Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Witcheta Lineman Here!

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1) How dee Nick,

2) Have you told them my answer when you told me I will go straight to hell because I didn't belong to your denomination. I don't know what you told them about me but if they think I am bad, then you must be taking more drugs than Walter Mathau did to withstand the pain of watching terrestrial TV.

3) Look Nick, this heart to heart of mine realy works. It still does with you. If it does, this post will make more sense because I am fluent with you now as I was hen. Look, the whole thing is so crazy I find it hard to believe. Although, I have trak record. I have been over the same raod beofre with the same bunch, except the Pope.

4) The only difference is that in 2001 and 2003 is that they didn't ahve blog then. It happened that I thought if I told the whole world about my dry cleaning that will literally chnge the world, even the way you walk, and even talk. Don't believe me, until I get it out there. I thougth thay wouldn't make a fool of themselves again but now in the presence of the whole world. They did!!!

5) So, the game was on. To me it is a game as GW's boys is. I just work and when a pop up ad (say) pops up I hit it so hard it doesn't come back. Normally they do. It doesn't matter how horrible they are in Baghdad or Kabul, they are pop up ads. So when the Pope Popped up, I said "I shouldn't have done". Any way, here we are. There are some brilliant ones to come when I can fit them in that delight the ones on the right side (we both agree, you and they the same), a terible news to those who had been at fault.

6) I've got to do it and I feel America doesn't mind. I appreciate a lot are don't get out very far. That in itself gives you an answer. Take this country, if GW is so loved by our past leader Blair, then why goesn't he come here just to feel good among a nation that would love him to bits?

7) They are terrified of Stars & Stripes here. The two nations are supposed to be cousins (WASPS and stuff). So if GW is holding a firm foot on our throat and expect us tp pretend it isn't there, is what amazed me. Born free, I couldn't stand it any more when I mentioned to ANY one English "You know, my dry cleaning is the best in the....", the man or woman completely flipped and stopped making sense. Crazy, disjointed conversation. Those were the so called middle calss stiff upper lipped ones, never mind the working class.

8) Life didn't make sense. These manner, the posture, the way the middle classes carry themselves is different at times when Americans and specifically my project. I soon realised that he has shut the air waves and printed media on us, and we had become a joke country. The thing is that he had got away with it. He didn't, beacuse after the gulf war, when Blair and Bush did the Shoulder to shoulder thing, Britain wasn't on the list. We were just on the outside looking oh, we could have that contract. We not only didn't, but he humiliated us on world TV for the Empire to see Britain.

9) To add insult to injury, he gave France, more than us. The double whammy for us Brits (I US too, Lusaka 1980) was that France oppsed the war. Americans rubbished French wines in the US, sales went down and the rest. With all that aimosity and historiacl rivalry, GW gave the french more contracts than us. And so on. What I don't understand that no matter how long in salvery (we are slaves Nick, and America sould be ashamed of itself), you shoul dhave some remnants of dignity and self worth to live with yourself. I caanot possibly justify Blair being imporatnt at all. Why does he carry himself in that specail walk of his, head held high.

10) The audience silent, waiting to hear Blair's wisdom. But they do. They pay him a lot for his lecture? He is nothing. I hate (Iam cool, smiling) nothing who pretends to be a person. His wife should Afghan should wear an Afghan Chadury so that she doesn't have to face the public. Ah, what public? The British public, whose nerves have been removed and feel no pain. That public.

11) That us the biggest crime against a cousin. How ruthless and EVIL can he be against enemies? Don't balme any one else, Nick, if it existed. It doesn't. Bush just plays the ventiliquist and has treated the entire world as idiots. Well, I am actually I don't treat him as an idiot. He is anidiot.

12) Well, it was a heart to heart nick as we were together. If you are getting this, you should know that you are the same nick, but perhaps a shade more because I do miss you, your beatiful wife and daughters. You must be a grandfather now.

13) England will be different in a few years when the ladys will come here when they will not say this is ours, hinting at the acre of land HM had givenyou guys. That was symbolism, they meant England, and Britain. Well, you see, this is my town is like Wlden was when the boys (not) and I used to go to town eat as much as you could, and went to the flicks for 25c! I felt good then. I could only feel goos after I smashed my own (US) country's symolism and I felt good doing. What changed from my volunteering to go to Nam and later. I thin you know now. If yu never see this, then I've made a prat of myself, but I've been genuine.

14) Talking of genuine, why don't you take this letter to Jim, Hillary and Barrack. Let them each read it, then you stare them straight in the face, and lat me see them here in Egham. Now, their looking at you in the eye and looking at me in the eye will give you your president. Meanwhile, when you'd better up with me. It is true, and ha still remain BZed. He is one tough son of the bitch. There is always a tougher. You would remember Clive who came down to three Way cafe on the junction to Yellow Stone (Walden 300 people i n70)

15) Sorry I've got to go. Its been nice, and DON'T Worry.

Mohammad (Karim in those days. Can you believe Bush/Blair made me use my firs name so thatthey could stereotype me. Big lesson there for you...)

9) The cle

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