some thing that doesn't make sense to moronns: The Arabs have oil. Some of them, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and few others don't. Instesd of giving some oil to Arabs who are starving, you lat America take the oil. She nearly massacred with Israel, only the other night (see our communication to the House of Lords and related posts. NO Comments, help or other from the House of Lords are requiredwhatsoever, not at least at this stage. Zilch!!!).

10) America takes/buys the oil, other Arabs starve. Our exception Egypt is propped up and drip fed by America instead of receiving oil from you lot Malaki and the obvious unfortunates. Then America GIVES the oil who has'nt got a drop. Then Israel uses the oil America gave to keep Arabs as slaves with Hyper police force armed with nucleur weapons whose ownership is justified by 16 = -l whic we decalred as rubbis poats ago. It is now the era of 2+2 = 4, always. No one one can and dare stop Egham unless comments are posted to this blog. THEY WON'T.

11) The provisional and proposed American Embryo from a long distant from one CCCC to another, to break the diatance between, may agree that Egham remainns your policy making cenre for the shortest workable time. Once kick started, you will then be self propelled. Psssst. You may then even have excessive driving power you could send our way. That will be nice for a new genuine Shoulder to shoulder.

12) You see, we've been saying all along it is easy when you know how to do things right. We will now declare this as utter crap. We fuck we will end up here. We remain adry cleaner at best but with tools that open doors to do other things with.This declaration is big and will put a lot of people at ease. If we came to public eye and enjoy the lime light we have to have all that go with it. If we wish to put fear in people, we will have to create the image.

13) Peter seller tried to look life a Mafia boss, he ended up looking up like a washing machine! If we tried to be all things to all people, then we will need an Air Force 1, the size of Baphtatswana (no more Excellencies, Mandella, Kaunda, we hear? May be Jimmy Carter knows and tell Americans, hey?)

14) Scaled up, we will have medal, formal dress, walk on red carpets, trip over Kings and Presidents with admirers hearts in their mouth,.... We will end up as a real twit some we know, wearing the Commander in Chief, landing on s ship in full battle uniform, hand on chest, with Generls, admirals, and ass lcikers, look at the man whose card in our deck will be the ace of Spades, or what wever Saddam's was. Hence, Monkey. We always say what we mean and prove it.

15) May be you ought to go down to your bunker now. There may be rockets raing down any miniute.

16) People of the world: There are no other people in Iraq fighting Bloof Thirsty Neo Nazis who were minutes way from wiping Isalm of the face of the face of the earth with Israel as the Hpyper Police armed with nuclear weapon. People are really angry with Ahmadi Nijaad ALLEGEDLY, mind you, saying he will wipe Israel off the face of Israel?Whic ISrael? Ahmadi Nijaad Will soon speak on the BBC. The we will all know.Won't we?

17) Saddam was eliminited because he educated people to pHd and profeesorial levels. He sent them to Africa and elsewhere to contribute, mostly the Chritian Africa. We worked with some in Kaunda'a Zambia in the 1980s. How many did he have in 2003, when the criminlas Shocked & Awed them to kill and to syphon out the rest to the West?

18) Above all, how many like us did have who could and would have done what we are doing today? We met one in 1971/73 in Imperial College in my Department doing PHd work on the sedimentation theory, and on the Iraqi schlorship programme. And you know wht? He was a Kurd civil servant whose people gassed with gas. What Egham will to the bottom of is to ask that man if still alive to tell his version on the BBC. If alive, it will not be long before we find him.

19) World, take it from us, and Super Bitch Merkil, enemies of our (MY! Remember yesterday with GW's glove puppet Ban Ke Moon) school teachers, that we will find the Iraqi general, a top Saddam cabinet minister married to a German. He had so much intelligence that the entire Bush Administration does not have. Uis command of English far exceeds our ours. If anything happens to the general, if he is alive and well, then will shove Madagascar up your cunt Merkil, philosophically. YOU'D BETTER REMER THAT!.

20) The German people, your liberation and getting Americans out of your father land may depend on protecting the General. His German wife in now empowered by Egham to have the courage of lion to net work and protect her husbund. If the General was given assylum and placed at the hands of the psychiatrists like we were here, and his mind is destroyed, Merkil will pay the price our steering committee will come up with.

21) With education so vital, that the INNOCENT Saddam and 100 other brilliant Arab minds were massacred by the blood thirst Neo Nazis with Israel's confident policing, just in case, doea any one wonder why his Magesty the Saudi King is spending $10 billion dollars and will employ Nobel Lauriets to educate his flock beetr than even Saddam did Iraqis. We believe Qattar is following suit. Other oil rich statesa re not far behind. They are keeping a low profie. They don't need to now. The have the might of Egham, who destroyed the Sphere of Evil America.

22) With Earth sorted out, we will fly Micra 1 to the moon and see how the Indians, Pakistanis, and Sikhs are getting on with corner shop for the arrival of Bush gang, our Guantanamo for them. Huh! Hey Steve Martin. Now, you rubbing your chin wondering about things. Why not?


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