Friday, June 20, 2008

Cabbie told he was giving me ride for Histroy

Post number 2: This is the new numbering system as of this June targeted for building CCCC International Limited as a truly global business. The old posts were results of my being attacked from all sides as a result of innocent publication by Which? Magazine. I was forced to enter e defensive war culminating in the exposure of Bush and family as murderers, and more besides.

Stake holders, partners and investors are not responsible for views expressed and defences offered or attacks made.

This is written in a precious time span of a few hours British psychiatry has accorded me today now that I have come out in the open and admit that SABP and predecessor North West Surrey Mental Health NHS Trust have been working together all along. Whether under treatment by Consultants Deepa Deo, John Ging, or now Daryoosh Malikniazi, we have had agendas not known to a sole to protect this brain of mine in the national interest. I am the most sought after human on earth by Bush at this moment, and I best return to my safe haven, the hospital; the government has provided me with. Even Bush will not hit a mental hospital from Grovesnor Square (US Embassy) or Proctor & Gamble for that matter.
2) Even Bush’s own White House has known since 2001 that the only medication I have ever taken has been Respiridone Consta that has not affected my cerebral powers at all. What I am seductively and helplessly annoyed about is the fact that why does Deepa has be so beautiful and I so old. She is probably married to another bastard Hindu Indian as ugly as they come. I was too terrified of the beauty to have a look at the marriage finger for a ring. Just as well, hey readers?
3) I have got to be brief. This is written in Microsoft Words and pasted to blog. So, please make allowances for changes in presentation as a result of cut and paste.
4) Business: Partner Barnaby with a potential staff of 40 in London EC1, investor Bernard in Australia only need contact BBC home Radio 4 on The English Marconi (with American sister company) having been awarded lucrative contracts for installing Radio equipment in the British Empire early last century. An Italian entrepreneur then. An Afghan one now with CCCC International Limited signing lucrative contracts with world governments for giving away public health principles and selling its business elements.
5) All obstacles are now removed for us to enact Acts of parliament to validate contracts and business deals in ways we couldn’t do before with American Empire breathing down our necks and throwing spanners in the works every step of the way.
6) Of course, I need to play ping pong with psychiatry to achieve my goals. Daryoosh kindly arranged for me to meet Lesley, a postgraduate psychiatry student from a London College, part of the huge University of London to interview me on Monday. I gave her a full history of my bogus American dictated psychiatric diagnosis of all sorts including Bipolar Disorder (if I am Bipolar, then Bush is also an innocent and clean man).
7) Lesley and classmate who was ill on Monday, in return will study the case of Dr Raj Prasaud, the consultant psychiatrist and Channel 4’s internationally famed “Countdown” programme’s dictionary corner. The BBC Radio 4, and Channel 4 have been grooming (in my view) Dr Prasaud to be a world authority for his ‘as clear as a bell’ voice on psychiatry. A clear voice that all the 3 of Deepa, John, and now Daryoosh would readily concur with me.
8) The BMC itself is American controlled and is undoubtedly used to discredit PROFESSOR (has been addressed to as one) Prasaud to coincide with Bush’s London visit. It must be born in mind that White House itself was asked in 2001 and 2003 that I needed Dr Prasaud’s views as my second opinion to my bogus charges of mental illness.
9) I squarely accuse the BMC of buckling under American pressure and unfairly denouncing Dr Prasaud as weak, irresponsible and plageriasing the works of others. What about the case of the sub editor making simple editorial errors of cut ant paste and forgetting to use quotation mark? These and other issues are things that Lesley, her tutor, department, student union president, and the entire UK academic institutions will address. Their findings will challenge the BMC who are made up of the same noted academics who teach Lesley and the like.
10) The BMC will find itself facing discrediting themselves by discrediting Raj, wouldn’t we all agree? All you need to do is a bit of thinking, BMC, and realise that efforts in this very blog will set you (BMC) free from American influences in future. Your freedom and that of Raj will mean the declaration of my brain as a sane one and fit for the purposes of business by Raj’s second opinion over those of Deepa, John Ging, and Daryoosh Malikniazi. Surely, you must feel humiliated by my treating the BMC in such school boyish basic logical argument as the one at hand.
11) Effect of blog on world politics: Within hours of Tuesday’s post, Abu Qittada, Ben Laden’s right hand man in Europe was released from jail by judges ignoring The Home Secretary’s ruling to the contrary. Ironically, the Sheikh does not come under my public health jurisdiction, for his clothes are washable. He should watch out if he ever dons a suit and a tie. Then, he would be grouped together with The Home Secretary for speaking official words or even working in dirty clothes that could very well be covered in human faeces through the “spotting table” practices that Proctor & Gamble (GreenEarth) and other 100,000 dry cleaning shops in the world practice in, as we speak.
12) Irish voice stronger than ever on EU (Lisbon accord), with David Milliband playing the difficult job of middle of the road kind of thing?!... By October, the Lisbon Accord will be dead and buried. A High Court judge just announced (13:00 GMT today, Friday, 20/6/8) that he cannot complete EU ratification because of some technicality.
13) The Czechs are more vocal than before and have ‘parked Lisbon’ in a Prague car park. Even the recovering president on crutches has assumed more power than he ought to and spoke against Lisbon. The Czechs don’t want to be pushed on the EU thing. They want an independent voice in it.
14) EU’s unilateral lifting of sanctions against Cuba!
15) Obama refuses public donation to fight McKane in November. First candidate of either party to do this since the practice was established in the 70’s. Do not under estimate the power of this blog. Bush may be impeached and charged with crimes against humanity, along with cabinet, Neo Cons and associates.
16) A note to my solicitors, Messrs Guile Nicolas: I do know that we have applied for a mental health tribunal. That takes weeks from now. I do not have weeks to play with. Besides, I have relied heavily on Direct Action to floor the likes of Greenpeace and other giants even before I have had this blog. As discussed with Nafissa this morning, neither she, nor Laura should ignore my call. Call me on the patients’ ward line to discuss new deal with the psychiatrists. Although for now, I find the hospital’s environment the safest place to be to avoid a bullet from Bush’s agents, and my time limit away from my business may be unlimited; I do want to come out soon and spearhead the business.
17) If you wish to know what I can do to a solicitor, then watch this space and see what I will do to Messrs Taylor and Emmet of Sheffield Green (www.taylor, to see what can happen to solicitors who cheat and scare off a client. The firm mistreated a Darren Pilley, an MRSA victim, who lost a leg. Messrs Taylor and Emmit utilised the Legal Aid money. When I caught their miss appointed Professor off Orthopaedics red handed in incriminating himself in his report, Paul used scare tactics to frighten Darren a poor unemployed us driver friend of mine to sign some paper away and drop off the case against the NHS.
18) Now, if the BMC wants to strike off a noted academic and professor, then why don’t they open up the files of Darren Pilley from the records of Professor Willett of Orthopaedic Trauma surgery through the files of Mr Paul Fouad.
19) This action is taken without Darren’s knowledge and permission. Paul Fouad is reminded not to contact Darren under any circumstances whatsoever, especially, using more scare tactics for Darren to make me drop the charges. This is a tit for tat to BMC’s dealing with Raj Prasuad, while allowing the likes of Willetts to use word play and satire to humiliate a deserved victim of MRSA, a subject I have been campaigning for nearly 20 years now.
20) I expect Paul to find me through either Laura or Nafissa of above in London. He should call me on the patient line and explore whether he wishes me to publish my records of Darren’s case on this blog. Lesley, and other academia are urged to trace Paul’s firm, and Professor Willett in our campaign to save Raj, and to see the BMC do justice where it is precisely needed.
21) Mandela concert: Thanks to Heart FM advertising the concert a whole week ahead of time in Hyde Park. Did I really hear a duo being sung by George Michael and Sir Elton John? Tell you what? We need clear varnish (bands taking part) to reveal Mandela’s veneer right through the varnish. No gloss, high gloss, or mat is needed to conceal the veneer. How’s that without upsetting either of the major super stars? If I know philosophies of sorts, then I don’t need to know music, do I?
22) What I do know is Sophie Ellis Bextor Doing some conquering by doing a dance or two! Oh, al right then, just a couple of songs will do. Go get them girl. Or shall I let my judges decide? Why not?
23) Will some one e-mail Pual Fouad and let him know what’s coming his way? I am on my way back to hospital to hide in my bunker, safe and sound.


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