Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Urgent! Mandella foudation

post number 73:


1) As one beacon of truth to you and Prfessor Sach of Harvard, and Harvard itself (What a fortunte coincidence. We know what this means. YOU ARE FREEDAS FROM NOW. JOY. THE FIRST FREE VOICEIN THE WORLD)

2) As it is to you, it is urgently obvious to us here in Egham, that we alone will be inundated within hours and over loaded with work. We may hold port for 6 hours, and say no more. We remain unpredictable to remain hyper ove the pea barin super.

3) We needed human resources and others, and authority must come from us. Authority undisputed is given to provide all that is needed including space in Egham so that freedom we have gained will be protected.

4) We remain in good phycical and mental health, with intact sense of humour.


Use my UK Telephone number 44 01784 464 088. Time wasters will be traced and shot on the spot with n4 hyper power. MI5 and 6 and police in the UK with British Teklelcom

In the US the FBI, CIA Home land security by default. Harvard, you do law so that Egham can incrimte US arms of Govt mentioned and send to moos with Bush. This is no joke.

An unbelievable new something (god makers!) is emerging and is looking fantastic. Lap up the resaerch work pouring your way and thank Geoffrey here for making it happen.

You are alos authorised in fact we delegate limited power to you to show us a sample of your work so that we trust you. Unlimited power will then be delegated. If we don ot here from you, then we wil have a little hitch. Dont worry.

In fact , now that we have given the world our phone number, that may entitle the blog easier recocognition make futre law. We are aware we spoke crap in the last sentnce to pasychanalye ues that we are all together.

We've got it. Since all legal frames are nul and void, The Blog is legal vehiccel
Thank you police and BBC and all others behing the scenes. You are aboluely brilliant. This is a histircail monument neve before in the history of humankind. We just got a nod that we are on the right track.

Bloody hell, this is crazy. We can't take notes fast enough. inundated with itellignecne. Need help noe IDEALLY. We are calm. We catch all nuggets we can can. The rest fload round our head like sdoves of peace. WOW. AL RIGHT! GET IN HERE

You bset get this and act. We keep vigil and hold port the entire might of the defunct USA cant.

CIA and FBI. Dont let your pride get heard. We are colleugues ad coutry men. If your is hurt, then so is ours. Don't be brow beaten. Don't let the old farts give you crap. It is your duty to kick the old to long grass and get to know the new.

If you would like to get over here. We will welcome you in the fashion you believe. But then again may be you do if Jimmy carter has, Michelle and Barrack have. We are afraid we can't see the samr for Bill nad Hillary. Sadly we did not get a hersrt to heart. So, we suppose if you can have a heart to heart with the other 3 + the big time Steve Martin (with some doubts, but not enough to oharm. We are talikng USA nad world here.So, Steve shouldn't feel hurt i pride. We can make up and apolgise if wrong.

Play music if you like.

Mohammad as stable and watchful as a cat watching a mouse. How id that.

Now you work, Manuel says. Get ass in gear. The the rest of you will too. Because attached to the body. Evenwe know that.

Our company is playing "Together We Cry" We are not bloody crying. Big bous don't cry, cry,cry, . But there are other messges. Figure out... We love the music and what it does. It makes feel clean and achieved in a pecular way.

News break: All is well. I acn't believe I can retire. Was I that good? Actucally, I knew. Just teting you girs an boys. Now work you lot while we chrge batteries to kick ass later today. If unable to get ass on radar then there are getting clever. The you send ass. Now you work!


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