Sunday, May 4, 2008

Man Of The People!

Post number 60:Catholitcs of USA, Central And Latin America,

1) The Pope joined joined GW to keep the current status que including keeping the King of Saudi Arabia and tothers in the area as slaves.

2) America in - chrage f the oil and who to give it to, to police the region has given a life that you've lived for the last half century.

3) We have the power now to change things may be for the better. You can guide us all along. We will listen to you, because we favour no religion in promoting public health. A good number of 65,000 Britains may have lived today if the seemingly good giants hadn't stopped us. We have not mixed your own health where you are right this minute 13:45 hours GMT. We do what what we do, because we are the man of the people. We mean all the people, All over the place.

4) Find out what did Senator Obama also said that he is the man of the people. Find out which people, won't you? We understand he had world up bringing, incuding Indonseia whom Bush wanted to obliterate if we had not not stopeed him.

5) Bush could have massacred 1 billion Muslims, with Isreal joining at the other ends. We established that through their disregard, neither the Pope, nor GW have any regards for caothlics (South India, The Pillipines, and else where), Budhists, even Jews (Asia including Iran) and all others who would have been killed as collateral damage.

6) Get to know your Pope and BW Bush beofre you vote in Novemeber.

7) The King o Saudi of Saudin Arabia are bound to be better than this lot. We will ensure he will have a free voice and free will to decide what to do with his oil.

8) to be continued after seeing to cheerful news about the concert.


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