Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr president

Post number 50

We forgot the joke in all the excitement

1) First some acknowledgements: Girl, I look Italian, you know! Love you all. Really, we thought ? had one of those. Well, We have no worries at all then in London Town. And lastly, we agree we haven't lost. How could we. We may elect as associate of Criminal Phillip Hammond as your Mayor. When Borris finds out Phillip Hammond is a crimianal and reported to Detective Minto of Egham police way abck in 2001, blog readers will love love it. Do you think we publish the letter giving a listof thieves, about 15 of them. Which country will the 15 go to, most Troy voters!

2) The joke Sir, Iraniam girl, close your ears. A foreigner wa s in Tehran and wanted to visit a legal prostitue house. He needed a condom, and went to a chemist "Daaroo Khaana". Because, he didn't speak the langauge, he unzipped his trousers and put his thing, you know, tell them Italian girls, any way his rhing on the counter. he put some money next to his thing.

3) He was hoping the chemist will see his thing, and obviously will know the man needed a condom. Before the chemist could come to him, a local Iranian customer in the shop passed by, and looked at the foreigner and his thing on the counter. He nodded, and said to himself: "Oh, Iget it".

4) He unzipped his trousers, gogt his thing out and put it next to the foreigner's thing. The Irannian had a longer one. He took the foreigner's money and said " I won. Mine is gigger" and walked off! Got it?

5) Now your Excellency, you and us had loads of these jokes nearly 40 years ago, but the monkeys never portray that side of our culture. You know why? Because, our rich culture destroys their myth about being terrorists and nothing else.

6) It is they who are the only terrorists in the world. America, the terrorist. Afghhans, Iraqis, palestinians, Syrians, North Koreans: Whenever America calls any of you or new countries terrorists, have hard copies, pages of the blog and let them read it. We will laugh the pea brains out of our lands. Just laugh at them when they come to gie you childres. Even to say blog will increas America's mental health Bill 10 times over
7) the last bit was for not hearing Balir leave the conference room, yet. the world will remember I bowed to your mother. And this is how you are paying us back. THe world backs us, are not terrorists. They are polite, and they dont lkie you. Because you are impolite, ill mannered. Because of you, thy will hate the guts of your soldiers and they will feel even sicker.

8) American Mom and pops, get your sons and daughters back. America hs been disgraced enough already.

9) Oh, we won't tell you about the mood scale, but it is going down, well below zero. Lets keep on kicking ass until Monkeys buckle in knees and chase Chase Blair out of th hall. He is an utter disgrace to this now free land and her noble people. He is just scum.

10) We take a break now and just enjoy ourseoves. We will be back whenever. There is a news black out from the conference room. We will hear eventaully, and if we know that the Palestinians dignities have been again sold cheaply for the benefit of the Puppet Israeli government Monkey servants, we will reject the accord paragraph by paragraph so that at least you don't feel like GW did lasr night when he and his mother the humiliation (Arch De Triamph) early this morning.

11) If he bulldoze his way and uses cheap outdated announcements by the bitch and whore Condie, then they will confirm once again they are nothing but Monkeys.

Back whenevr we feel like it. We are the boss.



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