Monday, May 5, 2008


post number 66

Good news, we wonder?: We just heard Microsoft walked away from deal with Yahoo, whose shares slid down to $23 each. The rival is Google. We are with Google

1) We've been thrown more balls than we bay be able to juggle, all complimentay bar one?! We have to prioritse response, one of which is extremely time sensetive to Gordon Brown's governmnet stablity. We will proiritise this and just mention others all connected with 4n and CCCC International. Those who may wonder at times whether we venture outside our sphere of influence might like to know that if we diskuss thrower, then we will disqualify ourselves if we step outside the hurling ring as in the Olympics. So, if we mention Scottish Referendum, we are within the ring. Other reasons in previous scattered posts.

2) Other headings tonight,however long it takes will be: A little KoK up! A teenager in mind only, not in body. Explained thus. Drawn line under. Not geology related...Visa/conditional acceptance!!!, Hamid's story combined with addressing Russia, Australia (Waltzing Matilda, Heart as in Obabma n4 Heart?!), Are we gay?!

3) Mr Browne, you were last night and you are tonight under immense pressure that showed on your face. Ower Empire breaking power placed you in the firing line. You did yourself to look as composed as you did. Not a lot of people can do that when we tell them who fired at you: They were he Monkeys, back benchers (sorted NOW! SET OR SPEAK UP OR STAY SHUT UP), by party time wasters as to how we should stay by America's side and that crap (FUCK OFF).

4) The brackets will sort them out. And of course, the BIG ONE: The awaiting governor of the 52nd state Cameron with the remants of the heavily laden press and Murdoch on, and Neo Con on top of him. The Neo Con's Amrariwala look alike disappointed that there id already something larger up Murdoch's ass then the cutie pie could ever prodcue if he unzipped himself!

5) We have a feeling you will smile tomorrow and laugh the day after. What you may perhaps lack is one or two brow beaters. In addition to Benn, Milliband, now Bradshaw, THE ROMANIAN, and one or two others we introduce Bob Marshall Andrews who sounds highly convining about you being THE MAN of the moment. If that of beyond, too, then his brows may be placed on auto brow (as it in auto pilot). Ask him and find out, preferrably with Cameron, Hammond, and Borris Johnson. The alter two will cancell each other, and Cameron will stand alone. That reminds us of song,but can't remember it.

6) We are not embarrassed about not remembering the song because it is only Cameron, whose party is illegal due to the criminal factor that will down Johnson's trousers down sooner or later.

7) Sir Michael Parknison may record proceedings for Parkinson over the other side side. Not the Lib dems who are HM's main opposition, but over on ITV. If no longer done, then we should get out more often. That will be soon after our next meeting with the fortune teller, oops, we mean the psychiatrist.

8) Now, how many clay pigeons did we shoot, Gordon, with this post? Well, the sketch we gave you above is only a schematic diagram. If you and your nucleus will shape it to an as built drawing (at least design/tender drawing), then you will have shot the same ones again.

9) Lets put an end to foot ball violence in the entire Europe by getting others to do it. We will step in if thay need more clues: Malcolm Brown deaf (laughing twice - completely innocent) or Stubborn FUNDEMALIST MONKEY SLAVE as in David Cameron; A knighthood on the line; Glazer or Glazier; any/all of these 2+2=4 or 16=-1
How long has what 30 countries have been at it to sort it out.

10) The above hyper power above Monkey power has scattered them all over the place, rendering one as the elephant doctor who doesn't know which end the ass is, erroneously knowns s Condie Rice specialising in Soviet Union!

11) Who else wnts to go to Middle East and do crap all year after year.... You Morons - Monkeys, EU, UN, Traitor Abu Mazn, Blood sucker Israel and afew others. Except of course Hammas who was elected.

12) Here is another one: The Kurds mass gassed by Saddam, cuddled and in the process of turned another Bosnia (not exacxly, but make small, to divide and rule better. Scottish Referendum some one?) in Northern Iraq. Down in Souther Turkey blood realted to the victims: Fuck them. Kill them Turkey!


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