Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We demand to know who the shooters are?

Post number 73

1) Shootings are the gold nuggets of n4. Police forces involved must report full details to Radio 4 within 24 hours from now 22:59 hours GMT promptly. Failure to have details will render the police forces under invesigation.

2) We have no America, no Boris Johnson, no nothing. Failure to receive details by Radio 4 will point a finger at Gordon himself. We have begun to look in to candidates to replace him with authrity from HM the Quueen.

3) It must be remembered we are in Force Majer. The world serivice is tipped to be ready ro announce deatials to the world so that we could cut international ill doers in halves to be buried for good in their respective countire.

4) We fought hard for BBC to gain full benevolent control of. BBC is more then a Radio. BBC is every thing to Brtain the worlds model and tothe world itself.

5) We are so efficeint that we have seen this concert destroying childish efforts Moron Bush that we provisionally suspect the 2 police forces as your people.

6) We will get to the bottom of them sooner than you think.

7) We regret inconviences caused the BBC. We really do. But we do not have totell you we have been unable to speak to each other for the past decade plus. The world just witnessed how much we lost by USA hoding our governments as captives holding back innivations, causing 1000s of lives in big incidences in the pasr that have been started just like the two now.

8) Now of us knew the shape of things to come. So, be prepared for any thing. You \re most of what we have. Lets give the BBC a dream role in the history. Achunk of changing a world. In fact you have no choice.

9) Would you like to see Browne send Prfessor Sachs to the gallows of Bush after he nearly sacrificed life for you and us.

10) We (I) had alamost all the role in bringig in Mandella here. You have done your full bit as can be seen by President Ahmadi Nejaad, "Publish button" that is the supreme powerhas been in BFZ, shutting up UK's press and more.

11) So Browne, you have been informed. Do all to consolidated our gains. Never mind the licenidng fees (not a fucking sound you American baord of Gvoernors), just set aside an emergency budget and allocated to the Secretary of State for Arts and Culture.

12) We are governing by blog, and it is very powerful UK provsionsl governent ( iahve to make things up util we have a pattern emerge) government will be disgraced by us here to the world who may insist you do as Mohammad says, beacuse he just freed them all, you morons!

14) You work, every body!


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