Friday, May 2, 2008

President Ahmadi Nejaad

Post nymber 48

1) We are adults, shall we tell Iran one of your own 1970s jokes so that that these unciviled Monkeys catch up. The make dry cleaning machines that put shit on people's clothes. This company is called Proctor and Gamble. they are evey where. They make anti bacteria facial cream too. that is 21st century. A company spanned across 200 years apart.
2) We haven't heard Blair leave the conference. Dear Americans blame GW, who should blame Blair why he did not leave the conference room when Mohammad ordered. We don't give time limit just ot be as tricky as Bush was when nearly spilles millions of gallons of Indonesian Blood.

3) Don't buy proctor & Gamble. THe world has no binding legal international law of any description. Any thing we say, does but no one else. We have a public mandate no one else. No comments is received fom the world. Hence things we have said apply, inclding the validity of the American Goverenment.

4) Next is Coca Cola and we will tell you what they did that plit our family apart and we have never been together again. The world will agree we are kind, compassionate to our Americans because Coca Cola split our family in 2001. We waited 7 years, hoping GW governement will appreciate. "material" forms part of "pulish button" section, and we will discharge them bit by bit, depending on what is said in the Mid East Conference this afternoon.
8) Remember Blair out and they've got 2 minutes to announce it.

Mohammad 3 smileys. Whats that on the famous gage. tell you later


Al right Laxson Mudenda

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