Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are Rocking Already!

Psot number 37;

Dear Michelle, Barrack, et al,

1) We've got a big convert, Unexpected beyond our wildest dream!

2) This is mainly to assure you that you can proceed at own speed as you are. Don't rush. For you and team, we have all the time. Don't rush things.

3) throwing post number 37 was really at Hillary for outdated campaigns and boring approach. We aim to keep Amercia strong, but sacrifices have to be made.

4) Number 37 was chiefly to let the cat among government intelligences to reduce efficiency and over load exhausted staff to cause less trouble around the world.

5) They are playing the broken record: Look at this: News report says, US forces killed Alqaeda top man in Somalia. US bombed! Now, the world was also told a couple of days ago that Somalia suffer the worse instability in the last 18 years.

6) The world also knows that US (Djibouti's), Ethiopia, and US Mombasa and more US have been trying to subdue Somalia since the over throw of the Islamic Council ? The latter, good or bad as they were (CCCC has no politics.Just a peace observer for Public Health)had given Somalia stability at least.

7) Ethiopia's intervention is US intervention. Now, US made up this Alqaeda thing to tilt ballance in favour of self. Somalains are being hit day and night with every thing but may be not with air power as it can be detected and reported to world.

8) So, the invented Alqaeda is hit, but actually Somali Opposition (Islam) is hit with air power. The world has seen this. So has the US. Only a Neo Nazi State Administered Alqaeda - linked can blatantly ignore and carry on, while the US herself is buckled under and in debt.

9) Not good enough


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