Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lets Get Them. We haven't All day

Post number 58:
Jobs as well as no mood swings? Whats that?

1) Well, the Afghans will tell you. Its old but beats any new:

2) You still wearing "EEn Hum May Guzarad" rings on your fingers, at least some of you...?

3) Translated to English it will become "It Too Will Pass". The message will instantly brings your mood down if you are too pleased with yourself, and calm you down to be more rational and don't go too crazy to harm yourself. However, if you are feeling down and feel sorry for yourself, then the message will perk you up, feel happier, and be receptive to interact with people better.

3a) And with 4n (below) full of so much hope, and seeing some one else with the same ring, then the effect will be doubling with excitement. It could even start an instant but long lasting friendship. It works for Afghans, They've always been kicking ass. We can't afford one yet. The last one ready to be inscribed was taken off our ring when we were so sleeping rough on a London street, near number 10 (Blair's office and house, then, with a certain Gordon Browne there now. Did Blaire steal it? Wow! how WOW factor, Bernard, and how philosophical!)

4) Souvenir manufacturers, even jewellers (in silver, gold (platinum) can make flat top rings for inscribing the words in English (for recognition when abroad) on the flat top. The beauty of the custom made ones (by jewelers) would be that ring design can be of your own design or one recommended by the jeweler. That way, you will have retained your individualism as well share common 4 nano truth and philosophies that is giving you a new world order (scientific) as you speak, move, eat, whatever (lead book! Myagi says)

5) While at, why not try the nice simple digit 4 and the Greek letter nano which we can't for you here, but it looks a bit like our own letter "n" with the right leg extended downwards curved to the right.

6) Then you can be identified by each other, see your numbers grow, have instant international friends and you can take it from there...!

7***) They may have killed Live Aid and Band Aid. We won't let them kill the next one. Actually, Egham won't let them, no matter where you hold it? We can suggest some Monkey Strong holds of Washington DC, London, Paris, Bonn, Rome, Tokyo, Tel Av iv, and Djakarta. Some of the jewelers in Monkey Crown, while you will flashing your 4n jewels of your own. Each one much bigger than theirs. In fact, 5000 times bigger while looking small.

8) The 5,000 is related to CCCC International particulate matter related issues, that some of you may already know.

9) You may even have made rings just with 5,000 on them, pulling ranks on the juniors. You can then teach them and make more seniors. Boy, we are on a role, weren't we just?

10) You would have help your country's economy in small ways, too!


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