Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is he in the BZ, you guys?

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Now than you guys,

how many of you will join the man, sorry whatever else he is

Kenneth Adelman, paul Wolfowitz (r named sheepowitz), Richard Armitage, Richrd Perl, our country person prfoessor Collen Coffe, the cutie pie who looks like BBC,s Mathew Amrariwala, oh, yes the big bastards, cock cheney, Donald Rumsfeld (mother fucker. A little tribute to you: shame you retired. I wanted you here, because e-mails to colin powell and the Monkey clearly said, we don't even mind you taking Afghanitan, but we wanted to send you in clean clothes. your suits were and still full of shit from freshly cleaned service by none other than Proctor & Gamble with their 11,000 machines polluting the world with others.

You morons, We still have the e-mails but they have "publish button2 material in them (that should make them shit in their pants.)

The wolrd could have had cleaner clothes and a large number of our people, 65,000 will not have died from MRSA since 1994 when we informed you.

If that son of the Arch De triumph (could you do better, bitch) between her legs can come at us i minutes after the stunts you guys pulled in Indonesia, one of you could have ome back in 1994 so that we could have saved lives.

You did not care about a good part of 65,000 british shoulder to shoulder lives lives, the same as you didn't this morning in Indonesia.

NeoNazis know that much about Islam to know what the Ahmadia's believe compared to the majority Sunni Indoensian Muslims. He choe the largest Muslim (our concern is Public Health and business) population in the world. You wanted to inflict the maximum casualty. Because life is worthless to you. Now Sphere Of Evil Blood Thirsty Neo Nazi Empire just about describes you, judging by your own action, really, does it not, readers.

Israel, with friends like these you really shouldn't enemies, should one? You might even find Hammas better. Lets see, shall we, with the worlds, listening:

Now, your prime minister and the American president are the only two people on the planet who discuss things about your nuclear weaponry of about 250 bombs that could destroy a lot pf places. do you have more or are these sited under the sea of Galleleo who we are told fresh water. Excuse us, please, let us scratch own ass. Noone here. We do evey thing ourselves. Clever, isn't it,and a heat throb!

Now then,where were we? right here, ha, silly us. we go silly, people better watch out because they don't know what we might do. So, things Putt shots of yours, we hear, if push came to shove, then the US president and your prime minister could detonate these tings under the sea.

We are recently told that the reason you real WMDs (Bush was looking in the wrong country. Still he does, in Iran, and you fixed Syrias. Was it really. But then Syrain never have a voice on our TV, but you wouldn,t know that) would produce water vapours. Now new mixture (or would it compound with heat as the catalyst) may produce deadlier after effects did when our sheep in Weles was affected.

We haven't checked, and don't want either. We pay no particluar attention to your partof the world or in fact any where else. The blog will tell you we have defending all along, and were taken places where Monkeys have taken us.The sub intelligent White house sat 2 traps for us, They killed in Somalia thinking we might ask Iran to send comments to blog saying they are not behind all the stuff. When we will have received no reply, then blank comments section would not ahve made sense. Work ou the rest.

Our authority of relying on blank comment spaces woul dhave weakened us. All they sre looking for is a crack to appear. Wishful thinking. We called their bluff and pasted more acusationsa gainst them (the radio thing). Instantly they hit Indonesia (our sleeping hours here). If he hadn't dischrged WND, then there would have more Messia, Mehdi Aakher zaman (Iran, Afghanistan), Iraq and other puppet states including you. Just minutes unawareness, millions will have killed each other. You know, where this is leading to. It wouldn't ahve mattered to you as a neighbour, Lesser Arabs,your joy. You couldn't give a fuck about him. After this analyis tonight, Hammas crediblity will go up the scale.

Other weaknesses in the servant special telephone arrangemnet is Condalisa telling the world to pay the Palestinians the money ther are owe, the Chief Monkey will 750 million million Dollars in food aid. Say AAAAAAAAAAAAh, world! How nice, hey.

Now, how much did it cost Codalisa to make that announcement, hey? a couple of dollrs? She could have done this 100 times over in the past number of years. When did the road map thing start?

Any way, we could go on, but won't pile up on misery. We are not here for that. We just want to dry clean. But because, there is $50,000,000,000 turnover in it annually, they nearly killed us here a few times over and stuff. They want to take our IP rich business from us, then we do a shoulder to shoulder to shoulder thingas one does (ONE FUCKING WOULDN'T FROM NOW ON. WE'LL TELL YOU).

We don't see any cracks here. How about your end? The deiling? The might frist before the walls(doesn't mean any thing, don't tax your brains. No tricks!).

As lovely as its been being with you, one must go



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