Friday, May 2, 2008

No No No

Post number 44

1) Please don't make a mockery of what we achieved this morning
2) There is absoulteyly, categorically, empahtically no Terroism other thane The Ruthless Blood Tirsty NeoNazi Sphere of Evil Empire creates.
3) Put another way, you ARE the terrorists.You sly bastars.
4) You want with your triator son a whore Malaki to try Tariq Aziz. Yo uwould be fooling yourselves if you want us to believe the Iraqis don't know that.
5) They like Tariq Aziz, you murdered a championof the poor world, of all faiths noe other than Saddam Hussein. The poor world mourns his death.
6) You get Al Malaki to bring to trial so as to anger Iraqis of all sects who lived happlily together, intermarried, and had np problems.
7) You had to get rid of because he was a threat to your expansionism.
8) Blair, you get out of the conferece, you son of bitch. Hard ochange is it.
9) GW, you only let yourself down.
10) Next item on the agenda. Do remember, I am in charge of the entire world and the moon, where I will send.Oxygen will be sold to you at £1 million a cubic centi meter,and I am the sole price controller.
11) If I hear once more that America calls ny one but self, then my mood scale will near -1 which is 16. The wat you were running the world. Last night you nearly covered Indonesia with a sea of blood by making us a Messaih osome sort.
12) I take back what I said. What a waste of compassion and humanity. America is wired and no internet cafe, but they will find other ways. We have plans for you Ameica. we cdon't need your fucking engine, and will shov eit uo you ass if you mention terrorist forothers than Americqa alsone.


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