Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush's visit end to Europe restored some freedom of expression.

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1) Have you wondered that there has not been a single comment to any of the posts in this blog from the start? Answers to the question may vary from I have been speaking utter rubbish, blog posts with some facts in them, posts are all facts, plus omse others you can think off. The frightening possibility is that any one commenting can and will be traced and dealt with so harshly, and torturous that you will rightly assume Bush's torture machine as no different than that off Saddam he accused of doing things to people; to his people.

2) He has serwn up America's mouth, never mind the rest of you. Only 2 Americans have spoken on the phone to the outside world and I am worried fro them both: A Father whose son is fighting in Afghanistan, and the man with fancy submarines equipped with weapons reaching far and wide, probably capable of hitting the White House, Crawford Farm where Saleh Ben Laden. GW's friend and first million dollar maker was killed in 1978.

3) Oh yes, Bush! You were warned and BFZeded from UK Air Ways. You didn't heed the advice. You should have. Saleh, your friend also donated $100,000 to Harvard's School of Public Health that Geoffrey Sachs may tell us about in the Mandel la concert.

4) Saleh, and Usama's father as killed in his private plane 'accident' in Saudi Arabia in his privite plane in 1974 when even the king himself did not have one of his own. I believe, at the time, your father may have had something to do with the CIA. Was he the chief?

5) How dare you take the podium at number 10 and exact promises from Gordon Brown to up our troops to 8,000 to support your family feud with Usama who may just be pissed off with the Bushes fro killing his father and brother? Get some mercenaries to do your private fighting.

6) Now, some other pressing matter at home, including some at my temporary home, Blake Ward, ACU, that your American run psychiatry has provided me with. I shall return there after finishing this piece with a hard cop for all to read:

7) I want the restoration of PROFESSOR Raj Prasaud, the psychiatrist who was found guilty of plagiarising. He is the best we have. The PROFESSOR may come forth with his case to this blog for justice. I demand full details from the Kangaroo court who found him guilty. I was found guilty, but the culprits were Greenpeace, Proctor & Gamble Egham, US EPA (US Government), DOW Chemicals USA (Dry Cleaning) in 2003 when I damaged the fake American monuments to be heard. I didn't have a blog then. Now I do.

8) The cleverly timed conviction was masterminded as an intelligent hint to me by the American Intelligence duinrg the moron's visit here to add a bit of salt and pepper to the Bushman's Hunter Gatherer, and his Bush woman's visit. Where is the Elephant Doctor these days? In a tit for tat, our Milliband was in Europe backing the Irish in their democratric say on Europe. There is your answer!

9) Government documents missing and left on trains are no more crimes you've hit us with in the past, such as the Foot and Mouth in Blair's days to drag us to war. Your poles stole my mobile phone and reading glasses in Blake Ward and my diary while I've been there.

10) Will the likes of Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry, Ronnie Sullivan, Robbie Williams, and similar start getting hopeful with the popularity of this blog? It will become The World's court for all ails America may have inflicted on Britain. Did you guys try to conquer America, and psychiatry got you?

11) My stay in the ward proved beyond doubt that our psychiatry is run by America. My 14 years experience has seen 3 young British math geniuses locked in withe me (John Meyer Ward, Springfield, 2001) and destroyed. Doctors, consultants, and ward staff have done exemplay jobs of dealing with a hot potato like me over the years. I acn't thank them enough, Specially Dr Daryush Mlikniazi nad staff on this occasion.

12) English example: Captain Alan Shearer, keep up the image. So naturally confident, self esteemed, and pride of England.

13) Google China faultless in enter ring deal with Drug Dealing Chinese Leadership. They are being replaced in a bloodless coupe, and will run a clean show.

14) I welocme Google/Yahoo deal on sharing some profits.

15) Euro 2008 and the ab sense of hooliganism puts gread in America's heart. How about reforming Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia? Get rid of divide and rule. THINK, EUROPE!

16) America hates old. Buddha Statues, Kabul and Baghdad museume the. Rome, London and the rest later folks. Why the ever increasing defence budget against enemies that don't exist?... America wants an Empire with a history of no more than 300 years old. Call me Xenophobic on this.

17) World! Do no underestimate this migration of an African or 2, an American or 5 (Peanuts), Oxfam for the concert pof 26/6/8. You will not get another for 1,000 years. Broadcast the concert globally. Those asked should keep undesirable megastars away.

18) Neither will you get another me in a 1,000 who has thown everything to the wind to save the world from the most vicious evil empire in the making, if General John Mcknane gets in. Does McKane know that Iran does ration electricity to its' cities as we speak? Bush does. McKane wnats to do more of what Bush did. No noe wishes Iran to have atomic bombs, but what about power the way India will with the US's help? Mr Mohan Singh's Government seems not to have problems dealings with Drug Dealing America. May be President Ahmadi Nijaad does.

19) Lots more, but sadly got to go and get some ink. That god damned super duper Nissan Micra better start after two weeks of neglect or I will beat the hell out of it with my garedn rake. We will see.


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