Monday, May 5, 2008

You Know What He's Done?

Post number 66:

1) We note that post 65 really shook up some. We understand, but believe us, we need to things so unimageable that will cause discomfort, doubt in 4n, and the seemingly devaluing 4n and self (don't matter. We don't exist in public. thence we've nothing to defend, nor will ruthlessness makes it difficult for scores of our spokes people to function to function with a maximal of efficeincy. Give it a thought).

2) To reinforce argument, we don't believe in when slapped, turn the other cheek. We hit with a Muhammad Ali knock out punch, because the prize is to change the world. We cannot afford a mistake.

3) Further, when dragged down in the sewer where Neo Nazis live, by all means, get down there,roll up sleeves, do what you can. Finish them off. Get out. You will smell like a sewer man and sound like one, too (No offense, part of the job like Bear in Walden mine - earrlier post.

4) Better? We hope so.

5) Murdoch has come out retirement. Before that, Murdoch Junior reshuffled a cabinet member ? The chief has always backed a winner. So he has stepped back in the ring to finish 4n and us. We relish the challenge. How can you move with India up your ass to begin with? OK, you are that good Still beat your now large ass. Watch this.

6) We sat a bait quite a few posts ago. The price has shot up hyperbolically. Whatever it is, it i not his. Its sort of ours. So, he is trying to buy it, so that he becomes a hermit crab (one who wears other's shells and keep on changing shells depending whats available).

7) The plan has two deadly dragons witing to slip in his shell. Drum rolls please. Drarararrara. None other than GW, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the gang but Coca Cola. It would seem that they convince us that they have thrown in the towel. As good as they know we are, they think we will break principles and make a U Turn. Make peace, and all will be well. NO, THEY WON'T!

8) Rememember the ABA whom we declared illegal and driminal? They erected the stones in Runnymede? Right. They have worked out that we must remain on 4n course to maintain hyper power over them ans Israel. We forgive and we make peace, we revert to 16=-1!!!!!!!!! We then become one of them = Neo Nazi .... Also,the existence of Alqaeda will be reinstaded, BFZ will be invalid. GW will pollute our airways, sticking tongue at....

9) Coca Cola will supply money using Chinas counting machine - the vacuum cleaner and hand over to Murdoch, that is if he didn't have enough himself!

10) We have already calculated the number of bags Coca Cola has readied for Murdoch. We will take that and more if Coca Cola, the other god maker doesn't post comment(s) in the blog by 23:00 tomorrow night, Tueday 6 May 2008.

11) You, ABA, Neo Nazis, and Coca Cola are good. How much better do you think we are? Well, thats who you are dealing with.


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