Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr President Clinton

POst number 43Mr Preident, First lady (respect Hillary), Michelle, amd Barrack, the national unity team.

1) Unite! The whole world is with America. Goodness, how can we not be?
2) Close shvave last night huh?
3) How do we know GW is not the real boss? Ha ha, HuH Steve Martin. I told you I am crevel. The God damn Japanese flueny. Tell you guys. Don't become. OK, one of you has to become president and stuff but after that. Because you have to realn Japanes. At times of chrisis, its get in the way (What do you mean, "No it doesn't". What do you get expect from Scoobi doo. Some people, I though you peoplare clever. You dstroyed Toyota brand jsut like that
4) Any way, what am I doing wastint my time with them
5) Check my references when I was home last in July 68 to September 70:
6) As mining survey in Ozark Mohoning Flourspar mine in Walden Clorado (Three Way Cafe from Laramie branching to Yellow Stone and Walden). Jay Aboout , what a man ant the boss. HE STILL IS TO ME. If alive, he could be 75?
7) others were Scott Cornell, wife Carroll and dad Al. Scott and I were (still am) crazy about CCR, Proud Marry, I put A Spell on you, and more. 7 number ones in 70?
8) Other friend and colleague was Alex Paul, Alex Paul, a new York Jew, so much like DEnnis Hopper. When Easy Rider came out, people though Dennis Hopper gad walked ou of the screen like in Allen's Radio days?
9) Any way GW, buddy. Do you have a knaf? A what? A knaf? Oh, you mean, a knife! This was what my preacher friend Nick Glove and wife. You wouldn't believe from Texas! Hence Knaf. Any way Nick and I were the only two 600 feet under ground who didn't use a single word of my Egham MWDs and could still form long sentence. Miners "Bear, crossed eyed and Clive. He only liked one brand of after shave - to drink. Never used it oh his face. Bear asked how can you guys manage to talk like that. Before I could answer, Nick told them we 2 missed on the schooling bear got!
10) Nick and Family were so kind. His denomination was so small (neutral remark) they couldn't afford his full pay. Thats why he worked in the mine. Nick and family fed me at weekends and took me to the Church basket ball games.

11) in religious exchchanges, he once he told me. Moaaaaaaaaaaahamed. You ar such a nice guy. Shame you go straght to hell because you are not one of my lot. I gave an swer, I can't remember, but became closer friends unitl I left the mine for Afghanistan. Neck, 65 ish might remember the answer. You guys are good at finding people, well except one lot, and I will show wher ther are (endearingly said).

12) So, GW, when you are like Ronald Regan was and huggable at times. How do we know, that is the real you whom Barbara (Mam, I bow to you) and Laura and the girl love so much, I am sure.

13) Now, I will be back later. America is the world's engine and we will keep it running may be with aome kind of new park plug you could tell us we use together.

14) Meanwhile, I have got to sort outthe mess here o that they could do a better job of the Mideast thing. london is honoured to have. They must all go back as happy as they can be. A littl at a time, hay?

15) The mess you believe is that the government has a white paper at times. When we told them to write some thing on it so you know what the hell you are talking about, instead of writint, they arrested us!
16) America, the people, I have known for a long time. I did not need "0 comments" in the blog to tell me that. Oh, and google, you guys are right.

Love to all,


16) Wish me luck.

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