Thursday, May 1, 2008

To Assure Investors, and future global partnerships

Post number 38:
Dear all,

1) BFZ around the globe remains in force as we remain confined. We have received a new letter. We will deal with that. we may opt for other Nazi Neo Con Blood thirsty ruthless Sphere of Evil Empire agent(s) to join GW. We warned GW that we re tougher than Zalmai Khalilzad out of respect for both. Like with like. One here with no support, the other over there with the world at his disposal and YOU, just as it happens. We mean what we say and and do it. We are very close to "publish botton". We do not know Zalmai but extend customary courtesies.

2) It is interesting to remind GW that the issue could have been resolved in Guilford Crown Court, but wasn't. Now, it has to be done this way, with him bearing full responsibility if button needs to be pushed. We truly hope the need does not arise. We would have preferred the "Just"legal Channels. Instead, we received "Ah, but that's different" from HFD Limitied Edition. Its interesting he didn't go for legalities and Hid His UK servants had us imprisoned and subjected to solitary confinements for 23 hours a day.

2a) The Jury was not shown the "publish button" button written records. They convicted us without knowing the real issues are. So, when we Muslim Boys dragged for Houses in Birmingham and Bradford, and exhibet on TV with numbers on them, we always say "crap". Were their "button" records removed by the police and not given to juries? Could that be why we are confined? And have we not been good, not to have said this for nearly 5 years out of respect for our national security and to allow Muslims to suffer to save the state some costs, looking for another scape goat? Shame on you Blair, and find another escape goat, but not people, will you Gordon? Remeber who we are. We have BFZed your boss! We are the boss now,and we are not joking. Ask Bush. But, Ah, he is kind of vanished now, hasn't he? Just like that.

2c) Some people go through so much trouble. Guantanamo, Extra Ordinary Rendition,... That is why we have group them and collectively call them as Monkeys. QED!

3) When found a handful for the authorities even when confined for 23 hours, they applied mental illness so that they could detain us for may be 2 years without needing time limits to either charge or discharged. An injection or oral medication for cooked up charges suffice. Do you want to you know what ours was? Grandiose Delusions! As claimed, we do what we say. We did. We changed the world. Just like that, and the world witnessed. Don't you think we succeed and should be allowed to. A certain Empire comes to mind who wants the cream for self. No, GW. You are a naughty boy. You can't have it. Just look at the track record.

1) Just an explanation to assure you that we have been on course all along, however haphazard and scattered posts may have appeared.

2) We have been under attack the day we started this blog to answer dry cleaning queries launched by Which? last month. We are as you know now, self dependent and have nothing to do with dry cleaning industries of the UK or that of the world.

3) It was and still is a good opportunity we could not have afforded to miss, for a consumer magazine to compare our replies against others'.

4) We were not expecting a war with any one, never mind the only super power in the world who happens to be one of our own homes, the Pope and a lot more besides.

5) We positively guessed half way that we had lost all those who would have like to have invested in us. We were caught between a rock and a hard place. If we'd quit, were goners like half a dozen times before.

6) This time, we had come to the scene fully prepared with brushing up our geopolitics in case it was called for. It was and we used it to maximum effect. It was indeed unfortunate who found themselves at the receiving end of our powerful knowledge. We ourselves knew we could take them all on one, but assure investors at the beginning we'd be OK. No one would have believed us, and they shouldn't have.

7) Which? non receipt of replies from global giant beats us. We are shocked in disbelief. Fortunately, it took us a few hours to slip out again.

8) We will inform all that we are unable to get our plan ready as we promised by the end of first week of this month. Impossible. Had Which? received replies, we need have only revised sporadic sections here and there. Adjust finances, etc. Now, the whole plan will have to be re written.

9) So, we have decided to abandon the business plan, and concentrate on the Social Responsibility aspects of CCCC, some of which you've seen: We changed the world (TRUE) not that we ever wanted to but were lead to. We also advised a major religion to keep out! And masterfully succeeded in ways the best of world expertise will not have achieved the fate. An old Muslim, unemployed, no money, taking on the Vatican and coming out of it, dignified.

10) One thing we haven't done is to apologise to our own religious leaders, but then Islam is tolerant. We now offer profound apologies for entering a field we are no leader (Sunnies don't have as Our Shia Brehtrens and sisters) do. Just a mere follower and occasionally occasionally follow Dr Zakir Naiks talks. We had to, to see our business die again at the hand of another giant. We hope we remained dignified and didn't offend any one. At least there one Muslim in the UK whose type "quite typical of most Muslims" have not been publicised in the nation. Yet we boast an enormous amount of knowledge and experitse to have shed light. And did Balir really not know himself a lot of my type? Come on!

11) Out of respect for world religions we say something something potty to explain our erratic and unpredictable behaviour. We may embarrass some (no one in mind) by saying we copy parasites who become resistant to drugs. Just as parasites in Anopheles Gambii ot Plasmodium Falsiparium (Malaria) turn around and became resistant to drugs, we thought we could do similar and developed skills.

12) Egham WMD is a different skill and it sure is effective as some experienced. It works, and we promise to use it if we had to. We say some potential targets, don't you?

13) We turn and toss and change fields we know the topical attacker is weak at counter attack with a ferocity they were not expecting. We copied Shock & Awe used on Baghdad, but using effective words and knowledge. Just so that readers know and get to know why we do what we do.

14) Now social responsibility: With the new (may be not!) opposition and trying the intelligent approach of getting a magazine not to follow a very important topic, we will:

15) Do a 2 in 1. To contribute to social responsibility ahead of getting finances for our test bed (not on the cards), and to select the best one. We did leave the American Administration in disarray. To ensure the world believe us we imposed a curfew on GW, the same way has for a long time. We haven't put him in 23 hours solitary confinements yet (2 HM prisons), but please don't encourage us any one!

16) Senator Hillary Clinton's ad contributed to our kitty and will help towards our unexpected shift of development with no income prospects. We are grateful for the contribution. She have invited us to do something. we have and we will very soon because even if America doesn't feel she doesn't need us, we will contribute any way, just in case. In the words of the famous when asked "Who did you learn from" Myaki answered: "from idiots! I don't do what they tell me tell me to".

17) So, use or discard. We don't mind to be exposed as either. Normally we would, but not for Stars & Stripes in the right place. And that is home. We stand by that, and they may place us at odds with a lot, but we honest in the best interests of America from our view point.

18) We need some time to respond to Senator Clinton. Out of respect for her, we will stop addressing our guiding pieces to Michelle and Barrack, but will address them to America, our America. Hey, we may have acquired citizenship and never came home to enjoy it, but I had placed hand on book. We are proving we meant the vow and have kept an eye from afar, and doing our bit.

19) Meanwhile, imbalances are caused and shock waves are created. We have answers too, but may not be the ones you want. We are afraid 16 = -1 and 2+2=4 and HFD play a strong role in our philosophies approach and problem solving. We entrepreneurs use tools others don't even think of using and call us crazy until we produce result.

20) We make 4% of the population (UK) and hence different. So we are bound to clash.

21) What we are really pleased about is that we cannot have a better reason for investors to justify our being away from the business plan. By the time, we have done this for the next 3 months or hopefully, we may even open more doors by the knowing new aspects of CCCC. It may even be dry cleaning. Actually we will love it to be because that is who we are and best at. What you've seen, well, call them hobbies.


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