Monday, May 5, 2008

MI6, Its All Your Fault!

Post number 62:

1) Good Morning, Good After Noon, Good Evening From Public Health/n4 in Egham

2) Gordon, raise the flags, all of them!

3) You said you will listen to the people. Improve communication (DON'T. You're Just FINE). A Romanian answered the call...

4) Good thing the press cpuldn't move last night to prepare the early editions. The night watchman Morris Chittendon will no longer poison Five Live's air ways, unless (here is your chance) he's go some thing refreshing to say compaitable with the national and global contents of this very post, in its entirety.

5) President Mahmood Ahmadi Nejaad. Not only will your reject any offer from the EU, UN, or The Sphere Of The Evil Neo Nazi Blood Bath Intending GW Bush, the entire cast of Neo Cons and similar people, But n4 bans any work on drafting of such a garbage propsals. Those spending woman/man hour on such a draft are spending their allocated budget towards evil schemes of the said now nationally and internationally illegal regime of America.

5a) To re iterate, AlGaeda does not exist (Ref Bakr Bashir). The Afghan government to catch up with event, and nee to broad cast or even whisper the word, be cause we will hear if they did, and will suffer consequences.

5b) The ar smart enough to realise that the Regime has been declared illegal. The Afghan government is illegal, but is only allowed to govern until new plans are gevised for Afghnistan. Meanwhile, all the rubbish American TV, and presenters with epiliptic fit (Ask cock Cheney to spelll it , Karzai We've no time) to act normal Afghan like people did in Zahir Shay's days (we know, we didn't TV). If he was honoured as the Fahter of Afghan Nation or similar, then he will not have been pleased with what goes on.

5c) In Zahir's days girls used to go to school wearing Western stlye school uniforms of black shoes, black stockings, black blouse and no scarf or head square/scarf, nothing. Where the hell do you come from wearing the exact outfit we wore when we gave concerts in Tucson (CCCC) and Lauramie in 1968. ome movies nay have survived, not to be brodcast, but viewed by our American Embryo, should they find it relevant to view.

If cock has chosen yours, then the embryo can burn our cini films on the BBC. We do not trust any American TV at present. They may put some MYV stuff in it. He detest MTV. MTV will go! BBC televised viewing subject to our blackeninf face. We will not be photo graphed or filmed for public viewing.

6) n4 accountants appointed by n4 steering committee will deduct moneys from their asstes before they are charred with crimes against humanity. This is for Mohammad Albaradai's work in his IAEA ofices for work on Iran project. The project is terminated. Project closed. No further work permitted. Instead, commence work on Israeli nuclear weapons programme. You will find people like Olenka Frankel of use. She has worked on Demona before and knows about dodgy meters Israel "caliberate" to indicate lower readings than actual, consealing soil contamination.

7) Prepare proposal for submission to n4 here in Egham. We will enforce your recommendations. To restore balance, Iran is allowed to manufacture 500 atomic bombs of the exact power and type Israel has, to save Iran research money in choosing what type they need. Isreal has done the hard work. Iran will copy it. Iran is not allowed to make better and improved bombs better capable of mass destruction.

8) Paraity of bombs in quality is philosophically symbolic and assuring to Israel implying they will not be used as long as Israel's remain unused. Israel could and probably would have used her to wipe out Iran and Arabs. We do not trust Israel. It is a criminal state and is treat by n4 as such. IAEA is just to issue recommendation. We know how to deal with criminals.

9) BFZ around the globe remains in force.

10) Mr Ahmadi Nejaad, it is an amazing and fascinating world. It is very small at times. Hamid... Iranian TV and film heart throb is a friend (we hole so at least). Hamid met us in Mental Health Day entre in Egham, where Elizabeth, Bobby, and Tara poor people sold cheap lunches. We had no home at the time and had our days main meal there....

This is good news. You'd better have it quick. Hamid's story will continue after lunch. have to attend to snail mail.


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