Monday, May 5, 2008

India Firmly remains firmly driven up Murdoch

post number 65

1) Rushed back from window shopping to assure Gordon that India firmly remains up Murdock's ass and the entire UK = none other than American NeoNazi press.

2) Zero comments in bog means press is fucked, but Gordon can get the metaphoric Africa ready. To sueeze the bastard a bit more, we say Gordon: Get the men from the kitchen to fetch the chilly powder. Use it if you need to.

3) We've news from Murdoch. He is not as dumb as he looks. We will commence writing now. Apply Hamourabi Law Codes to decode. We have announcement to make after 17:00 GMT to tell who else has joined Gordon's ranks. We add Ben Bradshaw as a taster for now.

4) We have a feeling we could just about take a chance with Parky whom the EMU so viciously attacked. If wrong, then We apologise and assure him that we keep "Oh, but that's different" from HFD Limited edition for "As Long As It Take". For goodness sake, how we not, after all he has given us all these years. That Yorkshire is a hill of place, just as Little Hampton would be if existed. What do they take us for?

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