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Your Lordships, Your Ladyships

Post number 39:

1) A very raw draft straight from the head on listening to unexpected radio broadcast. No time to do better. Treat as if decoding the Hammurabi Law Codes (where is it Michelle and Hillary?!!!) as if you came across it for the first time. Described thus, then it will not put you off reading it. If adequately composed and presented, then, damn! Haven't we done well, considering what else we do in day?!

2) The analogy frees us from apologising or regretting any thing. That way you will draw more. The intent has not been not to apologise or not to regret.

3) Religious, Cultural, Linguistic, and other barriers must not be allowed to jaundice grasp of ore subject matter.
From Environmental philosophy website, University of Gutenberg Sweden Web site, 2001

4) We were drawn to the Radio when heard some names we wondered why we have not heard before. We feel they had no voice earlier. To us, this is monumentally important.

5) We have listened to Lady Afshar a lot on radio broadcasts over the last 5 to years. We find ourselves in agreement with Lady Afshar on almost everything she has debated and contributed to.

6) We have never heard of Lord Hamid? Its not form him to answer, but toss the question in the air for all to read: "Why not?" For us to know the answer, this could be very helpful.

6)dtto but Lady Verma, understood to be a Sikh. Interesting. We have an adpoted Sikh brother living in Rugby. 3 adult offsprings have taken the shock. We actually talk to them!

7) Ditto Lord Mitchell a Jew. Proactive in Jewish/Muslim unity ? We are interested only in the education aspect of ALL British children (we've called Egham and Runnymede ones puppies. You can't and shouldn't dislike them).

8) Lord Richard Chartre Bishop of London: We are pretty sure that we held diametrically opposing views on Britain's attending wars with others in either 2001 or 2003. Of late, though rarely heard, his Lordship's views and ours have converged considerably with us retaining almost of our aerier views. The differential is agreeably pleasant to us. We have no wish to learn his Lordship's open comments on this if any. This important from our point of view that his Lordship's conduct of life and profession is not affected in any way for which we should not accept responsibility. realities on his ground may be harder or easier depending on his perception of our analysis. Perhaps, it would be fortunate for us both if we (I) were wrong, entirely on our evaluation.

9)Us, Mohammad: Sunny Muslim, ex Afghanistan. Deep believe in having 4 home countries: Countries don't know this, but this does not matter. "Hub Ul Watan E Minal EEmaan" is more cultural Afghan, than Islam. If, the latter at all. This belief in the country as one's own after residing 6 months plus.

10) On this issue, we have no care on who says or thinks what. If confronted with immigration and police who may object to the way we live here, then the wrong party is them, not us, even if throw us out. We will not compromise the free and truly citizen of the land, because of differing view we hold on Sovereignty. We feel we live in an Absolute Sovereign land, and they don't.

11) They don't make sense, We cannot accept to obey to people who don't make sense. hy should we? In fact, based on our philosophies, we unilaterally appointed ourselves as police man, ironically, shortly after they had beaten us up, broken a rib and opened scalp. We were wrong for breaking entry but right in trying to procure IP worth millions to self and country. It wasn't a case of if you can't beat them join then, because they won't let you, for starters. Ours was a logical decision. Our research was highly sensitive and we needed police protection. So we became our own. We work with them, they don't mind, because they are embarrassed to tell others we are right. We've helped each other and details are confidential.

12) This enormous clash snow balled in the blog that started with what should be practised in dry cleaning. Our preferred dirt particle size in clothes is (4 nano metres) rather than the world's accepted and practised norm of 20,000.

13) We treated the 4 as the truth for our debate and were strongly attacked by psychiatry. We had to "sort them out" with logic, before we defended business and health the American Empire, the Vatican, global business giants, and attacks on us that have been described by post titles in the blog.

14)Sadly the blog of some 200 pages need to be read, before you observe our other achievement, no mean feast, fiction to others, facts to us in reality, easily proven to the 3 dimensional entities by adding military and security forces to other aurhorities we have won fairly in the presence of pats of the world where blog is read. We know insufficient IT to determine geographical area. Google may.

15) Among Advertisers are Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton down to one or 2 universities and a few businesses.

16) We changed the world a couple of days ago, and removed GW from ruling The world when we extended our Bush Free Zone (BFZ) (broadcasting to Britain) to cover the world. It has held true for Britain for about a week (we had specified terrestrial TV and radio). The nation's expereince may differ. We have no way of telling.

17) The las attack on us, using Which? consumer magazine set us back and nearly folded us. Our global (!) security and logistics of knowledge and new unknown business tools were employed and won the day. Attackers are safely assumed to be the combined superior US resources. we were sat back but survived. That was considered a victory by us. Losers had to pay a price. That was the government of Gordon Browne.

18) To make thing even more ridiculous from your Lordship's view points, our intelligence confirmed and acknowledged defeat. The reason business will be as usual tomorrow owes its existence to our lack of enforcing executive power of a bloodless coup. We wish no part of this, because intellectually, we have won the battle and issue instructions to all.

19) There are no comments on the blog. This is unavoidable proof of the ruthless of the Empire's knife to the throat of every computer user/owner on the planet. UK Government themselves have no power to issue counter instructions to us enforceable by the power of the police.

20) For our part, the Empire is powerless to us because we have defeated their intelligence, called their bluffs and attacked them by our own devised Egham brand of WMD (unbelievably foul language) as intensely used by them on others. Our authority converted their conventionally legal weapons as WMD in absolute physical terms. We feel ours hurt them as much as theirs hurt others.

21) Both varieties produce outer silence after use. They fall perpetually silent. That's how we know our WMD is highly effective.

22) Object of writing to you: To supply you with filed work and analysis relevant to education:

23) When a member of Greenpeace,and attended a group visit to Chobham Common, and later observations, we concluded with a painful observation that ripped our heart metaphoriclly and should have cried for the people most of the times.

24) We are positive our children and teachers lives and teaching conducts are watched by the Empire ad though there are multiples of CCTV cameras in every primary school. While "Puppies" and parents may remain unaware, the teachers seem nervous wrecks! Being nice to parents are stage acted. the weaker one's body language tells you, they are TERRORISED. Our experiences go back to observing the scene for 3 years while transporting children to school, attending PTA's and social functions.

25) Something dreadful was experienced first hand: The parties mentioned here, must answer the Lordships, or they will face the wrath of the blog with the Browne government powerless to interfere with this whatever it is called when you receive days work ? from the House of Commons, if that's what happens.

26) This blog post cuts through a history of protocol, the law of the land, and all else, ad advises (our choice of phrase would be, what are you waiting for? Get on out there, sort it out!) you direct and demands actions. Under this Force Majeur of ours, the nation needs not emergency measures, but to maintain calm and remedy the situation on the principle of fitness for purpose, and maintaining what we used often Newtonian Equilibria - Consider all forces against you and neutre them.

27) Andy the care taker of Chobham (still there until January when we checked for the purpose of this exercise not knowing when), took our group and showed us rare flora and fauna including a blue butter fly indigenous to only 2 other location in England. The Common is rare protected sites in the world as as the earliest habitat when we moved on from the hunter gatherer state to the settlement state.

28) Andy told us that the site was in danger of being taken over by Scottish Spruce and volunteers were needed desperately to sae the site. What would have attracted young school children was Andy's wonderful project of:

29) Bring a sovel, dig your own pond (1,000mmX1,000mm or slightly) smaller and name it after yourself fire life! Which kid wouldn't break head in the scuffle to go and do that's just that!

30) Your Lordships, and Ladyships, that was 1997, the year New labour took over and "it will only get better" was shove again the nation's terrorised teachers. They have taken another 8 years of it, and we are the only one who is placed to free them and we will.

31) We will return to Hillary and Mechelle who contributed to our finances by placing ads on the site. While you hold port here with us, we will also have a session with our other home across the pond when we have seen to other things in the interim.

32) Action by your Lordships: Only a desk study with the new jig saw pieces to fit or not in your own respective jig saws. If ours don't fit, feel free to retain then or to discard (The idiot and the wise story in earlier blog post, both, alternatives may know us by depending on whether the new pieces fitted or not.

33) Other Matter: Somalia: We've heard a detailed acconut of the latest, ot at least those onterested, have. This item is fitted unexpectedly. Either Professor LeSuage or Professor Samatar on World Public Radio 558 AM were heard at around 02:20 hours. e were shocked at the similarity of another expereince we can recall from TV interviews with Greenpeace experts in the late 90s and early this century. The Experts told lies on enviornmenatal issues. We protested both as a Greenpeace member and after thet threw us out termintaing our membership in the year 2,000.

34) We could never trace these experts through Greenpeace Offices in London, or else where at all. That amazed us and we will not divulge more at this state in the interest of Greenpeace despite what may or may not have had happened.

35) We would like to put a test to the Radio as well as the 2 Professors: Would they like to post a piece each to the blog for readers to digest?...It must be said that the blog has become a notice board for universal truth because of what we have put up there are indeed universal truth or derivations no one had doubted.

36) We have BFZed GW Bush for beng a liar and has not rejected our public anouncement. We repeat the challenge here in order to request the professors to do the same. We will vet their accounts with our intelligneces.

37) If no comments are posted, then our assessment may be found to the contrary with unpleasant State Administered Sphere of Evil Blood Thirst Neo Nazi Empire America. The Professors may be extrapolate the curve based on data given here and their own accounts. To date we have not been able to raise one Professor to communicate with us in any way.

38) We remain concerned for 20 History Professors we enquired about (blog posts) who were picked up from campuses in 2001. We have never had any news of since. We hope these 2 professors will be our maiden ? ones to don the blog. We hope so.

39) THe distinguished list in our Upper House of Parliament no doubt have impression of the America that is more likely another country doing her bit fo the world. What if it was to the world. What we are afraid of is the terroist group, their killed leader, the existance of their bases etc are accurately. They are supposed to have promised to avenge the death of their leader.

40) Being or not a Neo Nazi state depends on who is telling the truth. We have thought of this. Nothing exists. Ita all made up. The promised avenge is staged for the US to hit any where anfd murder people at will and then blame Iran. They have been accused afesh of staging terrorist sponsors. Now if we were as dumb and Monkey sub intelligent Empire,then we would demanand Predisident Ahamadi Nejaad to place a comment on the blog. But we not. We are going to demand the US government to ask the iranian president for a vedio recording on the subject and then for the BBC to play it to the world.

41) With the author as supreme authority we demand the Monkey NeoNazis to act as asked with immediate effect. This way, Iran can be caught not responding in which case we will deal with Iran from Egham, the new benevolent (NO JOKE. WORLD. WAIT AND CHECK USA POST IN BLOG). However, if President Ahmadi Nijaad does produce the video, we will watch whats in it. Readers, there is high hope of us here shutting, pillaging, raping and destroy country after country. The US has treated us as utter idiot on other issues. This may be another one.

42) In that case we will send more of his admistration to the BFZ zone until no one appears o nour TVs and we will rid of them all.

43) Thank you,very much, MPR Radio. You have no evil role in it. Hpw do we know? We know some stuff,no one else knows. All facts, no vodoo, no paranormal and highly valuable, as part of CCCC's wealth Intellectual Properties.


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