Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nice to be back after a long lapse

Post number 1

1) To be read in cojunction with nearly 90 other posts and the subeseqquelnt "Wool Debate" e - mails

2) Interruptions to flood of posts in the wiating was Google's refusal to let us gain access to our site. This was due not to recognising our password which Google has had no trouble of identifing for nearly a month (from late March, to late April).

3) The ill repute to our blog freshly coming to blossom and expploring new avenues in globilsation, small farming, sustainable developmnets, microfinancing, sceptic envionmentalism, the demolishng of organic food as no more as a divisive issue than the breakdown of the nucleus family of two parents, and many more.

3) All of the above worked through the development of 4 nano dry cleaning technologies of the old and the new and interweaving results to conglomerate isuses that have been muddying waters for a few to fish in and the great many to awaite to be given fish and in a few cases to be taught how to fish.

4) To sum thus far, just imagine thus far the correlation between between sheep farming -> wool productuion -> loomong -> yarn making -> dying -> textiles -> tailoring -> Fashion -> consumerism -> Retail.

5) Have you heard the link between the link between peanuts and Nelson Mandella, and both to his birth day concert on 27 June? Are you thinking what I am thinking?

6) Should some one tell Dame Vivienne Westwood, this time round, there are rebels with causes, and big ones one too who've been there, done it, and worn the T Srirtst too...

7) My blog earlier scared a lot of people, in terms of directions it took. Not my fault. Giants who has 11,000 shops around the world and have invested masses to take over dry cleaning by the scruff of the neck, should either do so or allow others to tidy up the mess they created. We just stirred some of the stink the Giants created by going back 200 years instead of surging ahead to clean up endemic mess left by others before them.

8) We will stay clear of local, corporate and geopolitics of it all if others keep at bay. We suggest they should, for there will be only one looser adn tht will nnot be CCCC International.


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