Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scaled Down laughter

Post number 36
UK readers, mainly and world,

1) We regret errors in post numbering, which we understand (not saying read, heard and or seen, world readers to make detection difficult for boring, and oudated intellignce as are Hillary's and John McCanne's best campaigns orations to capture voters' imaginations. Aren't they an insult to America's intellignce?) may have caused hitches in net working(?)

2) Bloggers' Your networking may have been affected (?) and we are sorry for that.

3) Take her home, Bill, and give her a shot of Jim Beam. Yoy are an Oxford drop out, aren't you? We will take a chance on being able to pour the god damn whiskey.

4) Let's see. How many will that leave? One, two, three. Just one, whose wife is the addressee below.

Dear Michelle and Barrack,

4) America will know soon how lucky she is for the likes of you two, bright, up to date, sophicated, so much so that you've reached in in the now immensely powerful Egham. Had it not been for Michelle,s add on the blog, we will have ripped apart Americas ruling elite without having the need to laeve this computer,or to use use the phone, or other facilities to commuincate with any one.

5) Please note the weight of the heading which s adapted from an ancient Afghan addage where America has gone to teach them things. We have had to scaled down our elation of winning from roaring with laughter with sides aching to plain laghter.

6) We are still quite a few notches below zero on our mood scale, with zero being the norm with nods of head in polite company whcich the Neo Nazi Neo Cons are certainly not. They are advised not to ever, ever get us angry. They won't like us when we are angry.

7) Some body made us a fool of us. It could very well be Proctor & Gamble and General Electric & IFI who may very well put shit on readers suits, ties and pants. Which? magazine of May issue just out, has no follow up on last month's dry cleaning investigation of 3 pages. Nothing in the magazine, cover to cover. Zilch.

8) Now, we've been expecting to read repies from GreenEarth, TSA's Mr Murray Simpson, Morrison Super Markets, and all others including other parts of the dry cleaning industry. GreenEarth's reponse would have have been particularly significant because they boast of 11,000 dry cleaning machines world wide.

9) Further more, the real good or bad news is that Which? magazine will not a follow up on the subject. Julie with whom we spoke to on 44 01992 822 800 at 10:10 GMT this morning, checked her records and said Which? is not expecting a reply for the next 2 to 3 months if that.

10) No, the world was expecting to see our buiness plan on the blog to decide whether CCCC Intenational and its IP rich businesses would be worth investing in. So, we are set back by 3 months. Businesses scu as Proctor & Gamble, and General Electric, and governments such as your will know what setbacks of 3 months can do.

11) It is open knowledge that we have taken Amercia in a business war along with the Pope and his side kick at times, Hollywood (Star Wars, and we can find more, bloggers cant we?), the British Government, Global giants mentioned, and goodness knows who else. A look at at blog headings will tell the world that most of the blog contents have been defensive weaponry of knowledge we used to bring them all down.

12) All of that for £119.50 per week, world, compliments of HM Government however Monkey servamts they may be. This is not Afghanistan or Iraq that the same government can get away with killing Scotch free. If it would have been possible to kill the UK, people, we have no doubt they would have it on orders from GW and his gang of ruthless blood thirsty State Administered Neo Nazi Sphere (not Axis) of Evil Empire.

13) Has any one fabricated the 3 months set backs master minding our going broke and become the laughing stock stock of the world? That would make us angry and does America doesn't want to see that happen. It will not happen as long as the Obamas and Ahmadzai keep open this communicating channel and develop new ones if need be.

13) Can the Neo Nazis offer so much much substantiation against either Iran, their Friend Venezuela (non nuclear but a friend of a friend no different then some other obvious ones), Serya (Israel's unauthorised unilaterl but Neo Nazi approved attack on questionable Syrian installation 'Just Like That'. Israel is no Tommy Cooper, with a zero sense of humour. We have been compassionate to give Israel this warning. We needn't have. They never do, and the world knows).

14) Intersting philosophical observation here that if we avoided we will stupid, because will not miss it: The Neo Nazis, becoming friends with old Nazi victims some of whom still remember the Holocost! Hollywood ensures the world never forgets for never have stopped chrurning out reminders.

15) Also intelligent and conspiritorial minds may just a tiny bit suspect of keeping the anti German thing going, a) to deter peoole's imagination from working out the interesting probability or not of Israel have become the Hitlers and SS of the old by their assocaition with the Neo Nazis of the 21st Century?

16) The probability of the 'humour' in 15) above may be higher than America and Israel may think. If they cannot think of this, than we can be unreasonable to say Einstein was dumb! Theory of Relativity, Ha ha ha ha ha ha. The universe starting from something big. Hawkins says from something smaller than an atom. We want no come back on this from some clever Alec. We said it because it felt good to call Einstein dumb which he clearly wasn't. Lets see, are we qualified to say that? No. Not clever enough. So, there. We are dry cleaners.

17) Senator Clinton believes in old vaues and Cold war phrases: We will obliterate Iran. The idiot (not the drink yet Bill, you drop out. Let her hear this and then you can double the shot) should know that we don't even need America,s Star Wars (millitary & Art) technology to rubblish that. And we are lowering our intellect or she will not understand. If she did, then she would have grabbed us before Michelle did.

18) Hear this this Hillary: She should thank the Afghans for defeating the Soviet Union to have a free reign inthe world. She should curse America or rather more accurately herself for defeating Taliban, bringing Karzai, and making one Ahmadzai homeless. Now one Afghan can beat the crap out you as he is in the presence of blog readers. How weak is Ameica? YOU GOT THAT. Now the double, please, Bill. NOT YOU. I MAY CALL YOU ANY SECOND. I MAY NOT> JUSDT STAY THERE.

19) Michelle, Barrackand millions and millions of our fellow Americans. I am duty bound and don't me out. I will guide you. With respect, I deposed Bush. Any way, just compare. Whose hands will you be safe in? Theirs or mine? They have infected space. Its on film. CCCC & Arizona's CCCC will stop all that.

20) As said, if if a product of thought, then it can be beaten by thought. This will make some angry. The reason was that some one took some of our laughter away and will pay for it, especially if the 3 months delay will cause CCCC to die because the founder is old retired and poor.

21) And another thing: We are not Olenka Frankel, Israel, but wish we were to have better exposed your cheating meters declaring Demona safe and polluted with Atomic waste and getting away with contaminating the neighbourhood. It must have flet good to feel as powerful as Hitler, hey? Well, almost

22) Germans, wake up and get the Monkeys out!


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