Monday, May 5, 2008

Mohammad's Family May Have been Taken As Hostages

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BBC is free to rome the world, and we have a world scoop with free access in Kabul to report and broadcast. BBC and this blog will make a one off. We have the power to inforce it. Proof BFZ in force Laura Bush announced to Burma instead. Weakened in front of the whole world, Bush is in to kidnapping now.
1) Before we tell you our alarming news from Afghanistan, we tell Barbara Bush that we never defend or if necessay from a position of weakness. We announce categorically that we have won the control of the BBC from Browne's government (illegal remember but operational by default and under n4's steering.

2) This was done by the most dictinguished Professor Geofrey Kahn for none other than Harvard University, the tirelss campaigner with U2 in Africa as readers will better better. With this, the BBC has now full possession of "Publish button" material!!!

3) You know world how terrifed Bush and gang of criminals about the material? Frightened enough to respect BFZ around the world where cannot be heard or seen. Barbara's announcing to Burma is the proof of our hyper power over the Empire. We would under score that world. For the first time, one man and n4 can tell the emperor what to do.

4) The presidnet has twic bcome humanitarian in the last few days only when he is exposed as blood thirsty and nearly killing 1 billion plus. Certainly a sign of extreme weakness and admitting it to the world.

5) Let us tell you world that Bush and party feel like lamb to the slaughter, when we intoduced Hamid to the world. Even the dumb Monkeys realise that now their most hated person next to few others also has "Publish Button" material.

6) When Mr Geofrey Kahn announcing on the BBC last night that The bush administartion in US history. He said Clinton's was bad, too. join the dots together, you amy find rhe professor in general agreement with on both adminastration. The professor knows full well that he himself is a good part of "Publish button" material.

7) He professor may have got out of the US predicting he could be picked up and put away without the trace like 20 others in 2001 who also are privy to "publish button" material. Bush and gang are inches away from being dispatched to the moon.

8) The only thing they could do was to kidnap our family who could expose Karzai, a Mohammad's Chapan Plageriast! Chapan is the striped robe Karzai wears as a symbol of Afghan national Unity. We had announced earlier that we wore almost the identical robe almost 40 years ago and may be on home movie cameras. We had a good reputation in Tucson and Laramie when we emphasied national unity as one of Zahir Shah's full Service Diplomatic passport.

9) That repute, and hard work to create a good image for Afghans using the robe would provide a good image in the eyes of Americans, would it not? Could Karzai be a wolf in sheep's clothes? If Cock sucker Cheney, Karzai's employers in America can collect all photos and movies in the US, that would still leave photos in Afghanistan. Now that we can freely communicate with Afghanistan, we have news that Karzai may have cowardly kidnapped our family members. Understandably, we are concenred. But we have fantastic news that we have witnesses in Australia.

10) They couldn't kidnap 100s, may be 1000s of Australia who know our family member, member could they? Communication has been difficult with Afghanistan has been difficult. May be thats why, Bush has moved the battle ground there. That is clever. We are cleverer. We've got the BBC!!!

11) No country on earth can boast to have a broadcsting facilty never mind one man who could Bush himself to send TV and Radio wherever in the world at free will. Because We are the world's super power over the world's super power.

12) We request all world countries to assist The BBC in whatever way they can to carry out n4 work with immediate effect. The Karzai Government is advised to apply rules of common sense and release our members from captivity. Bush and you remain answerable for their well being. You may not interfere with free access by the BBC wherever it may be necessary to earch in Afghnistan for our family.

13) Princes William and Harry's brave visit and serving duty did provide them to have a chat with their army mates when the subject of fighting for Union Jack must have been brought up. The Americans know that any time now, we may ask our armed forces to dissocite themselves fro being associating with the US Military whose Commander in - chief was caught red handed (blog post) in nearly making a god of Mohammad, and massacaring 1 billion Muslims, the whole of Afghanistan among them.
Karzai would have been among them too, how lowly and undignified can a leader get with Afghans stunned at the parody!

14) Details in Australia: Name withheld, University of New South Wales, 1977, Post Intermediate (qualification?). Ref: James Mitchener's The Caravan, and authors thesis on aspects of Afghan culture relevant to the book. Reportedly 1000s of copies were sold in Australia and elsewhere, with some circulating in Afghanistan.

15) We have a world exclusive for the BBC to find the family and report why is this family member and another, a woman an ex emplyee of the save the children are setting home unemployed, while another distant British export works as a deputy minister, living in both in London. The shocking thing is that this man stole rent money from us by housing an Afghan refugee in our house in Putney. The deputy Minister registered his own address as the newly arrived refugee's and pcoketed the money. When the legal occupant was re housed, the deputy minister got the boys to beat us up. Hows this for a scoop BBC in a new broadcsting era. Especially, when we tell you that you have thief on film telling the British people on the plight of Afghan refugees in Britain.

16) This work will have taken Bush's crack team a couple of weeks to plan and execute. Good, isn't it. Throw it to you.

17) Other matter: Russia: We are extremely grate ful for the hospitality you accorded Man U ticke holders a 3 day stay as a proof of you contribution towards riding ourselves of Hooliganism in European foot ball. We assume Man U is sppreciative of this offer. We havent heard. Thus far, you have extneded hands of hospitality twice. The one reaction we know of was whn our man imposed quite a few demands for the final. Frnakly we are embarrassed on behalf of the fans who desreve to represented in a better manner. If it is the intention of some one to create violance for ill gained reason and to discredit the cross of to George, you can be certain we will ensure theflag is not disrespected.

18) With the host's cooperative spirits, we may ask you on this occasion if the fans could carry their flags. It is such a cntroversial issue that their mass display will give teh nation confidences they've never had, because they've been slaves of a dumb sub intelligent Empire. If these sentiments, clash with Man U's owners, perhaps they could post a comment. If we suspect the American owners of humiliating this nation's spirit of absolute freedom and responsible to no one but self, then our security forces MI5 and n4 may look in to the owner's acitivites without notice. We are experiencing force Majeur. They must know that MI5, MI6, are disinfected of the scum of the earth American agents. Any found in our police forces, will be thorughly bollocked, an Englsih popular for undr scoring.


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